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Date: July 6, 2021 (27 days ago)

so months pass by, and Govt declares to ease some of the restrictions. Some can go back to the office in shifts or day by day status, depending on Company discretion. End of week nagbigay na ng list ang company ng per team schedule effective next week. magkahalong thrill at the same time pag-iingat lalo na during this pandemic. So my team including "Z" where assigned tue/thur.

Almost 2 weeks after we came to the office, Z and I were very casual and professional during our stay for twice a week. maliit lang office namen with 2 meeting rooms. It's already my way of teaching na tumabi sa upuan ng mga tinuturuan ko, either male or female. so walang issue naman iyon sa HR knowing singapore is one country na very particular sa mga sexual harassment lalo na sa mga offices. while discussing in table, usually they often give space for me to use their mouse and keyboard while discussing but not Z. she stay near beside me na halos nagkakatuhuran na kame knowing she is long-legged, but she didn't mind at all, there are some instances she's holding my right arm (she's seating on my right side) for long to get my attention quickly as possible.

medyo nagiging touchy si Z, but i don't want to think of anything malice knowing shes in her 20's, in relationship and locale na alam mong medyo choosy at maarte. one of pagiging close nya is when inviting me to go lunch downstairs. she often stand beside me or seat sa right side ng armrest ko then lean slightly na parang naglalambing to join them. but she only does it pag walang tao masyado sa paligid so i can say, she's aware of it.

one day, some of my team members were MC that day, leaving me, Z and another 2 who are working in both meeting rooms. She asked me to show her how to use microstation. As usual, I'm about to drag my chair towards her na when she stands and say i can use her chair instead. As I started doing the demo, I noticed her reflection in a mirror stand beside the monitor (very common to have esp. for some female employees). That day she's wearing black blouse with a loose neckline, so pag yumuko sya kita ko cleavage nitong maputi inside. Although she was looking at the monitor, I tried to peek without getting caught. Tigas titi akong nagtuturo sa kanya, and everytime syang yumuko i make sure i can see deep down.

like i said our office is small, so pag nag meet sa corridor, di pwede magsabay. one afternoon, i love to drink coffee sa pantry while looking outside. then i hear Z is at my back, baka magka kape din so i didn't move out first and wait for her to finish. them she ask me where are some of the biscuits, humarap ako sa kanya para ituro. napamura ako ng makitang nakatuwad ito sa harapan ko, umangat na ang dress nito at almost kita butt cheeks nito. kesa may makakita pang ibang staff sa amin, i ask her to move a bit and ako na kukuha.

Z loves to wear high knee-cut ng mga dresses and skirts. usually casual shorts or fitted pants with sleeveless tops or spaghetti pag pumasok ito. I've started to feel she's doing it on purpose lately unlike dati na parang walang malice ginagawa nya. as days passed by nagiging aggressive sya lalo, and getting too close na sa akin. The last scenario was when I was explaining the next task for her. she was too close as im almost inhaling her breathe, napapikit ako sa bango ng hininga nya ang scent ng kanyang katawan. as usual, nagkikiskisan na kame ng tuhod below. what surprise me is when she ask something, move forward a bit and put her left hand in my lap. At first, I thought it was an accident but she didn't flinch a bit to say sorry but started to move her hands sa legsko.

i'm having a hard on, and my pants started to stretch more. her hands still below, nabubulol na ako magexplain sa kanya (lalo na kung english ang convo nyo) at the same time pinagpapawisan. she move her hand a bit, but then yung daliri naman nito sa kuko nagsimulang iguhit sa hita ko in circ...

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July 6, 2021 (27 days ago)

Ayos ganda ng story. Thanks for the update author

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July 6, 2021 (27 days ago)

wala bang pic ni maam z sir? kahit body shot lang or pakitakpan nalang yung mukha nya

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July 7, 2021 (26 days ago)

Iniisip siguro ng boyfriend ni Z na napakabusy niya sa internship hehe

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