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Date: July 1, 2021 (24 days ago)

Near the university is a coffee shop where I wait for Liz sometimes. The cafe has a pleasant ambiance of the kind that usually is felt or experience in rural areas. Jessica and I frequented this coffee house when we're high school and college students, and Liz practically grew up visiting the place because we had brought her there since she's a little girl. She has her favorite drinks and pastries in the cafe.

Even though the place has been renovated several times, such changes or makeover, the retouches have never taken away that vague longing feeling for the yesteryears when I'm there. Thus, it's a great place to either hang out with friends or just to have some coffee while alone with my thoughts.

While different and new polite faces have been serving or working in this small cafe for many years, the place is still owned and ran by the same family that has been here for at least three generations. Thus, the coffee shop has been an icon, and I have been a regular and familiar patron.

Tables, covered by white and red checkered patterned cloths, and rustic metal chairs greet costumers, local or otherwise, before the main entrance. Five to six long, wide wooden steps lead to a small patio before reaching the cafe's entrance. There are also tables with the same coverings in the balcony and surrounded by simple yet a bit stylish chairs. A cozy sofa set with a center table by the corner is ideal for comfort and relaxation for small groups. The patio is separated from the inside by glass frames and a thick wooden door.

The huge mahogany door, some might have thought, seemed to be intimidating for outsiders, but for us who's been around the area, the door's latch is as welcoming as the friendliest handshakes. The inside of the cafe has been refurbished, furniture changed and rearranged, and redecorated for the past years. Even the lighting has been changed a couple of times, too. There was a time that the place was well-lit during the entire store hours.

Yet recently, the management maintained the main dining area dimly lit, which for me, compliments the entire airconditioned, low-ceiling of the inside space. Small half-sphere LED lamps hang from the ceiling, and they fall directly above each table. The tables are not big and are enough size for up to three or four persons, so while the tables are spread apart, their relatively small size gives customers more privacy and intimate conversation.

It's more than a place to eat and have coffee. People come for various reasons: dating, studying, reading newspapers, friends, and family bonding. And often, I'd go there to pass the time.

When I arrived that afternoon to wait for Liz, I sat on my usual favorite spot, which is close to the wall and counter. Next to me is the refrigerated display case, containing cakes, pieces of bread, sandwiches, etc., just like the one inside a Starbucks. However, cakes and breads are baked in the store, and the pre-made sandwiches are prepared in the in-house kitchen.

On my right is the display case, and on my left side were three tables. Two were still empty, and the other was occupied by a woman, who seemed to be the mother of the young lady sitting with her. I have seen the mom in the cafe a couple of times, for she's regular, too. We have become familiar with each other, but we only greeted each other with nods and half, yet sincere smiles. Never have I seen her with a husband or a partner, but how could she not be involved with someone? She an attractive and sexy mom, and she's at least five years younger than me.

About 8 to 10 feet in front of me, slightly on the left, was a supporting white concrete post, rising from the floor to the ceiling. Next to the painted concrete post and about the same distance where I sat was another table.

At first, the table was empty. When I returned from the restroom and passed by the table, I saw a light-pink Parkland backpack on the chair, some folders, a notebook, and a textbook.

As I sat and sipped my coffee while holding a newspaper, I noticed four persons standing in line by the counter, and I quickly assumed that the young lady waiting in line was the owner of the bags and school materials. But, to be fair, it wasn't only I who noticed her because she caught the attention of some other guys.

Also, while she stood in line, she has a great posture and elegant bearing. She's chic but not too classy. She about five feet and two inches tall and wearing a blue button-down sleeveless shirt with tiny white dots and a floral pattern. Along with her nice shirt was her black mini-skirt that extended down to her midthighs. Thus, half of her thighs, knees, and legs were on display. She's wearing ankle-length white socks and white sneakers. Her wavy hair drops on her shoulder, but her headband cleared her hair away from her face. And to honestly describe her face, she's lovely.

She gracefully stood as she waited in line—feet and knees together, clasping her small purse between her palms and interlocking fingers as she held it in front of her. Her pelvis appeared slightly tilted forward, which gave her a benign lordotic posture and a sexy stance. Her shoulders were down and her chest pointing out.

Other than the slight gloss on her lips, her face was unblemished by cosmetics. When she reached her hand forward to give her payment, her shirt lifted, exposing a little of the fair-colored skin of her waist. Had she been facing in my direction, I would have seen her navel and parts of her flat tummy.

I sat, slightly facing the left, with my legs cross, but my 180 degrees peripheral view covers the table and chair where she sat. I faced my left and crossed my legs because I did not want to extend my legs under the table, or else my feet would reach one of the chairs in front of me.

Incidentally, there were only three chairs on her table, and the one in front of her was the one missing or taken. Hence, as I sipped my coffee, I glanced briefly on the floor underneath her, and I saw the unobstructed view of her shoes and smooth legs. When I returned my eyes to the paper, I wondered what other parts of her under the table were left unhindered.

So suddenly, I became curious and excited. To be not so obvious, I timed my next glance when I again sipped my coffee.

I picked up the cup with my right hand, turned my head towards her direction, and leaned forward towards my table a little bit to pretend that I did not want my coffee getting spilled on me.

While I held my cup in front of my face, my eyes diligently scanned under her table. Her knees were extended but slightly bent, and one foot rested on top of the other ankle. Her shoes appeared new because the soles, albeit dusty, were not worn. After about two to three seconds, I turned again to my left and pretended still reading the paper.

I moved my head slightly side-to-side as I looked on the paper, also pretending that I was reading words and paragraphs. I could not concentrate on reading anyway because my attention was on her. I would reach my cup first with my right hand before I again turned to my right, leaned on to the table, and sipped. And then, I would look under her table.

Later, she pulled her feet a little, so her knees were more flexed, but her ankle still rested on top of the other. I dared not to look to her face so as not to make her cautious of my momentary glance on her legs.

My excitement seemed to heightened my senses. The coffee became more flavorful and its smell more aromatic. The cool air from the aircon brushed over my neck and arm, making me shivered. And from where I was sitting, I could hear the crispy leaves of her book as she turned a page.

Being excited made me a little jumpy, too. So when the waiter (Jimmy) suddenly approached behind me, I was startled.

"Ay sorry sir, nagulat ko kayo."

"Oh, hi Jimmy. Okay lang. Concentrate kase ako sa binabasa ko."

"Here's your clubhouse po."

"Thank you. Mamya na lang yung fries ulit."

"Sige, sir. Ipapaluto ko pagdating po ni Liz."

"Okay sige. Maya maya pa siya darating.

"Pero nag-text na po siya at nag-order ng roast beef sandwich."

"A ganun ba. Sige, isabay mo na lang yung fries sa sandwich niya."

"Yes, po."

To eat my sandwich, I folded the newspaper to show the page that I pretended to be reading and placed the paper on my left side and my sandwich to my right. But each time I bite, I would face forward and down to her legs: several bites and several glances I made as I continued feigning reading.

The paper was just a prop, for I focus more on the time interval between my peeks to make them appear irregular and unpatterned. I'd even pathetically shook my head, pretending to have disbelief on what I was fake-reading.

Nonetheless, such a pitiful scheme seemed to have worked. She crossed her legs and faced a little to her right; as a result, her smooth left thigh was more exposed before my observant eyes. Her skirt was caught on the chair in that position, so her slight turn to the right revealed more of her thigh.

I felt less scared and bolder and held my peeps a little longer as I chewed my food. While chewing, I faked reflecting on some deep thoughts, but my eyes unabashedly feasted on her skin. Then, I dared to look at her face, and her eyes, though not trained on me, spoke of being conscious of my stares. However, she had her earphones, and she tapped her foot, casually listening to music.

Across her table, I, too, pretended to be composed and relaxed. If she suspected that I was ogling her flesh, she seemed indifferent about it; I thought that she couldn't care less of strangers leering on her.

When she uncrossed her legs and maintained her knees slightly apart, a sudden excitement grew inside me. I tried hard to fix a calm demeanor to mask my malicious intention.

Before I placed my half-eaten sandwich back on the plate, I noticed that without lifting her head and without disengaging her look from her book, her eyes rolled up and caught my stare. Confidence briefly dissipated, so I immediately disconnected from our fleeting eye contact. But instead of turning my head to either side, my eyes instinctively looked under her table.

And to my surprise and delight, she spread her knees further apart even though she might be fully aware of my lecherous spying on her lower body.

Rebecca was the last person I lewdly watched as she sat on the bed inside Jessica's room when Liz was little. But the excitement caused by the young lady in front of me was more intense because we were in public, and this girl was unknown to me. I felt simultaneously nervous and aroused by her tease because, unlike Rebecca, the girl and I were strangers to each other.

I never expected that flirting—through posture and body language— could happen between unacquainted persons. Consequently, I got aroused and had an erection. My stiffness extended down to the inner side of my right thigh and was trapped inside my trousers.

Because of such heightened excitement, my heart pounded vigorously, and the generated force traveled from my chest to the table, where my elbows firmly leaned on.

The coffee in my cup rippled because of the tremors from the energy caused by my wildly beating chest.

My heart sustained its tachycardic rhythm when she spread her feet and knees more, exposing her inner thighs further. Then, finally, I dared to look up again, but her sight was glued to the table, and she seemed busy reading her book.

Thus, I reserved my assumptions and asked myself, "was she innocently playing with her legs, or did she purposely exhibited herself?

If she's exposing herself to me, how far could I take the flirting?

Was she inviting me to approach her?

If so, what would I say?

My heightened arousal hampered me, so I could not even move on my chair, much less walk towards her.

But what if she simply inadvertently moved her legs because she's completely oblivious of me?

I could get in trouble for unjust vexation under the Revised Penal Code or acts of leering and intrusive gazing under the Safe Spaces Act.

Because of this dilemma, I had a mixed feeling of excitement and fear of getting caught and being embarrassed; nevertheless, my dick remained stubbornly stiff. And even if I dared to stand and walk towards her, my erection would have been conspicuous in my lightweight apparel: I wore loose boxers and wool trousers.

While these questions and possibilities were playing in my mind, my body became more incapacitated with lust and nervousness when she lifted her right foot and rested it on the horizontal straight leg brace of the chair on her right side.

With that, her right knee became elevated, and not only the inner part of her right thigh became more revealed, but her white panty was also peeking.

With this wonderful sight, a mix of excitement and dread took over me, and I felt an immense consciousness of my being like when I sucked Liz's breasts inside her bedroom for the first time while we're fooling and running around the house.

Or like when Rebecca worked out in her apartment and stuck her butt up in front of me.

Or like when Jessica and I were on the swing set, and I glided my fingers to the center of her outer folds and felt her moist slit for the first time.

Recognizing these past events and thoughts, I hoped that those past events would result in a familiar pattern: that the pursuit could bring a favorable result when sought.

Hence, I presumptuously assumed that the universe was telling me to try my luck. What other signs or gestures should I still wait for before I would act?

I thought of no further prodding required from her, so I decided to make a move. However, even before I start to meditate to calm my nerves and ease my erection, she suddenly stood up and proceeded to the restroom.

It was strange that I felt somewhat relieved when she went to the restroom because her time away from her table had allowed me to reflect more on what to do or not to do. However, since I knew I might say something awkward, I decided to leave her a note instead, and I had to do it quickly while she was in the restroom.

Immediately, I borrowed a pen from Jimmy, and my hand was trembling as he handed me the pen. Then, I took one of my calling cards in my wallet, and while my hand was still shaking in emotion and panic, I scribbled on my card, "Hi! I didn't want to bother you, but if you're interested, I'd like to take you to dinner sometime."

I was ready to stand to drop the note on her table, but she emerged from the hallway where the restrooms are located. As she walked back to her chair, I tried to make eye contact with her. But she just looked on the floor and seemed unmindful of my presence. Because of that, I was discouraged for not getting a tacit approval of my planned approach, an approval which I hoped to get through her inviting glimpses.

Still holding my card, at that time, I had to decide whether to hand it to her or forget about the wild idea. I took a deep breath and thought hard about my options.

But, quite honestly, her moments away from her table and bereft of further positive signs made me reflect and forget about such an idea. Besides, why would a beautiful young girl go out with a stranger of my age? Moreover, she's fetching, so how could she not be with someone else?

I thought of Liz and felt guilty. She would be upset if she learned that I was checking out other girls. Maybe she wouldn't feel bad had I merely looked, but to actually consider asking someone out could hurt her feelings even though I thought that our relationship might not even be exclusive, especially when I told her that she's free to fall in love with another man or girl. Yet still, I thought that I'd better talk to her to be sure if she'd allow me to have a fling.

Liz is the love of my life, and I would never fall in love with another woman, but we have not settled whether or not I could sleep with another girl out of pure lust only. Hence, I decided to leave the girl alone and just enjoy the erotic sight while it lasted.

I looked around to check that nobody would notice me looking at her and resumed my surreptitious glances under her table. I called Jimmy first to take my empty plate and asked him to refill my coffee so that I could have my hand-props, along with the newspaper. When I was fixing my coffee with creamer and sugar, I looked under her table and found her left foot pointed towards me, and her right foot pointed, at an angle, towards her right.

Her left foot synchronously tapped the floor as she listened to her music. I looked at her, and while her sight was on her book, her eyes appeared to sense again that I was staring at her. And when I drop my sight again under her table, she seemed somewhat aware of my indiscreet gazes—she suddenly stopped her foot tapping and moved her left knee a little bit to the side, thus spreading knees.

I stared at her inner thighs and knees for three to five seconds, as my heart started to pump faster again before I looked up once more to check her demeanor. Her eyes were still focused on her book, yet her eyes gave me the impression that she knew that my eyes had been leering on her. Blood rushed and engorged the cavernous cavities in my penis, hence resurging my erection.

To compound my arousal, after she spread her knees more, she lifted her right foot and placed it again on the straight horizontal leg brace of the chair on her right. To my great surprise, she not only exposed her smooth inner thighs further, but her pubic hair also appeared before my indecent eyes.

Gosh! She removed her panty when she went to the restroom.

My eyes widened, and my jaw uncontrollably dropped because of the unexpected treat. Then, my feet stopped fidgeting, and I felt my throat throbbed as if my heart shifted to my neck.

As she maintained her feet positions and kept her knees and thighs spread apart, my eyes were locked on her hairy crotch for six to eight seconds before I looked up again to see her face and check her conduct.

That moment, her glance was no longer on her book, and our eyes made contact again and lasted for several seconds. Her looking at me finally confirmed that she wasn't unaware of my presence and perversion. It puzzled me, however, that her eyes did not give me that seductive look.

Her face appeared so innocent, and one might genuinely think that she's not that kind of a girl who would expose herself to strangers. And after about ten seconds during our eye contact, she disconnected her sight and looked at her book.

After such a glance at each other, however, I thought that she could be unaccustomed to exhibiting her private parts in public, especially in front of middle-aged men. But when she looked at me again and bit her lower lip, such circumstance between us might not have been the first time she displayed herself in front of strangers.

I thought that the way she dresses, her pretty looks, and nice body figure had turned so many heads before and caused so many desperate pair of eyes gawked at her. So, maybe, instead of feeling offended, she makes fun of or would tease those who ogled her.

Even so, if that's indeed the case, I still wondered—whether it's play or flirt—if she gets aroused exhibiting her delicate parts in front of a stranger.

After all my previous assumptions and miscalculations, her eyes and lip-biting made me sure that her teasing was intentional and probably an invitation. Thus, feeling confident, I decided to approach her, finally.

I looked at the bulge on my pants, shook my head, and smiled about what I was about to do.

Since she gave me a preview of what's hidden underneath her skirt, maybe she would not mind if I walked towards her with my unabated erection and give her a preview of what's inside my pants. Feeling positive, I thought maybe she'd like it.

So, I decided to stand and walk to her.

I held the sides of my chair and eased off my weight on it. But right before I moved my chair a little to the rear to give myself some clearance to stand between the chair and the table, the huge mahogany door opened, and Liz appeared by the entrance. I immediately took the load out from my feet and returned my sorry ass back to the chair.

Liz saw me right away, and she greeted me with her loving eyes. She knew exactly where to find me because I was sitting at our favorite table.

At that moment, I felt, as I did before and thereafter, Liz is my greatest love. My feelings for her instantly trumped the lust and excitement that I fleetingly had for the girl on the other table. Yet, I felt some guilt.

From the door, Liz walked towards me. She slung her backpack on her left shoulder, and she had a book in her right hand. To approach me, Liz had to avoid a chair and the other tables closer to the door, so she had to turn a little bit to her left. Also, directly on her path was the table where the girl was sitting.

Yet after she turned to her left, I saw plainly the book that she held with her right arm.

Then, to my surprise, at the same instance—the moment I realized that Liz's book was similar to that of the girl's and the moment Liz excitedly greeted her—I finally learned who's the young lady.

"Hi, Stella!" said my daughter.


Stella was also surprised upon hearing Liz, and Stella turned her head to face and greet Liz.

"Oh, hi Liza!"

Well, to further add to my surprise, rarely do I hear someone called my daughter "Liza." Kaya naman kasabay nang paghupa ng aking kalibugan at katigasan ay ang bigla kong pagkagulat nang tawagin ni Stella si Liz nang "Liza."

Napangiti na din lamang ako.

However, my sudden delight immediately turned to mild panic and uneasiness because I must confess to Liz, or "Liza," what just happened before Stella could tell my daughter that her daddy was a dirty old voyeur.

I had to, not primarily because my conscience dictated me, but instead, I thought pre-emption—telling her first—might mitigate the gravity of my misdemeanor.

But I could not get an opportunity to talk to Liz first, so I had to watch them continued greeting one another. First, they kissed each other's cheeks before they hugged.

As I watched them, I noticed that my daughter was wearing plain white shorts that cover only half of her thighs but not too short. She wore a navy-blue pique polo with buttons down to her chest, and the two top buttons were undone; thus, revealing the upper part of her breast bone. She's wearing her light-blue sneakers with white soles. As usual, even at the end of the day, my daughter is gorgeous, still looking fresh, sporting a ponytail, and without a touch of cosmetics.

After they chatted briefly, Liz grabbed Stella's hand and led her towards me. I stood up in anticipation of Liz's introduction of her friend. Liz was so excited that it took her a few seconds before she spoke. Stella even looked at her and smiled as she waited for my daughter to speak.

"Dad, this is Stella. Stella, my dad."

My body froze at first, but I managed to extend my hand. Yet, Stella held lightly only my fingers, tiptoed, looked up, stretched her neck up, and kissed my cheek.

It was not a cheek kiss, wherein cheeks touched; neither was it a cheek kiss, wherein there's a space between each other's cheeks. Instead, Stella's lips touched my face.

Tumabi ang aking anak sa aking kaliwa at umakbay sa aking bewang. With my left arm, inakbayan ko din si Liz sa balikat. Magkadikit kaming magka-akbay habang itinuloy ang aming usapan.

"Dad, Stella will be staying over the weekend."

"This weekend?

"Yah, we have a paper to draft."

"Draft?" Ang ulit kong sinabi dahil medyo nabigla pa din ako sa nangyayari.

"We have to do some readings and research first," said Liz

The paper is not due po until next week," added Stella.

"But we need several sources for our bibliography, dad."

"Sounds a lot of work, so you'll be studying sa bahay?"

"Kaya ininvite ko si Stella to stay sa atin this weekend para we can work together."

"You're welcome to stay anytime," sabi ko kay Stella pero medyo nailang ako sa kanya.

"Thank you po, tito."

"Buti naman at magka-group kayo," maintriga kong tanong.

"Choose your own members kase, dad."

"Ah, okay. Pinayagan na ba siya ng parents niya?" tanong ko kay Liz.

Subalit si Stella na ang sumagot, "opo, tito!"

"Actually, dad maski hindi na siya mag-paalam kase naka-dorm na siya ngayon."

I learned later that Stella's house was about an hour commute to and from their school. At first, I wondered why only that semester she was allowed to stay in a dorm. But eventually, I also learned that her parents were separated, too, and her mom left their house years ago. So Stella stays with her dad and older brother during weekends, semestral and summer breaks, and it was in her dad's house where she took Liz a couple of times before.

Though Liz has been to Stella's dad's house, she's been there only during the weekends and had never stayed overnight. As Liz reported to me before, pasimpleng tumitingin sa kanya ang dad ni Stella.

"Well, it's nice kung magpaalam pa din siya baka hanapin siya ng dorm-mate niya."

Si Stella muli ang sumagot, "Solo ko po yung dorm."

"Dun sana kami mag-stay dad, kaso nag-suggest ako sa bahay na lang."

"That's a good idea, baby…" Napakurot sa bewang ko si Liz at napansin ko ang pigil na tawa ni Stella. Ayaw nga pala kasi ni Liz na tinatawag ko siyang "baby" sa harap ng mga friends niya, lalo na siguro sa harap ng crush niya.

"Dad, dun kami sa basement mag-work ni Stella."

"She keeps telling me about the basement, tito."

"I had it renovated for Liza."

"Yah, dun tayo meron small kitchen dun at fridge," ang excited na sinabi ni Liz.

Ako naman ang napapigil sa tawa, at kaagad naging defensive si Liz dahil alam niya ang nasa-isip ko.

"Uy, marunong naman akong magluto," paliwanag niya.

"I mean, no need to worry about cooking, sina Amy ang bahala sa inyo."

"I'll help po, tito," volunteered naman ni Stella.

"Thank you, but ladies, just focus on your work and just have some fun," advise ko naman sa kanila.

"Okay, dad," ang pag-sangayon ni Liz sa akin at sinabihan si Stella, "swimming na lang tayo sa Sunday."

"Sige, palinis ko yung pool kay Roger."

While the three of us were talking, Yssa entered the cafe. She was still wearing her high school uniform when she approached us.

"Hello po, tito," and Yssa kissed my cheek and hugged me after she greeted her sister and Stella.

Apparently, Yssa has been acquainted with Stella because they all attend the same school: high school si Yssa at collage sina Liz. Yssa'a class finished earlier that afternoon, but since we will be picking up her dad, she skipped her school service and came along with Liz.

"Oh, san ka nag-stay muna habang hinihintay mo si ate kanina," tanong ko sa kanya dahil alam kong mas maagang natapos ang class niya."

"Dun po sa auditorium, may practice pa kasi kami," paliwanang naman niya since member din pala siya ng choir.

"Congratulations pala," sabi ko naman since she won her tennis match recently at dahil nga hindi na kami nagkita nang sunduin ko si Liz.

"Thank you, po." She said very modestly.

Stella excused herself to go to the restroom, and Liz and Yssa went along. I was still uneasy because I wanted to tell Liz everything before Stella would describe what happened. I was paranoid that Stella would tell everything to Liz while they're in the restroom.

Fortunately, when they all came back from the restroom, nothing was unusual, and the three of them were just talking, and there was no hint of disappointment or anger in Liz's words or actions. Her eyes were twinkling in excitement for being with Stella, and it's refreshing because I did not feel jealous but even felt glad for my daughter.

They all walk first, and in front of me, as we exited the cafe, I noticed Stella's butt. I saw the panty line inside her skirt, so she had worn it while she's inside one of the cubicles in the restroom.


I drove the SUV since I was expecting Yssa and Roland to be with us, and though I was still ambivalent about Stella's presence at that time, Liz was surely happy that Stella was with us.

The three girls sat at the back and left the passenger's side vacant because it's easier for Roland to get in and sit at the front passenger seat.

I'm also glad that Liz and Yssa could spend time together. Liz is very close to Yssa, and they have a solid bond to the same extent as Liz's closeness with Deth.

Deth and Yssa, while they are Liz's sisters from different mothers, are acquainted and good friends, too. The three of them—Liz, Deth, Yssa—would hang out whenever Deth spends her vacation in my house. In addition, Deth and Yssa are almost of the same age, and their birthdays are only a few months apart because they were both conceived in the same year.

Liz, Stella, and Yssa were busy talking and giggling at the back of the vehicle, but most of the time, they whispered, so I could not hear some parts of their conversation. I thought they're talking about their crushes, and I found it amusing to watch them now and then through the rear-view mirror. Natatawa na lang ako sa aking loob dahil lahat sila'y kinikilig sa kanilang usapan.

Minsan sa rear-view mirror, mapapatingin din si Liz sa akin. That moment, I was more in a father mode, and I enjoyed watching her having fun with Stella and Yssa. Yssa, though she'd engage in the conversation, she'd listen most of the time, maybe because she's the youngest. Still, Yssa always has so much fun when she's in Liz's company.

In the rear-view mirror, Stella made brief eye contacts with me as well. My panic and paranoia were wholly gone because I trusted that she would not tell Liz what happened in the cafe. And if she would tell Liz, Stella should describe everything to be fair—that she also willingly exposed her naked crotch to me. Having that in mind, I really thought that Stella would just keep everything to herself.

Ngunit nang nakahinto kami sa intersection habang naka red light, napatangin muli ako sa rear-view mirror at nakita kong may ibinibulong si Stella kay Liz at si Liz naman ay nakatingin sa akin na parang nag-iisip ng malalim. Kinakabahan na ako habang nagbubulungan sila.

Nakikidikit at nakikinig din si Yssa at nakatutok ang tenga niya sa pagitan ni Liz at Stella. At tuluyan na akong nabalisa bigla at pinawisan nang malamig nang nasundan ng katahimikan ang kanilang bulungan. Si Liz naman ay muling napatingin sa salamin. Lalo akong nabahala sa kanyang titig sapagkat tila ang nasa-isip niya ay malalim.

Nang mag-green light na at nang napatingin na ako sa kalsada, saktong may itinanong si Yssa, "ate Stella okay lang sa'yo yun?"

"Siya nga ang nagsabi, eh," ang singit naman ni Liz na may tonong hindi ko maintindihan dahil sa aking pagkabahala.

"Okay lang kaya kay mommy?" tila pabirong tanong ni Yssa kay Liz sa pagtukoy ni Yssa sa mommy Jessica nila.

"Mom doesn't care," agad na sagot ni Liz na may bahid ng kaunting inis.

"Uy, idea lang naman. Naisip ko lang," ang harang ni Stella sa mag-ate.

At that point, I was really lost and had no clue what they were talking about, but I knew I was the topic of their conversation.

After a while, they changed the subject and talked about something else. I still couldn't wait to talk to Liz about the cafe incident and about their secretive conversation inside the vehicle.

We arrived at the clinic, and Roland was in a wheelchair, which a male nurse was pushing. Along with Roland was her daughter Patricia (Tricia), who accompanied his dad in his treatment. The girls stepped out, and Yssa kissed and hugged his dad at nagmano naman si Liz. Nagmano din si Stella, to show respect.

Yssa always greets me with kisses and hugs, but Liz only takes Roland's hand to bless. Maybe, Liz grew up somehow resenting Roland, but she has neither shown nor said anything that could be seen as a grudge towards him.

Roland sat next to me at the passenger side, appearing very tired. He's wearing a mask to protect him from airborne infection because the dialysis has weakened his immune system. Patricia, holding a puke bag, sat behind his dad in case he felt nauseated. Nonetheless, he looked relatively better than the last time Jessica asked me to pick him up.

While on the road, inside the vehicle were conversations interspersed between each and among one another. The mood was benign, and despite our life circumstances, the children get along and enjoy each other's company.

"Pasensya na sa abala," ang paumanhin naman ni Roland.

"Okay lang iyon," sabi ko naman. "Besides, it's good na mag-bonding ang mag-ate," dagdag ko pa, referring to Liz and Yssa.

"Oo, nga pala, next week darating yung dalawang gwardia," ang update naman niya.

He and Jessica also founded a security agency, which Roland headed, and my company engaged their agency's services.

"Good, walang karelyebo yung sa south tower," sabi ko naman.

"Okay naman yung mga guards?"

"So far, so good naman."

"Sinagest talaga ni Jessica na yung mga experienced and i-detail sa inyo."

"A ganun ba. Very professional nga sila saka very polite," ang feedback ko naman.

There were long and momentary pauses in our chat at maski nakaharap ako sa kalsada habang nag-mamaneho, na-sensed ko na tila lumalim bigla ang kanyang iniisip at parang may gustong sabihin, subalit pakiramdam ko ay wala kami sa tamang lugar.

"Komusta na pakiramdam mo?" tanong ko na lang sa kanya to fill the conversation.

"Pagod lang, pero mas okay kaysa nung huli," medyo mahina na niyang sagot dahil sa suot niyang mask.

Along with our conversation, he said with an anxious tone, "Daan ka sa office next week."

"Okay, sige. Anong araw? At sa isip ko naman ay he wanted to talk business, which is the usual topic in our meetings.

"Anytime na libre ka. Dun lang naman ako sa office."

"Sige, check ko muna sa secretary kung anong schedule ko tapus contact niya office mo," ang sabi ko na lang.

During the ride going to Roland's house, the girls continued chatting and exchanged playful banters. Though it was the first time Stella hangout with Yssa, Liz, and Tricia, it was pretty clear to Stella that the three are very close.

Yssa has good relationships with her stepsiblings: on Jessica's side and Roland's side.

"Pa, sama ako kina ate Liz?" Paalam ni Yssa sa tatay niya.

"Okay, just get some clothes pagdating sa bahay," ang agad na pagpayag ng ama.

"Hiram na lang ako kay, ate."

"Kayung bahala." Ang medyo pilit na sagot ni Roland na tila napagod na.

"May damit ka pa sa bahay," paalala naman ni Liz sa kanyang kapatid.

"Ay oo nga pala."

"Saka, I bought you some clothes."

Yssa became excited upon hearing the new clothes. Liz knows that her young sister loves clothes, and Liz often shops for Yssa even without any special occasion.

Though Yssa is younger, she's almost the same height as Liz. And while Liz's figure is slender, Yssa's is petite curvy. However, they borrow and wear some of each other's clothes.

But between Stella and Liz, it seems both can wear all of each other's apparel, including panties probably. Halos magka-pareho kasi sila ng height at hubog ng katawan.

When we arrived, Daniella (Roland's youngest daughter) got out from the garage, pushing a wheelchair for Roland, but he managed to walk towards the gate and to the chair by the front patio.

I got the chance to ask Liz about what they were talking about in the vehicle.

"What were you ladies whispering about?"

"Sabi ni Stella, ireto ka daw sa mommy niya."

"You met her mom?"

"Interesado?" Ang medyo mataray niyang tanong, na hindi ako sure kung nagbibiro. Kaya naman lalo akong natakot aminin yung nangyari sa coffee shop.

"I meant I thought you were talking about something else?"

"And what could that be?"

"Oh, nothing, Liza" with emphasis sa 'Liza.'

Natawa ang anak ko kaya alam kong cool lang siya.

As we left, Roland sat on the chair and waved us goodbye, and I could tell that he seemed couldn't wait to talk to me soon.

Our trip to my house was filled with giggles and light teases. Liz unwrapped the 8-inch roast beef sandwich and shared it with Yssa and Stella. Liz held the bread and let Yssa and Stella bit from it. I found that very sweet. But, of course, it's sisterly love for Yssa, and I'm quite sure it was something else with Stella.


At the house, the ladies were excited to have their own time in the basement.

To go down the basement, one must take the steps straight down first, and then, some more steps towards the left will lead to the main basement area. There were small rectangular windows between the wall and the ceiling on the rear side of the basement. The windows open to the backyard where the swimming pool is located. However, the windows are always close for the aircon.

The basement has a restroom with a small shower area. I placed a junior-sized sofa set, so there is a "living room area" but no television. I had custom-made the countertop on the corner, and on it is a microwave, coffeemaker, electric kettle, some mugs, bowls, plates, utensils, but no stove.

Next to the countertop is a refrigerator and cabinets with snacks, such as cookies, instant noodles, chips, chocolates, pretzels, etc. In the de facto "kitchen area," there's a four-seat dining table, and there are two study tables as well near the beds.

A wooden double-deck on one side and a twin bed was placed adjacent to the double-deck bed. Thus, there are three sleeping spaces for Liz, Yssa, and Deth, especially when Deth stays in the house during her short visits and holiday and summer vacations. But for that weekend, Stella occupied Deth's bed.

The basement is practically a small apartment that was primarily reorganized for Liz because when she decided not to leave town for college, I furnished the basement to have her "dorm" in the house. Well, the idea is for her to have her private study and comfort area.

However, she doesn't stay in the basement alone because she wants to use it with friends or with sisters. Still, the basement is a good place for school works with classmates; that's why Liz invited Stella to do their project in the house.

Amy and Aida are always excited each time Yssa or Deth (especially when both) is in the house. Deth will be coming soon since it was her turn to stay with us that summer.

That weekend, Amy and Aida were focused on preparing meals or snacks for Yssa, Liz, and Stella as the three of them worked on their assignments, albeit Yssa would be doing her homework.

When we arrived at the house, I let the three girls attend to their plans, and I went straight to my room after I kissed Liz, Yssa, and Stella on the cheek. I took a shower and simply asked Amy to fix me a ham and scramble egg sandwich. I have my own minifridge in my room and had my sandwich as I sat on my recliner while watching the evening news.

Although the girls had planned to do school works, I expected the girls would just be hanging out and chatting that Friday evening since it was the end of the school week, and they'd probably wanted to take a break that night and chill. Besides, they have Saturday and Sunday to work on their tasks.

My assumption was accurate because Liz texted me around 8 p.m., which was about the time they'd finished dinner.



"Can we open one of your wines?"

"Sure!" I texted back without hesitation.


"It's Friday. Take a break."

"Thanks, dad."

"But don't give too much to Yssa."


"Love you."

: )

"Love you…" I texted again.

"Love you, too."


I took a long hot shower, hoping that Liz was me in the bathroom, but I still could not shake off in my mind the public, or "pubic", show that Stella gave me earlier in the coffee house. So, while in the shower, I could not really tell which between Stella and Liz was causing my erection while I "soap" myself.

After my shower, I put only a boxer and started going over some documents on my desk inside my room. Around 10:30 p.m. Someone knocked on my door. Since I was not decently clothed, I asked, "Liz?"

"Yah, it's me." She answered

"Come in."

When Liz saw me, and realized what I was wearing, she immediately closed the door.

I said, "Hi, baby!" but she just looked at me and walked straight towards the edge of my bed. Her hands reached the mattress, climbed with her knees first, crawled on the bed, and sprawled her body at the center of my bed.

She laid on her belly, leg spread about 45 degrees apart, feet dangled at the edge of the bed, and arms and elbows were extended to her side.

Liz faced the other away, and I watched her back moved as she breathed and relaxed. She must have taken a shower already before they started drinking, and her silky hair rested nicely on the part of her neck, shoulder, and upper back.

Liz was wearing beige shorts whose hem was probably 2 to 3 inches away from the lower curves of her butt cheeks.

I love her cute little butt. When she's little, I never spanked her ass with my hand or a slipper. Well, she has been a good girl, anyway.

And for those times that she was stubborn or had an occasional tantrum when she's a little girl, I'd embraced her until she was not upset anymore. Most of those times, she'd fall asleep in my arms, and I'd fatherly admire her lovely face as she dozed off.

Now that's she has grown, I always like to kiss and nibble her cute little butt.

She's also wearing a small faded green t-shirt and no trace of bra straps on her back. She must have been ready to sleep, so I wondered why she went to my room and not hanging out with her sister and Stella.

"Are you okay, honey?"

"Yah…" ang medyo pilit niyang sagot at ini-angat ang kamay and gave me a right thumb up as she faced to her left, opposite from me.

You had too much wine?" I asked.

"Just a little tipsy, dad."

"Okay, aren't you going to sleep now?"

"Maya maya ng kaunti."

"How's Yssa doing?"

"She just took a shower earlier, and she's reading something in bed."

"She usually does that until she falls asleep," which something that I have become familiar with Yssa.

"She had some wine, too, but just one glass."

"How about Stella?" I asked next.

Liz turned her head towards me, her face covered by her hair, looked at me without a word, then turned her head away again.

"Something wrong?"

I intriguingly asked because of her unusual reaction. She's usually bubbly when she had something to drink unless they opened another bottle and had too much wine.

But of course, I have known her growing up. When she's a little girl, Liz would sit next to me on a chair, sofa, or even on the floor when she wanted to talk to me or even "confront" me if I made her upset, or I did not fulfill a promise, like forgetting taking her to the theater to watch a well-anticipated movie, or reneging my promise to travel abroad one time.

However, Liz is a very forgiving and understanding person. She never became temperamental and never had that inflated opinion of self-importance. Her "tampo" to me are brief, and mostly endearing. She's a strong young lady but has exuded humility. These are some of the many good traits that made me admire her so much.

She did not answer my question but turned her body to face me again where I was seated. Liz then positioned herself in a fetal position and hugged a pillow with her arms and thighs.

Thinking that she wanted to be held, I stood up and lay on the left side of my bed, next to her. She let go of the pillow and replaced me with it. Her left cheek was on my right chest as my right arm embraced her shoulder and back. My hand also reached down to her butt and caressed it softly.

At first, I thought that she might be upset because Stella may have told her what happened in the cafe, but since Liz cuddled with me, it was clear that Stella hasn't and Liz and I were fine, so far.

Thinking that something else was obviously bothering her, I asked her directly, "Tell me what's the matter."

"I think Stella has a boyfriend." And she said it in a more disappointed tone rather than a sad one.

"What made you said that?"

"When we were having wine and talking, she kind of hinted about having one."

"That she's in a relationship?"

"She did not admit it, but our conversation could lead to that conclusion."

"So, if it was indeed that case, how'd you feel?"

I always respect how she feels and never dismiss anything as petty when it comes to her feelings.

"I don't know, dad."

"Feeling blue?"

"Not really. Hmm, maybe a little." Pahabol na lang niya.

"Of course, that's normal. And are you jealous?"

"I don't know…well maybe."

"That's fine, too, baby." At hinila kong payakap nang kaunti ang balikat niya at hinalikan sa ulo.

"What should I do?"

I never really tell Liz what to do or not to do unless it's strictly parental matters, so I give her options and let her decides based on her capabilities and limitations. But of course, her choices are not always "either/or."

"Well, you can tell her how you feel but at the risk of ruining your friendship if the feeling is not mutual, considering that you suspect that she has a boyfriend."

"Okay." And she waited for what I had to say next.

"Or you can, for now, cherish what you feel about her and enjoy her company."

"I should not invest more feelings, right?"

"Well, though you're still young and you will still meet other persons, don't dismiss your feeling for her outrightly."

"Why is growing up so hard, sometimes?" And she hugged me more as she asked such a rhetorical question.

Trying not to be condescending, I said, "that's what adult and real life is all about, honey." At sabay halik muli sa kanyang ulo.

"I know," she said as she pressed her right thigh on my tummy.

"Anak…" I said in a loving and fatherly tone.

"Ano iyon itay?" Ang biro naman niya sa entrada ko.

"Disabused yourself of the idea or fanciful notion that we must have everything that we want."

"Alam ko naman yun, dad."

"And with people, if you like a person, try not to think that you can only be happy if you have him or her.

"To do so would be very self-centered," Liz responded with full appreciation of what I'm saying.

"But of course, never sacrifice your worth," I added.

"So, with Stella, I should not be focusing too much if she likes me also but must enjoy our time together."

"If that's what you think would be the best."

"Yes, dad. That's better than losing her as a friend."

"And if your feelings for her make it more difficult for you, always remember that in the end, never love someone who doesn't love you."

"And that how I should deal with life's reality."

"To a certain extent, baby, but of course, allow yourself to like or even love other people."

We tightened our embrace, and I kissed her forehead and held my lips on her skin for a while.

"I had few crushes naman before and, maybe, even now."

"That part of growing up, and it's good to have crushes."

"They come and go. Some of them I don't see anymore."

"Wala ka bang naka 'MU'?"

"Walang gustong umamin," at natawa kaming pareho.

"I'm sure na-totorpe sila." I thought so because of her beauty.

"Ewan ko sa kanila, Natatakot mabasted." Ang biro na lang ni Liz.

"If that's true, then maybe they don't deserve you, anak."

"Hindi sila nag-try kase?"

"Yah, but had you ever hoped that someone had pursued courting you?"

"There was this guy last semester, but I think he dropped."

"Anong nangyari, nanligaw ba sa'yo?"

"At first, but tumigil din."

"Did you like him?

"He's cute naman."

"Were you disappointed?"

"Because he stopped, I never really got to know him better, so he did not stay long enough for me to feel disappointed about him disappearing suddenly."

"His lost, baby."

"Thanks, dad. That's so sweet."

"Maybe, eventually, may maglakas ng loob."

"I know naman, but I was never really serious about courtship naman talaga."

"Until kay Stella?"

"Yes, I was hoping, but of course, I'm not obsessed about her."

"But if life actually brings you disappointment, it offers many possibilities, too." My words of encouragement ko naman sa aking anak.

"Ayus lang yun. Ang bata ko pa para magka syota," biro naman niya.

"Tama, wala munang syota syota," gatong ko naman at natawa ulit kaming pareho.

"At saka I love you the most, daddy, so I won't be too preoccupied with my crush or having a relationship."

"I love you more, Liza."

I'm her dad, and I love her no matter what and unconditionally. Our dad and daughter relationship is not the typical romantic love affair; the intimacy is founded on blood instinct, which naturally cause care and affection, based on mutual love and lust.

Thus, with me and Liz, no game, no play, and no toxicity and manipulation found in typical relationships. Sa mga sumunod na mga buwan at araw, may mga tampuhan pero walang drama. Mayron kaunting inisan ngunit walang away at bangayan. At kung meron mang hindi pagkakaunawaan paminsan minsan, laging nauuwi sa lambingan at matinding kantutan.

I lifted her chin and kissed her lips tenderly and felt the moistness and tasted the sweetness before I licked and sucked them.

"Hmmm," we both moaned as our tongues and mouth made licking and sucking sounds.

When we paused and looked at each other, I said, "babe."

"Ano yon dad?"

"I'm glad we talk about these things."

"I trust you, dad." She placed her right arms on my chest and pressed her breasts on me.

After a momentary pause and while I caressed her waist and hip with the back of my right hand, I asked her, "aren't you going to join Yssa and Stella? Baka hinihintay ka nila."

"Dito muna ako," ang malambing niyang sagot habang ginagalaw-galaw niya ang kanyang kanang binti at paa na nakadantay naman sa akin. Habang magkatabi kami sa kama, biglang umilaw ang cellphone ko na nasa night stand because of an incoming text.

I reached for it, but Liz grabbed it, not because she's suspicious of anything, but simply because my reading glass was on my table. I could just enlarge the fonts, but Liz has been reading my messages for me when I'm not wearing my glasses or driving.

"Dad, text ni Tito Roland about dun sa meeting ninyo."

Liz read the date and time to give me an idea, though the text itself served as my reminder.

Before she handed me my phone, she looked at my screen: a picture of her and Deth that was taken during one of our stays in our favorite resort.

"I remember this, dad."

"Me too; we had so much fun."

"We always have fun."

"I hope we could spend time all together again," sabi ko. Dahil nang lalong nagdalaga si Liz at dalagita si Deth, hindi na kami nagbabakasyon kaming apat nina Rebecca, Liz, at Deth. Naging salitan na lamang ang bakasyon ni Liz at Deth, kaya minsan si Liz ang pupunta kina Rebecca.

Liz asked me, "nagsesex pa din ba kayo ni mommy Becca kapag nagabakasyon tayong apat noon?"

"Yes, babe." I honestly told her.

"Maski noong meron kang girlfriend dito?"

"Alam naman ni mommy Becca mo."

"Pero sabi ni Deth walang naging karelasyon mommy niya."

"Ewan natin, pero hindi ko naman pinigilan si mommy Becca mo na mag-asawa."

Liz knows every detail of my relationship with Rebecca, so Liz stopped wondering why Becca and I never ended together. Besides Jessica's petition to declare our marriage void never prosper, the court did not grant our annulment. So even if I want to marry Rebecca or any of my past girlfriends, I can't.

Turning our conversation back to the picture on my phone, "look, we're so young." She said excitedly, but when she realized that the picture is on my phone, Liz giggled. "Ay, phone mo nga pala ito.

I just quipped, "you and Deth are still young pa din naman."

"I meant, mas bata pa kami dito sa picture," and Liz playfully bumped her forehead on my chin.

"How old were you again in this picture?" Tanong ko na lang maski alam ko.

She thought for a while and said seductively, "My age when my xxxxxxx came out."

"Oh, I see." I took a deep breath as I imagined what she just said.

Liz looked at me and teased, "May gusto ka na sa akin noon diba?"

"Guilty!" ang sabi ko kaagad.

"Isa ka talagang maniac na ama," at sabay kunot sa ilong niyang matangos.

"Nakaka-maniac ka kasi anak," at sabay hila ko naman sa kanyang ulo para halikan muli sa labi.

"Swerte mo talaga, nakakahalik ka sa anak mo nang ganito," biro ni Liz sa akin.

"At nahihipuan ko pa," sabay pisil sa kanyang pwet.

"Pati sa suso," at muling idiniin ni Liz ang kanyang dibdib sa aking katawan.

"Nadidilaan ko pa pati mga utong." She looked at me with her half-opened eyes, for it seemed she's wanted her nipples to be sucked.

"Pati pekpek ko nadilaan mo na din," ang mahina niyang sambit pagkatapos huminga ng malalim.

"At nakantot ko na rin ang pekpek mo," at muling haplos sa kanyang pwet.

"Nilabasan mo pa ng tamod, dad." At medyo idiniin ang balakang sa aking bewang o tagiliran.

"Ang sarap kasing labasan so puki mo, anak."

"Ramdam ko talaga kapag nilalabasan ka."

"Gusto mo iyon?"

"Yes, dad. Nakakalibog lalo."

"Nakakalibog talaga."

"Ang sarap kase ng pakiramdam kapag nilabasan ka sa akin."

I looked at her and felt that she wanted to say something more.

"Nakakalibog nga talaga, diba?" Ang tanong ko upang himukin ang kanyang nais sabihin.

"Kapag kase…," She paused and covered her face on my right chest, feeling a little shy.

I found it lovely and so sweet that she could still be a bit bashful after all we've "done" together.

"Ano yun, babe?" ang tanong kong may panlalambing.

"I don't know, but when you cum inside me…"

Her paused prompted me to ask her, "pag nilalabasan ako sa loob mo?"

She did not look at me when she stated, "kapag nilalabasan ka sa loob ko, lalo akong na-iinlove sa'yo."

I felt that my heart melted upon hearing what she said. I hugged her tightly and said, "kapag nilalabasan ako sa loob ng puki mo, sukdulan ang pakiramdam ko sa pag-angkin ko sa'yo."

"Dad, ang pagtanggap ko sa tamod mo ay iyon din ang pagbigay ko sa sarili ko."

"At lalo din akong na-iinlove sa'yo, anak."

"Dad, you own my body."

"I held her cheek and moved my face close to her and whispered, "Damn right, I own you."

She answered me with a kiss.

"You can have a boyfriend or husband someday, but you still belong to me."

Then it was Liz who move her face closer to me, "pero dad, hindi mo pa ako lubusang na-angkin."

I was a little puzzled about what she just said, so I asked, "hindi pa ba?"

"Hindi pa."


She then moved her lips to my right ear and whispered, "Hindi mo pa ako nabubuntis."

Tama si Liz. Ma-aangkin ng lubusan ang isang babae ay kapag siya ay na-anakan ng lalake.

I held her right hips with my right hand and pressed her to make a space between our cuddling bodies. Then, I slid my hand to her tummy.

"Bibigyan mo ako ng baby?



"Coz I wanna give my whole body to you."

"Gusto mo talagang anakan kita?

"Na angkin mo na si Jessica at si Rebecca, anakan mo din ako, daddy."

"Baka hindi ka na makapag-asawa ng iba."

"Kapag nabuntis mo na ako, iyong iyo na talaga ako, dad."

"Anak at asawa na kita?"

"Anak na ina-asawa." Ang sagot ni Liz na magkahalong biro at pagkaseryoso.

"Walang ng sasarap kapag sariling anak," ang aking nasabi sapagkat ang pinaka bawal ang tunay na masarap at walang kapantay.

Matapos ang aming halik at yakap na mahigpit, napa-isip ang aking anak. Inihiga ang ulo sa aking kanang braso at napatingin sa kisame.

"Meron din kayang ibang mag-daddy na ganito?"

"Sa tingin ko madami, pero syempre pasekreto lang tulad natin."

"Kase bawal talaga."

"Pero sobrang sarap, babe."

"Kaya dad, imposibleng walang iba na nag-eenjoy sa ganitong sarap."

"You're right. It's hard to believe that no one else enjoys incest."

"You think dad, some of them started early?"

"What do you mean?"

"Before the daughter is xxxxxxxx."

"Well, hormones could kick in at any xxx."

"That true, dad."

"Do you remember the first time you felt horny?"

Liz paused for a while, trying to remember.

"I think when I was xxx."

"Really?" To my amazement."


"How could you say that it was lust."

"I felt it."

"How? What kind of feelings?"

"Well, I think I felt it inside my womb…or something like that."

"What else."

"On my skin."

"When you touched?"




"Where else?"

"My xxxxx."

"You get xxt?"

"A lot, dad."

"At xxx?"

"Yes, dad. Marunong na akong malibugan."

"Would you?"


"With me?"


Hearing her answer, I said, "so there may be other dads and daughters or step-daughters having sex out there."

"Daddies who fuck their daughter," Liz said sultrily.

"And daughters who dream of their daddy's dick."

"Hmm, horny daughters, dad." She pressed her body to me as she moaned.

I teased her, "Like you."

"Like me," she said with a smile."

"Besides dads are always horny."

"And all dads want to fuck their daughter."

"You think so, babe?"

"I believe so, dad."

"Well, that's true between us."

"I'm glad," and she hugged me tightly again with her arm and thigh.

I pulled her chin again and kissed her.

"Hmmm," ang matunog niyang ungol nang ipisil ko ang aking mga labi sa kanya.

Matapos ko siyang halikan at nang mahimasmasan ako sa aking kalibugan, biniro ko naman siya.

"Baka namimiss ka na ni Stella."

"Miss ko na nga siya," ang sagot niya ngunit halatang nakikisakay lamang sa sinabi ko.

Ang tunay na pagmamahalan ay malaya sa pag-ibig at kalibugan.

Kaya naman kinunsinti ko pa siya at sinundan ko nang, "Well, I know you have some 'physical attraction' sa kanya."

"Crush ko nga diba," ang sagot niya na tila nagtataka sa sinabi ko.

"I meant, 'physically," with added emphasis.

"Hmmm, well true. Though I think about it sometimes, not that often."

"But you fantasized her?" Now completely changing our topic.

Liz squinted her eyes and thought for a while before she said, "Yah, but I really don't know how."

"You don't know how?"

"She's a girl…"

"Obviously…" dugtong ko kaya't kinurot niya ang tiyan ko.

"Eh, wala naman siyang ganito," ang bigla, pero magaan na hawak sa umbok sa loob ng boxer ko."

"Uhmm," ang bigla ko din na reakson sa kanyang kamay.

"Ay…" ang pagkamangha ni Liz nang ma-realized niya kung gaano na katigas ang ari ko sa oras na iyon.

"Pero diba sabi mo na-aroused ka about the idea of eating her?"

"Hmm…oo," habang hawak pa din niya ang bukol sa boxer ko.

"Diba sabi mo din na na-aroused ka about the idea that Stella's eating you?"

"Hmm…yah," at medyo pumisil ang kamay ni Liz sa aking katigasan.

"Would you kiss her the way we kiss?"

Hindi nagsalita si Liz pero positive naman ang kanyang pagtango. Ipinisil muli niya ang kanyang pisngi't bibig sa akin na tila nanggigigil sa sabik.

Ang libog na namuo mula sa aming usapan tungkol sa aming pagmamahalan ay nagbigay ng kagalakan sa bagong paksa tungkol sa kahalayan.

"Maybe ma-experienced mo din," ang udyok ko sa kanya.

"Ang alin?" na medyo may kaunting sabik ang tinig sapagkat alam naman niya ang tinutukoy ko.

"Being physical with her," sagot ko na lang.

"Seems unlikely naman," at binitawan ang aking burat at iniyakap ang kanang braso't kamay sa aking dibdib. Muli naman niyang iginalaw-galaw ang binti at paa na nakadantay sa aking katawan

"It could happen, babe."

"Maybe," at halatang kinilig siya at muling idiniin ang pisngi sa dibdib ko.

"Isn't that sometimes, the two of you hold hands."

"Like friends, lang naman."

"Enjoy it."

"But isn't that being untruthful to her?"

"Untruthful how?"

"I'm not telling her how I feel."

"You think that you're taking advantage of her trust?"


"In the ideal world, the feelings would have been mutual between the two of you."

"But this is reality, dad."

"But does it mean that if the feeling is one-way, the one who holds feelings is not allowed, at least, to be happy being with the other person?"

"So, I would not be lying to her."

"I don't think so."

"Well, I like it when we sit or stand, and our shoulders touch."

"You two seem close."

"Yes, we often hug naman."

"And kiss sa cheeks?"


"Would you like to kiss her lips?"

"Yah…" na may kasabay na kaunting nod.

"Taste her tongue and suck it?"

Liz wriggled closer to me and pressed her chest on my side and said, "yah…."

I knew she getting more aroused, so I playfully stoked her.

"Her lips sucking your breast."

"Ohmm," and Liz pressed her crotch on the side of my right hip.

"Feel her tongue licks your ni...

About the Author :

33  ·  17  ·  29  ·  4,220

July 1, 2021 (24 days ago)

Thanks for the long awaited update. As always so torrid and intense. Stella finally came into the picture. Looking forward to see her in a menage a trois with Liz and her Dad.

Reply  ·  Like (2)  ·  Report
July 1, 2021 (23 days ago)

Its been a while Sir, thanks for the much awaited update.

"ain't gonna give a crap to dummies"

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July 1, 2021 (23 days ago)

Sana may happy ending kay Liz at sa Daddy nya (be a husband and wife) bigo na sya sa dalawang babae e kalungkot naman kung sa pangatlo wala pa rin.
Ma-iimpluwemsyahan lang si Stella na magkaroon din ng relasyon sa own dad nya kung nasaksihan nya yung si Liz at daddy nya sa chapter na ito malay natin baka maging husband and wife din si Stella at dad niya.
Curious ako kung gaano ka-supportive ang mga kasambahay nilang si Amy at Aida sa relasyon ng mga amo nila, approved kaya sila na si Liz na alaga nila will be next MISIS of the house o masyado itong wierd para sa kanila, sana masundan agad author.

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July 1, 2021 (23 days ago)

Wheew. Tagal ng update but all worth it . Haba nito.. heheh

Reply  ·  Like (0)  ·  Report
July 1, 2021 (23 days ago)

Ang galing boss! Anakan na yan!

Reply  ·  Like (0)  ·  Report
July 1, 2021 (23 days ago)

Vivid and enthralling story. It's just upsetting that this story doesn't come into much recognition as it really deserves. The plot is sterling. Spiffing narratives. Kudos to you, author.

I think, therefore I am. I think?

Reply  ·  Like (1)  ·  Report
July 1, 2021 (23 days ago)

i hate the idea of incest, but this, this is well written

Reply  ·  Like (2)  ·  Report
July 1, 2021 (23 days ago)

Ahh grabe sulit padin ang pag hihintay. Ganda parin talaga ng plot ng story, sobrang detailed. Di nag hihiwalay ang bawat scene... Aabangan ko nanaman ulit ang kasunod neto author, salamat sa ud!

"naughty mind w/ a good heart."

Reply  ·  Like (0)  ·  Report
July 1, 2021 (23 days ago)

great writing!

Reply  ·  Like (1)  ·  Report
July 1, 2021 (23 days ago)

Grabe na po talaga ung fantasies. Ayoko ng english pero this is the exception. Ung mentality talaga damang-dama and ung fantasies, bowling strike sa authenticity saka sa preference. Wao wao tlaga. Deserve mag ejaculate sa writing na to.😁

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July 2, 2021 (23 days ago)

That was intense and erotic

Reply  ·  Like (1)  ·  Report
July 2, 2021 (23 days ago)

Salamat sa update author!

Love it, it seems like Liz and her dad relationship is an open secret na sa house nila. This is one of those unusual stories that keeps you guessing what will the ending be. In a way it's seems kinda messed up but feels so right at the same time. Looking forward for the next update!

-Some of the best moments in life are the ones you can't tell anyone about-

Reply  ·  Like (0)  ·  Report
July 2, 2021 (22 days ago)

alone in my room i start reading "My Elizabeth" series, then i always find myself transported into the. story itself, a silent witness to the lust and passion between Liz and her Dad, as if i am really there, hiding in the shadows or peeping behind a half open door watching. . . feeling the heat of their bodies even as my own passions sets me on fire

Reply  ·  Like (1)  ·  Report
July 2, 2021 (22 days ago)

I started reading  11:30 and now its 12:58.
nice boss, keep going

Reply  ·  Like (0)  ·  Report
July 7, 2021 (17 days ago)

Shit ang wild! nice one boss one of the best itong elizabeth.

Reply  ·  Like (0)  ·  Report
July 12, 2021 (13 days ago)

first time Comment pero matagal ng reader maganda yung kwento hindi ako against sa incest story well dahil sa Game of Thrones kina jaime at Cersei na kambal na nag-iiyutan  hahahhaha  atsaka sa mga Targaryen na pamilya ng Incest  okey yung Story telling medyu gusto ko lng malaman yung Sex life story ni Jessica mukhang hindi na sya satisfied doon kay Roland mukhang yun ang pag-uusapan nila ng Bida at ni Roland .

Reply  ·  Like (0)  ·  Report
July 12, 2021 (13 days ago)

hi 1st comment pero matagal ng reader ng Series  ko maganda yung Flow  ng story walang problema para sa akin yung story ng Incest siguro dahil sa naging fan ako ng Game of thrones lalo na yung istory ng Incest nina Jaimie at Cersei at mga targaryen na pamilya ng mga Incest , back sa story kaabang- abang yung story pero interesado ako sa Sex Life Story ni Jessica  hahah mukhang hindi na sya satisfeid kay Roland yun yata ang gustong pag-uasapan nila ng Bida .

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