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Date: September 1, 2021 (1 year ago)

we found a few files from my pc, this is one of the stories that my wife wrote earlier......i hope u enjoy

It's me again. I'd like to continue what happened after my sexcapade. Well, my bf found out about it after sometime. I told him actually. It may have been a stupid idea at that time coz' he really got mad and broke up with me. I was devastated and torn to pieces. I didn't know how to get on with my life. I wasn't doing well in school, I went out to party almost every night, I was a wreck. One day I forgot to do my part in a group paper. Mitch, out leader was really disappointed and told me to find a way to complete my task. I didn't know what got into me and I asked Paolo, one of my BF's (ex-BFs) friends for help. I need to use his computer. Surprisingly, he agreed. I went to Paolo's boarding house which is near our school. He left me there to use his PC and printer because he still had a class. When he came back, I was done with my paper. We talked for awhile. I forgot to tell you, I had a big crush on him. He's about 5'7" in height with a slender yet muscular body and he has those gorgeous dreamy eyes that would melt me everytime he looks at me.

Anyway, I was feeling a bit vulnerable and lonely and he was there looking so sexy and sweet. I think I kinda flirted with him. I pressed my body against him, touched his hand, stroked his hair. I knew he liked what I was doing because he didn't object or pulled away from me. Instead he was smiling and looking deep in my eyes and he was caressing my back slowly going up to my neck. The he cupped my face with his other hand. I was so lost in the moment, I forgot about my ex-BF and everything else around us. I just wanted to kiss him. I moved my face towards him and we met with a deep and hungrily passionate kiss. His tongue wandered inside my mouth and was circling with my tongue, while his hand roamed inside my shirt and was squeezing my breast lightly. Gosh I was in a frenzy. He then laid me on his bed and he was on top of me still kissing me frantically. He grinded his pelvis to mine and I can tell he already had a hard-on. He moved his hand down my thighs and inside my skirt and gently rubbed my clit thru my panties. I was horny as hell and I wanted him to fuck me tight then and there, I knew that's what he wanted too. But suddenly my phone rang. Paolo told me not to answer it. I didn't mind at first, I was so hot and wet I didn't want it to end just yet. But my phone kept ringing and ringing I got irritated and looked who it was bothering us. It was Mitch. I totally forgot about our paper. Aghh….such wrong timing. I told Paolo I had to go and that I'd text him later. He was disappointed, who wouldn't be. I went back to school and stayed in class. I was looking at our teacher however my mind was elsewhere. I kept thinking about me and Paolo and what happened in his apartment. I got chills running up my spine and I felt my pussy twitch with excitement. My panties was already so wet and my pussy was longing to be filled in. I made up my mind, I was determined to fuck Paolo before the day ends. And I say, I always get what I want. I texted Paolo and asked him if he wanted to have a drink later that night. He said yes and told me he'd for me in his apartment. My desire for him grew stronger and I can't wait to be in his arms again.

That night as I was preparing to go to Paolo's apartment, I received a text message from my ex-BF asking me how I was doing. I let out a sigh, and realized I miss him so much. I wanted to run to him and beg him to take me back. But I knew at that time he only treats me as a friend and that he had moved on with his life. I didn't reply to his message because I know if I did, I'd only feel bad. I also had second thoughts if I should go on with the plans I had with Paolo, but thought what the heck. If my ex-BF was no longer affected with-out break-up, why would I be? I went to Paolo's apartment anyway and he was there waiting for me. We greeted each other and he let me in his room. He bought beer and we drank it. At first, I didn't know what to say until he asked me how was I holding up with what happened to me and my ex. I told him I didn't want to talk about it that I came here to have some fun. With that said, he gave a sly grin and turned on his PC. He played a porn video showing a woman being fuck by a dog. I laughed and said, "You think you can make me horny by showing this to me? You must be kidding." He said no but this will. He stood up and sat beside me. He ran his fingers thru my hand which kinda tickled and made me nervous. Gosh, what am I doing here I thought to myself. I couldn't look him in the eye coz I somehow regretted seducing my ex's friend. You can say I got cold feet, hahahaha…...

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September 1, 2021 (1 year ago)

This is quite a loooonnnng paragraph for a story.

Hopefully next time you can break it down to bite-sized paragraphs so it will be kinder to the eyes, easier to read.

Anyway, thanks for sharing this story.

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