Alter's Owner II

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Date: July 8, 2021 (25 days ago)


Mike's POV

When Drei replied to my message , I wasn't really expecting that we'll click right away. We had a very typical start, we asked each other's Age, Sex and Location. Then and there I learned na virgin sya and never pa nagka boyfriend. I also told her about my age and location, then after I told her na married ako. I though that was it, our conversation will already end, kaso wala naman syang sinabing masama tungkol sa fact na sinabi ko. She didn't judge me, I was amazed. And so our conversation went on. I learned new member pa sya ng FSS and she loves to read stories about being dominated and such kase nga kink nya daw yun ang gusto nya ma try. I told her I have some writings din sa FSS which was based sa totoong pangyayari sa buhay ko. She was curious kaya I sent her a link of my first story. She read it, as I was waiting for her reply. Then when she did, she just said "fuck, that was so hot sir mike". Yes, she was calling me Sir Mike. I asked her what's the best part of it, and she told me it was when I fucked my co-teacher sa school, she even wished na sana sya nalang yung co-teacher ko. I was amazed and happy sa reaction nya, its kinda fulfilling kase sa part ng writer na malaman ang reaction ng mga readers nila, and her reaction was superb. Yes, I asked her if she's horny and obviously she is. She got wet that even her panty was wet narin. Then I asked her if she wanna try being commanded.

Drei's POV

I was not expecting that much from Mike when I first replied to him. Honestly, I replied to 3 whispers (including) from the blues that night. Two of them are married. It was on our 2nd/3rd day of chatting each other nong narealize ko na married na pala sya. Inamin ko naman sa kanya na naconfuse ako at akala ko sya yong single guy that's why I pushed through with communicating to him. But then I guess I just feel comfortable with him that's why I reconciled with the thought that he's married. Isa pa, I'm here in FSS to explore the other side of me na hinding hindi ko naman magagawa with my everyday persona. So I thought, people may also be here sa parehong dahilan. I guess most of us are here to somehow escape from reality and feel free to be bold. Kaya I learned to respect people from here regardless of their status and occupation. Still, gusto ko lagyan ng barrier yong persona ko dito at yong everday normal self ko kaya I was trying to give vague information abt myself kaya din hindi ko sinabi kay Mike yong location and occupation ko while he's being so honest about his. Pero magaling masyado ang koya, nahulaan nya din yong profession ko hahaha.

Mike is very honest about his kinks but he is not pushy. I can feel that he respects me and that he understands na dinidiscover ko pa mga kinks ko, that's why madali akong naging comfortable sa kanya. Yes I am a virgin but I thought I have already explored myself well until Mike came into the picture. I do watch porns, read erotic stories and touch myself from time to time. Turn on sa'kin yong mga stories about matured guys who dominates girls. In "real life" I am more of a leader kaya siguro gusto ko ng guys who can tame me. I also like dirty talks, sneaky sex and hard but not harsh kind of fucking.

My attention just got caught by Mike's witty username but I got really excited nong sinabi nya na he also writes his stories here in FSS. I got really turned on sa stories nya, specially with the "Intrams" part were he had a sneaky sex with his co-teacher. I was already wet nong binabasa ko yong stories nya. I was calling him Sir Mike kasi sabi nya it's hotter to hear when I call him that. At this point of our convo I can still feel the gap between us pero I am horny na from his stories that's why I jumped to his idea that...

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