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Date: July 5, 2021 (28 days ago)

Mike's POV:

It was just another day at the office, tapos ko na lahat ng trabahong kailangang gawin for the week at halos wala nang ibang magawa. Kaya naman to kill some time, naisipian kong maglog-in sa FSS. This is probably my favorite site kasi dito ako nagiging mas totoo sa sarili ko.

Ako nga pala si Mike, 34 y/o, married for 7 years, isang typical na Govt employee and taking up law at the same time. Masaya naman ang married life ko. Wala na akong hahanapin pa sa misis ko, pwera lamang sa isang bagay na alam kong hindi nya kaya gawin at iyon ay ang sabayan ang pagiging dominante ko sa sex. To be fair, I also tried to introduce and try it with her, pero hindi ya talaga gusto yon kaya hindi na rin pinipilit pa sa kanya. My wife is very conservative at ayaw nya ng mga bagay na sa tingin nya ay malalaswa, she doesn't even watch porn. Sa sex naman, dahil ayaw nya nga na masyado akong harsh eh panay doggy at missionary positions lang kami, but everytime we have sex, I make na nilalabasan talaga sya and that she's satisfied. However, on my part I know na may kulang.

Around 8:00PM that day, after dinner, pumasok ako sa chat lobby ng FSS and messaged a few purples. Una kong naka usap ay isang 27 y/o, single, who's a profeasional worker somewhere in QC. We had a good convo until she decided to go to sleep kase maaga work nya bukas. But before she went to sleep, she said na nag cum sya just because of our conversation. We talk about our fetishes and some of our experiences kase, and she even narrated to me how she was fucked by her former workmate. Yeah, she loves to be dominated too and that guy fulfilled her kink. I also asked her to do some stuff which made her more horny and helped her cum. It was still early for me and can't go to sleep, so after her, I went back to whispering purples pero wala masyadong nag reply probably because may ka chat na or not interested/turned off when I say that I am married. I was about to log out when a purple named FordDrei appeared sa sides, so I whispered her. I was already preparing my things nung nag reply sya.

Drei's POV:

It was 6:30PM, and I just got home from the office. Bago palang ako sa Company kaya few workloads palang ang assigned sa akin. Nothing special really happened that day. I just did my usual daily routine. After kong maghalf bath, humiga na ako and replied to few friends and family's...

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July 5, 2021 (28 days ago)

nice story. abanger here for updates.

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July 5, 2021 (28 days ago)

Next po agad😁

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July 7, 2021 (26 days ago)

Sarap ni cover photo, ang hot

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