Jogging Encounter II

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Date: June 5, 2021 (17 days ago)

Man: stroke my cock

Micah: .....

Micah did as she was commanded.
she strokes it gently and also looking hungrily in it.

Man: have you seen a cock before?

Micah: i-i only see them on porn sites.

Micah quietly blushes after what she say's

Man: so how was your first cock?

Micah: .....

Man: how does it feel?

Micah: i-it's kinda warm and h-hard

Micah keeps stroking the mans monstrous rod with a hungry look

Micah: *i wanna put it my mouth so badly, but he'll probably think that i am enjoying this and i'm a naughty girl, which i am*

She's imagining what could be the taste if she puts it in her mouth, what could be the taste if he cums in her mouth, what could be the feeling if he swallows all of it.

After a couple of minutes stroking the mans cock, finnaly he speak

Man: spit on it

Micah: w-what?

Man: spit on it.

Micah: o-okay.

Man: i want your saliva to be sticky.

Micah: ....

Micah did as she commanded, she spits on the mans cock with her sticky saliva.

The man moans in pleasure as micah's warm breath almost touches it's head.
And the feeling of her warm spit that makes his dick as harder than before.

Man: keep stroking it.

Micah: yes

After a couple more minutes of spitting and stroking.

The man once again speak.

Man: what's your name little girl?

Micah: m-micah, my name is micah.

Man: what a lovely name, who would've think that someone as lovely as you are can be seen at this hour, in this kind of deserted place fingering and pleasuring yourself.

Micah: i'm not.

Micah blushed a little after hearing what the man said.
and maid her more wetter than before.

The man just smirked after hearing micah's answer

After a couple more minutes,
Micah could not contain her urge any longer.
She cannot contain herself from wanting to suck the large cock in front of her.

When she was about to put the man's large dick inside her mouth, the man suddenly spoke.


Micah: P-pardon?

Micah asked indeniably, when she was about to put it inside her mouth.

Man: I said put it in your mouth.

Micah could'nt ask for more, she was looking forward on putting it inside her mouth, she could finnaly experience what dick tastes like.

Micah answered a simple yes with a smile in her cheek after hearing what the man commanded her to do.

Micah then started to lick the man's dick slowly, making the shaft all wet and sticky with her sweet saliva that makes the man even more harder because of the view that he was seeing.

Imagine a girl this age, this beautiful, this sexy, is passionately licking every inch of his dick.

Theres nothing the man can do other than groan in pleasure as micah slowly but agressively and hungrily licking on every inch of the man's fat cock.

Man: *ughh* yes, fuck, you're good at this, it feels like my Dick is melting with just your tonque. fuck!

Say's the man.
While micah silenty licking every inch of the man's cock

Micah: *slurp, slurp*

Micah: *it smells weird and it tastes weird but i don't know what's happening inside my head that's making me do it more, i wanna lick it more, i wanna put it inside my mouth more, i want him to fuck my mouth*

Man: suck it!

After micah heard the man's command, she did not hesitate to do it and agressively put it inside of her mouth and continously sucking on it as if there is no tomorrow..

Man: *ughhh* FUCK!! You're so GOOD at this, is this really your 1st time sucking a cock??

Micah did not respond to the question.
Instead she just chug down on the man's dick faster than before.
And then she suddenly stop sucking and ask the man while still holding onto the cock that almost won't fit in her tiny hands.

Micah: Do you like it? Am i good enough?

Asked micah with a worried expression on her face.

The man replied.

Man: yes i like it, you're not just good enough, your mouth is the best.
So why don't you continue on sucking my dick okay?

Micah smile after hearing the man answer her questions and thoughtlessly aim to suck harder than before..

Micah: *Mnnnmm* mblmblmbl*

After a couple of minutes
The man grab micah on her ponytail...

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June 5, 2021 (17 days ago)

". . . finally he speak"
" once again he speak"

it should be "spoke" on both sentences.

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June 5, 2021 (17 days ago)

Thank you for the corrections.😊

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June 5, 2021 (17 days ago)

next please

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June 5, 2021 (17 days ago)

Next please

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