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Date: October 20, 2021 (1 month ago)

Si Mang Roger: Mang roger lost his job and his wife 10 years ago, extra extra na lang siya sa construction. Because if this, maganda ang built ni mang Roger, brusko ang mukha. He is capable of higher order thinking na usapan kung nasa wisyo, pero mas madalas na siyang nasa carnal side dahil sa mga karanasan niya for the past 10 years. He has no sex for the last 10 years, madalas dinadaan na lang nya sa masturbation at mang manyak ng mga babae nakikita o nakakasalamuha.

SI Lianne: Lianne is a 26-year old office worker in Manila. She's from a rich family, the second oldest of 5 siblings. Although may pagkasosyalin, she's typically reserved or demure. She's been in a relationship with her boyfriend for 5 years, but they rarely meet personally because he's working overseas. Because of this, she has resorted to reading stories on the internet to tickle her sexual needs. She's also been into exhibitionism but has no courage to do it yet. Lianne likes it rough, she would feel excited with a little spanking and hair pulling, she likes being a little hurt physically and or being told into submission, something her boyfriend has not done to her.

Lianne lives in a subdivision na may depressed area outside, dun naman sa area na yung nakatira si mang roger. Lianne has been noticing how mang roger looks at her, siguro dahil medyo malayo ang stature niya in looks and stature in life, ay nahihiya din si mang roger. Pero si mang roger, talagang nag iinit na ang dugo nya sa dalaga. "Ang puti puti naman nitong babaeng ito, parang ang bango bango, hindi nakakasawang romansahin" mang roger tells himself. " i need to find a way para makuha ko itong babaeng ito.

Lianne has noticed this one creepy guy na lagi niyang nakakasabay everytime nag cocommute sya. He always stares at her from head to toe, and it disgusted her. Pero at the back of her mind, never pa sya naka feel ng sexual tension ulit since matagal na silang hindi nagkikita ng kanyang boyfriend. Mga ilang weeks or months din ang ganitong situation, sometimes Lianne is wearing sexy clothes unconsciously hoping mang roger sees her and see's his lusting eyes. On day galing ng grocery is lianne wearing a short denim skirt and a vneck shirt. Nakasabay nya si mang roger. And as usual mang roger took advantage of the opportunity to have his eyes feast on the delicious gourmet meal in front of him right now. His eyes moved from Lianne's cleavage, her arms and legs, as if waiting for the time that Lianne spreads her legs

she saw the creepy guy once again, but this time, he's in this grocery store. "Is he following me?" she asked herself, getting creeped out as the guy kept staring at him again. But she immediately dismissed the thought because she thought that there's no harm in looking. Either to her disgust or excitement, could be both, nagkasabay pa sila sa jeep. She felt uncomfortable, yet felt damp between her legs when he saw mang roger sa jeep. She covered herself with anything she can lay her hands on.

Mang Roger's lust went through the roof now. he was just masturbating and imagining having sex with Lianne for the last few months, for him he must make his move now. Moments later nag stop na ang jeep. Unang bumaba si mang roger "ahh ma'am tulungan ko na kayo, mukhang madami kayong dala'' mang roger got hold of the grocery bags, but his eyes was fixed on lianes legs, hoping to get a pick of her underwear as he walks down the jeep.

She immediately accepted the creepy guy's offer since malayo pa ang lalakarin. I caught him sneaking a glance at my skirt habang pababa and it gave me goosebumps. "This guy's a pervert." she told herself. She doesn't feel safe knowing na minamanyak sya sa tingin ng guy na tumutulong sa kanya.Sige iha sundan ko na lang kayo. Ang dami mong pinamili ha? Ako nga po pala si roger, anong pangalan mo iha? Liane responds, "Umm, Lianne po." she told him briefly. She doesn't want to socialize with this guy because it seems like a bad idea.

Moments later, they reach Lianne's front door, Mang rogers eyes were everywhere, they were at lianne's legs, arms, hands, feet, face, neck, cleavage. Kulang na lang talaga is he grabs her and start brushing his tongue all over Lianne's sophisticated and delicate physique. Mang roger broke the silence and saud "Bitbitin ko na Liaane hanggang sa loob, para hindi ka na mahirapan, makiki gamit na rin ako ng banyo". "Sige po manong, wala naman pong problema." she told him, nervous because it would seem rude to deny him because he offered help.

Lianne opens the front door and before she can move aside, mang roger walks through the door and brushes his elbows on liannes' boobs. He puts the grocery bags down and stay down to have a closer look at Lianne's legs as she walks closer Tumayo si Mang Roger ng makalapit na si Lianne, and again allowed his eyes to lust on Lianne's body before asking " ah eh, saan ba yung cr nyo, iha?" She became more and more nervous. She feels like she's being violated right now. Hindi nya alam kung sinadya ba ni Mang Roger yun or hindi, but she does not feel comfortable. "Derecho lang po kayo doon tapos kaliwa, andun po yung cr." she reluctantly told Mang Roger.

Mang roger walks to the toilet and as if in hurry leaves the door a bit open, he can peek outside and see Lianne siting on the dining table where the groceries are at. Mang roger cant help himself and started stroking his cock as he looked at Lianne sitting beside the dinner table. While sorting out the groceries at the dinner table, she can feel eyes staring directly at her. Natatakot syang tumingin sa may cr because she doesn't want to know that the creepy guy is being creepy, and this time it's inside her own house. So she continued sorting out the groceries, paying no attention to his unwanted visitor.

Moments later, mang roger, seemingly exhausted, goes out the bathroom door, "salamat iha ha?" kunin mo ang number ko, baka minsan kailangan mo ng katulong dito, or driver tawagan mo ako, wala kasi aking trabaho. "Nice to meet you ha?" bati ni mang Roger at inabot ang kamay nito,wanting to shake hands with Lianne. She forced a smile, then took his hands to shake it. "Salamat po, manong. Naabala ko pa kayo. Tatawagan ko po kayo kung kailangan ko ng tulong"

Mang Roger shared her hands, pinisil pa talaga ito, hind napigil na tsansigan ang dalagang matagal na niyang pinagnanasahan. "A small about of gooey liquid mas left in Lianne's hands, mang Roger turned around and walked away and saw the house keys that was left at the shoe case near the door, he instinctively picks it up and turned around "mauuna na ako ha? If kailgang mo ng tulong itext or tawagan mo lang ako" ang for the last time for the day, mang roger brushed his eyes and lusted over Lianne's body, na moments ago, he masterbated on inside the toilet.

As soon as Mang Roger left, she expressed her disgust at the gooey liquid that's on her hands. "Did he seriously jacked off? My god." She looked at her hands and there's a decent amount of liquid there. Unconsciously, she tried to smell her hand but immediately regretted it because of its pungent smell. She immediately went to the restroom to wash it, and she was shocked because there's a puddle of cum on her bathroom floor. "I shouldn't have let him inside." Moments later she prepares to sleep. Already took a shower and brushed her teeth. She wore a silk nightshirt and panties. She couldn't sleep so she decided to watch TV, until she finally fell asleep.

Hindi mapakali si Mang Roger buong gabi, parang bitin pa siya ginawa nya sa C.R nila Lianne, kaya masakit ang puson nya ang iniimagine ang katawan ni Lianne habang tinitignan ang susi ng bahay na kanyang kinuha kanina. Tumayo si mang roger, naligo at naglinis ng sarili.

Later that night a shadow of a man was walking towards the house of Lianne, na patay na ang mga ilaw. moments later, he was inside the house trying to find Lianne's room. He found the room with the TV on and figured it was the one. He saw Lianne on the bed sleeping wearing pajamas, her legs hugging a big pillow. The intruder's lust shot off the roof, blood rushing to his loins. He removes his shirt and covers Lianne's mouth as he sat on here legs so she cant move and pinned Lianne's hands over his head.

She suddenly woke up, a piece of cloth was put inside her mouth and a hulking figure on top of her, pinning her down. She tried to struggle but the guy is much stronger than her. "Malakas yung TV iha, walang makarinig sayo, hindi kita sasaktan, pagbigyan mo lang ako" Lianne does not see his face as he feels the man remove the shirt on his mouth and moves it to her hands and ties lianne's hands on the headboard. "Sino ka? Anong kailangan mo sakin? Get off me!" she screamed while still struggling.The man covers her mouth as she screamed, "huwag ka na maingay, masasaktan ka lang, imbes na masasarapan ka nalang, huwag ka nang pumalag, matagal na akong libog na libog sayo eh, ano sisigaw ka pa, o sasapakin na lang kita?, sagot! "The man's voice was obviously frustrated. "Parang awa mo na kuya, wag po. Pera po ba kailangan nyo? Meron po ako dyan sa drawer." her tone suddenly shifted, scared that she might get hurt. Tears started flowing out of her eyes.

The man answers " hindi pera ang kailangan ko, iha, katawan mo ang kailangan ko, at ngayong gabi akin ka at gagawin mo lahat ng gusto ko, maliwanag ba yun?" "Please kuya wag po." she said, begging.

The Man did...

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October 20, 2021 (1 month ago)

ty sir tuloy mo lang sir ang takbo ng story ninyo.

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October 20, 2021 (1 month ago)

thanks, oiginally intended siya to be a short story, tignan natin kung paano.

"It pleases me to please you"

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October 20, 2021 (1 month ago)

walang tulugan, sinulit ni Manong ang magdamag sa katawan ni Lianne na sinisiguradong mabubuntis si Lianne.
Hindi nakilala ni Lianne yung rapist pero hinanap-hanap niya ang sarap. Tumindi ang libog ni Lianne at tinext niya si Mang Roger dahil kailangan niya ng lalaki kahit sino, hindi niya alam si Mang Roger ang misteryosong rapist.
Nabuntis si Lianne

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October 20, 2021 (1 month ago)

nice nice! pede pede.

"It pleases me to please you"

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October 20, 2021 (1 month ago)

Thank you for your feedback. :)

"It pleases me to please you"

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October 20, 2021 (1 month ago)

Ganda nmn ng kwento.. sana masundan agad..

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October 20, 2021 (1 month ago)

nice one..magdamagan na yan and instant lovers na sila at gagawing boy toy ni lianne si mang roger gagawing parausan lang ni lianne... hehehe

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October 20, 2021 (1 month ago)

Bakbakan na ule boss bumigay kay manong hahaha thank you boss 👌🏻

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