"Istorbo ka!" Irish jokingly exclaimed.

"Oh sorry. I didn't know…"

I smiled at Brendan, grabbed a bottle of beer and drank. Irish was still in heat. I noticed yung big shirt niya, medyo tumaas, showing almost her entire legs. Nakaupo naman siya so it's fine.

"More vodka?" Alok sa kanya ni Brendan.

"I never say no to vodka."

Irish downed another shot. And another. She stood up to turn off the big light from the balcony kase masyado daw maliwanag. Medyo gewang na lakad ng gf ko.

I was slouched on the sofa, Irish sad down beside me. Nakapatong paa niya sa table, her back on my chest. I noticed she was messaging someone on her phone.

Then my phone lighted up, message from her.

"Bitin ako. I need a fuck."

"Gimme a few mins, I'll be ready."

Then she grabs another shot of vodka.

"Hold on, stepsis. Not too quick. That might be too much for one night."

Irish didn't listen. Grabs the bottle of vodka to pour more. Brendan stopped her, grabbed her hand. My gf insisted, pulled her hand away from Brendan.

"Hey I told you I can handle vodka."

From how she spoke, medyo may tama na talagi gf ko.

"No, I think you've had enough. You're too red now."

Brendan stood up to get a glass of water for Irish. Tapos inabot niya.

"Have some water."

"No, I don't need water."

"Lance, tell your girlfriend she's already drunk will you?"

"You tell her, she's your sister!"

"Hey Irish, slow down a bit will you?" Brendan remind her again.

"But I am NOT drunk!" Irish insisted. She reached out for the vodka again, kinuha ni Brendan yung bottle at inilayo sa kanya.

Nagalit si Irish, "Gimme some please?"

"Nope, you've had enough."

My girlfriend stood up, papunta kay Brendan. Dahil nga lasing na, she tripped. Brendan caught her arm, buti na lang. Lifted her by the shoulders and made her sit right next to him.

"Enough sis. We can drink more tomorrow."

"But I am not drunk." Brendan was running his hands on her hair. I was looking at them. Irish rested her head on his chest.

Brendan cuddled her. Gave her a glass of water. She sipped a bit.

Then Irish did something unexpected. She decided to sit on Brendan. Paharap.

"Shit…" is all Brendan can say.

My gf was wild. She took off her big shirt.

Brendan looks at me. Irish grabs his face and kisses him on t...

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