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Date: July 2, 2021 (1 month ago)

Angel was 21. She lived in a small provincial town. It was fairly quiet and little happened of interest, apart from the occasional visits she and her teenage friends made to the big city. They went to rock n roll gigs and raved about obscure punk bands to each other, when they got back home. Well, there was another thing that interested Angel in that small provincial town.

It was Kim's mom.

Kim's mom Diana was a beautiful, cool, and sexy, brunette, aged forty. She looked about thirty, Angel thought, always feeling warm in her cunt whenever Kim's mom was in her presence. She loved the way Diana smiled, her perfect white teeth so even and sexy revealing little flashes of pink gums above them that Angle wanted to run her randy tongue over. Diana had pointy breasts that she knew would just fill her small hands, and, she imagined, huge nipples that would pop up immediately under her touch.

'Your mom is just so cool,' Angel told Kim one day in a coffee place they used to hang at.

'They were fucking last night, it was gross!' Kim said; a look on her face as if she had just digested a worm.

'Is your mom noisy,' Angel asked, eager for any info about Diana's sex life, the woman she so secretly desired.

'Fuck yeah, she always is,' Kim told her. 'I think my mom is a nympho, truly. She was moaning out all this shit, 'Put in John, oh yeah, that's it, in deep honey, in deep, oh yeah, Mm, Mm…' It went on for about half a fucking hour. I had to get my I-pod out and listen to some stuff until they'd done with each other.'

'What's wrong with being highly-sexed?' Angel asked.

'Nothin' as long as I ain't there listening to it in the next room!' Kim joked. They both cracked up.

Later that week, on a Friday, Angel visited Kim's house and she sat in the kitchen talking with the irresistible MILF Diana, over coffee. 'So how are things with you Angel, your mom and dad okay?' she asked. Angel stared at her cute face. She even made the trivial seem magical. 'Oh yeah,' Angel said dreamily, 'they are fine, thanks.' The next remark stunned Angel. 'You are a pretty girl, Angel, d'you know that?' Diana said, out of nowhere. The room suddenly became very hot. 'Ya think so?' Angel said with a smile. 'Sure,' Diana said, '…that short black hair suits you and you have very nice eyes and a kissable mouth. I bet all the boys wanna kiss you and seduce you, am I right?'

'I get some of them coming onto me, yeah,' Angel said, 'but I just tell them to get lost.'

'You don't like boys?'

'I do, but I prefer girls,' Angel said.

Diana wasn't thrown by her remark. On the contrary, she smiled and said. 'I've had a few lesbian scenes in my time. ya know,' she mentioned. The way she said "lesbian" just sounded so horny to Angel. 'Really?' Angel asked. Diana smiled. 'Oh yeah, a few, women are more sensual and considerate lovers than men are, I think. But I must say I do love a nice hard cock, too. I need a male thrust in my pussy at least a couple of times a week.' Angel's cunt was leaking into her knickers at the lewdness of Diana's words. She could feel its wetness seeping out. She stared at Diana, stunned by her frankness. 'Oh my goodness,' Diana said with a little laugh, 'I haven't shocked you, have I, Angel, with my loose talk?'

'No, no, not at all Diana, dirty talk sounds cool coming from your mouth. Very horny in fact,' Angel said. Then, she blushed. She could hardly believe she'd said that to Kim's mom.

'You think so?' Diana said, smiling.

'Yeah, it's way cool, actually.'

Diana smiled that sexy smile again and she said out of the blue: 'Are we attracted to each other, d'ya think?' She stared into Angel's big brown eyes. Angel felt compelled by a wonderful liberating power that suddenly came over her and she said, 'Yes we are, Diana. I'm burning up for you, can't you tell?'

'Yes, I felt something just now. You sweet girl, come here,' Diana said. Her mouth met Angel's as they stood and embraced, their hands smoothing over their backs and asses. The kiss went on for ages and Angel's pussy was literally pumping out Cupid's Juice into her knickers as she reveled in the clean taste of Diana's sexy mouth. 'This is so wrong,' Diana said after the long wet kiss, 'but I'm just so horny for you now, we just have to do it.' She led Angel by her hand, upstairs to her bedroom. Angel went along passively, feeling as if she was in a dream she didn't want to wake up from.

'What about Kim?' Angel asked.

'They are out, she's with her dad at the movies. They won't be back until late. We have plenty of time. Take your clothes off, I want you naked.' Diana said, unbuttoning Angle's deli-waitress white and red uniform. It fell away and Diana held Angel close and cupped her large breasts through her black under-wired bra. 'Mm, I love a busty girl. Get them out for me,' Diana said, taking charge now. Angel fumbled with the clasp. 'Let me,' Diana said and undid it. The bra fell away and Diana stepped back. 'Wow! They are a nice BIG pair,' she said. She sat on the edge of the bed and had Angel stand in front of her. 'I like the way they hang, so ripe, so ready,' Diana said as she ran her fingers slowly over the tips and upper slopes of Angel's D-cup breasts. Both brown nipples stood to attention under Diana's touch.

'Mmm...they are very sensitive, like mine,' she said, before sucking each one several times. Angel stroked her shoulder length shiny brown hair as she did it and she leaned back and sighed out loud as a vivid sexual warmth ran through her nipples on a one-way-track to her cunt.

'Let's see your pussy, take those panties off,' Diana said after she'd had a good long suck of Angel's succulent teats. Angel obeyed and slipped the wet knickers off. 'Let me sniff them,' Diana said shockingly to the curvy naked girl in front of her. Angel handed them to her and Diana breathed in hard, her cute upturned nose embedded in the soaking fabric. What she did next caused Angel to exclaim:

'Fuck, that's so dirty!'

Diana sucked the soaking patch on the gusset of Angel's panties, sucked it and then squeezed the fabric in both hands, wringing out the juice above her beautiful wide open mouth. Angel touched her pussy as she watched the horny MILF swallow her dripping juice.

'Oh my God, you are so amazing, Diana,' she said, really meaning it.

'I'm a shameless bitch. I'll teach you to be like that too, if you'll let me,' she said.

'That would be way cool, way cool,' Angel said as Diana pulled her on...

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July 2, 2021 (1 month ago)

the english quite deep a educated people will understand this story. hope you make more stories.

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July 2, 2021 (1 month ago)

Sayang English , Kung Tagalog ito ms nkaka L   sana ang dating, pero ok Lang din, mganda nmn ang isTorya nya, nice work po ,,,,,

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July 2, 2021 (1 month ago)

It was good.. very arousing.. but it would be more hotter kung pati din anak nya maka.sex nya.. haha mas hot yun..

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July 2, 2021 (1 month ago)

And yeah, okay din kung tagalog.. but I'm not against your preferred language..haha just suggesting 😉

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July 4, 2021 (30 days ago)

Did you actually wrote this?


"The character's attitude is more important than plot." - Stephen J. Cannell

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July 4, 2021 (29 days ago)

I believe this is not an original work. I found a reference or similar version to this story on this website:

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