Teacher Takes The Bully

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Date: September 11, 2021 (8 days ago)

Courtney Righside was a 28 year old, was 5 foot 8 with long blond hair, amazing, large tits and firm ass. She was just about to finish teaching her first term of English and had enjoyed the job.

It was a hot Friday afternoon, because there was a week before tests everyone was studying quietly. Ms. Righside was walking along the desks checking each students work. The good students say at the front, whilst the less good students sat at the back. One of those students was Sam Whine. He was 18, muscular, had black hair and most importantly had a 9 inch dick. He'd wanted to fuck Ms. Righside since he first saw her and would constantly get a hard on for her in class, today was no different.

As Courtney got to Sam's desk she saw that he hadn't done any work and started to tell him off.

"Samual why haven't you done any work..." She trailed off as she noticed the massive bulge in Sam shorts. He looked up and smiled at her. She stared at it for several seconds before quickly walking back to her desk. For the rest of the lesson she refused to look at him and didn't say anything. As hard as she tried she couldn't get the thought of Sam's cock out of her head. Eventually class ended and shortly afterwards school ended.

Thirty minutes after school ended Courtney was sitting at her desk preparing next weeks work when there was ambo I at her door. She was so focused on what she was doing that instead of asking who was at the door she just told them to come in. In worked Sam, a massive smile spread across his face.

"Sam! What are you doing here!" Courtney asked, clearly in shock.

"I'm here because of what you saw today miss," Sam replied.

"I, I, it was an accident and we can pretend it never happened," she offered. What Sam said next was not what Courtney expected.

"Oh no miss, I'm here because I think you like what you saw. And you want to see it again." He began to rub his cock and walked towards her. Courtney started backing up. She was forced to stop when she hit the wall. Sam pulled his erect dick out.

"What the fuck are you doing!" Courtney yelled at him. Sam came ten inches away from her so his dick just managed not to reach her. She put her hand out to push him away but he grabbed her hand and put it against his dick, using his dominant strength to keep it there.

"No let me go you creep!" She yelled, trying to get him off her. Despite being forced to feel his dick Courtney was attracted to its amazing size. Sam held her hand there for thirty sends before finally letting her go. "I'm going straight goths principles office!" She yelled at him.

"Oh no your not," was Sam's response and with that he shoved her down to the ground. As she began to get up he grabbed her head and before she could react shoved his dick in her mouth and began thrusting. She began resisting but couldn't help but enjoy the long cock in her mouth, the way he thrusted and got her wet.

"Oh my God! I'm wet!" She thought. She couldn't believe she was actually sucking a students dick, a student with amazing muscles and giant cock. She let out a moan and started sucking Sam's dick willingly.

"That's a good teacher, suck it." Sam ordered in delight. His teacher who thought she was so much better than him had been dominated by him and was now his bitch.

After a few minutes of intense sucking Sam couldn't keep it in any longer and creamed himself in his teachers mouth. She swallowed with willingly and licked his dick clean....

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