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Date: December 20, 2021 (1 month ago)

It has been a week since I accepted the offer to join the company of Mr. Yu. The package was triple the previous offer.

A woman just needs to know her worth.

Mike and I wasn't able to meet for the whole week as we were both very busy. I needed to catch-up with all the contracts being negotiated by my new company. Si Mike naman super naging busy dun sa accident.

Lawrence and Melvin kept on messaging me but I did not reply. I also blocked Lawrence on Facebook.

I am not angry at him nor with Melvin kasi technically, it was consensual. I could've ended it after I came but I reciprocated. Naattract din talaga ako sa muscular bod ni Lawrence. And pogi din naman talaga. Ganun din si Melvin. His appeal is very similar to my ex. Yung di kagwapuhan pero masarap.

"Ma'am Cy, it's 10pm na po. Magpapatay na ng aircon ang building." The roving guard told me.

Hindi ko na napansin Ang Oras. Super busy.

The building is owned by the company of Mr. Yu. Most of the renters are day-based kaya by 10pm, nagpapatay na ng aircon and ilaw.

"Ok. Coming down." Reply ko.

I drove home thinking more about work. Yung parang automatic driving lang. Hindi mo alam kung pano ka nakauwi pero nandun ka na.

I went down to open the gates then I noticed that there were several bouquets of flowers inside the parking space. Roses, tulips, sunflowers, anthuriums, carnations and some I don't know the names of. One thing na alam ko, super ganda! My heart fluttered. I love flowers!

I parked my car and brought inside the flowers. I was looking for the dedication card but there was none. Was this from Mike? Bumabawi because we did not see each other the whole week?

I was about to message him when I received his text. "Love, I am off to Cebu. Sorry di na ko nakapagpaalam. Bawi ako pag-uwi."

It seems this is not from him. Otherwise he would mention it sa text nya.

Sa 3 years namin ni Mike, nakilala ko Siya na kuripot. He doesn't spend on things like flowers kasi daw malalanta lang. He has a point but for those who are sucker for flowers, siyempre iba Yung feeling na nakakatanggap ka di ba?

I wondered kung kanino galing but I did not mention na lang Kay Mike. Baka maging source pa Ng away.

I arranged the flowers inside the house and put some near my bed. Had a good sleep after.

The next day was a blur. Very long and hectic.

"Cy, we will have dinner with Mr. Tan. Prepare the documents. He will be with his Son. The new CEO of their conglomerate. Do everything to get this deal. I will give you 12 months bonus if you close this.". Mr. Yu called me in the afternoon.

Music to my ears. If matutuloy to, I can use the money to buy the place I am looking at in Batangas. Half a hectare property sa beachfront. Aside from being a good spot, prices appreciate very fast.

I wore my best dress that night. A red dress that accentuates my fair skin. Sabi nila, it makes my skin blush because of the reflection. A little bit plunging to show my cleavage. Not too plunging though para tease lang and Hindi garapal. Red lipstick para terno. Gucci shoes and bag to complete the package.

I looked at myself in the mirror and all I can say is... Perfect!

I drove to L'Opera Ristorante Italiano in BGC. The place for our meeting. Upon entry I heard the sweet voice of the singer serenading the night. I went directly to the reserved table. If Mr. Yu reserved it, it will always be at that area.

"Good evening Mr. Yu.". I greeted with a smile.

"And good evening to the most elegant girl that I know." Mr. Yu jested na may kasamang pagbeso at pagpisil sa braso.

Men are all the same. Especially Yung mga mayayaman na may edad na. Very subtle but they can make you feel that they really like you. Of course many will not offer indecent proposals because it may ruin their reputation. Pero up to what is formal and acceptable, they will do it. Kapag nakatalikod ka na, Hindi mo alam kung pinagpapantasyahan ka na.

I sat beside Mr. Yu and we chatted and listened to the music while waiting for the guests. I ordered wine and some appetizers to start.

"Hello Mr. Yu!". I apologize for being late." A familiar voice said.

My eyes widened as I turned my head. Standing there was Melvin. He was surprised but acted cool. Buti na lang Hindi napansin ni Mr. Yu.

"Hi Melvin! How are you. Kumusta dad mo?". Mr. Yu asked.

"Sorry sir. He felt sick kanina kaya Hindi na nakasama."

" Let me introduce you to our best lawyer, Atty Cy".

Melvin extended his hand and I obliged. "Good evening Mr. Tan.". Sabi ko.

Medyo nahiya Ako dahil Nakita na nya ko ng waalng damit and here he is being my client. Putang Ina. What did I get myself into.

"Nice to meet you Atty. Cy and you are more beautiful than the evening." He smiled at me showing his dimples.

Ibang iba ang dating ni Melvin today. He was in his suit and was very formal. He assisted me with the food and offered to me things like a gentleman would.

He is also very smart. All thru our discussion, he mentioned the provisions that are not acceptable in the contracts and explained clearly why. At the end of the night, it seems that the deal will push thru subject to changes in the provisions. I needed to justify to our board the changes and show the mitigations that we can still incorporate....

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December 20, 2021 (1 month ago)

Nice ud

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December 20, 2021 (1 month ago)

Bibigay ule kay melvin to si atty cy namiss e hahaha tha k you sa upsate author 👌🏻

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December 20, 2021 (1 month ago)

Sarap. Sana si Melvin ako. Imagine the beautiful you wanting to have sex with me. Ay gagalingan lo talaga para may ulit.

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December 21, 2021 (1 month ago)

Thanks sa update

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