(Writing began April 2020, since this so fucking tagal na we all agreed to post the finished parts)

And here you (all) are, so 'musta ka kayo mga ladyzz, mga supaa-manyakers, mga mang kanors, horneez of all shapes and sizes. So how are y'all holding up? Wala sanang pasaway and we may see an end to this fucking crisis brought to us all by those fucking red monkeys (Go Taiwan, Go Hong Kong!). As the prisidint had said, "china has been good to us/has been a good friend" GUNGGONG, bibig mo 'dong amoy bulok na tumbong ng ching chong! Oh we're not yellowtards by the way, "walang kinikilingan" in the truest sense unlike gma hahaha.

As for us we're all holed up here sa hauz, well some got "lockdowned" actually, and naturally nainggit ang ibang pukikay, so they all decided to spend the summer here, (and up until now) so yeah vagina party, we're like a sorority house, an all-girl sleep-away camp but a fucking lot better and sexier if I do say so myself, kahit no boys allowed, and puro webcam with the London, Japan, Denmark bruhas (kasi duh, no fly-fly muna). We got bunkbeds, double top bunk and queen bottoms, with pull-out beds, that the girls made into very hip girly teepees and tents pero minsan makikisiksik pa sa'min in the master bedroom.

Our shops, all open, how is it you ask? Online duh, deliver and curbside pickups even the boutiques, pati mga kikaylettes are earning datung with their baked items and other things they can sell online and other "stuff" that can earn us some extra cashola. What are these shops you ask? I won't tell, bl-bleh-blehhh!

Not a day would pass na walang magswi-swimming sa pool, even if it's fucking raining in buckets, playing volleyball and or badminton, or whatever in the water, or magbabad sa hot pond while having teas or holy water (wine and or beer), and sweeds kahit pa jumujulan kasi there's a canopy of leaves and also bihira kami mag swimwear, just jump in with whatever one has on, that is shirts and panties, (madalas kaming naka shirts and panties or bikini bottoms lang sa balay) or be crazy and go au naturel in our birthday suits but often pag madilim na or jumujulan ng malakas and very makulimlim.

(The hot pond is just a bigger-than-usual zen hot tub with a natural design rocks and all, parang Japanese onsen with little waterfalls, pitchers, jars and tropical plants na kadikit ng lagoon pool, super vonggang sexy di vahhh?! - Lex)

Our pool isn't very big, but big enough for 6 to 8 bitches to play volleyball or badminton in, and designed to look like a natural lagoon, partly a sand pool with waterfalls and with a hot tub pond, adjacent to a koi pond that is bordered by thick, clear glass.

House isn't big either, just a modern zen, 3-bedroom, 4-bath (the biggest shared by two bedrooms na pwede magsabay maligo up to 6 bitches, and may banyo sa may garden-pool, but open ang raintype shower) bachelorette pad, with a bigger pool-garden-patio area. Sister Chazi, Cai, the London girls and Saeko pooled their money together for this sexy haven, our very own "little Themyscira".

We have solar but we save energy more as we prefer lighting oil lamps and candles, and sometimes we don't turn on the AC because we spend more time outside, as we also don't smoke indoors kahit sweed. Kapag it's raining as in jumujulan ng malakas ay potah, super wild kami, we would sometimes get naughty as in sexy crazy sa sunken patio but usually pag gabi lang, pero there aren't any houses on the opposite lots. They bought the smaller lot sa tabi and we are using it for extra park space we were thinking of buying the other lot para talaga wala kaming katabing haus hahaha.

We sometimes sleep outdoors, on hammocks, hanging wickers or sa'n man abutin like pool floaters lalo na pag nalasheng, minsan one would walk in on on two or more girls sleeping naked, as in natutulog na magkayakap na hubo't hubad sa patio, even sa terrace and deck na buti nalang may mga halaman kundi super buyangyang ang mga naked beauty nila unless they're seen from a helicopter or via a fucking drone.

Chores include cleaning bathrooms, the pool, and gardening, taking care of the koi fish and the other pets who are the only males in da haus (samoyed, shiba inu, akita, and Scottish fold and persian cats) except for the birds and fish, and we all share the bills.

Breakfast is often kanya-kanya except on weekends or whenever one or more would be "inspired" to make breakfast for everyone, you know like after watching some korean food videos or other things (banas si Siz Chazi sa hype ng dalgona ang babaw daw and ang sagwa ng lasa ahahaha and her words were "Oh bugg-ah, that's blaw-dy re-vuhl-ting, ughh!").

For fun we would have bikini nerf wars or with soaker guns in shirts and lingeries, play ps or switch even the 'ol wii all night, boardgames, strip poker, charades, twister etc. we have a billiard/pool table, we just got air and stick hockey tables, and a pinball machine, heh! Who sez only men can have caves?

We would have outdoor movie nights sa garden, Fridays and or weekends, drawing lots so every bitch gets the chance to choose what movies to binge on, bad movie nights, classics, trilogies/ franchises, horror/slashers, chick flicks, regular porn or hentai etc. or whatever's on Netflix or any digital video site and since outdoor there would be lots of drinking and eating, often ihaw-ihaw, and or yakiniku.

No, we don't watch movies outdoors on a big tv screen, we have a nice projector, and wifi speakers, so as to not really disturb the neighborhood, although we're barely can be heard outside even at the gate, and the houses not dikit dikit and because of the lush tropical garden except in the sunken patio which is more closer but densely screened to the outside.

Even when it's raining, as in pouring hard with thunder and lightning, we would still have outdoor movie nights or whatever, we would put up makeshift tents, teepees and awnings, sleeping bags and cushions on tarp-covered ground. and in one of these rainy, weed and alcohol soaked movie nights some of us would be making hot, wet love and then minsan hawaan na and it'd be a really wet, super hot as in PUTANG INA talaga, uber-sexy all-night lesbian orgy, we'd all be cumming again and again until we all pass out na magigising kami hapon na.

Here's where I, Lex took over some of the writing, uhm well, I had help from the teen witches, as for what happened with Chaz and Eindi whilst I was in my hometown, well sila na bahala dun.

Picking up from where we left off; sinundo namin si sis chaz sa kanyang "work" and went joy-riding, drinking and eating, stopping to buy or use the ladies' room. We then went crazy and got down to our shirts and panties, bra-less, si Chaz suot one of her thin shirts na may konting punit at maliliit na butas butas and yung bigay ko na pink stripe bikini panties. Kami ni Eindi parehong naka sando and mga panties ko with side laces (anime ba?)

We talked about things that happened during the Afterdark episode and the things we did sa garden shop, and say n'yo, with windows down, uhm not all the way but a little below halfway naman.

"So you crazy hawt bitches went nawty sexy in the resto? So p'ano, dami tao?" Eindi asked giggling with excitement, sitting with Lex at front as we were cruising along in a rental car outside the city proper as Eindi wanted to see the restobar where Lex and I first met.

"Well, yeah it was a busy night for the resto, it was noisy but our table or rather circular booth nasa pinaka liblib na sulok, may empty booths pa pero kami lang nandun, I think 'twas an open-air before they had the resto renovated, kasi bato-bato ang ground; beach pebbles and gravel, and as we've told you, daming plants and wood panels and lalo 'di kami kita pag patay candles" Lex said.

"Fuck, scheisse, putang ina ang daring!" Eindi said giggling even loudly with excitement "Sooo, what if biglang nagpapasok iyong mga waiters and..."

"Nagpapasok iyong mga waydrs? Ha, ha, ha...!" Sabi ko ginagaya pagkasabi ni pukikay.

"Eh di wow lucky pinagpala ni dodong, anyhoho pumupunta lang yung mga way-drs pag nag buzz kami. Tangina talaga I never thought magagawa ko something like that in public, ang landi landi kasi ni ate (Chaz) mo eh, hmm-mmmhhh?" sabi ko, sabay grab sa crotch n'ya and pinanggigilan 'to.

"I'm driving bitch!" sabi ni Chaz na pataray, pinasok ko kamay ko sa panties n'ya and went really gigil and got her grunting and squeezing her thighs.

"Love na love talaga kitang bitch ka eh haa? Hhmmmmhhh!" Sabi ko pareho kaming napakagat labi sa gigil.

"Hey, ano ba ikaw!" She yelled, slowing down although it wasn't a busy road and we're driving an automatic.

"You know you love me, say you love me bitch, say you fucking love me!" I said taunting with a cute, taunting smile, still squeezing my fifi, then pulling my ear with her teeth.

"Yeah I fucking love you, happy you sassy whore?" Sigaw ni bruha and lalo kong pinanggigilan ang matambok at masutlang pekpek n'ya.

"Mmmmhhwuahhh" Sabi ko, pressing my lips on her cheek.

"Ay, ako siz, love mo 'ko?" Eindi said and yumakap sa'min ng super higpit.

"What the fucking 'ell, what the bloody fuck's with you bitches?!" Sigaw ni Chaz and nag-swerve ang car "I love you both you crazy sluts!"

"Love you too, ate pretteez, so so much!" Eindi murmured as she went kissing her all over her face and neck

"Alright, that's enough na babygirl, leave ate (Chaz) with her driving, ako nalang landiin mo hihihi" Sabi ko gently pulling Eindi from her

"Ako love mo'ko haa pukikay?" Lex said habang kumakandong si Eindi sa'kin me, cowgirl style.

"Yea-uhh?! You're my ate pretty two" Eindi said pumupulupot ang mga arms sa leeg ko.

"Eh bahket ba ako ate pretty two haaah, ano 'ko second place hmmmhh?" Sabi ko slapping and then squeezing Eindi's sexy puwet.

"Because I met her first and then yoouuuu?" Eindi said, making taunting faces, and twitching her lips.

"Gandaa mooo, pukikay ka talagaaa!" Sabi ko squeezing Eindi's face, giving her fish lips, and we went smooching with her lips that way.

"S'ya nalang si ate pretty, ako si ate hottie mo haa, 'di ba 'no babes?" Sabi ko kay babes Chaz sinundot tagiliran n'ya and made her flinch.

"Yeah, whatever bitch!" Chaz said, eyes rolling and chuckling putting a foot up on the seat and then taking a puff of the slim yosi, and passing it to me, and we continue talking with Eindi straddling me.

"Tapos you were watched by kids so what if you got caught by other than those boys?" Eindi later said.

"well most likely we'll get gang-raped nang wagas hahaha, sausage party na'to!" Sabi ni Lex

"No, I meant those boys who were with the boy who watched you?" Sabi ni Eindi.

"Ok, then vienna sausage party ahahahah!" Lex said

"Yaiks! Oh mein verdammter gott!, 'tang ina (giggling)? Ach du meine gute, ssscheisse! You really fucking want that to happen? Aieeeee hihihi...!" Eindi said, wincing, screaming timidly with excitement.

"Well siguro, we were so fucking hot and wet then, the excitement so intense like nung first night namin ni ate pretty mo hahaha, did my first threesome, my first unsafe sex con creampie and then watched your ate pretty fucking an ugly kid at the back of the car, and it was fucking sexy, wild and erotic hihihi!"

"(laughing) You like magang-rape kayo ng mas maraming boys aieeeee!" Eindi uttered.

"Ang gusto ko pa ma-try is being fucked hard while in a 69 hahaha" Lex later said.

"Pero uhmm, eh 'diba you've already done or something like it with bo?" Eindi said.

"Oo, pero gusto ko sabay may umi-iyot sa kiki namin, while in a 69 hahahaha" Sabi ni Lex.

"Sabay na what (chuckling)?!" Sabay na pagtanong ni Eindi at Chaz

"Both our pussies getting fucked while in a 69 hahaha!" Sagot ko.

"Aieeee-fuuck scheisse, both being fucked hard while eating each other's pussy, 'tang ina ang kinky naman super aieeee!" Eindi uttered giggling.

"Oh 'diba bonggaaa? Hahahah...!" Lex said.

"Ehh uhmm ate (Lex) have you uhmm had sex in a car?" Eindi said sounding sheepish, but giggling with excitement.

"Yeah? 'Diba with ate pretty helloo? And we made love in the car babygirl" Sabi ko hinihimas hita ni Chaz.

"So your boyfriend hasn't fucked you in a car?" Sabi ni Eindi.

"Kung maka fuck ka naman pukikay ka, no I haven't made love with anyone inside a vehicle prior to ate (Chaz), told you I was different back then" Sabi ko, caressing Chaz behind the ear, and then she lovingly kissed my hand

"Sooo you said, you feel more beautiful, sexier after meeting ate (Chaz), what about me?"

"Siempre ikaw din, you're super hot too, and you're my first virgin girl kaya? Tikim kinse anyos or almost Aahahahah!" Sabi ko.

"Yeah (giggling)? You would uhm make love to me in the car ate (Lex)?" Eindi murmured sexily, her nose touching mine.

"Hell yeah?! I would make love to you so hard you would pass out to sexually-induced coma" Sabi 'ko ng may panggigigil, caressing her sides and we began kissing tenderly, giggling as we go, unti-unti nag recline ang seat namin.

"Mhhh ateehhh, let's do it heree ateee (Lex), ohhh shittt, your stories really got me so excited, Ach! I'm so hot and wet, love me sizzz, I want you so bad, love meee!" Eindi murmured as I go kissing and licking necking her masutlang neck.

"Wanna get into this too b-babe? You could pull over muna" Sabi ko kay Chaz, caressing her thigh as Eindi was necking me.

"You go on dahling, I feel like driving for a while, get really hot and juicy and perhaps I might dive into the love pool hahaha!" Sabi ni Liza Sara ehr Chaz pala, lovingly pinching my hand.

"You sure babe? We really got a sexy love nymph here hahaha!" Sabi ko as lasing na sa kalibugan si Eindi walang pakialam kahit nakababa ang windows lalo na sa driver's side kasi nagyoyosi si Chazi. Itinaas n'ya shirt ko exposing my boobs, at nilamas lamas at sinuso n'ya ito ng matindi habang nginungudngod n'ya ang namamasang crotch n'ya sa'kin, while I make pisil-pisil and himas-himas her sexy butt.

"Oh sshhit omg babygirl ang sarap, uhhh fuck that feels so ggooood" Pahaling-hing kong sinabi with my body writhing habang hinahaplos at pinanggigigilan ko ang puwet n'ya sarap na sarap sa pag suso at pag lamas n'ya boobs ko. Pinasok ni Eindi ang kanang kamay n'ya sa panties ko at lalong naglawa sa love juice ang puki ng lola n'yo.

Napaliyad ako at napa moan ng malakas sa tindi ng sarap ng ginagawa ng masutlang fingers ni Eindi sa fifi ko, sabay ng pag lamas at supsop n'ya ng boobs ko. Shit, putang ina talagang omg ang galing galing na mag make love ng babygirl namin hahahaha!

Napakapit ako sa thigh ni Chazi, she smiled and caressed my hand. Ang ganda talaga ng lola Chaz n'yo habang nagda-drive ng pa chillax, Ray-ban aviators on, natural auburn hair in a messy bun, suot ang pink stripe panties na bigay ko and a thin shirt with tears and few small holes na pinahahalik ng hangin sa yummy n'yang katawan, nakataas ang maputing at masutlang left hita sa seat. Well pareho kaming super hot lamang lang si sis Chazi ng konting boob size and kulay ng balat hahaha.

Hinimas-himas ko thighs ni Chazi, then her crotch trying to get her libog.

"Hey, ano ba ikaw, I'm driving luv!" Patawa n'yang sinabi

"I can't help it you're soooo fucking hot luv, you blawdy sexxyyy!" Malandi kong sinabi as patuloy ako sa pag caress ng thighs and crotch n'ya.

"I know, bitch!" Sabi n'ya ng pataray at humitit ng yosi and then uminom ng bottled green tea bago ibinuga ang usok "You damn right!"

Gumapang paitaas ang kamay ko, going inside her shirt, at napa moan s'ya as I went fondling ang mga mabibilog n'yang boobs. She didn't say anything so I went on, kagat labi sa sarap ng paglamas ko at sa ginagawa ni Eindi sa boobs at puki ko.

Lalo nag stiff ang nipples ni Chazi and I wanted to see them so tinaas ko shirt n'ya exposing her boobs, habang may paparating na truck ata yun.

Ang ganda ng boobs ni Chazi habang nasisinagan ng afternoon sun's rays cutting through the rain clouds, mala rose ang very stiff ang moist nipples. Patuloy s'yang nag drive ng casual, head leaning on elbow na nakapatong sa kanyang knee.

"Ganyan ka lang babes ha? Mmmmh drive with your lovely boobs exposed" Sabi ko na palambing, as I continue fondling her boobs, she smiled and looked at me through her aviators and caressed us and lets me suck her fingers.

"Mmmhh shit ang ganda n'yo talaga mga gorgeous babes ko, putang ina ang ganda gandaahhh nyoooh!" Malakas na halinghing kong sinabi. I was so fucking hot hinubad ko ang sando ko and threw it sa backseat not giving a fuck if I, we get seen by people in passing vehicles like trucks and vans, naka fully-reclined naman seat namin.

"Baby keep them open" Sabi ko as Chazi was rolling up the windows and lalo ko pa binaba ng kaunti yung sa may sa'min.

Pinasok ko kamay ko sa panties ni Chazi and she went moaning softly, her sexy hips gyrating slowly as dahan-dahang n'yang ibinuka her creamy thighs, habang nilalapastangan ng mga daliri ko ang masutla at matambok na puki n'ya.

Napakadyot at kagat labing napa moan si Chazi ng malakas, when my fingers went loving her hard, fucking her tight and super wet pussy at napatapak s'ya sa gas, getting the car to really go vroom and fast, which then went back to cruising and then slower.

Unti unti kong hinubad panties ni Chazi and she didn't resist, she again went bukaka with her wet panties hanging on her left thigh. Eindi then sat up and exposed her sexy young bosoms and gently inilapit ang mukha ko and mala hayok 'kong sinuso ang mga ito. My right went sliding in her wet panties and fondled and rubbed her pussy. I went on hungrily suckling Eindi habang my hands make love with their soft and dripping wet pussies.

The excitement of doing it in a moving car, naked and naughty tumindi pa lalo ang sexual euphoria and I undid the laces of our bikini panties habang may binubulong kay Eindi. She giggled when she saw Chazi driving with boobs exposed and nakabukaka with no panties and my fingers fucking her dripping pussy.

Eindi leaned over to Chazi at nilambing-lambing s'ya.

"Uhmmh ate prettee you're so hawt and sexy mmmhh" Eindi murmured as she softly kisses her

"Dahling pleez, ate is driving" Sabi ni Chazi na nakikipagsmooching kay Eindi, and then nakipagtorrid kissing scene whilst driving below cruising speed but still able to keep an eye on the road. Patuloy sila sa paghahalikan ng matindi habang nilalamas ni Eindi boobs ni Chazi.

Hinubad ko ang panties namin ni Eindi habang patuloy kong sinusupsop ang mura but mabibilog na n'yang boobs. Her hips went rocking as my fingers went rubbing her virgin pussy, going hard between the lips and clit.

Chazi lets go of Eindi's lips at bumaba ito kissing and licking her papunta sa mga boobs n'ya and her other hand sa crotch. Sarap na sarap si Chazi habang sinususo at finifinger s'ya ni Eindi at PUTANG INA talagang super nakalibog silang panoorin, Dahan-dahan kong ipinasok ang middle finger ko sa naglalawang napakasikip na puki ni Eindi,

Ano kanyo yung ibinulong ko kay Eindi? Ayun ginagawa na n'ya kay Chazi.

"Uhmm ateehh (Lex) go d-deeper" Eindi said na humihikbi, sabay ko pinasok ng dahan dahan ang middle at ring finger ko. Eindi went moaning sexily as I finger fuck her deep habang sinususo ko din s'ya

Eindi slowly went kissing and licking pababa, at lalong ibinuka ni Chazi ang thighs n'ya habang kinakain ni Eindi ang matambok at naglalawang puki n'ya her mouth going back and forth sa boobs at pussy.

Tuliro na kaming tatlo at lalong bumagal ang pagtakbo ng car hanggang sa magulat kami sa pagbusina ng car sa likod namin. We went on at sumenyas si Chazi sa sasakyan para mag overtake 'to

"It's an open road you wanker, it's all yours!" Sigaw ni Chazi with her arm outside the window signaling. Naintriga siguro ang gago kasi maputing kamay ng babae ang sumesenyas at sumabay ito sa 'min. Tumingin si Chazi with the window down to her chin, and malamang nahumaling kung sino mang dodong sa artistahing naka-raybans. Tumigil si Eindi sa pagsupsop sa boobs ni Chazi at napatingin din parang walang pakialam na nakalitaw boobs n'ya or because the window is medyo tinted.

Pinabagal ni Chazi ang car at walang nagawa ang gago kundi mauna kasi may paparating na mga sasakyan. Eindi went back to sucking Chazi's boobs and eating her pussy, at nakapasok pa din ang fingers ko sa puki ni Eindi. Hindi umandar ng mabilis ang car sa harapan para bang naghahanap ng tiempo makisabay again.

"Siguro kasi magaganda nakita nila hahaha, nakita kaya nila boobs n'yo?" Sabi ko

"It's possible babes, hmh!" Sabi ni Chaz at pilya s'yang ngumisi na nakataas ang kilay. Chazi then made a turn to a dirt road.

"Sweetie you know this road?" Tanong ko

"No, just want to lose that bloody car and maybe rest a we bit and enjoy myself" Sabi n'ya caressing Eindi's head na patuloy sa pagkain ng puki n'ya.

After driving medyo malayo from the main road tumigil kami to a grassy lot teeming with overgrowth of vines and such. We went on sa ginagawa naming kalaswaan, bigay todo pa more than ever, malakas ang paghalihing.

"Oh bloody hell!" Sabi ni Chazi nang nag ring ang phone n'ya at ringtone ng madre, nag shushh s'ya and sinagot ang tawag ng isa pang senior nun, pinay hindi si mother italianna.

Si Eindi nalang ang malakas magmoan sabay sa malalakas ding wet sucking sounds medyo tinakpan ni Chazi ang phone n'ya habang kausap ang matandang madre. Napapakagat labi s'ya sa sarap at hindi mapigilang mag grunt at moan, caressing Eindi as her mouth makes sexy wet noises with her pussy, kung anu anong excuse ang sinabi n'ya sa kausap.

Lalo ko s'yang tinukso, dinidiladilaan tenga n'ya, sinisipsip ang earlobe and pulling them gently with my teeth.
Napamoan and flinch s'ya as I went necking her.

"Stop, bitch!" she mouthed as she gently push me away. She then puts the phone on mute at hayok na nakipaghalikan sakin, tumagal ito ng mga ilang minutes and she went back to her caller hanggang sa ma-disconnect ang call she puts her phone in silent and we again went kissing torridly as I go finger fucking Eindi.

Maya maya tumawag uli ang work n'ya at walang tigil sa pag vibrate sa dashboard ng phone n'ya pero ignore lang si Chaz as lango na kami sa passion and libog. May dumaan na nakabike and then motor na may open sidecar pero hindi tumingin ang riders.

"Oh fuck I have to take this bloody call dahling" Sabi n'ya nang mahulog phone n'ya from the dashboard.

"Oh, you want us to stop muna babe?" Sabi n'ya

"No need, I'm getting out the car, so enjoy yourselves my luvs, I'll leave the engine running for the AC" She said as she was rolling up the window.

She cautiously looks around as she fixes her shirt, craning her neck as gets out of the car, checking to see if the foilage is giving enough cover or at least a wee bit of screening. Feeling secure lumabas s'ya ng car but didn't bother to put on panties and just let it go hanging on her right thigh and just her shirt cover her "love zone".

Chazi casually talked on the phone, smoking a mild sweedie habang nakasandal sa car, while Eindi and I went on with our lovemaking not concerned by any passing vehicle. Pumasok uli ng car si Chazi when the call ended and she saw na napapaliyad ako sa sarap habang kinakain at finifinger ni Eindi ang puki ko.

"Uhm, that's sexy" casual n'yang sinabi rolling down her window kasi may sweedie pa s'ya. She went down and we kissed and pinahitit ako ng sweed.

"Babe I was picturing you getting fucked hard by some ugly dude on the car hood hi hi hi" Sabi ko habang tinataas ang shirt n'ya exposing her boobs and pussy.

"Yeah? I was thinking the same thing dahling I felt so sexy being outside the car with just this shirt on and with my knickers hanging on my thigh, barely covered by the leaves.

"Did anyone see you, uhh were you seen? I think may dumaan kanina na may batingting" Sabi ko running my hands on her body.

"Oh that, the gangly rapey-looking bloke with a straw hat who I reckon to be a vendor of sort, he saw me through the foliage but looked embarassed and looked away."

"Did he see your panties hanging on your thigh? Or perhaps the lucky bastard saw this delicious thing" Sabi ko sabay hawak sa matambok n'yang puday.

"Perhaps" Pilyang sagot ni Chazi

"Then perhaps you should've shown him more" Sabi ko at kagat labi habang pinapasok ko fingers sa puki n'ya

"Oh you unghh you'd like that huh?" Sabi ni Chazi while moaning, sexily rocking her hips. "Perhaps I should've called the wanker and let him watch you sexy bitches huh?"

"Yeah, we both want that bitch! Let him see your lovely body, get himself naked and come to you ripping your shirt, go down on you fucking hard, touching and eating you all over!" sabi ko habang labas masok ang fingers ko sa tight pussy n'ya.

"Uhmm, that's rough, kinky" Sabi n'ya. She took a long puff of the MJ and pinahitit ako before flicking the butt end away.

"Then I want that ugly dude to really go rapey and fuck you like an animal, shoving his hard, throbbing cock deep and hard into your tight pussy!" Sabi ko.

"Go on" Sabi n'ya caressing my boobs and her pussy becoming drippy wet.

"He'd go fucking you hard getting you screaming and crying, your body writhing in pleasure, and you almost pass out cumming hard as he fills your pussy with his hot jizz."

"Uhmmh that's sexy can I have him fuck you hard too?" Sabi n'ya

"Yeah basta I get to have a threesome with you baby" Sabi ko.

Hayok kaming nag kiss, lamas her boobs and finger fucking her deep and hard and she caressing my boobs and si Eindi na patuloy sa pagkain at finger ng fifi ko.

HIndi ko na napigilan and I cummed fucking hard, my body convulsing and shaking as my pussy juice went gushing on Eindi's face. My body still feels on fire kahit nag cum na'ko ng matindi palibhasa I'm with women I love so much.

"Uhmm sizz ako din kisss" Sabi ni Eindi as she went crawling over me. She and Chazi went kissing torridly

"Mmmhh you're so good babygirl, you made me cum hard" Sabi ko as I go necking Eindi, licking my lovejuice on her face and neck, fondling her boobies and rubbing my still pulsing wet pussy on her smooth thigh. Nag cum na'ko ng matindi but my body is still quivering with excitement.

"Better than your boylet (giggling)?" Pilyang sabi ni Eindi habang patuloy na nakipaghalikan kay Chazi.

"Hell yeah you are, you fucking hot girl!" Sabi ko

"Talaga ate (Lex)? Hot ako?" Excited na sabi ni pukikay habang nakikapag smooching sa'kin at Chazi licking and kissing her face and neck.

"Ay putang ina talaga, super hot ka babygirl, better than my honeyboy hahaha!" Sabi ko, as my hand slowly went sliding to her puday. Napa 'ay' at giggle s'ya nang kagat-labi kong pinisil ko ang puday n'ya.

"Ang tambok din ng puday moooo girl uhmmmhhh...!" Sabi ko, pinanggigilan ang puki n'ya

"Tambok din naman ikaw ate (Lex) ah? Hi hi hi..."

"Mas matambok pa din sa inyo ni ate pretty mo mmmhhh!" Sabi ko lalong pinanggigilan puki n'ya getting her squeezing her thighs.

"Oh I love you guys mmmhhh" Sabi ni Eindi with her arms around our necks our cheeks squeezing with hers na para bang super wasted bitch at spring break. May sasabihin sana si Chazi pero niland-landi namin s'ya

"Mmmhh dahlinggzz ohhhh..." Ang napakasexyng sinabi ni Chazi as Eindi and I went necking her while fonding her all over.

"Babes, windows mmhh o-open" Humahalinghing na sabi ni Chazi

"Wala naman dumadaan sweetie mmmhh" bulong ko, "And besides, you'd like that, we like being watched 'diba?"

Dahan dahang napasandal si liza soberanong sara lahbati (ha-ha) habang patuloy ang paglandi namin sa kanya. I rolled up the driver side window nang may paparating na naka motor and trike, hey we're not that crazy, kahit ba we're parked in a grassy lot with overgrowth.

Hindi ko totally sinara window cuz mausok sa sweed ang loob ng car. We went on loving Chazi but I still check to see kung napapansin kami ng mga dumadaan. Hayok namin sinupsop ang boobs habing salit salitang labas masok fingers namin sa pumipintig pintig na puki n'ya.

"Babygirl make ate (Chaz) cum hard, make her pussy cum hard with your sexy mouth as you made mine." Bulong ko kay Eindi as I was necking her. Eindi slowly went kissing and licking down, ibinuka ang mala bubot na rosas na fifi ni Chazi with her dainty fingers and she went sexily sucking, lapping and licking from anus to pubis, pushing her tongue as deep as she can, ang sexy talaga panoorin.

"That's so sexy babygirl, ang hot mo panoorin" sabi ko, I joined her for a bit, licking and sucking, and lalong naglawa puki ni Chazi, napapaliyad at moan s'ya ng malakas sa sarap.

Eindi also went wild on Chazi's puki, naging parang hayok, squeezing her bum then coiling her arms around her thighs, katulad ng ginawa n'ya sa sa'kin.

"Galing ba ni (Eindi) babes? She's blaw-dy good isn't she?" Sabi ko smooching with Chazi caressing her boobies.

"Mmm-hh" Chazi uttered smiling, her hips sexily rocking and gyrating. May dumaan uli na nakabike at trike na malapit sa car, tumingin but not directly to us so that means the leaves and with window up hindi kami mashado kita.

Biglang napakapit si Chazi sakin as she went grunting and moaning na kagat labi. We went laughing, ganun din naranasan ko sa bibig ni Eindi kaya hindi ko napigilan mag cum. Sige pa din sa pagkain ng puki ni Chazi si Eindi, naawa naman ako kay pukikay as she hasn't cummed yet Hinaplos haplos ko likod n'ya then my fingers went sliding between her ass cheeks papunta sa puki n'ya.

Her hips went rocking habang nilalaro ko puki n'ya, again ingat kong pinasok mga fingers ko in her tight virgin love hole, then pabilis ng pabilis my fingers fuck her while my thumb went pressing on her anus. I want to eat her pussy too and make her cum on my face pero that's only possible if I get out of the car.

"Baby kita ba if one is crouching outside the car?" Tanong ko kay Chazi.

"No, I reckon the leaves become denser below the boobs, my height that is, uhmm why" Sabi ni Chazi na nakataas ang kilay.

"Is that so? Well..." Sabi ko and nakipag french kiss kay Chaz. Binuksan ko car door and tumingin tingin sa paligid.

"What are you doing luv?" Patawang tanong ni Chazi and I made the rock on sign with labas dila. Then cautiously I went out of the car na nakacrouch, flip flops lang ang suot, and it seemed mas hindi nga kita sa mga dumadaan pag naka crouch.

Inilatag ko ang mga empty brown bags sa damuhan and knelt on them. Hinihimas himas ko puwit and thighs ni Eindi then parting her pussy with my thumbs, I went licking, lapping, and sucking, naging hayok din ako and made her sweet love juice go dripping down her thighs, not my first time gawin 'yun kay Eindi na nakatuwad s'ya but first time sa car at sa lugar na 'yun.

The excitement of being naked and daring outdoors got me super excited, na arouse uli ng bonggang bongga lola n'yo, I feel I want to get fucked hard while eating Eindi's pussy hahaha.

I went touching myself, getting my juice to go dripping on the paper bags as I go harder, faseter. I fucked Eindi with my tongue getting it all and deep as I can inside. Malakas na din ang pag moan n'ya habang patuloy pa sa pagkain ng puki ni Chazi.

Nang malapit na magcum si Eindi, pumailalim ako, nilamas lamas her puwit as I hungrily eat her pussy. She came hard moaning loudly, her hot, sweet love juice went pouring down my face and neck, I fingered myself as I continue to eat Eindi's puki, until I cummed again and got the bags on the grass wet of my love juice, well not totally wet.

I got back inside the car after some minutes of catching my breath and we went huddling while sharing a sweedie.

"Putang ina mangangayayat lalo ako sa inyo mga bruha kayo!" Sabi ko, cackling.

"Why ate, you don't like making love with us anymore?" Sabi ni Eindi habang bumubuga ng usok

"Heller?! Reypin kaya kitang pukikay ka ng bonggang bongga hindi ka magising ng 3 days ano haaa!" Sabi ko pinanggigilan puki n'ya.

"Ay aieeee, hihi hi...!" Ang malanding sinabi ni pukikay squeezing her thighs.

"She made me cum twice eating my pussy" Bragged Chazi blowing out smoke.

"Ay daya! you owe me another hot mouth action bitch uhmmm!" Sabi ko pinanggigilan lalo puki ni Eindi.

"I'm really, FU-CKING glad you're my first, I love you guys, sooo much!" Sabi n'ya bringing our cheeks together and giving me and Chazi kisses.

"Yeah? Even if we're not boys ni ate (Chaz) mo?" Tanong ko

"Uhm well, You guys are the best for me, pero how does it feel doing it with a boy? Getting fucked by a penis?" Tanong na naman ni pukikay.

"Ay suz vitow cruz, cara cruz, sana cruz, Tom Cruise na ex ko, here we go again, do it because your body wants it, not because you're pressured to do it, basta dapat pakilala mo muna sa'min potential boylet mo before you become a thing ha?" Sabi ko

"Of course, but uhm why?"

"Para makilatis namin ni ate pretty mo, ma test drive have sex with him and if we're happy and satisfied then pasado for our babygirl hahaha!" sabi ko

"Ach ang dayaaaa! I'm lugi eh ang super hot n'yo" Nagmamaktol na sabi ni Eindi

"You know ate (Lex) is just jokin' dahling, and you super hot too" Sabi ni Chazi petting her.

"O, so pag nabaliw sa 'min ni ate (Chaz) mo then he's not for you hahaha...!" Sabi ko at lalong nagmaktol ang bruhita, bumitaw sa akin and sumandal sa boobs ni Chazi.

"Bakit sweetie, is there a certain boy?"Tanong ko and she nodded with an "mhmm" na parang nahihiya

"ooohhh, (looking and winking at Chazi), and local or imported ba 'to, sa Denmark or sa school mo?"

"School, from another section, and..." Mahinang sagot ni pukikay

"Yeah? Aaaand ano? Nawi-wiwi ako sa suspense!"

"He's 8th grade"

"O so he's 12 or 13 you're a 9th grader so what? Ano has he made first base?" Tanong ko

"Siraaa, 'di ba nga I said you guys are my first kiss helleeer?!" Pataray na sagot ni Eindi and I made taunting faces.

"You got a picture? Patingin naman sweetie" Sabi ko at pinakita sa 'min ang pictures nila ng potential boylet sa phone n'ya and Eindi is a wee bit taller.

"Oh-my-gaawd, he's not cute he's fucking gorgeous, gucci ba 'to?" Sabi ko

"Gucci?" Kunot noong tanong ni Chazi.

"I mean, a joke uh as in he looks as if related to the gutierrez family of celebrities, you know, ruffa, raymond, richard, the latter dyowa ng isa pang kamukha mo..." I said pero mukhang lost pa din si Chazi so I said "Ah, nevermind"

"Ang yummy nito inday ha, oooh naglawa puki ko I can pleasure myself to this all night nnhhh!" Sabi ko taunting na may panggigigil, pinching my nipple.

"I can't wait na matikman namin ni ate (Chazi) mo 'to yummm!" Sabi ko at nagmamaktol na kinuha ang phone sa'kin

"Serious mo naman 'teeeh, (petting Eindi) 'di ko ugaling manulot hahaha unless...o jokey jokey ha? ahahaha!" Sabi ko poking her side and then niyakap at hinalik halikan ko.

"I hope when I do it with a boy, it'd be like with you mga siz" Sabi ni Eindi, nagtinginan kami ni Chazi.

"What do you mean by that dahling?" Sabi ni Chaz and nagkindatan kami.

"Like fucking fireworks, clouds and unicorns, all the FU-CKIN' A shit!" Sabi ni Eindi

"Ay suz, vito cruz, santa cruz, Tom Cruise na ex ko, pareho lang tayo ng feeling 'day, I say again I've never felt this sexy before, kahit lavs ko boylet ko mas enjoy ko making love with you bitches!" sabi ko. "But you can have fireworks and shit with boys too"

After finishing the sweedie we went cleaning each other off with wetwipes and put on panties, as ako lang totally hubad sila nakataas lang shirts, we continued with our journey with me driving, matapang kasi matic and wala sa bwisit Manila traffic.

"Are we there yet ate (Lex)? I'm hungry masarap ba food doon?" Tanong ni bruhita habang nakasandal kay Chazi.

"Ay sows, puro ka lafang eh, sige ka 'pag lumobo ka sa 'min talaga ni ate (Chazi) mo si boylet mo hahaha" Sabi ko "Ayan mag snacks ka muna ngeh ubos na din? Ang siba mo girl" Sabi ko as ubos fries and nuggets na binili kay Mickey D's

"Ano nga ok ba food dun sa resto where you guys met the first time ano ba name nun?" Pangungulit ng sexing masiba. (Si Chazi nagkalimot n'ya ang pangalan ng name ng resto-bar ako hindi but 'di ko nalang sabihin ok?)

"Ok naman, yeah mas ok kesa sa balinsasayaw or even Gerry's grill 'di ba no babes?"

"Yeah, I reckon so, not that bad, nice, not thrilling, but nice. I like the spicy prawn cocktail, and shrimp and chicken skewers, and their barman can follow instructions well with drinks. But as I recall, it wasn't the food nor ambiance that made that place smashing fun yes?" Sabi ni Chazi. caressing my neck and ear with her fingers, I took her hand and kissed it and pinisil-pisil ito as I press it on my boobs.

"Eh ako mga siz, how about when you guys met me?" tanong ni Eindi

"Wooshoo, selos na naman ang pukikay!" Sabi ko sabay sundot sa tagiliran then pingot ng nipple n'ya

"Hindi ngaaaa?!" Sabat ni pukikay

"Meeting you's just as special dahling!" Chazi said and then niyakap s'ya ng mahigpit and made noises with her mouth on her neck na ikinaniliti ni Eindi.

"Oh here we are na mga bitch" Sabi ko nang bumungad na ang restaurant,

"Are they open dahling? Seems it's not like the last time we were here" Sabi ni Chazi

"Weekday kasi kaya konti utaw alam ko 3pm to 12am sila and 12pm to 2am Fridays and weekends." Sabi ko as we were driving in sa ma-gravang parking lot, hindi si manong guard ang lumapit.

"O bakit may somali pirate dito? Ha ha ha..." Sabi ko habang papalapit yung parking attendant na naka reflective vest, at straw sombrero. I was rolling down the window nang naalala ko naka shirt and panties lang kami, itinaas ko ito ng kaunti, binaba ko shades ko and waived my fingers to the guy.

"Kuyang pogi sa magandang spot naman o" Sabi ko kay somali ehr sa parking attendant na nakangiting bumating pasaludo sa 'min, naging ulan naman ang ambon but kahit maraming free spots igi-nuide kami ni somali sa sa isang reserve spot na may shade na di malayo sa entrance akala ko nga pang senior or pwd hahaha.

"Kala n'yo kayo lang may powers ang beauty? Ako din TSEHH!" Sabi ko ng may pagmamayabang habang nag bibihis kami.

"Eh siz what if nand'yan yung bo?" Tanong ni Eindi habang tinutulungan namin s'yang magbihis, nagtinginan kami ni Chazi and she shrugged.

"Well, 'di wow, and nandito na tayo plus I need to make a sissy, wiwing-wiwi na lola mo" Sabi ko. Wala kaming payong so we thought of making a run for it hindi naman malayo entrance pero nakaabang si somali with a big umbrella.

"Kita kaya tayo ni kuya while nagbibihis?" Tanong ni Eindi habang nagha-huddle kami sa ilalim ng payong papunta sa resto

"Well, if so hindi naman tayo totally naked and hindi naman gaano kita sa labas, jumujulan pa" Sabi ko

Nakilala si Chazi nung waitress, the same girl na nag abot sa amin ng bote ng pinot noir,

"Ay, wow ma'am welcome back pooo!" Ang super perky at excited na bati ni ate, as if napakasikat na celeb ni Chazi, and tingin and uzi naman ang iba pang staff at customers.

"Ako ate 'di mo ako naalala? Or palibhasa pangit yung unang kasama ko hahaha!" Sabi ko, she looked at me na nakakunot noo.

"Ay ma'am oo, kasama kayo ni ma'am, ang ganda ganda n'yo din ngayon!" Sabi ni ate na hindi ata naalala na magkasama kami ni bo.

"Yeah talaga? Malamang nag level up ng bonggang bongga love life ko eh ha ha ha" Sabi ko as I put my arms around sa waists nina Eindi and Chazi. Nag ladies' room muna kami to freshen up and also kasi nga nawi-wiwi na ako. Nag offer ng maayos na table si ate pero pinili namin yung memorable na circular booth namin for Eindi na din, and also for a lil bit of privacy as takaw pansin ganda namin hahaha.

Walang nag oo-occupy ng ibang circular nook/booth, so solo namin again ang area like the last time and kahit may araw pa talagang madilim that part of the restaurant pero this time they've installed hanging lamps or pendant lights, pero meron pa din floating candles sa tables at nook divider tops. Kakaupo palang namin at kakaabot palang ng menu at eto may dumating na complimentary drink na watermelon mint at sample platter na may kasamang mga bagong dish nila. Wow is it me, si Chazi and Eindi or the power of 3? Ah ha ha...

Manghang-mangha si bruhitang Eindi sa "love nook" namin hindi n'ya maarok ng husto how we were able to get the fuck away with it, going hot, sexy and daring that night, sabi ko nalang it was fated to happen and also because yung dami ng tao at that time, nasa sulok etong booth, kami lang nandito, sobra busy night, hirap mag buzz for a waiter kundi pa dahil kay Chazi, and if it were like ng dami ng utaw now we would likely be caught.

We ordered yung mga na-enjoy namin last time and then some and yung mga gusto ni Eindi sa platter and nag share lang kami ng 1 cup ng sesame-jasmine rice. Hindi namin natiis so nagorder na din kami ng may alcohol pero si Eindi nakikiinom lang sa 'min, and were even allowed to smoke and also because they're making it a smoking area, hindi pa nga lang na install ventilations.

Wala pabalot kasi may kasama kaming seksing glutton ha ha ha, (Lukaret, tsehh! - Eindi) But we ordered to go and may bigay pang blueberry-lemon tartlettes kay Eindi na kamukha daw ni selena gomez, tang ina ang layo at flat faced pa sinabing kamukha! hindi ata nila kilala si India Eisley or kahit nalang si Hailey Steinfeld although meron na kami who really got that look.

Later nag sweeds kami sa car para magbaba ng kinain and nang konting amats as malayo layo pa drive nami, nakababa ng kaunti windows and again we're back to just panties and shirts chillaxing sa back seat, feet up sa front seats, naka higa sa'min si Eindi.

"Oy baka makalimutan natin mag tip kay somali ha?" Sabi ko

"How much do you want us to give him luv?" Tanong ni Liza este ni Chazi "I don't know if I've got any notes left unless we can swipe plastic in his crack"

"Eeew, yaak ha ha ha!" Sabay naming sabi ni Eindi.

"Pwede na 50, Hmm should we give him a lil extra, nghh?" Giggling kong sinabi at kagat labing pinipisil pisil boob ni Chazi.

"What extra?" Tanong ni Eindi blowing smoke at passing me the sweed.

"Well, (humihitit) like showing some skin and then some ahahaha, like this" At hinila ko paitaas shirt in Eindi exposing her dodos.

"Aieeee, hi hi hi...!" Ang napakaharot na tili at bungisngis ni Eindi, hindi umalma palibhasa high na sa sweed.

"Ok, I'm in pero kayo din, mmhhph!" Sabi n'ya at kagat labing hinila pataas mga shirts namin, ibinuyangyang din ang sa amin.

"Hay naku, the weed and rain really makes us all crazy sexy! I think kahit 20 wala ako, sobra naman kung 100 tip natin, boob flash nalang, kahit hindi na magtip ha ha ha" Sabi ko "Dare ko kayo mga hitad, she who's able to keep her boobies exposed the longest wins.

"Yeah? What does the winner get?" Sabi ni Eindi nakasandal sa 'min at kina-caress mga leeg namin.

"Well she gets to be fucked and creamed-in-the-lovehole by the manong somali-pirate hahaha!" Sabi ko, at umiiling iling na nag chuckle si Chazi habang bumubuga ng usok. "Malamang makikita n'ya yung huling nakabuyangyang na boobs, raging boner 'yun!"

"Engghh, ano nga prize!" Nagmamaktol na giggling na sabi ni Eindi

"Eh ano bang premyo gusto mo kikay ka haaa!" Sabi ko twist pulling her nipple, at nagisip si pukikay.

"Ummhh, If I win I want you guys to find me a really cute boy who would fuck me nang bonggang bongga hahaha!" Ang hitad na sagot ni Eindi kasunod ng napakahitad na tawa.

"Huu-waaaat?! Ha ha ha..." Nagtinginan kami ni Chazi. "Pano na yung boylet mo, sa 'min na ni ate (Chazi) mo?"

"Tseehhh, hindi for boyfriend, fuck date lang, before I leave Palawan ha ha ha!" Sabi n'ya

"Eh pa'no kung masarapan s'ya sa'yo kasi yummy ka na virgin ka pa or ikaw din na-enjoy mo s'ya ng bonggang bongga ang sex and you're each other's firsts" Sabi ko.

"Ah basta that's what I want, tapos I want him fucking me hard in the backseat and you bitches watching us from the front as you drive" Sabi ni Eindi.

"Huu-waw kinky ng lola mo, and then what?" Tanong ko?

"After I get sawa you bitches can have him ah hi hi hi"

"Taray mo na haaa?! Pagkatapos mo magpakasasa kami tira tira" Sabi ko pinipingot ang nipple n'ya.

"I think we can set you up nicely, there are pretty boys your age or a little younger, I mean lots..." Sabi ni Chazi There's this boy from another inn, on the other side of the road, super cute, European-looking, and there are some lovely locals and other Asians too, and also everywhere you go in the town"

"Or we can hook you up with like yung boy who got lucky with ate (Chazi), or si edong nalang! He's older than you are but I bet virgin pa din yun daming cum ilalabas nun ha ha ha! A-aray aray tang ina sheeet!" Sabi ko ng piningot ni Chazi ang utong ko sabay kagat hila sa tenga ko, at inambaan kong kakagatin ko s'ya, nagkatitigan kami and as always ended in a very wet and mahayok na kissing and nakisali as usual si Eindi. Inubos namin ang sweed at nagpatuloy sa hayok na laplapan.

"Ummmhh, I love you guys sooo much, I feel so pretty and sexy with you uhhh!" Ang pahalinghing na sabi ni Eindi as we were necking her habang naglalamasan kami ng boobs. Ipinasok n'ya mga hands n'ya sa panties namin and sabay kami ni Chaz sa pag gasp and kadyot nang pinasok ni Eindi fingers n'ya sa pumipintig naming loveholes.

Our hands also went sliding in Eindi's panties, si Chazi sa crotch ako sa likod, my fingers went sliding between her ass cheeks. Dahan dahang pumasok na magkasalubong ang aming middle fingers sa masikip na puki ni Eindi.

Napapikit at nagkanda tirik sa sarap si Eindi, nakakalibog talaga ang pag moan n'ya sabay sa amin ni Chazi, matindi na ang pag finger fuck n'ya sa amin, almost like clawing with her thumbs pressing on our pubis and clits, may konting sakit na napakasarap pa din.

Naudlot ang paglalandian namin nang may pumaradang suv, nakiramadam kami, hindi gumagalaw pero nakapasok pa din sa mga pulsing pussies ang mga fingers namin, parang nag jamming ang mga puso namin sa lakas ng mga kabog.

Mga six na nun, umuulan pa at it seemed hindi kami napansin ng mga lalaking lumabas ng vehicle kahit nakabukas ng mga 3 inches ang windows, sino ba magaakalang may kababalaghang nangyayari with three hot chicks inside a car? Napansin lang nila yung kakaibang amoy na chocolate na sabi nang isang lalaki siguro mahal na vape oil daw

Nadiinan naman ng siko ni Chazi ang window button kaya bumaba lalo ito at buti nalang yung batang lalaking kasama nila ang nakakita sa amin, hindi naman siguro napansin ng bata na labas mga boobs namin or kung anong kalaswaan ginagawa naman. Eindi and I blew him kisses habang tinataas namin ang window and we decided uwi na kami and this time Chazi is driving kasi gabi na and busy traffic na lalo na pag papalapit sa city proper.

Nanghanap ako ng pang tip kay somali pero 20 lang ang maliit na bill, sabi ni Chazi bigay ko na daw yung coins pati yung tens and 5s galit talaga sa barya ang bruha.

"Oy pukikay ok kalang makita tayo ni somali ng nakaganito lang?" Tanong ko kay Eindi na nakakandong sa'kin
Yeah let 'im!" Sabi ni Eindi at ibinukaka pa ang mga hita.

"Ah ganun so ok, pakita na din natin 'to uhmm!" Sabi ko at hinila paitaas shirt n'ya

"Aieeee, (giggling) No, ayokoo aieee!" Ang maharot na tili at giggle ni pukikay habang binababa shirt n'yaumiling iling naman si Chazi habang nagsisindi ng slimmy.

Tinulungan pa kami ni Somali makatawid sa main road, at sumenyas ako na pumunta sa passenger side. Binaba ko ang window at lumuwa lalo ang mga luwang mata ni manong somali na lumantad sa kanya ang mga hitsura namin lalo na si Chazi girl na casual na nakataas ang kaliwang hita sa seat, hindi nakababa ng maayos ang butas butas na shirt kaya kita ang underboobs at konting areolas, at kami ni Eindi na basa sa pawis ang shirts kaya humahalik sa mga katawan namin at aninag ang mga nipples.

"Ay, hi hi hi" Hindi napigilan bumungisngis ni Eindi, dahil NOT shitting you people, manong somali got a boner, as in umbok sa suot n'yang green na parang jogging pants at lumitaw pa ang galit na ulo. Iniabot ko ang tip at nagkandahulog ang mga coins dahil nanginginig yata sa libog si kuya.

"Uh kuya..." Sabi ko tinuturo yung ulo ng pututoy n'ya na galit na galit sa pagnanasa, at dali dali n'yang inayos ang pagkakasintas ng suot n'ya. Patango tango at nahihiyang nagpasalamat at magpaalam sa'min si somali. Pinaharurot ni Chazi ang tsikot at nagtilian at nagtawanan kami ng malakas.

"Mapapalaban ng jakol mamaya si koya somalian or baka magbuntis ang partner ha ha ha" Sabi ko iniaabot ang yosi mula kay Chazi

"Ate what's jakol?" Tanong ni pukikay

"Huh? Uh to jerk, jack-off, to masturbate, to fap, choke the chicken..."

"I reckon he isn't married luv, but I could be wrong" Sabi ni Chazi

"Yeah? How can you tell, uh never mind you're a fucking shrink" Sabi ko "Pero mukhang endowed si somalian, baka nga may lahing somalian or egoy, a palawandingo!" At napatawa ng malakas si Eindi. (Cuz she got the reference eh kayo?)

"You should've pulled down his trousers and give it a tug" Pilyang sabi ni Chazi.

"Yak, di pa naliligo yun malansa, eww" Sabi ko pero though I find the idea erotic, kinky even.

"Maybe I thought it was big because of his pants, pero laki ng ulo 'di ba no babygirl?" Sabi ko kay Eindi na haliparot ang paggiggle habang tumatango.

"I saw it too and I think it's big well not big big but you know what I mean" Sabi ni Chazi

"Ikaw ata ang dahilan kaya sumilip yung ulo eh ha ha ha, underboob and areolas, mapuputing long slender legs, kamukha pa nina ano ano" Sabi ko.

"His peepers weren't locked on to me, his eyes were going bat-shit crazy as he got an overdose of seethingly hot scenery" Sabi n'ya

"Ate 'di ba you said yung titi ng bo malaki ang head and baluktot na maitim, and a little bigger than your boyfriend's? baka sin laki nung sa bo?" Sabi ni Eindi.

"Yung kay bo mga around 6 inches, yeah siguro pero parang malaki ng kaunti yung kay Somalian.

"Want us to go back so you bitches can measure and give it a nice rub & tug or something else?" Biro ni Chazi.

"Sira, (giggling) siguro ikaw gusto mo magpa do sa kanya ano?" Sabi ko

"Ano kaya feeling being fucked by the kuya somali? ha ha ha" Sabat ni Eindi.

"Bakit gusto mo haaa? Babes turn the car around gusto magpa do ni pukikay kay manong somalian" Sabi ko

"Oh-kaaay" Patuksong sabi ni Chazi and biglang nag turn ang car like in action movies and humarurot pabalik.

"Aieeee (giggling) no, no, ayaw ko...!" Ang maharot na sigaw at tili ni pukikay with matching kicking ng legs Lumiko pabalik sa dating route ang car.

Tinanong na naman ni Eindi kung ano feeling ng kinakantot ng titi lalo na pag first time.

"Masakit sa una well, it depends how excited, hot and wet you are, ako di nag bleed with my first time, siguro my first cock had a well-lubricated condom on, and I was also hot and sopping wet, or maybe becuz my hymen had already broke prior to my first time." Sagot ko

"Ikaw din babe, you said di ka din nag-bleed?" Sabi ko kay Chazi while caressing her cheek and neck with my fingers.

"Oui ma cherie, though it was rough and well uhm, rapey" I said. (She was referring to her first adult cock)

"Rough and rapey huh, yet you didn't bleed huh?"

"Well I thought I did, but as it turns out, it was actually warm lovejuice oozing and dripping from my pussy" Sabi n'ya

Pagdating ng pension house dali dali kaming pumunta sa bahay kasi nga sa mga suot namin but naging kampante pagdating sa porch as hindi naman bukas ilaw. Nag yosi muna kami sa porch at tinawagan ni Eindi tita n'ya para ipaalam na nasa bahay na kami. Naunang pumasok sa banyo si Chazi, Eindi and I took a shower together, the we put on robes and panties

"Wait here luvs, I'm just going to get something" Sabi ni Chazi

"Wait, where the fuck you're goin' baby? Magdadrive ka?" Tanong ko as Eindi and I sat on the bed at nagpapatuyo ng buhok

"I'm just going to the kitchen"

"The kitchen? In your robe, seriously?" Sabi ko, nakasuot lang ng maiksing silk robe si Chazi, binuksan n'ya ito and revealed she was wearing maikling hot yoga shorts and off-shoulder crop top na butas butas pero she's wearing a black bra

"Ay bahala ka na nga" Sabi ko as I thought bibigay n'ya lang yung extra food sa staff sa kitchen, at mag re-heat ng binili namin since may dala s'yang eco bag.

"Ay ate (Chazi) pwede mag sweed?" Sabi ni Eindi ng palabas na ng door si Chazi

"Sure dahling " Sabi ni Chazi sabay kindat

"Oy pukikay dahan dahan sa holy water lagot kami sa tita mo 'pag umuwi ka ng lasheng!" Sabi ko

"This is just Hoegaarden Rosee,and it's my first bottle hellooo?! And nagtext na'ko kay tita dito ako matutulog"

Gininaw kami sa aircon so we decided sa porch nalang kami magpatuyo ng buhok at pero sabi ko hintay muna namin si Chazi bago magsindi ng sweed. Umuulan pa din ng malakas and masarap ang night wind, and masarap mag yosi habang umiinom kami na nakaupo sa bilugang garden chair na parang rattan na sofa, natatalmsikan kami pag nagiiba ng direction ang hangin, maya maya pa Chazi returned with a payong.

"Ay yay ate's back let's light it up" excited na sabi ni Eindi

"O ayan adik, kaw na mag sindi" Sabi ko inaabot ang lighter. May nilabas na portable mini food warmer si Chazi sa bag at sinaksak eto sa outlet at pinatong sa lamesita.

"Oy babe ano laman n'yan?" Tanong ko and pinigilan n'ya ako as I was about to open it

"Wait I'm going to get me a fizzy, you dahlings want one" Sabi n'ya

"No, I'm good, marami pa beer ko" Sabi ko pero si Eindi humingi ng Kirin, pumasok si Chazi at lumabas maya maya may hawak na mga bote ng beer, naka bukas ang robe, wala na bra at shorts, yung manipis at butas butas na off-shoulder crop at side lace black panties.

"What? It's night and raining, we're not kita in the porch yes?" Mataray n'yang sabi. umupo at pinahitit s'ya ni Eindi, uminom muna ng beer bago dahan dahan ibinuga ang usok.

"Alright, you sexy bitches ready?" Sabi n'ya habang binubuksan ang warmer

"Aieee, ano yaaaan!" Sabay namin sinabi ni Eindi, haliparot na tumitili,giggling with excitement seeing steaming hot penises, which are actually beef sausages that were cleverly made to look like dicks, and taena mukha talagang mga titi.

"Sheeet ang galing naman, meron pang semen coming out of the heads!" Eindi said giggling with excitement as melted white cheese were oozing out of the meaty phalluses .

"Taena para talagang titeh!" Sabi ko, chuckling looking so amused as I carefully hold a steaming titi sausage with my fingers with a napkin shield.

Eindi burst out laughing, spritzing beer from her mouth

"Oh bakit kung makatawa ka parang may kumakalikot sa puday mo?" Sabi ko wiping beer talsik sa legs ko.

"Kase of how you've said it, TI-TEEH!" mimicking me and she went on laughing.

"Eh para naman talagang TI-TEEHH, o!" she said shoving the thing onto Eindi's face.

"Aieeee!" Indy uttered giggling and flinching.

"Ano gusto mo, BURAT, POTOTOY?! hah?!" still threatening Indy with the tite-ehr the sausage.

"Ano ba yan, still sounds pangit, baho sa ears, I'd settle with TITEEH!" again mimicking my facial expression and went cackling like a witch.

"Ay baklang panot, tumulo na nga ang tamod, ayy-ay!" Sabi ko as hot cheese 'semen' went dripping on my thigh

"Taena sheeet, ang ineeet, potah!" giggling na sabi ko, putting back the sausage sa warmer and then wiping the cheese 'tamod' with my fingers.

"So pano mo nagawa to babes, uh how did you make these?" Tanong ko, eating the cheese off my fingers. "So eto yung binili kong angus beef franks and cheeses?"

"U-huh" I said.

"Taena pang dinner natin dapat to, hahaha! Gagawa sana ako sosyal na corndogs" Sabi ko

"Well I only cooked 3 and didn't use up all of the cheeses"

"so pano nga bru, how did you make them looking like dicks with jizz?" Tanong ko

"Well, I just made some cuts, then poked through using a barby stick, pushed slivers of cheese, then plugged the ends with carrot nibs, then microwave-steamed them. It's mejo mahirap nga, I had to work with what tools that were available, and these are a tad smaller than the ones we often grill, though by local standards these are already jumbos hahaha!" Sabi ni Chazi

"Ang galing, para talagang..."

"Ti-teeeh!" Eindy said nangaasar with facial expression then went cackling

"Heh!" Sabi ko chuckling "Tapos may ma nga kulu-kulubot pa, and parang may veins"

"So did anyone saw you make dicks (giggling) ? I mean may tao sa kitchen?" Tanong ko

"Yeah, manang was there, as well as other helpers, I just casually worked as they look on"

"Sooo did they see these after maluto?" Eindy asked.

"Uhm, maybe, as I've said I worked casually, not caring if they see. besides they're happy of the food I gave them and told me to extend to you their thanks"

"Fuck, taena ano kaya isipin nila if nakita nga nila hahaha!" I said laughing. "You said micrawave-steamed bakit glossy and parang may oil?"

"I brush them a bit with olive oil which we always do and they happen to have a Dona Elena extra virgin in the kitchen." Sabi ni Chazi.

"These are nostalgic hmmh?" I said grinning with a brow raised.

"Ay (giggling) ! Do these look like nung weiner ni bo?" Eindy asked.

"Oo medyo hahaha! Baluktot, veiny, pero mataba na tapering yung kay bo, also darker and mas malaki ulo, parang chicken leg hahaha! Sunog na, but yung ulo hilaw ahahaha!"

"(giggling) Ang weird sobra naman nang cock na yun!" Eindy said.

"Sana sinagad mo na bru and you added sagging testicles hahaha!" Sabi ko.

"Gaga! (chuckling) where would I - wala sila na pag magawa nang testicles" Sabi ni Chazi

"Rambutans! Hahaha, or bilog na eggplant, it would kulubot after steaming hahaha!" Sabi ko.

"Lukaret ka, hahaha! Well we usually garnish with roasted plump tomatoes, scotch eggs or croquettes and salad shreds to look like balls and pubes" Sabi ni Chaz.

"So, why did you make these, and s'an ang buns?" Sabi ko

"And some kraut, or kahit kimchi or atchara, and garlic mayo-mustard" Eindi added.

"Well, I've made these because someone here is really curious about how it feels getting fucked, I reckon these would simulate the experience as my other girls enjoy it too" Sabi ni Chazi

"Ahh hahahah kaya pala!" Lex said laughing looking at Eindi at Eindi looked puzzled.

"O ano babygirl wanna get fucked?" Tanong ko kay Eindi na nakangiting nakatulala

"Huh? Uhmm with t-these?" Ang nagaalangan but excited na sabi ni Eindi

"Yeah-uh? Kasi we don't have dildos and hindi ka pa ready for those, and these are smaller and also organic ha ha ha!" Sabi ko

"Ok, I want to do it, but would it hurt?" Tanong ni pukikay

"Ah ha ha parang first time makakantot, sabi ko nga depends on how and wet you are, you enjoyed our tongues and fingers, sabay pumapasok fingers namin ni ate (Chazi) mo ang super sikip ng fifi mo masakit ba?" Sabi ko

"Uhmm masakit na masarap, it's like I want to stop at first but then I want more of it." Sabi ni Eindi

"There you go!" Sabi ko

"Ok let's do it bitches!" Sabi ni Eindi

"Uhm wait" Sabi n'ya at nang patayo na kami para pumasok sa loob

"What if we do it here sa porch? So para mas sexy, mas kinky no? We're not kita here sabi ni ate (Chazi)"

"Well I reckon so, I'm in" Sabi ni Chazi bago humitit ng sweed.

"Aha ha ha, ayaw mo dun sa dati babygirl? Mas daring tayo dun, malapit sa kalye" Sabi ko

"Here nalang, walang cushions there" Sabi ni Eindi.

"Ok, so pag nakita tayo ni edong, ayos for real na ha ha ha!" Sabi ko

Sinimulan namin landi landiin si Eindi getting her hot wet, with torrid kissing and necking and fondling her all over. Pinakikiramdaman namin ni Chazi kung may paparating na tao. Hindi kami malapit sa kalye unlike sa garden but still the lights would be cutting through.

Unti unti naming hinubad ang mga suot namin, mga robe and then shirts, and then later we freed ourselves of our soaking wet panties. Kakaiba talaga feeling being naked outdoors especially with people you love, women who are as gorgeously hot ahi hi hi.

Ni rub namin ang mainit na sausage tite sa pussy ni Eindi, at pag lumamig ng kaunti we put it back sa warmer and get another. Kung anu anong scenario pina imagine namin kay Eindi habang nilalandi namin s'ya, with lovely boys, in the car and other daring places, and then naging hentai, like with monsters, demons, older men, pati si bo, somali, and edong ha ha ha.

Sarap na sarap si Eindi, nakabukaka ng todo habang may kumikiskis na hot sausage dildo sa namumula at pulsing na puki n'ya, nakakalibog panoorin ang pag galaw ng katawan, ng kanyang hips.

"Put it in, fuck me!" Ang humihikbing sabi ni Eindi, I parted her pussy lips habang dahan dahang ipinasok ni Chazi ang sausage and then binunot uli at pumipintig pintig ang kanyang lovehole which means it wants the "dick" Again Chazi pushes the sausage.

"Are we ok dahling?" Sabi ni Chazi at tumango na naluluha si Eindi, pulang pula ang cheeks, and she watched as the glossy hot sausage slowly disappear into her pussy. Napapaliyad sa sarap si Eindi habang pabilis ng pabilis ang pagpasok ng sausage sa masikip na puki n'ya. We also went loving her body with mouths like love nymphs, kissing, licking, her boobs and pussy, necking her .

When the sausage cooled much, binalik ito sa warmer and we got another steaming one.

"Let me do it babe" Sabi ko at gi-nuide ako ni Chazi na ipasok sa fifi ni Eindi ang sausage, pinanginig ko pa ito para kunyari it's throbbing, ngumiti si Chazi at naghalikan kami as we together push the "throbbing" sausage in Eindi's pulsing tight lovehole.

"You like it babygirl?" Bulong ko kay Eindi habang hinahalik halikan s'ya

"Yes ate (Lex) go deeper" Ang lumuluhang sagot n'ya, I pushed deeper and 5 inches na ng sausauge ang labas masok sa kanya pabilis ako ng pabilis, her lovejuice went dripping on the cushion.

"Uhhh ate uhhh ateeehh go deeper, fuck me harder uhhh..." Ang malakas na sabi ni Eindi moaning at lumuluha, nahumaling ako I shoved the sausage really deep and hard into her pussy and squeezed hot cheese sa kaloob looban n'ya, napaliyad at napahiyaw ng malakas si Eindi, ang lakas talaga buti nalang umuulan din ng malakas.

"......oh verdammt, oh mein, uhhhh fuck ang init!" She pantingly said, squeezing her thighs

"Uhmm sorry baby mmh" Sabi ko habang hinahalik halikan s'ya, hinawakan n'ya kamay ko na may hawak sa sausage.

"Don't stop ate (Lex), go deeper, fuck me harder!" Eindi begged, I did as she asked, I went deeper and harder, unti unti bumibilis while Chazi licks and sucks her pussy. Nang malapit na magcum si Eindi we each went french kissing necking with her, at habang kahalikan n'ya ko ibinaon ko ng todo ang sausage sa puki n'ya squeezing hot cheese inside her, nanginginig ang katawan ni Eindi as her pussy went gushing hard on my hand.

"You like it dahling?" Sabi ni Chazi, tumangong humihikbi si Eindi

"It feels so good, fuck ang saraaaap ohh gawd I love you guys so much" She said na walang tigil sa pag hagulgol with arms coiling around our necks. Hinugot ko from her pulsing pussy the sausage and it's drowning with her sweet smelling nectar may konti pa din cheese lumalabas sa butas ng titing sausage.

We all went licking and sucking the sausage as if it were a real hard cock then binalik namin sa warmer. And we went cuddling with her.

"Yan 'di ka na virgin, you just got your cherry popped with sausage dicks ha ha ha..." Biro ko "Parang na gang rape ka ng tatlong TI-TEEEH ha ha ha...!"

"Is that how a real cock feels like?" Tanong ni Eindi na nakatitig sa kawalan

"Well, uhmm" Sagot ni Chazi

"Well close but iba pa din ang..." Sabi ko

"Titeehh ah hi hi hi..." Sabat ni pukikay

"Oo, TI-TEEEH UHMMM!" Sabi ko pinanggigilan ang namamasang puki n'ya at haliparot s'yang nagtatawa squeezing her thighs.

"And ganun din ang spunk when it's shooting inside?" Follow up question ni pukikay.

"Mm uhh w-well, (wincing) ang cum paiba iba, sometimes runny, and thick it's hot but not melted cheese hot and sorry again for squeezing the cum too early sa fifi mo" Sabi ko

"No, it wasn't that burning, I'm just nagulat, I kinda like it tapos the second time it wasn't that hot, and it's thicker it felt fucking awesome hi hi hi!" sabi ni pukikay

Later kami naman ni Chazi, binaba namin ibang cushions sa sahig and we fucked each other with sausages while licking and sucking Eindi's namumulang pussy as she sits on the chair and smoking light sweed. As always cummed together pero after making Eindi cum again with our lips and tongues.

Later "pinulutan" namin our cum-soaked weiners, eating them with beer, chillax kaming hubo't hubad sa porch later pumasok na kami had a long hot shower together, todo linis ang kaloob looban ng mga fifi namin, we don't want to get "extra cheese" in our pussies yes? (wink wink)

Umuwi ako sa hometown ko via bus, sana via rental car so yun na din pabalik kasama pinsan ko with our gamit but it's gonna be a long drive from Puerto Princesa as in fucking hours, and hindi makakasama si Chazi and Eindi. Dala some damit and mga pasalubong hinatid nila ako sa terminal.

I mentioned I will be going back with my cousin kasi she would be staying with me, continuing with her schooling sa Manila. Tawagin nalang natin s'yang Nix, and she and I are very close. Yung parent ni Nix na kapatid ng (one of my parents) nakapag-asawa nang Euro-Chinese-Filipino from Cebu, so tisayin and artistahin couzin ko, parang ako, tseehhh! (Kayo na magisip if tita or tito ko parent ni Nix, who's either of my parent's sibling aahaha, kung sister or brother ba of either my mamu or pops).

Bakya s'ya mag tagalog, and me absoluto boba en binisaya/cebuano, so we mostly talk in English. Nakatulog ako sa bus and nagising when the bus arrived at its destination, and I got picked up from the terminal, kung ano hometown ko sa Palawan, hindi ko sasabihin BEEHHH!

"Ateeehh, Aieeeee!" She went screaming, as she came running towards me pagbaba ko ng van.

"(Nix), what the fu-uhh izz that you na?" Sabi ko, namamangha nang makita ko ang couzin ko. And she seemed to be running in slow motion, lalong gumanda ang pinakamamahal kong pinsan.

She jumped on to me, wrapping both her arms and legs around me as she always would, and we went whirling and laughing.

Ay shit ang bigat mo na tang-uh what the eff!" I exclaimed sapo ng mga kamay ko mabilog na puwet n'ya, I struggled not to cuss kasi older folks were present, super conservative ba.

"I've missed you!" Sabi ni Nix

"I've missed you too sweetie, so so much!" sabi ko as we kiss and rub noses as we always do, but she's no longer the little girl I knew, she was hugging so tight, and sobrang feel ko ang malusog n'yang boobs.

"Paksheeet anong ginawa mong bruha ka, ang super pretty mo na, ha?! I said making her do a model spin holding her hand, she then stopped with a hand on her waist looking haughty doing a pose, giggling.

"Ang tangkad mo na din, you had a frikking growth spurt, anong height mo na? before ang neneng-nene mo pa, now magsing height na ba tayo?" Almost mag sing height kami and I'm five foot six, before parang akong may kalay-kalay na cute na half-chinitang hobbit.

(hobbit talaga ano? - Nix)

Napaatras ang kikay at napa "ay!" nang bigla kong hawakan boobs n'ya

"And since when you got boobs?!" I said chuckling, habang pinipisil pisil ko.

Dinakma din ni pukikay ang boobs ko.

"Same time you got yours ateehh!" She said giggling shaking and squeezing them, medyo na-arouse ang lola n'yo.

(San ko ba heard that line, ah yes from the movie "Click" - C@zz and Eindi)

Sino ba kamukha nitong si Nix or at least kahawig, she's a typical Cebuana chinita pero meron halo european, ah younger ellen adarna na erich gonzales, na hindi pa masyado retoke, not exactly kamukha but ganun ang dating if you get my drift.

(Well kamukha ni Nix si angelababy ahihihihi - C@zz, Jesi, Eindi)
(Ehh? ayaw ko yun baduy, she's BOBA actress I'm fucking TIFA LOCKHART tsehhh! - Nix)

At barely (21 minus 5) years old maganda hubog ng katawan ni pukikay, like me bluhhh! Voluptuous ba, long slender legs, bilog na bilog ang puwet, lean tummy again like me, oh ano angal kayo? Pakshet kayo!

Maputi ang kikay, glassy skin kasi nakiki-kpop din, ako well, sabi nga ni kikay Chaz, mala Mediterranean ang complexion, mas sosi behh!

(pero mukha pa din Japanese pornstar, ahihihi - Nix, Eindi, C@zz, @lx, D&, J3si)
(well at least Rio at di maria ozawa, pangit ng fifi yakk, mega tsehh! - Lex)

Later that afternoon, I came out of the shower toweling my hair, wearing sando and panties and naghahanda naman si Nix para maligo, I saw her pamalit sa kama.

"Hoy, ano ka ba pukikay, nagsusuot ka pa din nito?" I said chuckling holding up a pair of korea style hello kitty cotton stretch panties.

"Pukikay (giggling)? why are you calling me that? It's so baho, and give me that!" She retorted sabay hablot sa panties n'ya.

"You're almost 16 and yet you still wear that kind of underwear?" I said leaning on my elbows on the bed.

"Bakit ba? They're very comfy, besides there are older, as in women in their twenties particularly in Korea, Japan and Taiwan who wears Hello Kitties."

"Yeah they're actually very cute, sweet and sexy even, I do have a couple of those too, but why won't you try wearing other types as well? Dalagang-dalaga ka na, jusko 'day, you're now a fucking hot, gorgeous young woman!"

"Ate bakit ikaw ganyan na mag talk-talk? So vulgar, nakanapagnibago ka"

"Nakakapanibago! hahaha! Hay naku, wait nga" I said and I went over to my stuff.

"O here o, wear this instead" I said holding out one of my best panties.

"You want me to wear your panties, ehh?" She said na nakatikwas ang bibig.

"O bah-keeet?! when you were younger, gustung gusto mo suotin underwear ko tapos ngayon eh..."

"Bras lang iyun" Pakiming sabi ni pukikay

"Anong bra lang, pati panties ko kaya na kahit nasa marumi na, you'd be running around with them on, hala take these na!"

"Eew, thongs?" Nix said dangling my panties.

"What do you mean eew?"

"I don't like wearing these, do you have anything else? Wala ba kaw na hindi thongs?"

"Eh, bahkeet ayaw mo nang thongs?"

"Ayaw kooo, nagasti-stick siya between the ass cheeks, and parang dili akong nagsuot nang panties!"

"Ay susme hahaha, ang gandaaa mooo!" I said pinching her cheeks, "And para ka kamo walang suot na panties with thongs? Uh, I think that's the frikkin' point of wearing them, hay naku para ka pala din babes ko!"

"B-babes mo?"

"I mean yung girlfrie-uh m-my bestie back in Puerto Princess, shit you're so like her, tisayin and super pretty din, and she also hates wearing thongs hahaha!"

"You have a girl - friend, in Puerto? huh, ok" Nix said na parang nagdududa ang mukha

"Yeah, you'd immediately like her, and pareho mo din magtagalog hahaha anyway lemme see..." I said as I was rummaging through my stuff.

"O here o, siguro naman you'd wear these" I said holding out a white, seamless, transparent bikini pair.

"I wear these?" sabi niya, looking a bit squeamish while getting the panties with her fingers.

"Ang arte mo, parang nandidiri ka pa kunin! Hoy pukikay malinis and fresh lagi fifi ko hah, and 'di pa yan gamit, --- masyado hahaha!"

"Will you frikking stop calling me pukikay? So sagwa! So bantot!" Pataray n'yang sinabi, naalala ko tuloy si Eindi.

"Ay sheeet para ka din si (Eindi's real name) hahaha!"

"And who's that?"

"My other pretty tisay girl friend, who I also met in Princesa, she's younger than you are, 14 and a quarter palang, sige you hit the shower na and malapit na yata tayo mag dinner"

"Another, g-girl friend, huh" She said and shrugged, and then went to the banyo.

After maligo, lumabas si pukikay, wearing an old rose camisole, not a midriff pero litaw pa din ang pusod if arms are raised up and laced shorts.

"What?" Nix said smiling, toweling her hair by the fan, as she noticed I was checking her out while leaning on my elbows on the bed.

"Nothing, I just can't believe how hot you've become, come here nga sexy babygirl!" I said reaching out to her. Ngumiti s'ya medyo nagblush at lumapit sa'kin.

"Are you wearin' the panties I gave you?" I said holding hands with her

"Yes I am, they're nice actually, I feel well uhm, sexy (giggling)"

"Talaga? hubarin mo nga shorts mo, I want to see them"

She unlaced her shorts and let them drop to her feet.

Lalo ako naginit, kumabog ang dibdib ko, looking at my hot cousin, her virgin cameltoe. I gave in to lustful feelings I tried to suppress earlier, tumindi ang libog na nararamdaman ko for my cousin, nalilibugan ako nang fucking sobra sa favorite pinsan ko, tang ina shit!

"Oh my, look at you girl!" I exclaimed caressing her smooth thighs, getting her to squeeze them together.

"You also shave ha? Nice!" I said, getting more hot and wet at the sight of her virgin, innie pussy through the panties, makes me want to ngudngod my face on her crotch, as in ingudngod ng matindi.

"Like yah? Isn't it part of female hygiene and well, grooming? Who doesn't trim or shave their vajays these days?" Sabi n'ya

"Dami pa din kayang girls who have bush, but you should allow it to grow for a time, is it kulot and do you grow much pubic hair?" I said.

"No, it's not kulot, and manipis and doesn't grow thick, it's like panot, or tutsang, but I prefer it smooth-shaved kasi I feel fresher"

"Ah, ok, just like mine, or rather parang kay (Eindi's real name), oh you should see my other babes' vaj, hindi s'ya talaga tinutubuan ng pubes, pati sa kilikili, hahaha!" I said.

"Nagkita mo puday-uhm ang vaj nila?" Patawa n'yang sinabi.

"Uh, yeaah???! Mga girls kami helloooo?" sabi ko

"Huh, hm-ok (shrugged). Ako dili din nagtutubo ng armpit hair pa."

Feel ko talaga i-squeeze or ipasok kamay sa panties and fondle her sexy puki so
pinatalikod ko siya pero napakagat labi naman ako sa ganda ng puwet, pinisil-pisil ko to.

"Shit, bagay na bagay sayo panties, you're so yummy!" I said, sobrang arouse na talaga.

"Really ate?" she said looking in the mirror.

"Fucking hell-yeah sweetie, umhhh!" I said lalong pinanggigilan ang puwet n'ya.

"Aieee, shit-ate (giggling) what the eff?" Nasabi niya when ibinaba ko panties n'ya, at lumantad ang makinis, maputi, at mabilog na puwet ng pinsan ko, namiss ko bigla sina Chaz and Eindi.

Di ko na napigilan sarili ko at kinagat ko puwet n'ya, napa 'ay' s'ya nang malakas.

"Ay, hihihi! ouch ate, stop it, aieee-ang sakit!" sabi n'ya, hawak panties n'ya at pilit tinutulak ulo ko.

"I fucking love your ass, bitch, mmmhh-mmh, your sickenly-sweet candy ass!" Sabi ko, patuloy sa pag kagat as pagsip-sip sa bum n'ya. She was able to break free, fixed her panties and then humarap sakin.

"When did you become such a potty mouth? It's so not you" She said giggling, while rubbing her ass.

"Well, I sort of became uhm, freer, recently, I had an epiphany hahaha!" Sabi ko.

"Shit, yawa ka ate ano nag gawa mo sa bum ko? That's gonna leave a mark!" sabi n'ya habang tinitignan at hinihimas ang ass n'ya.

"Yeah, I gave it a lot of hickies beehhh!" I said

"Ang bad mooo!" Sabi n'ya sa tonong nagtatampo.

"Sorry na baby hihihi!" Sabi ko habang hinihimas ang puwet n'ya. "Kasi naman you are one ravishing chick, fuck nakakalibog ka talagaaa-mmmhhh!" I said while pinanggigilan ko uli ang puwet n'ya.

"Hey ate! (giggling) baka mo mag burst mo puwet ko!"

"Ang ganda-ganda mo talagang kikay kaaa, manang mana ka sakin, uhmm-mmmhh!" Tinaas ko shirt n'ya at isinubsob ko mukha ko sa lean tummy niya and went blowing habang pinanggigilan ang bum n'ya.

"Ay, (giggling) stop, stop it ateehh! stop, that tickles!" She kept on saying habang pilit n'yang tinutulak ulo ko. I went clawing her ass as I keep on motorboating her tummy.

"Aiieee, shit, (giggling) a-teeh kaw-usa ka yawa ate!" Stop it!" Sigaw n'ya, napapa-tuwad nang iningudngod ko naman ang mukha ko sa crotch n'ya, nalibugan ako lalo sa lambot at bango nang virgin tambok fifi ng couzin ko.

"Wha-?! You like me doing this, lalo na nung nene ka pa" I said as I keep on motorboating her tummy and crotch.

Dinila-dilaan ko pusod n'ya at lalo s'yang nakiliti, napadiin ang hawak sa ulo ko.

"A-ateeh, s-stop, nag ti-tickle ako lalo (giggling), baka mag pee ako hihihi!"

Napapaihi siya talaga pag nakikiliti lalo na when she was younger but lalo ko inigihan ang pagdila sa pusod n'ya, napaungol s'ya, sa magkahalong kiliti at sarap. (say n'yo sa line ko pang fss ba?)

"Ummhh, shhhtt-a-ateee mmmhh (giggling softly)" she muttered as I get her thighs squeezing each other, gumaan ang paghawak sa ulo ko and medyo kina-caress ng mga daliri n'ya.

"Hoy, do you have a boyfriend na?" Tanong ko looking up to her, habang patuloy ang pagsundot ng dila ko sa pusod n'ya.

Napatalikod ang bruha looking embarassed, and even went blushing.

"Hey, don't turn your back on me m'pretty lil' biatch (chuckling), tinatanong kita!"

Hinila ko s'ya at napaupo sa lap ko, we're both nakaharap sa mirror ng dresser.

"Hoy, ano? Do you have a boyfy, back in Cebu?" I said looking at her in the mirror, lightly pinching her chin, she was smiling and blushing pero hindi tumitingin.

"Hoy (chuckling) !" I said sabay sundot sa side n'ya at napa flinch ang kikay.

"Mm-w-well, kind of" She said na halos pabulong.

"Hay nako, you may already be a lovely young woman pero baby ka pa din"

"Bakit ikaw ate, may boyfriend ikaw din ah."

"Ah, basta selos ako, you're still my babygirlll-mmmhh! Akin ka lang (chuckling) !" I said, squeezing and shaking her with my arms around her.

"So pano na kayo ng bifi mo sa Cebu, now that you would be continuing your studies in Manila?" sabi ko.

"Well, it's not that serious, naging crush ko s'ya and him likewise"

"Is he hot, or rather cute?"

"Well, guapo kaayo, choya, uh laysho ba, parang s'ya na kpop"

"Ay sus ginoo, kaya naman pala, el guapo kimchink pala si dodong hahaha" Sabi ko.

"Actually ate I'm more excited because I get to live with you in Manila." She said.

"Yeah, talaga?" I said idiniin ko cheek ko with hers.

"Tinuod, idol ko ikaw eh"

"Totoo? hmmmh, love mo 'ko no?" I said rubbing my nose on her cheek.

"Oo naaa!" She said blushing and giggling.

"I'm as equally happy and excited as you are babygirl, and I'm sure you'd like living there and madami din guapo hahahaha!"

"And I can now watch Kpop concerts, when I go out on dates, yay!" she said lightly clapping her hands.

"Oh fuck it, I take it back, akin ka muna, you're mine all mine mmmhhh!" I said squeezing her.

"Shit look at you babe, tsk!" I said as we look at ourselves in the mirror "You're already cute then, but now, aye dios mio, you've really blossomed to a lovely young woman.

"Yeah, I know, (chuckling) you've told me that for like about, a dozen frikking times?" Sabi n'ya

"Ikaw very pretty din Ate, idol ko nga ikaw di ba?" she said caressing my cheek

"Fuck yeah! we're both super hot!" I said making teasing faces.

"Tinuod, fuck yeah!" She said at napahawak s'ya sa bibig 'di s'ya sanay mag cuss and we went giggling.

"You're so yummy, just as hot as my babies back in Puerto" Sabi ko, talagang mega arouse na ako, nagliliyab sa libog sa cousin ko, pressing myself on her warm back, sarap na sarap sa feeling nang bilog n'yang p'wet.

"Them again?" She said na patampo and broke free of my arms and akmang tatayo.

I held her down and locked her in my arms.

"Hey, hey sweetie, are we jealous, hmmh? hahaha nagseselos ka?" I said as I gently pull her earlobe with my lips, and then with my teeth, "My gawd you're jealous, of them? hahaha! Yeah I do love them very much, but you're well uhm, my blood, so up a notch hihihi!"

"Super love moko ate?"

"Ay tang ina tinuod!" sagot ko, "I so want to make love to you" sabi ko nang pabulong na may panggigigil,sobrang nagiinit na talaga ako for my yummy cousin, tumatayo balahibo ko sa excitement, and I'm starting to sweat kahit nakabukas aircon.

"Wha...(chuckling)? What did you just say to me ate?" Tanong n'ya nakakunot noo

Hindi ko na napigilan ang sarili ko, I began planting tender kisses, slowly going up and down her slender and supple neck, I got her giggling, flinching and screaming timidly, na may kasamang pag-ungol.

"Aieee ate hihihi, mmmhh..." She kept uttering, as I continue loving her supple flesh with my mouth, napapapikit ang maganda kong pinsan sa sarap, hindi pa s'ya nakaranas nang ginagawa ko, she also began sweating, and getting goosebumps.

Binaba ko ang camisole strap to her side as my mouth went for her shoulder. I went on, with my hands sliding back and forth, caressing her sides and thighs.

"A-ateeh?" She murmured na halos nakapikit, as she gets more introduced to pleasures she hasn't had before, sensations unknown to her flesh.

"Hmmh?" I murmured, patuloy ko pa din hinahalik-halikan, going back and forth her neck and shoulders.

"Am I really as hot and pretty as your friends in Puerto?" She said looking in the mirror.

"Yes, sweetie, ang gaganda n'yo sobra, super nakakalibog kayo, paksheeet mmmhh!" I said, my head resting on her right shoulder, todong nanggigigil, pinipisil-pisil thighs n'ya.

"Ay hihihi, ano ba yan, filthy mouth!" She said, lightly slapping ang bibig ko.

Looking in the mirror, dahan-dahan kong itinaas ang camisole n'ya,revealing a pink front-strap bra, ang ganda ng cleavage, pati boobs n'ya very glassy din, I wanted to see more.

"Take off your bra sweetie" I whispered lovingly to her ear, "I want to see your boobs"
She unhooked the midstrap ng bra niya and dahan-dahang ni-reveal ang kanyang boobs, lalong naglalawa puki ko with anticipation.

"Wow, very nice" I achingly murmured, napapakagat labi ako sa ganda ng boobs, ang sarap i-suck! pinkish brown din ang nipples n'ya. Lalong lumagablab ang pagkalibog ko sa sarili kong pinsan kahit na may mga imahen ng santo nino de Cebu na katabi ng dresser.

My hands slowly went sliding to her boobs, at sabay kaming napa-moan nang mahawakan ko mga to, and shit they feel so nice and firm, like those of my other lovely babies.

(right on! fuck yeah! - C@zz, Eindi, Alx, Klo, Jesi, Ellie, Jojo, D&...)

"May nakahawak na ba nito hmm?" tanong ko, while lovingly fondling her.

"Ehh? Wala pa no?!"

"Ows, really?"

"Wala pa ngaaa (giggling)!"

"E, eto?" I said habang slowly padulas na bumaba kamay ko, papunta sa fifi n'ya.

"Ay! Aieee, ateee hihihi, aieee...!" She utters, giggling and screaming timidly, bringing her thighs together, squeezing my hand on her crotch.

"O ano, may nakahawak na nito? May nakahawak na ng puday mo hmmmh?" I said pinipisil-pisil ang tambok niya, medyo moist na din ang panties n'ya, 'di ko pa alam if it's sweat or lovejuice. Sakin sobrang basa na talaga, I'm so fucking hot and wet for my cousin, I'm burning to ravish her really bad.

"Silly girl, wala pa gyud maghawak sa akong mga boobs, how much more sa..."

"Pussy? wala pa talaga nakahawak sa pussy tambok mo, hmmh?!" sabi ko habang pina-fondle ang puki niya.

"OO! Pussy (giggling) ! Wala pa nagha-hawak ng pussy ko!"

"Sooo, I'm the first?" Sabi ko slding my hand in her panties

"Mmmh, y-yes a-ateeh" Medyo pahikbi n'yang sinabi.

Napasarap ang pag lamas at paglaro ko sa mga boobs at sa bilat n'ya, napaungol s'ya at napahawak sa thighs ko at lalo nitong inipit ang kamay ko. I pulled my hand from her crotch and pasimple inamoy ito and I smelled sweet lovejuice from my hand, napangisi ako.

"Oh, you have such lovely boobs, sweetie" I said, patuloy na nilalaro ng mga kamay ko boobs n'ya.

"R-really ate?" sabi niya na paungol.

"Yes babe, so nice and firm, ang sarap hawakan"

I want to suck her boobs so bad, so I went sucking her earlobe again, as I lightly twist and pull her nipples.

"Ahh shit, ateehh" she uttered as her nipples really became fucking stiff, nang napalakas ang pag pinch and pull ko sa mga yun.

She got embarassed, she removed my hands from her tities, and fixed her camisole. She became even more flushing, and giggling with both hands to her mouth.

"Hoy, pukikay ok ka lang (chuckling), hey what the fuck?"

"Nothing, and stop calling me pukikay!" she said di pa din matigil sa pag giggle.

Pinaharap ko siya, with her straddling me, very stiff pa din nipples niya, bakat na bakat sa camisole.

Nilaro-laro ko mga thighs and puwet n'ya with my fingers, nasasarapan na may halong kiliti, getting her to flinch and bring her thighs together.

"You want to see my boobs babe?" sabi ko, hinahaplos ang thighs n'ya, as I want her to see how stiff my nipples were as well.

"Uhm, ok" She said sounding excited.

"lift up my shirt then" I said.

My heart went pounding as she slowly lifts my shirt up, wala akong suot na bra kaya lantad kaagad boobs ko. Lalo nag stiff ang nipples ko sa lamig ng aircon, dahil din sa excitement at libog ko.

"You have lovely boobs too ate,kaayo, nga sobra sexy!" sabi n'ya

"Yeah?" I said smiling

"You want to touch them?" sabi ko

"Uh, o-ok (giggling)!" Dahan dahan at medyo shaking na inilapat n'ya mga hands n'ya.

Napa moan ako at the delicious feel of her warm, soft and supple hands. Same exquisite feeling with Chaz and Eindi.

"Do you like them s-sweetie?" Tanong ko nang pabulong.

"Yes, ate, they're very nice and firm too, may naghawak na ba sa boobs mo?" pabiro n'yang sinabi.

"Ay bruha ka, malamang (chuckling) !" I said "Merong bf, hellooo?"

"What a lucky bastard (giggling) sexy ng boobs ni ate ko, hahaha!"

"Hell yeah?!" I said

"So, uhm m- may nag-suckle na din?" Pakimi n'yang tinanong.

"Ay susme, nahawakan na nga eh diba? So malamang nasupsop na din, shonga!" Patawa kong sinabi and we went laughing and giggling.

Patuloy n'yang nilalaro boobs ko, feeding the fire between my thighs, na kumakalat sa buong katawan ko.

"Uhmmh, that feels so nice, sweetie!" I said chuckling, as she is mimicking kung papaano ko nilaro ang suso n'ya, but twisting and pulling my nipples with all fingers.

"Ay! (giggling) nag-stiffy din!" sabi n'ya, habang nilalaro ng thumbs n'ya nipples ko.

"Galing mo eh, sarap mo mag fondle ng boobs!" I said chuckling hinihimas ko thighs n'ya

"Talaga ate? Masarap ba ako mag-fa-fondle ng boobs?" she said giggling


"Better than your boyfriend? Hihihi..."

"Well, uhmmh, well siempre iba ka"

"Paano na iba, how different?" Tanong n'ya

"Kakaiba ang sarap ng mga kamay mo inday, so fucking exquisite! mmmhh!" I said pinching her thighs.

"My touch is fu-cking exquisite?" She said her eyes gleaming with delight.

"Yes, sweetie, napa-stiff mo ng matindi nipples ko no?!"

"Yeah, I'm so fucking good-ummmhh-mmmhh!" Sabi n'ya, kagat-labing pinanggigilan ang boobs ko, then twisting and pulling my nipples.

"Ohhh, fuuuckk, putang ina ka (Nix), sheeet ang saraapp!" I said swooning and we went laughing.

"Ako babe..." I said lovingly habang pinapadulas ko mga palad ko papunta sa boobs n'ya at napapakadyot s'ya.

"Masarap din mag-fondle ng boobs si ate?" Sabi ko habang hinahaplos ang boobs n'ya under her shirt.

"Y-yess hihihi!"

"Talagaa? Hmmmh?" Sabi ko lalo kong tinindihan ang paglamas.

"Oo sabi eh, mmmhhh!" She said lalong pinanggigilan ang mga boobs ko.

"Tinuod? Hmmmh?!" Sabi ko, kagat labing twisting and pulling her nipples.

Napa 'ay' at giggle s'ya, bringing her thighs together, dahil nag stiff uli nang matindi nipples n'ya, I also felt a warm spurt sa crotch n'ya.

Tinanggal n'ya mga kamay ko from her boobs, parang gininaw and wouldn't stop giggling, her arms squeezing her boobs, bakat na bakat ang nipples sa camisole.

Binaba n'ya shirt ko, and we went squeezing hands.

"Hey babe uhmm, remember when we watched our first porn?"

"Ah yah, hahaha!" She said laughing

"How old were you then, about 12 or 13 'di ba?" I said

"Yeah, oo, I-I was 12 going 13, it was like 3 summers ago!" She said.

"Yeah, it was my 2nd summer vacay from college"

"True, and we're the only ones in the house.Nag search tayo ng pornsites. Shit, it was so shocking pero sobra ga-exciting gyud!"

"It was also my first time to see porn as in x-rated, pero kikay ka ang lakas mo tumili hahaha!" sabi ko.

"Ano ba ka ate, siempre it was my first time magkakita ng uhh..."

"Ng OTEN?!" I said chuckling.

"Yah! ng otin, daghang dagko nga otiiinzzz hahahah!" Halos pasigaw n'yang sinabi.

"Ako din naman ah, it was my first time seeing, well, big dicks too, pero ikaw mas malakas tumili!"

"Of course, ano ba kaw? I'm much younger than you are, and it was very shocking and..."

"Exciting?" sabi ko

"Yah, it was fucking exciting hihihi!" sabi n'ya. "Tapos nagnood tayo nang maraming girl to girl, and then we saw some hentais, I was really shocked to learn that there are adult animes!"

"It was fun yeah?" I said

"Yeah it was"

"Were you aroused?"

"W-well uhmm..."


"Maybe uhmm.." She said making a cute face, gesturing 'just a little bit" with her thumb and forefinger.

"Oh, really? Huh." I said in a condescending tone na nakataas ang kilay.

"Well, i-yeah, it got me curious about sex" sagot n'ya "I do find girl to girl, girls and 1 guy threesome, and hentai fascinating, and less yucky, hihihi!"

"I would, uhm mag watch ng porn sometimes, me ug akong mga amigas, but when alone more on lesbian and hentai, or ano ba yun? ah pov, but not lagi and ayaw ko iyun na marami guys and one girl, yuck!" she said.

"Pero..." She continues, "P-pero bakit pag hentai nagwa-watch ko, it's ok, kahit pag may marami nag-rape sa girl, like little devils or monsters, maybe because hentai may story, and para akong nag-watch lang ng anime, pero with lots of and often gratuitous nudity and sex.

"Ah, hahaha! So how do you feel when you watch those?" I said caressing her behind the ears.

"Well, uhm uh aroused? (giggling sheepishly) well it depends, and more on hentais kasi love ko mag watch ng animes.

"So, have you touched yourself?" Tanong ko.

"Well, uhmm mag, uhm I would rub myself on pillows."

"Naked?" I asked

"N-nohohoho-no no, I'm wearing lingerie pajamas or shirt and panties, sometimes while I'm on my side, often with a sausage pillow, or on top" sabi n'ya, and I got sexy images of my cousin doing it.

"Hahaha ako, before I had experienced sex, I would watch porn, like you more on hentai, or g2g and straight, girl pov, and I would be humping or rubbing myself on a my big fluffy teddy bear or any plush animal, NAKED, hahaha!" I said.

"Aieeee, sheeet, o-mgee,ateehh that is so fucking kinky! ay ooops hihihi" She said with both hands on her mouth.

"But you have roommates, sooo...?"

"Siempre, pag walang tao shonga! Ano ka ba (chuckling)? Whenever I'm alone sa condo, kahit ba puro girls housemates ko, nakakahiya pa din 'no?"

"You should try it sometime babe hahaha!" I said "So, nag try ka na mag finger? Have you fingered yourself?"

"I did, uhmm one time, but didn't go deep with my fingers, nag scared ako baka mag bleed ako" she said.

"Hay naku, you know when I tried fingering myself for the first time?" I said "I did it in the shower after we had watched a fucking lot of porn that day ahahaha!"

"Aieee omgee ate kaya pala you're so tagal, and both bathrooms were occupied, and nawi-weewee nako hahaha!"

"Oo, hahaha, you were really banging on the bathroom door, tapos I did it again later that night, I did it na parang I'm doing a cowgirl while feeling my boobs, and you kept tossing and turning kasi I can't help not shaking the bed hahaha!"

"Aieee hahaha, sooo ate hinde ikaw nag bleed the first time you fingered yourself?"

"Hindi naman, n-no..."I said shaking my head. "Or perhaps because the shower was running, but no wala talaga, maybe my hymen already broke sa kaka-bike natin hahaha"

"Sooo, have you had an orgasm?" Sabi ko, making circles on her hand with my thumbs.

"Huh? uhmm..."

"Nag cum ka ba, like when you hump pillows?" Sabi ko holding her chin.

"W-well uh-actually I haven't yet, I always fall asleep, because I only do it at night, and not very often" She said.

"Huh." I murmured caressing her cheek, she held my hand and kissed the palm.

Lalo nagapoy ang pagnanasa ko to make hot, very wet love to my sweet young cousin, introduce her to pleasures unknown to her, I so want her young body experience exquisite sensations.

"Hoy ate! Houston calling ate?! Hello anyone there?" She said at bigla akong parang naalimpungatan, may tinatanong pala s'ya

"I was asking you, and yet you seem to be somewhere else , para kaw nag trance or hexed hihihih!"

"Ah sorry sweetie, may naalala lang ako anyhoo, what were you asking?" sabi ko

"I said, if you had cummed when you fingered yourself the first time?" She said

"Ay, malamang! Gagawin ko ba uli later that night if I hadn't? Hahahaha...!" I said.

"Aieeee hihihi! and, and when you hump a plushy, like a big furry bear?"

"Well often, may kasamang fingering, like when there's tentacles in the hentai I'm watching" I said with a wink.

"Ah, hahahah! So, ate tell me about your pretty amigas back in Puerto, yung girl-friend na nagsasabi mo na she doesn't grow pubes? Sooo what does it look like?" Tanong ni kikay pinipisil-pisil kamay ko.

"Normal skin, para lang boobs, or tummies natin, pero pati kili kili n'ya ang kinis, as in parang regular silky skin hahaha!"

"Really? Well I hope I don't need to shave my armpits too, vajay nalang hahaha!" She said.

"Hahaha I know right? Sana ako din para I don't have to pay lots for laser treatments!" I said.

"You also mentioned she is tisay, so like half and half? One of her parent's a foreigner?"

"Well she's born and raised in the UK, her father is British, and yung mom n'ya Fil-Am, we are of the same age. Pareho kayo, super pretty, smart, mataray, sosi hahaha pero bakya mag tagalog hahaha, pero di s'ya kpop fan (chuckling) you really ought to meet her!" sabi ko

(Filipinas pareho mums nina Chazz and Eindi, mga beauties din, NOT the type na parang galing sa tribo ni lapu-lapu, mga exotic beauty ba, like what we often see with westerners ahihihih)

"Hmm how intriguing, so what's her name, this pretty English friend of yours?"

"She's ate ...(Sis. Chazzi's real name withheld behh!) and say mo, 2 artista kamukha n'ya yung isa hindi masyado sikat hahahah"

"Ah, and your other pretty friend, who's younger than I am?"

"Her name's ... (Eindi's real name withheld, beehh! again) Austrian-fifinay, hay naku you pretty bitches also have a lot in common, and super kpop fan din like you, so that's maybe why I instantly became so close with them, I found kinship and I love them so much, kasi sobra love na love kita uhmmm!" I said pinching her cheeks and rubbing nose with her as she went giggling.

She coiled her arms around my neck, our foreheads touching.

"I really love being with you ate, and I'm so excited I get to spend more time with you"

"Oh sweet baby" I said swooning and nagkatitigan kami.

"I love you" I murmured and she mouthed 'I love you much' with matching cutesy face.

We went smacking and giggling and then I went pulling her lower lip gently with my teeth.

"So, you haven't been touched, but have you kissed a guy na?" I asked.

"Well, beso beso palang" She said giggling

"Tinuod?" I said na nakataas ang kilay.

"Yeah, fucking tinuod gyud! Would I lie to my pretty ate?"

"Puede kay ate muna lips mo ha?" I said.

"Ok, sige (giggling), pero wag mo na akong magtatawag ng pukikay"

Dinakma ko ang bilat ni pukikay at pinanggigilan 'to, napakadyot siya at napa 'ay' nang malakas.

"E pukikay ka naman talaga eh hmm? You're my pretty little pukikay, mine, mine, mine, mmmh-mmmhh!" sabi ko, sarap na sarap sa paglamas sa puki nang pinsan ko.

"Mmmhh-a-ateehh s-stopp uhngg-mmmhh..." Nix kept saying, napapaungol at kagat-labi, her sexy hips bobbing slightly, napakapit s'ya nang mahigpit sa shoulders ko.

Again I felt a hot spurt from her pussy, ipapasok ko na sana kamay ko sa loob ng panties n'ya nang biglang kumidlat at kumulog nang bonggang bongga and she flinched, and napakapit s'ya sa'kin, and nagpigil ako, o-m-frikkingee what the fuck's happening to me, I can't fucking believe I'm committing fucking incest with my favorite cousin?!

"So ano gusto mo itatawag sa'yo?" I said caressing her behind her ears, " What do you want ate to call you? You're not the only one I call pukikay si (Eindi) din but she doesn't reklamo."

"She can be your pukikay but not me, ayaw ko!" She said na patampo, frowning, she again coiled her arms around my neck. "I like it when you call me babygirl, sweetie, or babes."

"Oh geez, I also call her those, hahaha!" I said "Ok, pero kay ate muna ang (smooch) ang lips mo." I smacked and then I went suck-pulling her lips nang matindi.

"Ay, ate hihihi!" pabulol n'yang nasabi as I'm still sucking her lower lip. She went giggling and moaning as I plant tender kisses all over her pretty face. "Your nose (smooch), all of you, kay ate ka muna mmmh.."

"I'm all yours ate (giggling), body and soul!" Pa erotic n'yang sinabi

Naginit ako lalo sa sinabi n'ya, a different kind of butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling.
In my mind I said; 'Ah fuck it! Incest na kung incest, I want to fucking do this!'

"So babygirl, do you want to learn pano mag-kiss?" I said making circles on her supple cheeks with my fingers.

"Yeah? How(giggling)? Magtuturo mo kaw ako? ahahaha!"

"Uh, yeah?!" I said.

"Fuck, seriously? You make turo sakin mag kiss? Hahaha, I do it with you? Eeew?"

"O bahkeeet?! Hitad ka, eew ka d'yan, we've been smooching for as long as I can remember!"

"Yah?! pero it's like sisterly kissing lang, but the other kind of kissing is for, uh you know?" Sabi n'yang pakimi, nahihiya.

"Sooo? You're gonna be doing it with ate, hello? Gusto mo pa ibang tao?" I said and then I make sundot her sides at napakadyot s'ya.

"So let's do it, what do you say, uhm babygirl?" I said caressing her cheeks with my fingers.
My heart beating with anticipation, I so fucking want to make out with my lovely cousin.

"Oh, fuck it, sige na nga!" She said sounding excited "Sooo, what do I do?"

"I'ts just like a dance babe, just, fo-llow-my-lead" I murmured lovingly habang dahan dahan ko idinampi ang mga labi ko with hers, slowly bringing our lips together.

We began with smooching, cupping her face, then lips sucking and then bigla n'ya iniwas ang bibig n'ya at itinulak n'ya ako nang bahagya,

"Ay, (giggling) sheeet!" She then exlaimed,

"O, what's wrong sweetie?"

"W-well uhm (giggling) is tongue action really necessary?" sabi n'ya with a hand on her mouth and parang may kumikiliti sa puday n'ya kung makagiggle.

"Ay malamang?! (chuckling) Come on sweetie let's try it again shall we?" I said

"Oh, ok ate" sabi n'ya nang pabulong.

Again we began with smooching, padampi-dampi, then lips sucking, until nadadala na si Nix.

"Open your mouth babe" I murmured lovingly.

She opened her mouth and lets me tongue her, napakapit s'ya sa shoulders ko nang maglapat ang mga dila namin. Hinihimas himas n'ya shoulders ko at napapaungol as I go fucking her mouth with my tongue and hungrily sucking hers. Putang ina ang sarap halikan nang pinsan ko! Her mouth so sweet and warm, I'm getting images of Chazi and Eindi.

Unti-unting natututo si Nix, malakas na ang mga ungol namin, panting, as our tongues made love with each other. I then let go of her mouth kasi I was running out of breath.

"Sooo, how was it?" I said as laway went stringing from our lips.

"Uhmm..." She uttered giggling while wiping our lips lightly with her fingers.
"It was, uhmm..."

"Ano, haaa?" I said chuckling

"It was, wet (giggling)..."

"Ano? did you like it?" I said lightly pinching her chin, "Well?"

She nodded lightly, parang nahihiya, her eyes gleaming, you can say it's sparkling with delight. She was flushing, as in blushing pink ang cheeks, namumula pati neck and shoulders.

"It's very sweet, and hot, and damn it ate why am I so feverish? Parang akong na may butterflies sa stomach"

"Talaga? Ahahaha. Well you have amazing lips babe!" I said, lovingly pinch-shaking her by her chin.

"Really Ate?" sabi n'ya na nangingilid ang mga mata.

"Sooo, you wanna do it again babycakes?" I said

"Ok (giggling)!"

This time si Nix na ang dahang dahang naglapat ng mga labi namin and mas naging super torrid ng kissing namin. Marunong na din s'yang mag suck ng tongue.

Dahang-dahan dumulas pababa ang mga kamay ko, towards her bum. Hinihimas himas and then nilalamas to nang matindi, pushing her to me. Humigpit ang yapos n'ya sakin, nagpipigaan nang todo mga boobs namin, feeling each other's intense heartbeat.

Ipinasok ko sa panties n'ya ang mga kamay ko at lalong pinanggigilan ang mabilog at masutlang puwet n'ya, her hips began swaying and rocking, our crotches were pressing and rubbing hard, lalong pinaglalawa ang mga puki namin.

I went teasing her with my mouth, kissing and licking, exploring her face, nakikipaghabulan sa labi n'ya, her face went grimacing, aching with passion.

"Ateee??!!" she said giggling na may halong pagkairita. Hinahawakan ang mukha ko at inilapat mga labi namin.

Napagiggle ako, very delighted she's hungry for my mouth, hayok na hayok sa paghahalikan namin, as if her life depended on it. Pinasok ko ang mga kamay ko sa camisole n'ya at nilamas lamas ang suso n'ya, napapaungol s'ya nang malakas.

Lalo mas naging super torrid ang kissing namin, ayaw bumitiw, hungry for each other's mouths, mas malakas na ang mga ungol at halinghing, pinagpapawisan, langong-lango sa isa't isa, walang pakialam kahit may mga imahen ng santo nino de Cebu na malapit at nakaharap samin, or kung may makarinig or baka may biglang bumukas nang pintuan at mahuli kami.

Naalala ko si Chaz and Eindi, ganitong ganito ang feeling ko whenever I made love with them, especially the first time, the thrill, the intense passion, blazing, seething ecstasy, the euphoria, shit, mas maiinit at masarap pa kesa nung unang nakaranas ako nang pagkantot nang lalaki, it's like I get a frikkin' reset button for my virginity everytime ahihihihi!

(Iba pa din ang...TITEEEH! as per ate Lex ahahahah - Eindi)

I let go of her mouth and nakipaghabulan muli sa mga labi n'ya. I then went necking her, exploring every inch of her slender, supple neck.

"Ohhh, ate, ano nag-gagawa mo? Unnh ateeehh, ateeeeehh..!" She kept saying na may halong halinghing, fuck ang sexy pakinggan! Lalo akong nagapoy sa kalibugan. Nanginig ang buong katawan n'ya. I went even more hungrily sucking and licking her tender flesh, lalo akong nasarapan sa paglaplap sa kanya.

I twist and pull her nipples, lalong pina-stiff ang mga to, at napahiyaw s'ya at napayapos nang mahigpit,mas lumakas ang pag sway nang sexy n'yang hips. lalo n'ya idinidiin ang crotch n'ya with mine,

Dumulas pababa ang right hand ko at pinasok sa panties n'ya, at putang ina! Basang basa ang malambot at makinis na tambok ng pinsan ko, nalulunod sa mainit n'yang lovejuice.

I lovingly fondled it, and then my fingers went crazy, loving every inch of her untouched mound, rubbing hard between the lips, making her clit as stiff as her nipples. Habang patuloy kong nilalaplap every inch of her sexy neck and shoulders and fondling her boobs.

Her head went tossing and turning to seething sensual pleasures she hasn't experienced before, nagkakandatirik ang mga mata, nangininig at kumikisay ang murang katawan.

"Uhhhh a-tee, s-shhit, a-teeeh, mmmhhh my-gd a-teeehhh...!" Paulit ulit n'yang sinasabi, gasping, panting, her sexy hips, grinding and rocking. Again hinawakan n'ya ulo ko at inilapat ang mga labi namin, sabik na sabik, hayok na hayok ang paghahalikan, nagkakandatirik ang mga mata ng pinsan ko sa kaluwalhatian (wow deep)

Gusto ko ipasok nang todo fingers ko in her tight, pulsing, virgin lovehole kaso baka di pa s'ya ready, pinapasok ko lang nang konti, but still sarap na sarap si Nix, patuloy na umaagos ang mainit na katas mula sa tumitibok-tibok n'yang hiyas.

We're so overwhelmed by blazing hot passions na kahit biglang kumidlat at kumulog nang napakalakas, the lights went flickering, hindi ininda ni Nix, and she's very afraid of kulog and kidlat.

"Ohh, gd, ateeeh, uhhnh, shit, shittt ohhh ateehh, shiittt...ohh mygd-mygddd!" She gaspingly keep saying, humihikbi at tumutulo ang luha, her body having convulsions.

Patuloy ang pag agos ng luha ni Nix, sabay sa pag agos, sa paglabas nang maiinit na katas nang birhen n'yang pussy.

Dahan-dahan ko s'yang inihiga sa kama, as I keep on loving her neck and face with my mouth, and nasa loob pa din ng panties n'ya kamay ko, pleasuring her hot, wet and pulsing pussy, binuka n'ya lalo mga hita n'ya and patuloy pa din sa pagindak ang kanyang sexy hips.

"Ohh I love you Nix, mmmh..." pabulong ko sinabi, as I continue loving her.

"I love you too a-ateehh, I love you so much uhhhh" Umuungol at humihikbi n'yang sinabi.

Kumulog na naman nang malakas, and strong winds blew open the window, pero di parin nabulabog ang baby cousin ko. Napansin ko na nakaharap na imahen nang sto. nino sa'min, yung pinakamalaki na kahoy, as if it's making sunod, parang pinanonood kami, siguro dahil sa malakas na hangin.

Still, I went on making hot, forbidden love with my cousin, pleasuring her young unsoiled body. Her body went convulsing even more, I stopped kasi baka himatayin na ang couzin ko.

I pulled my hand from her panties and sheeet! Basang basa ang kamay ko, dripping wet of her sweet-smelling hot lovejuice, I sucked and licked my fingers, again nakatikim ako nang katas nang virgin, ng 16 anos ahihihi.

Nakapikit na humihikbi pa din si Nix, her body still spasmic, her body writhing, squirming, in sexual agony, feeling herself all over, her hips swaying provocatively. Para s'yang napo-possess, if so, then it would've been the spirit of a goddess of love, ang ganda ganda kasi n'yang tignan.

"Ateehh..." She uttered whimpering and moaning, aching with desire, she then grabbed my shirt.

"Ateeehh love me... love m-meee p-please!" She said, sobbing and aching with desire, as she slowly pulls me to her.

"Oh my sweet babygirl" I murmured and locked lips with her. Engulfed in a blazing sexual maelstrom, both hungry for each other, both lost in sublime euphoria. Lango na talaga ako sa libog hinubad ko mga panites namin,

"Uhhh (Nixx) ohhh" Ang nasabi nang maglapat ang mga hubad na pussies namin, raw flesh with raw flesh, ang sarap ng pakiramdam ng mainit at basa n'yang pussy I'm getting random images of Chaz and Eindi, giving me sexual nostalgia and I'm fucking loving it.

Kinadyot-kadyot ko s'ya nang madiin, umuungol ng malakas sa bawat bayo, pabilis nang pabilis hanggang maglawa nang todo ang mga fifi namin. Lalo n'yang ibinukaka ang mga hita n'ya, sumasabay ang pag sway at rock ng hips n'ya with mine, at naliligo na kami sa pawis kahit malamig ang malakas na hangin na pumapasok at nakabukas pa ang aircon.

Hinubad ko shirt ko and I roughly pull her camisole exposing her boobs, which were really flushing, the nipples very stiff. Dinakma ko ang mga 'to at napahawak si N!x sa sa mga kamay ko habang nilalamas ko boobs n'ya.

I let go of her bosoms, and watched her fondle them herself, looking at me achingly. Bumagal ang pagkadyot ko, but still pushing my pussy hard on hers habang nilamas lamas ang mga suso ko.

"Uhhh Nix, shittt uhhh...ang sarap mo Nix!" Paungol kong sinasabi while she went twisting and pulling my stiffy nipples, bumilis uli ang pagkadyot ko sa kanya.

We're so wet that malakas na ang wet, squishing sounds from our fucking pussies. I went necking her again, more intense than ever. Raw flesh against raw flesh, our boobs went fondling each other. Muling kumidlat at kumulog nang malakas and then the lights went out.

We continue to make love, with light coming from our gadgets and this fancy little nightlamp that turns on via sensor.

Then parang naramdaman ko na bumukas ang pinto, pero sige parin kami, dahil malapit na kami pareho mag cum kaya I went 'fucking' her even harder and faster, malakas ang mga ungol at halinghing, it's like having sleep paralyis, an intense erotic sleep paralyis we can't or don't want to wake up from.

Her hands went sliding to my bum and went pushing and clawing.

"Ohhh ate, ate love me, uhhhngh love meeee!" paulit ulit n'yang sinasabi nang humihikbi, umaagos ang luha, ang sexing panoorin as her head went tossing and turning langong lango sa matinding kalibugan ang maganda kong pinsan. I was about to suck her boobs pero hinawakan n'ya ulo ako and locked lips with me, very hot and torrid, parang mas tumindi ang pananabik as we throat-suck each other's tongues, dahil she's about to cum.

Harder and faster I went with my 'fucking' her hanggang she lets go of my mouth and madinig ko one of the sexiest orgasmic yell one would ever hear, like Eindi's with her first orgasm with us but even louder.

"uhh, uhhh, uuuh-aaa Aaa-teeehhhh!!!" Ang nakakapantindig balahibo at sobrang nakakalibog na malakas na sigaw ni Nix nang sabay kami labasan, and cum hard we did. Ako naman parang mamamatay, umuungol nang malakas, gasping as I get flashes of my lovemaking with Chaz and Eindi.

We locked lips, kissing torridly habang patuloy pag agos nang aming maiinit na lovejuice, sige pa din ako sa madiin na pagkadyot sa kanya.

"Uhmmh, I love you babygirl, ohh Nix I love you" I murmured, as we go gasping and panting.

"I love you a-atee, uhhh I love you, soo much!" humikbing sinabi n'ya as I plant soft kisses all over her face, patuloy pa din ako sa pag kadyot, albeit pabagal, still squeezing juice from our pulsing flowers.

Biglang tinawag ang mga pangalan namin, and then there was knocking at our door tinatanong kung anong nangyayari, and we both came to.

"Ay, shucks, atee?!" Nagulat n'yang sinabi at dali dali n'yang tinakpan ang sarili n'ya.

"What's wrong babygirl? Oh fuck!" I exclaimed when I saw na we're not alone in the room, yung grandson ng friend ni mama, is there standing sa side ng bed looking at us. Dali dali naming inayos ang shirts namin. Iniisip ko was it the sto nino or was it actually the boy that I saw kanina at sobrang lango lang sa matinding libog ako.

"Gosh ate, fuck nakita tayo n'ya?" Nix said clinging to my arm.

"Oh shit, not again!" pabulong kong sinabi.

"Not again? What do you mean?" tanong n'ya

"(chuckling shaking my head) N-nothing, well uhm I'll tell you about it later" Sabi ko, and then the lights went back on, Nix grabbed the sheets at tinaklubong samin.

Biglang bumukas ang pinto and in came yung katulong (or kasambahay if you're into political correctness-sjw hypocrisy crap) namin kasunod si mama, napahuddle si Nix sakin, our legs went folding at I grabbed a pillow for cover, baka may kasama pang lalaki at wala kami pareho suot na panties.

Tinanong kami bakit what's with the yelling akala nila kung ano na nangyari and why kami naliligo sa pawis, and kung umiiyak ba si Nix kasi basa ang mukha at maga mga mata and flushing, and why daw hinayaang nakabukas bintana or why hindi nalang pinatay ang AC.

We told them we're like having a pillow fight, and nagkikilitian and yada yada. I asked kung pinasundo ba nila kami sa bata, and they said baka pumasok lang.

"Sus ginoo, kala namin kung ano na nangyari" They said.

Buti may door closer yung pinto sa kwarto, kung wala ay potah, bilad na bilad ang kalaswaang ginawa namin hahaha.

We were told dinner is ready and they left kasama yung bata (who I don't even need to give a false name, just refer to him as 'pangit na baby').

"Gosh ate, how long do you think (the kid) was there watching us?" Nagaalalang tinanong ni Nix.

"Well I dunno, well don't worry babe, as if he would understand wala pa atang 3 years yun" I said. Biglang nawalan nanaman nang kuryente, which is a frequent thing in our place kahit walang thunderstorm.

Basang basa mga damit namin as in soaking sa pawis. We changed into fresh clothes in semi darkness. Nix changed into a loose-fit one piece dress and sinuot muli yung hello kitties n'ya at iniwan sa bed yung blouse and wet panties n'ya. Ako naman into a long t-shirt na below crotch and didn't bother putting on a bra.

"Hey ate let's eat na" nagmamadaling sinabi ni Nix hinihila kamay ko. Kinuha ko yung basang panties n'ya at inamoy amoy ito, breathing in deeply, lalo kong namiss yung mga babies ko sa Puerto.

(Wooshoo! - Eindi)

"Ateehh??!" Sabi n'ya giggling at kinuha panties n'ya at inihagis sa kama. I smiled devilishly and pulled her to me.

"Come here, sexy!" Sabi ko.

"Ay (giggling)!" She uttered nang biglang hilahin ko s'ya, and I locked lips with her, She puts her arms around my neck and umuungol s'yang gumanti ng halik. Nagiinit, lumalagablab, hayok na hayok kaming naghalikan, she went rubbing her thigh with mine.

Nahumaling kami masyado at napadpad kami sa mesa ng mga imaheng sto nino. Napaupo si Nix, ayaw kumawala ng mga bibig namin,

"Unghh-aa-ateeh (shuddering breath) they're waiting..." Pabulong n'yang sinabi habang nakikipaghabulan sa labi ko, I went necking her and napahigpit and kapit sa'kin, moaning habang ibinubuka n'ya mga hita n'ya, dahan dahan kong itinaas ang dress n'ya at hinubad panties namin. My hips went rocking, pressing our pussies together very hard.

Mabagal pero madiin ang pagkadyot ko, nayuyugyog ang mesa, nawala sa ayos ang mga imahen ng sto nino. Dahan dahang dumulas pababa ang mga kamay ni Nix, at nilamas lamas ng puwet ko, her legs then went locking around me, pushing my bum.

"Umhh, uhhh, Ahhh-teeehh uhhmmh (giggling)!" Sabi ni Nix, napapapikit, at kagat labi, nasasarapang nakikiliti as I go necking her.

Naputol ang kalaswaan namin nang tawagin ang mga pangalan namin. We looked at ech other giggling, she then pulled me to her and we had last hard kiss and smooching, nag ayos ng sarili at dali daling lumabas ng kuwarto.

We went to the dining and saw lahat nakaupo na at kami nalang iniintay, since wala kuryentey, there were candles and an emergency lamp kasama ng mga food sa mesa.

Nasita ako dahil sa suot ko na mahabang shirt but told ermatz I'm wearing itim na shorts and hindi naman maliwanag, but actually nakapantilet lang ako. Also sitting on the other table were our titas, one of whom accompanied Nix from Cebu, married couple na neighbors, another close friend of mama's who is the kid's lola, and an uncle, si erpatz nasa shop pa and delayed because of the outage.

"Sooo, ate you think he, (gesturing with her lip to the boy) went talkie talkie?" Pabulong ni Nix.

"And what would he tell?" I said with a wink.

We were shushed kasi grace is being said.

We were sitting opposite each other, at another table, separate dun sa mga thunders, katabi ni Nix yung kid na kumakain nalang nang desert.

Habang kumakain kami, I played footsie with her. Even in little light gandang ganda ko sa pinsan ko, she made taunting, cutesy faces at me, padila dila while chewing, and then blew me a kiss. Muli akong nalibugan sa kanya.

Looking at her teasingly dahan dahang umakyat sa hita n'ya paa ko, nanginig ang kikay at tumayo ang balahibo sa hita, and she did the same to me. Pero my foot went even farther, up to her thighs.

"Ateeh??!" giggling and pabulong n'ya sinabi sabay mahinang sipa sa binti ko, gesturing that there are people present.

I taunted her na kagat-labi, as my toes went crawling in her inner thighs, inipit n'ya paa ko, but I keep pushing.

"Ay!" he uttered loudly giggling, squeezing her thighs, nang idiniin ko toes ko sa fifi n'ya.

"Ate?! What the fuck?!" she mouthed giggling, ako kagat labing taunting her, walang nakakapansin so patuloy na nilalaro nang toes ko ang bilat n'ya.

Sige pa din ako sa kalaswaan, I'm daring becuz di maliwanag at busy ang mga thunders sa paguusap habang kumakain, nagtatawanan. The thrill, brought back memories of when I first met Chazi dun sa restobar, when we made seething hot love for the first time in that steamy, dark corner kahit maraming tao.

"Ang bad mo, ate yawa gyud ka!" Medyo pabulong n'ya sinabi pero nasita pa din ng tita, I taunted her sticking my tongue out. Hindi kami makakain nang maayos at parehong pinagpapawisan.

Lalo akong pinahangas ng kalibugan, my toes went like wriggling fat worms na dahan dahang pumasok sa namamasang panties n'ya.

"Uhnggh!" She uttered groaning, nabitawan n'ya kubyertos, nang idiniin ko lalo toes ko, nilalamutak nang todo ang puday n'ya, going like small amorous tentacles in hentais.

Napuna kami and she said nasamid lang s'ya and uminom s'ya ng water while fanning herself with her hand. Hindi s'ya makainom nang maayos kasi patuloy ko pa din nilalandi puki n'ya with my toes, lalo s'yang pinagpawisan nang todo.

"Sarap mo kaw mag cook kasi tita eh" She said chuckling.

(Si mematz nagluto nang morcon, which is Nix's fave, she does it without the atay, and a bit european roulade ang dating, but that's not why 'nasamid' s'ya yes?)

"Talaga? masarap ta-la-ga? Ma-sa-rap ba, hmmm, hhmmmhh!?" Sabi ko nang pakutya, habang umiinom s'ya sa glass, sabay sa pag landi nang toes ko sa puki n'ya, her drink kept spilling, she reached down at kinurot paa ko.

Lalo ko idiniin ang paglapirot sa fifi n'ya, napa ungol s'ya at napakapit sa paa ko habang nilalapag ang baso.

"Ate??!Yawa ka, stop it!" She mouthed pinipisil ang paa ko. Kinurot n'ya binti ko with her toes. Lalo akong napipilya because I'm making her wet and libog with my toes, and the fucking thrill of doing it with other people present, mga conservativo pa.

"Ateeeh?!" pabulong n'yang sinabi, at pinag-ipit na naman thighs n'ya, I went on taunting and teasing her, sexily playing with the food on the fork with my mouth, habang patuloy ang paglapirot, ang paglandi ng mga toes ko sa fifi n'ya.

"Hentai, babygirl" Pabulong kong sinabi with a wink and then teasingly blew her a kiss. Nakatulala s'ya at hinayaang ibuka ng paa ko thighs n'ya.

She's no longer resisting as my toes went caressing her inner thighs and crotch, at ang paglalandi sa fifi n'ya.

Dahang dahang pumasok muli ang toes ko sa panties, and napapikit s'ya at bahagyang umungol, bringing her thighs together and then unti unting bumuka uli.

Lalong namasa ang fifi n'ya, nag-stiff ang clit, pumipintig ang laman sa paglalapirot nang mga toes ko.

"Hentai, babygirl" Sinabi ko ulit nang pabulong with a wink and teasingly blew her a kiss.

"H-hentai, a-ateeh...uhhh" Pahalinghing n'yang sinabi na napapapikit.

Maya maya her hips went swaying and rocking as I get her hello kitties sopping wet, at napapapikit at kagat labing napapaungol s'ya sa sarap.

Hinipan ko ang kandila na nasa mesa namin, and then dahan dahan hinila ng paa ko ang basang basa n'yang panties.

"A-atee, nooo...!" pabulong n'yang sinabi habang nakipaghilahan s'ya ng panties n'ya, nabitawan n'ya dahil napaghina s'ya nang kalibugan at may marining kaming parang napunit.

Tinanong kami kung hindi ba kami nadidiliman at our table, sabay kaming nagsabing "Hindi, po!" pero mas malakas ang pagkakasabi ni Nix hahaha.

Hinila ko hanggang tuhod panties n'ya, with my other foot, tinulungan ko makawala sa panties n'ya her leg and left the other panties hanging on the other, o parang hentai di ba?

Pinagpatuloy ko ang paglalalandi, ang paglalapirot ng mga toes ko sa pagkababae n'ya, ibinuka n'ya lalo mga thighs n'ya, napapapakit at kagat labing umuungol, with hips rocking and swaying.

I went bending forward at pinasok ko mga kamay ko sa loob nang shirt ko at nilamas lamas ang mga boobs ko.

Kahit pareho kaming nagaapoy sa kalibugan, tsine-check pa din namin kung napapansin or nakakahalata ang mga thunders. Although may indoor plant sa tabi ko, na medyo nagscreen sakin ang mga dahon, dahil yung table namin isn't part of the main dining table pero meron ding table cloth. Nagaalala pa din ako na baka biglang bumalik ang kuryentey.

Umaagos ang lovejuice mula sa fifi ni Nix at hindi ko na natiis at dahan dahang kong pinasok ang bigtoe ko sa masikip at pumipintig na birheng puki ng pinsan ko.

Kagat-labing napaungol s'ya, at napakapit sa paa ko, tinigil ko muna, at para s'yang nahihirapan sa paghinga. Mahahaba ang mga daliri ko sa paa, at hindi naman mataba big toes ko, but still siempre, ingat because my pretty couzin is a virgin and first time ko pleasuring or rather toe-fucking a girl.

"Baby?" Pabulong ko tinanong, bending forward.

Hinimas himas n'ya paa ko, wincing and lightly nodding with a weak smile. Tinuloy ko pagpasok ng big toe ko sa masikip at pumipintig pintig na lovehole n'ya, habang nilalamas ko suso ko, napapaungol s'ya nang papigil, napapapikit, nang diin na diing nakapasok ang buong hinlalaki ko sa lovehole n'ya

"Ohhh, ffff-ckkk, sht-shhhtttt...!" she keep mouthing, wincing with kagat labi, habang pinapaikot ko ang toe ko sa loob nang masikip, mainit, naglalawa, at pumipintig na birheng puki ng maganda kong pinsan, lalo 'tong nag throb, sinasakal ang toe ko. Hinihimas himas n'ya paa ko, madiing minamasahe nang pahila papunta sa kanya.

Labas masok ang bigtoe ko na sinasakal nang fifi n'ya, parang ayaw pakawalan ang toe ko, with her hips rocking forward, and my other toes todo lapirot din. Pinasok ko kamay ko sa basa ko ding panties at nag
two-finger fucking ako.

Patuloy pa din n'yang minamasahe paa ko, na may panggigigil. Sumandal ako, tumingin tingin kung mapapansin ako, malaki at medyo malago ang mga dahon ng katabi kong houseplant. Anthuriums became one of my favorite houseplants after that, hahaha.

Hindi ako mapapansin dahil madilim at may houseplant except for one, yung pangit na baby. Bakit naman kasi sa table namin pinaupo eh dami pang vacante dun sa table ng mga matatanda.

Pinatong ko ang isa ko pang paa sa upuan ni Nix. Ibinuka n'ya lalo ang mga hita n'ya habang sabay na nilalandi, nilalapirot ng mga paa ko ang inner thighs at ang fifi n'ya.

"Ahh, fuck it!" Pabulong kong sinabi at itinaas ko ang shirt ko, exposing my boobs kahit na makikita nang bata.

Kagat-kagat ko shirt ko, looking provocatively at Nix, habang naglalamas ng mga boobs at nagfi-finger ako.

"A-ate, I love you.." She mouthed with an aching look on her face, she then blew me a kiss.
Ipinasok ko isang paa ko loob ng shirt n'ya, inilapit n'ya sarila n'ya bending forward, her head leaning on an elbow para di halata.

Napapapikit at kagat labing napapaungol sa sarap si Nix, habang nilalapirot at nilalamas ng mga toes ko ang boobs and fifi n'ya, pinipingot ang nag-stiff n'yang nipples at clit.

"Uhhhssshhtttt!" Pahikbi n'yang sinabi, habang dahan dahang pinasok ko ang big and second toes ko in her tight and pulsing lovehole, napadiin ang hawak n'ya sa paa ko, pinipisil pisil nang pahila, habang lalong pinapasok ko ang toes ko.

Her hips went swaying and rocking, habang kinakantot ng toes ko ang fifi n'ya, umagos ang maiinit na katas, at yung isang paa ko walang tigil sa pag lamas nang boobs n'ya, pinipingot mga nipples, ako din patuloy sa paglamas sa mga boobs ko at pag finger sa sarili ko.

Kahit malakas ang mga boses ng mga tao, nadidinig pa din ang wet sounds that were coming from our pussies.

Faster and harder my toes and fingers went in fucking our pussies pero gusto ko sabay kami labasan.

Pareho na kaming lango, hindi nagaalala na baka biklang bumalik ang ilaw, but pilit pa din wag mahalata.Wala pa ding kamalay malay ang matatanda na nagkukuwentuhan at nagtatawanan habang kumakain.

"A-ateeeh.." Pabulong n'yang sinabi, nakatingin sakin, wincing, pigil na pigil ang pagungol, at tumutulo ang luha at laway. Her hips went grinding faster, her hand clawing very hard on my foot.

"Baby?" Sabi ko, at tumungo s'ya, malapit na din s'yang mag cum, nanginginig, her body having convulsions, and she was struggling to control them.

She bit a finger, grunting at ako naman matindi na ang pag hila at pagkagat sa shirt ko pigil na pigil din ang pagungol.

Dumulas ang elbow ni Nix at para s'yang masusubsob sa plato n'ya, her thighs went squeezing my foot hard, nang bumuhos ang maiinit na katas mula sa mga fifi namin, putang ina gusto namin pareho sumigaw nang malakas!

Basang basa ang paa ko, drowning in Nix's hot, sweet nectar. Ang grabe nang pagkakapit n'ya sa paa ko buti nalang hindi mahahaba ang mga kuko n'ya. Si Nix, nakapikit na tumutulo ang laway at luha, gasping and panting.

Tumayo ang mga tao sa kabilang lamesa at dali dali kong binaba shirt ko. Si Nix inayos din sarili n'ya at nagpahid ng luha at bibig, nakapasok pa din sa pussy n'ya toes ko.

Sinabi kong kami nalang magliligpit at maghuhugas nang pinagkainan, at sinabi yun ni mama sa aming help at maglabas nalang ng cafe, tea at yung dala kong pastries sa veranda, at dumerecho silang lahat sa labas, pero naiwan yung kid sa mesa.

Nakatungo pa din si Nix, kagat kagat pa din ang daliri, lumakas ang pagungol at paghikbi nang mawala na ang mga utaw. Humihina ang pag kadyot ng katawan, but ipit ipit pa din ng thighs n'ya ang paa ko, at hinihimas himas ng toes ko ang pumipintig na fifi n'ya.

I carefully pulled my toes from her pussy, warm juice still oozing from it, tumayo sa Nix, nanghihina ang mga tuhod at kumakapit sa mesa at upuan as she goes over to me, nakasabit pa din ang panties n'ya on her left knee. Di pa nakababa nang maayos shirt ko kaya kita pa din ang basang basa kong panties.

"Aaa-teehh...!" Pahikbi n'yang sinabi at kumandong s'ya sa'kin, straddling me, hinawakan ang mukha ko at pinaglapat mga bibig namin, and we kissed torridly, tinaas ko dress n'ya at hinihimas himas ang basang basa sa pawis n'yang puwet.

Matagal ang kissing namin, nagaapoy, hayok na hayok, nagkikiskisan ang mga crotches, walang pakialam kahit nakikita kami nang bata, or baka biglang mahuli kami.

"Mmhh ateeeh, I love you so much" Pabulong n'yang sinabi, tumutulo ang luha habang nakayakap nang mahigpit sakin.

"I love you too sweetie" I said back and she went giggling habang hinahalik-halikan ko mukha n'ya.

"Ok ba na si ate ang first kiss mo?" Pabulong ko sinabi habang magkadikit ang mga noo namin, hinihimas himas pa din ang puwet n'ya.

"Oo, naman" Sabi n'ya habang nilalaro laro ang mga labi ko.

"Not only my first kiss" Sabi n'ya at tumingin s'ya sa'kin nang pailalim

"Hmmm..?" sabi ko na nakataas ang kilay.

"Ang sarap pala mag cum ano?!" She said like a silly little girl, at kagat labi s'yang nag giggle.

"Are you happy I'm your first?" Sabi ko

"Super, mega happy! Pu-tang-inaahh, fuuuckkk! Aang sa-rap talaga mag cum!" Sagot n'ya and we went giggling.

"Super love mo si ate?"

"Ay, super, mega, ultra, PU-TANG-I-NA, PAK-SHET!" sabi n'ya at kagat labing pinanggigilan pisngi ko, then we went sucking lips.

"Lez ba kaw 'te?" Pakimi at pabulong na tanong n'ya

"Huh, wha...?" I said na natatawa.

"Are you a, uhmm l-lesbian ate?" Nahihiya n'yang tinanong.

"Well, uhmm..."

"Eh di ba you have a boyfriend sa, Manila?"

"Yes, I still do, kami pa din ni (bf's name) and girl na girl pa din ako 'day hahaha! Kikay na kikay pa din si ate (giggling) !"

"Pero bakit, uhmmh..."

"Let's just say I'm enjoying my womanhood now more than e-vah! Bakit di mo ba like yung ginawa natin, di ka enjoy?"

"I did, (giggling) I like it so fucking much, ang super sarap kaya! Enjoy akong bonggang bongga!" sabi n'ya, pinapahid luha n'ya.

"super hot and sexy ba?"

"Grabe ka sexy, kayata nimo ate! Kayata sobra kaka-boang ba, ay! "(giggling covering her mouth)

Yeah, talaga?

Oo usa ka yawa ate, Kini exciting, labi grabe kayata exciting! Kini mao ang grabe nga euphoria!"Usa ka grabe ug labi ka kaanindot nga euphoria!" Sabi n'ya pinching my cheeks.

"Ay, tang ena pakshet, ehnglesh plehsss!" I said, doing a southern accent, chuckling

"I said, It was so fucking exciting, a very intense and exquisite euphoria" She said, eyes gleaming with delight.

"Sooo, ate, sooo uhmm are you bi?"

"Uhmm maybe pansexual (chuckling)" Sabi ko

"Well whatever, pero grabe, sobra kayata,nag-gawa mo sa'kon 'te!"

"You said 'I'm yours ate, body and soul' those were your words." Sabi ko "Sooo, what if nga lesbian si ate, love mo pa din?"

"And indeed I am, b-itch! Lesbian, bisexual I don't care (giggling)" She said teasingly, "I am all yours, (smooching) body-and-soul!"

At tila nawala sa sarili at dahan dahang hinubad n'ya damit n'ya, kahit na may nakatinging bata, her body swaying provocatively, getting my heart pounding at tumambad sa'kin ang hubo't hubad n'yang katawan, beads of glistening sweat went rolling down.

"Ohh, sweetie, you're so beautiful, so fucking ravishing!" Sabi ko, parang muling nagiinit, pinipisil-pisil hips n'ya.

She dropped her dress sa floor and dahan dahan n'yang pinadulas ang mga kamay n'ya, umuungol, paakyat sa katawan n'ya, at malanding gumiling giling holding her hair up, hibang na hibang si kikay at nakalimutan na yata na may ibang tao sa bahay or baka biglang bumalik ang kuryentey.

My hands went sliding up to her boobs, at pinipisil pisil ang mga to, stiff pa din nipples ni kikay.

"Ang ganda ganda mo talagang bruha kaaaa, uhmmmhh...nakakatibooo mmmhhh!" Nanggigigil kong sinabi, squeezing and shaking her boobs.

Itinaas din n'ya shirt ko, at nilamas nilamas boobs ko.

"You too ate, ang super ganda moooo, Kayata nimo,Yawa kaaa mmmhhh...!" Nanggigigil din n'yang sinabi, pinipingot pingot ang nipples ko.

"Oy, inday baka ma-rape uli kita hahaha"

"Ay potah sige, gooo (giggling)! Mag-rape rape mo kaw ako again and again nang bonggang bongga!"

She stooped down and pinaglapat muli ang mga labi namin, and we had another round of hot, wet, french kissing, mas matagal, mas madiin ang pagkikiskisan ng maiinit at pawis na pawis na mga katawan namin.

"You really like what we did babe?" Pabulong ko sinabi as we suck lips.

"I like it so fucking much, ate" She murmured back, and then another long, hard and deep kissing, and then she went necking me, trying her best to mimic the way I did her, and well she's a fast learner.

She went on necking me while squeezing my bosoms, na lalong nagpapainit sa'kin.

"Sooo, uhhngg, h-how's your ungghh, uhmmh pussy, does it hurt?" Sabi ko, she stopped and looked down at her vaj.

"Dili naman s'ya nag sobra hurt, it didn't hurt that much, it still hurt but it's like pleasurable kind of hurt and when nagpapasok toes mo masakit na masarap then slowly naging mas masarap," "But uhm, you think I bled?"

"Only way to find out sweetie" Sabi ko waving my phone.

She sat on the table at ibinuka legs n'ya. Tiningnan namin vaj n'ya with the aid of my phone's light. Her crotch is still flushing, her lovely innie pussy lips medyo swelling pink but there's no trace of blood on it and on her thighs.

"So, you really like what we did kanina huh?" I said

"Well like I said it's fucking exciting, first sa bedroom, then here, pero it's hard kasi were with people, pero I fucking love the thrill!" Sabi n'ya nakalimutan yatang hubo't hubad s'ya.

"Even with him watching?" I said gesturing to the kid looking at us from the other side of our table.

"Huh?! w-who?" She said with a worried tone, and she turned to see whom I'm gesturing to.

"Ay, shit!" She exclaimed, and then remembered she's naked had her arms squeezing over her boobs and went huddling to me.

"Shit naman ate, (giggling) why you naman hindi nagsabi kaw sa'kin" She said in a panicky, hushed tone, diin na diin ang katawan sa'kin. "Ah fuck! Where's my dress?"

"It's on the floor girl" I said, "Relax, ano ka ba, madilim, and he doesn't understand what he saw, yet (chuckling) besides nakalimutan ko din when you pounced on me and we went kissing"

"So nakita n'ya puwet mo, he's the first guy to see your yummy butt, mmhhh" sabi ko at pinanggigilan ang puwet n'ya. "Ako nga nakita n'ya habang nilalandi ko boobs ko hahaha...!"

"Don't you think it's rather uhm taboo and kinky?" I said, and then made pacute face.

"You're so bad ate, yawa ka talaga!"

"Yawa ako, ha hmmhh..!" Sabi ko, pinching her ass.

"Mmhm (nodding) Fucking yawa ka!" Pabulong n'yang sinabi habang nilalapit ang mukha n'ya. She became relaxed and uncovered herself.

"Yawa ka sobra mmhh..." She murmured as we go sucking lips.

"But you know you love me" I said

"Do I know that (giggling)?" Sabi n'ya

(heh! Zootopia reference - D&, C@zz, Eindi)

She sat up and pulled me to her and locked lips with me, mas maungol na french kissing.

"And what do you think?" Sabi n'ya and made cutey faces

"Hmm I'm not yet sure (lip smacking) isa pa" I said and we went giggling at we had another long wet kissing.

"Mmhh ate, ateehhh...!" Paungol n'yang sinasabi as I was necking her, nilalamas ang mga suso n'ya, nagaapoy na naman kami sa kalibugan nang bigla namin narinig na tinawag ang pangalan ko nang help namin.

"Oh, shit!" She exclaimed and dali dali s'yang bumitiw sakin and went crouching on the floor. Tumayo ako at nagmamadaling binaba ang shirt ko as the help was appoaching.

She came to fetch the kid and tinanong kung kami na magliligpit at maghuhugas or s'ya na lang at susunod na lang s'ya sa lamay na pupuntahan ng mga thunders.

Nagulat s'ya nang lumitaw si Nix from behind me na suot na ang damit pero nakasabit pa din panties sa may bandang tuhod.

"Sweetie, your panties" Pabulong ko sinabi sabay nguso sa panties n'ya, nang makalingat ang help.

"Ay, shit!" at bahagyang nagtago s'ya sa'kin, hindi n'ya sinuot panties, humawak sa braso ko at tinanggal to.

I told the help na kami na ni Nix at sumabay na kina mama sa sasakyan para di na s'ya mag trike.

"Ah ate, let's sleep outside like we always do every summer!" Sabi ni Nix, tugging my arm. Everytime Nix and her family would visit every summer though not every year.

"Yeah, babe, let's. It's been awhile since we did that" I said since walang kuryentey at mainit sa loob, and typical provincia, lamays are an all-nighter, makakayosi and booze ako hehehe.

Pinuntahan namin sina ermatz sa veranda para sabihin na matutulog kami sa patio since maiinit, and as expected sabi ng mga thunders baka mabasa or lamigin yada yada,

Si Nix hindi mapakali ang bruha, na hila ng hila nang dress n'ya pababa habang while intensely holding her panties. Natanong tuloy s'ya kung ano hawak n'ya and she said it's tissue lang.

I told them di naman kami nababasa ng ulan dun kahit kelan, and then sabi baka lamukin kami so we should burn some dried lanzones peels, or mag katol and I said ever since di naman malamok dun.

Litsi! I hate the smell of katol !

We would always play 'camping out' dun sa my garden patio every summer ever since maliit pa si Nix, mag-roast ng marshmallows and or hotdogs, sometimes with other neighborhood kids or other cousins, but most often kami lang dalawa.

Pinayagan naman kami, and told us they'd be back in the morning.Niligpit namin ni Nix ang pinagkainan at tulong na naghugas ng plato, the power went back on and nagamit namin ang dishwasher.

"Babe ligo muna uli 'ko, ok lang? Can you manage things from here?" I said as we were nagpupunas plato and storing leftovers.

"Yeah, sure ate, maglalagay ko nalang these sa fridge" She said

I had a quick hot shower and then Nix had one too, and habang nasa banyo pa s'ya I took out yung mga tinatago tago kong 'holy waters" from my mini fridge sa room, and then all the ice I could get sa fridge sa kitchen and put them all in a small rubbermaid, and took it along with some kutkutins and stuff sa patio.

Our patio is just outside my room, which has a door to it. My ermatz loves gardening and erpatz being a provinciano from northern luzon mahilig din mag tanim pero mga gulay so we have like an assortment of tropical and exotic plants, orchids, herbs, big leafys, tall Japanese bamboos, creeping vines, pati mga gulay na nasa vertical tower gardens like lettuce, kalabasa, pati saluyot and okra, and yung hate namin ni Chaz na ampalaya hahaha! My pops being a northerner loves dishes like pinakbet and bulanglang, and we also can get malunggay that's growing from the other side of the fence.

Yung patio garden pareho nung "love jungle" namin nina kikay Chaz and Eindi, maraming plants that mosquitoes hate pero dihamak naman na mas maayos at not mukhang gubat. Well medyo sa labas because of the thick overgrowth ng wild climbing vines and other ligaws.

Our patio even has a small garden hearth or fire bowl/pit as if lumalamig ang lugar namin na para bang nasa northern hemisphere hahaha.

It has a clear polycarbonate awning arching over the tall metal fence, and retractable sun shades, and just like our 'love jungle' in the transient, it's got dense foliage so no basa basa no matter the buhos of the rain unless it's a category chorva typhoon.

Our house is bit elevated on that side, may grassy lot na medyo sloping pababa sa road ng town and there is a walled creek but hindi madumi nor mabantoots ang tubig like those in urban areas, one can literally go swimming in it, but we haven't tried it ourselves.

Our house isn't that big, so pag may guests like the titas they stay at our paupahan townhouse.

Hindi pinasagad sa may creek nung pina extend ang bahay so pwede daanan between the fence and the creek. And as I've said naka elevate para kung sakaling umapaw ang creek.

Nawalan na naman ng kuryentey siguro kasi medyo thunderstorm that night, and buti narin kasi, kahit malakas ang rain dinig ko pa din ang punyetang kabi-kabilaang karaoke. Lumabas si Nix sa patio from our room, suot n'ya yung maiksing lace shorts and one of my loose, off-shoulder shirts, naaninag ang suot n'yang blue bra, she was so fucking cute and sexy with her hair in a messy bun.

(Naman! - Nix)

Nakalatag na sa wooden deck yung banig na may naka unroll na matress na dati na naming ginagamit since nene pa si Nix at may mantsa. May mga unan and a blanky just in case ginawin kami.

Nag burn na din ako nang dried lanzones peels in another firebowl with quiklite charcoals and fall scents para talaga di maamoy na nagyosi ako hahaha, and also lighted a lavender scented candle. Ok lang malaman na nagbooze ako wag lang yosi, although hindi pa 'ko umiinom ng beer sa harapan nila, pa wine wine chorva pa lang.

"Hey ate, why are you in panties lang?" She said, as I was wearing only one of Chazi's transparent panties, loose sando and no bra.

Napanqiti ako because naalala ko si Eindi.

"And what the frikking hell is this, you smoke too?" She said as she was crawling towards me.

"Hay naku girl, kanina pa nga ko yosing yosi, sheeet (chuckling)!" I said bago humitit.

"Sooo dili pa 'lam nina Uncle and Auntie?"

"Ye-ah? sermong bonggang bongga malamang kahit may work nako hahaha" I said blowing out smoke.

"But, uhmmh..."

"Ano?" Sabi kong nakangiwi at nakataas kilay, I put down my cig sa ashtray at kinuha mga kamay n'ya

"Dami mong tanong! Lika nga dito pukikay! C'mere sexy!" Sabi ko

"Ay! (giggling)" She uttered when I pulled her down to me, she got on my lap at yumakap sa'kin

"You think I'm sexy ate?" Pabulong n'yang sinabi, lightly rubbing noses with me.

"Oh-yes-I-do, I think you-are-so-fucking-hottt-mmhh...!" Sabi ko pinanggigigilan puwet n'ya, and she wen't blushing and giggling.

"I-think-you're-fucking-hot-too, my super sexy ateehh!" Sabi n'ya making cute faces, yumakap nang mahigpit, nagpipigaan mga boobs namin sa higpit.

"Mmmhh ang bango bango talaga talaga ng babygirl koo-mmmhh...!" Sabi ko as I go necking her, and she went giggling, nakikiliting nasasarapang humahalinghing.

"And what have you got here?" Sabi n'ya habang kinukuha yung bukas na bote sa cooler.

"Uy, laysho, Hoegaarden Rosee!"

"Do you drink na din babe?" Sabi ko.

"Sometimes,mag-inom ko kauban ang akong amigas sa balay nila, but mostly apple beers lang,"

"Oh, beers lang?"

"Well, uhmmh kung kami adunay champagne o wine, pero not too much, madali ako mag flush and well drunk, and sometimes mag try kami mag mix mix ng cocktails"

"Ate, pa-drink ha" She said and puts the bottle to her lips.

"Sure babygirl, kuha ka nalang nang sa'yo" I said

Mga a quarter to 8 na nun, at di humina ang ulan na may kasama pang hangin kaya panay na sinisindihan namin kandila.

"What are you listening to ate? sounds retro" Tanong ni kikay sa playlist playing on my phone.

"Nahawa na'ko kay ate (Chaz) mo, she's very into 80s, 90s, and older pop music hahaha, so I copied her playlists" Sabi ko

"Ate, dili ka ba mag-worry na baka may makakita sa'yo you're just wearing that?" tanong n'ya nang pangatlong beses.

"Ay, kulit!" Patawa kong sinabi, at tumayo at malanding sumayaw sayaw (to the tune of 'The Look by Roxette') and she went screaming timidly.

"Aieeee, (giggling) ate, ano ba kaw, get down!" pabulong na sigaw habang hinihila ako pababa.

Napalakas ang sigaw ni kikay habang malandi akong gumigiling, dahan dahang kong itinataas ang shirt ko, pero hanggang underboobs at konting areola lang. Even with vehicle lights cutting through the leaves like d'un sa Puerto sige pa din ako. Tumalikod ako at dahan dahang binaba ang panties ko, and went shaking my exposed tushy.

"Ay, tang ina ka aray!" Patawa kong sinigaw nang hampasin n'ya nang napalakas ang puwet ko.

"Bruha ka (chuckling) ang sakit n'un ha?!" sabi ko habang kinukurot ang singit n'ya and she went taunting na naka-kagat labi and then dumila dila s'ya. Isang bote palang at flushing na ang mukha n'ya, hanggang sa dibdib, pero prang anime sa kakyutan.

(ay tinuod gyud! Supertalaga!- Nix)

"Does it hurt ate? (giggling)"

"Napaupo nga ko eh no?" binaba ko nang bahagya panties ko "Ayan o namumula lukaret ka!" sabi ko habang pinaiilawan ng ilaw ng phone ang namumula kong puwet.

"You're so kulit kasi e, baka may magkikita sa'yo" Sabi n'ya

"Di nga kita and ang layo natin sa kalye eh no? taas pa nang grass, dami plants dito" Sabi ko, habang hinihimas ang puwet ko.

"Ang sabihin mo nagagandahan ka lang sa puwet ko!" Patawang kong sinabi.

"Oo nga, sobra cute kaayo super pwet mo ate mmmhh" At kagat labi n'yang pinanggigilan ang puwet ko.

"Hah! naman!" I said haughtily habang umiinom sa bote.

"Oy pukikay paabot nalang nang cigarette case ko" Sabi ko at umirap s'ya sa'kin napahalakhak ako.

"Ahahah, sige na uhmh babygirl paabot naman naman ng cigarette case f-leeeze?" Pacute kong sinabi pinching her cheek, pagapang n'yang kinuha ang case. at pinagmasdan ko ang mabilog n'yang puwet.

"Ikaw din ang ganda ganda nang puwet mo mmmmhhh...!" sabi ko habang pinipiga piga, pinipisil pisil ang magandang puwet ng pinsan ko.

Kumandong uli s'ya sa'kin, straddling habang binubuksan ang tin cigarette case.

"Ate what are these? They look different from your slim cigarettes" Sabi n'ya

"Uhh, those are..."

"Hhh, nag wi-weed ka na kaw din?" Nagulat n'yang sinabi.

"Well, we call them sweedz, or sweedies, and p'ano mo nalaman na may weed yan, ha?" sabi ko

"I just guessed. Sooo, bakit kaw...and where did you get these?" Tanong n'ya

"Kay ate (Chaz) yan, humingi ako konti, nag-try ka na ba mag weed?" Sabi ko.

"Nooo, I haven't, nag try lang kami mag smoke ng lights, pero once lang, I didn't like the taste and I make ubo ubo" sabi n'ya

"Well wag ka muna mag smoke babe" Sabi ko habang inaamoy n'ya yung case, kumuha ako ng slim cig at sinindihan to, at palihis na binubuga usok.

"Hmmm, so bango, may flavors ate?" Tanong n'ya at tumango ako.

"Puydi pa try ate?" Tanong ng bruha, natawa ako dahil naalala ko na naman si Eindi.

"Hay nako, 'day para ka din si (Eindi) you're curiosity is so adorable"

"Her again? Pretty ba s'ya? is she maganda kaysa kanako?" Tanong ni pukikay na nagmamaktol.

Napatawa ako habang nilalagay sa ashtray ang yosi, at niyapos ko s'ya.

"Jealous ka na naman, ha? pareho kayong super pretty, magkaiba ganda n'yo but pareho kayo nang dating and pareho ko kayo super love, but you up a notch, kasi ikaw unang sweetie-babygirl ko eh ha? mmmh" Sabi ko habang pinipisil pisil cheeks n'ya.

"Hay naku pakilala na nga kita" Sabi ko, and we did a cute selfie together and pinadala sa mga pukikay sa Puerto, and siempre matagal send and response dahil sa hina nang punyetang signal at wala pang internet.

Naghaharutan ang nagbibiruan kami habang nagiinuman at kumakain ng kutkutins, sharing a blanket. Medyo lasing at makulit na si Nix.

"Kagatin ko 'yan makita mo (chuckling)!" Sabi ko habang padila dila s'ya. She would retreat her tongue everytime akma kong kakagatin.

She then took a cheetos to my mouth. I sexily took it with my mouth. Inulit ulit n'ya pagsubo sa'kin and then sa pang anim, I held her hand and passionately suck her cheetos coated fingers na nagpapagiggle sa kanya. Sige ako sa pag suck, hindi ko tinigilan hanggang malinis ang mga 'to.

"Luv mo'ko ate?" Pabulong n'yang tinanong, pinaglapat ko mga labi namin at we had a long, hard and very wet kiss, hayok na hayok at parang ayaw kumawala mga bibig namin, not wanting to let go of each other.

"What do you think babygirl?" Pabulong kong sinabi with laway stringing between our lips.

"Uhmmmh (giggling) Super, uhmm siguro..." She said habang pinapahid laway namin.

"Siguro? Why siguro bitch?" Sabi ko nang nakakunot noo.

"uhmm..." She uttered na patuksong nagiisip, "parang 'di ko na feel eh (giggling)"
At pinaglapat n'ya mga labi namin, at mas matagal na maapoy na paghahalikan.

"Uhmm, uhhh, luv mo talaga 'ko ateeeh, uhhh..." Pahikbi n'yang sinasabi, head turning, as I was necking her.

"Tanggalin natin shorts mo babygirl..." Pabulong ko sinabi as I continue necking her. "Para pareho ka na ni ate ha?"

"Uhmm, are you sure walang magkikita sa'tin?" Tanong n'ya na may halong pagaalala

"Ang kulit! I told you walang makakakita through the dense foliage, and it's brown out pa"
Sabi ko and then biglang bumalik ang kuryentey.

"Uh are you sure ate?" Sabi n'ya na patingin tingin sa paligid "The power's back on"

"So? We are very screened by leaves and our only light is the baga in the firebowl and the candle, don't worry babygirl, mas kita pa natin ang labas, than them us" Sabi ko habang hinihimas himas hita n'ya.

Biglang nag vibe ang phone ko, and I also got an imessage from Eindi and Chaz, bumalik na din pala internet.

"Hi ate pretee2! We miss you kikay, hewo (Nix) can't w8 2 meet u in person, u effing hawt, bitch..!" Ang late arrive na text ni pukikay Eindi na puro emojis and emoticons, nakangiting umiiling iling ako habang binabasa namin ang mga text ni pukikay.

And then meron message si babes Chaz, "Don't forget to delete these after luv, mmmwuahh" meron din silang cute selfies together, and then some racy ones, naka shirt and undies lang, torrid kissing.

"Aieeee, shittt, ang cuuute, ang kinky naman nila...!" Ang sabi ni Nix habang nagsa-slide kami ng pictures.

Very provocative pero wala naman totally naked, mga nakapasok kamay sa shirt or panties, showing underboobs, konting pubis, nagkikiss, and because see-through mga panties nila, halata na nakapasok fingers sa mga fifis.

Palibhasa naging model si babes Chaz, artsy and medyo tasteful ang photos kahit napakasexy at celphone selfies lang.

"Well they're very pretty, and super hot...like natin (giggling)!" Sabi ni Nix

"Si ate (Chaz) she looks like sara lab... but then also ug ang iyang panagway mora'g hitsura usab ni liza sob...fascinating and uncanny, awesome gyud!" Comment ni Nix, very amazed.

"Ahahahah, don't ever say that whenever she's around, she hates it, not that she hates either liza or sarah.."

"Why is that ate?"

"Ah basta ayaw n'ya sabihin kamukha n'ya mga yun hahaha!" Sagot ko.

Binuksan ko yung 750ml hoegaarden, and let her take a drink first.

"Take off your shorts na babygirl" Pabulong ko sinabi whilst necking and caressing her.

"Ok, ate, for you" She said panting with excitement, lumuhod s'ya and kagat labi ako habang pinapanood ko s'ya as she undoes her shorts, unti unti n'yang hinila ang lace and then dahan dahang hinubad ito.

"Oh, baby..." I said gasping at napangiti, nang tumambad sa'kin ang suot n'yang transparent bikini panties ko.

"Ok lang ate? I thought you would like it" She said, and she even showed it's a thong. Di naman s'ya gaanong thong almost like a tanga.

"Tang ina ang yummy mo babygirl!" sabi ko "It's one of my favorites sooo nakailang gamit ko na 'yan hahaha!"

"Mmmhh, kinky, fifi naman ni ate pretee ko eh (giggling)" sabi n'ya

"Uy ate pretee, para ka nang si (Eindi) ha? Ahahaha...!"

Yumakap siya sakin, and nangingilid na tumitig

"I love you, so much ateehh" She murmured lovingly

"Gusto mong ma-try mag sweed babe?" I murmured

"Yeah? puydi ate?" Sabi n'ya, eyes gleaming with excitement,

"Yeah, pero kiss mo muna si ate" Sabi ko, she went giggling and muli kami naghalikan, very wet and hot, matagal, umuungol, hayok na hayok.

Pinapili ko s'ya from 2 sticks but she chose yung mahabang darkbrown na di kasama sa pinapipili ko, and went sniffing it.

"You sure you want to try that sweetie?" Sabi ko "I thought you would be picking either the apple or earl grey"

"Is this chocolate? (sniffs) it's kinda spicy, parang gusto ko try to, you know I love dark chocolates" She said

"Yung apple nalang muna kaya 'day, favorite ko din yun, yung faiyachokoreto and strawberry or pink lava medyo uhm well, baka di ka pa ready" I said.

"Wow, they've got names? So what do you call the earl grey and the apple ?"

"Ano uhm, appledeeziac, and uhm 4 o'clock teez, and many others" sabi ko.

"So how much are they? and where do you get these?"

Naalalala ko na naman si Eindi, of her inquisitive cuteness.

"Hay nako inday, galing pang abroad yan, and if they're for sale, which they're not, malamang kakarampot lang bibili, kahit naman mga rich pinoy, mayayabang barat lang ahahahah!"

"Ah, ok"

"Look o ang ganda and ang ayos, almost like regular cigarettes lang" I said.

"So who makes these and how do you get them?" Tanong n'ya

"Ahahaha, si ate (Chaz) mo nalang magbigay ng details" Sagot ko.

"Sige ate, I'll try the apple muna, pero mag-try din ako itong chocolate ha?" She said.

Sinindihan ko yung apple, and parang si Eindi, she went coughing at first and then unti unting nasasanay.

"Sooo, ate uhmm have you tried, or do other stuff like uhm shabu, or ecstasy?" Tanong n'ya blowing out smoke as she hands the sweed to me.

"Oh ho ho no, no, sweetie, eto palang na try ko, I haven't even tried yung regular street weed." Sabi ko.

"How is this different from regular weed?" Tanong pa n'ya.

"Well, it's more, I would say sophisticated, growing, processing, healthier in a way, and yes can be more expensive than the very costly killer drugs, parang expensive Cuban cigars if ever sold, but will not be good sell kasi more idiots opt for a killing high and these drugs are cheaper and faster to manufacture" Sagot ko.

"Sooo you never do nor ever tried other narcotics?" She said as she takes the sweed from me.

"Nein, and never, and ikaw din ha, lalo na ecstasy or shabu, kahit tikim lang, papatayin talaga kita (chuckling) mamamatay ka sa kakatawag ko ng pukikay!" I said.

So there we were, sharing sweed and a big bottle of Hoegaarden, a big blanky over our shoulders, minsan sabay pupunta ng banyo para mag wiwi. Pareho ko din s'ya na kahit may bidet, pag nagpoopoo or kahit wiwi lang would often maliligo ng kaunti, and coincidentally, ganun din si Chazi.

Ikinuwento ko mga nangyari sa amin, how I met Chazee and Eindi, what we did in the garden shop, sa Jurassic garden of Eden ng pension house, (I won't tell the name bahala nalang kayo maghanap ahahah), the daring outdoor lesbian threesome sa may cliffside...

Nang itanong ni Nix how Chazi and I met medyo alangan pako at baka ma-shock si pukikay. But we never keep secrets from each other so, book of revelations lola n'yo.

Siempre ang tanong why the effing fuck was I dating ang isang matanda pa sakin na super pangit? Na nangingimarim ako pahalik kahit sa cheeks and I ended up having sex with him. Wala akong balak makipagsex ever or go on with the faux flirting, until I met Chaz on that faithful Friday night sa restobar.

Na experience ko lahat, it was my night of firsts; I kissed a girl for the first time, and had my first and very daring lesbian sex and in a public place pa! Watching a super hot girl habang hayok na hayok na kinakantot ng pangit, and then ako din.

I had my first threesome, I got doggy fucked the first time, and most of all first time ko makantot na walang condom, ng napakapangit na tao, who had the ugliest pututoy I have ever seen, I got creampied more than once in one fucking night!

I told her I was seeking adventure on my own, palawenya ako and yet di ko libot Puerto Princessa, I want to feel what's it like dating someone different from the usual, cute and of my age. Besides I met the guy on fb, and I seldom do fb, I even had an anime girl as a profile pic. I gave a different identity, sabi ko sa ibang bansa ako nagwowork, yada, yada.

Everything became perfect when I met her ate Chaz, my adventure fused with her ODDyssey, the world became more exciting and less frightening. (Dramatic po ba?)

Parang hindi mauubusan ng tanong si Nix, tanong n'ya how does it feel being fucked by a pangit, sabi ko parang hentai, it felt like I, we were in a hardcore hentai video, kulang nalang tentacles ahahaha. Sabi nga ni Chaz it's just like fucking a really weird sex toy with all sensations.

"Timid na tao naman si bo, shonga shonga, dodong na dodong, trying to be a gentleman, he's pretty harmless that's why I went on with the faux flirting" Sabi ko.

"Pero, di ako nahalikan sa lips ng pangit, di ako nakipag french kiss with a pangit ahahah" sabi ko.

"Yeah, but you sucked a very ugly cock!" Sabi naman ni Nix.

"Tsehh!" I said haughtily blowing out smoke.

"But you enjoyed it, you loved sucking the pangit na otinz hihihi!"

"Well, yeah, kasi nadala ako kay ate (Chaz) mo, basta I now rock at giving head, magugulat si kuya (BF) mo hahaha!"

(pero in (all) fairness, kahit mukhang mabaho si bo, di gaanong maamoy, amoy lumang basahan lang, na medyo basang tuta pag napawisan ahahaha)

"Ate (Chaz) seems to be a very interesting young woman" Sabi ni Nix

"Ay naku girl, you said it, she's the fucking best, the whole SHE-bang! Bff, girlfriend-lover, sister you never had, hay naku 'day, but I think she's also someone you don't want to mess or be enemies with ahahahah."

"Better than me?" Sabi n'ya na patampo, lips pouting. I put my arm around her and got her squeezing with me.

"Here we again, fucking selos selos na naman, ano ka ba babygirl, siempre we became besties first, more than bffs yeah?"

"Talaga?" Pacute n'yang sinabi.

"Ay putang ina! Fucking tinuodgyudhahaha!"

"Ah basta, you'd like my girlfriends, you'd enjoy being with them more than with your amigas, promise" Sabi ko.

"Well, ate (Chaz) seem to be very cool and she's super pretty, iz she like uhmm lez or bi?"

"Well, girl na girl pa din si ate (Chaz) like si ate mo, yeah maybe medyo pansexual" Patawa kong sinabi.

"Aaand si (Eindi)..."

"Ano, crush mo na din?" I said chuckling

"Well, she's very hot too, is it ok for a girl to have a crush on other girls ate?"

"Uh yeah? Boys can have mancrushes"

"Well, uhmm I mean physically uh, sexually?" Sabi n'ya na parang nahihiya

"Eh di ba super crush mo si ate?" I said squeezing her

"Mmm-yeah" Sagot n'ya na parang wala lang.

"If I know, you've been touching yourself to me even before we did it ahahaha...!" Sabi ko, and dumilang belat s'ya

"Si Eindi, she looks like uhmm..."

"Yeah? Who do you think, sino tingin mo kamukha? Celebrity di'ba?" I said, excited kung ano sasagot n'ya

"Yeah, she's a film star not local, not very sikat, well to me, but I saw her in films and a TV drama; secret life of an American Teenager, and then Sitter Cam..uhmm" She said tapping na nagiisip.

"India Eisley?" Sabi ko

"Uh yeah! India Eisley!" Malakas n'yang sinabi "She's very kamukha ni Eisley"

"Well, she's mostly Austrian, and siguro yung mom n'ya baka kamukha din ni Olivia Hussey ahahahah!" sabi ko (actually no, pero maganda mamu ni pukikay as in hindi pokwang or melay beauty wahahahah)

"So, how is she I mean when you make love?" Tanong ni pukikay "Is she hot?"

"Well uhmm, yeah very, when I make love with them it is, indescribable, kakaiba feeling
sometimes I think parang mas passionate and sexy pa than doing it with a boyfriend ahahaha!" sabi ko.

"Yeah? But you said you haven't cummed so hard being fucked by a very pangit guy? Like it was hotter than your first time"

"True, I've never felt so sexy, like it was my first time like I had a reset button for my virginity, but like I've said it's just like doing it with a sextoy; the kakaibang thrill, the excitement , fueled by sweeds, alcohol, and of course I was with ate (Chaz) who's a super sex goddess hahahah!" Sabi ko.

"Masarap ba si (Eindi) ate?"

"Uy crush n'ya talagaaa, gusto n'yang matikman hahaha...!" Pakutya kong sinabi at she went taunting sticking her tongue out.

"Si ate (Chaz) isn't she hot too?" Sabi ko.

"Super hot din, she has dalawa kamukha nga eh, but I also like India Eisley's ganda, and there's something about (Eindi) too."

"Oh, so super hot si ate (Chaz) pa'no naman si ate?" Tanong ko.

"Super hottie too!" Sagot n'ya holding out two fingers, parang si Eindi.

"Lukaret kikay ka a, crush mo talaga si (Eindi) no? Pareho kayo!" Sabi ko kinukurot kurot at kinikiliti s'ya.

"So, mas yummier ba kaysa nako si (Eindi) ate?"

"Hay, naku ano bang perfect analogy, you know super love ko icecream di'ba, so you two are like ice cream to me na magkaiba flavor" Sabi ko.

"What flavors, and what's your favorite flavor?" Tanong ni pukikay.

"Ano ba favorite Ice cream flavors ko? 'Di ba Coffee, Chocolate, and Pistacchio, Vanilla? so si (Eindi) vanilla, and you Chocolate or Coffee, and ano ba lagi ko unang hinahanap?"

"Coffee or chocolate" Pabulong n'yang sagot, nakangisi.

"Duh?" Sagot ko

"So ate, how does it feel like, uhmm doing it outdoors, in public like in that restobar where you hot bitches met, very naked, very daring?" tanong n'ya

"Kakaiba ang thrill inday, super mega sexy ang feeling, exhilarating hahahah!" Sagot ko.

"And with a kid watching?"

"Well, the taboo, can be very sexy too" Sabi ko

"Ang sobra super wild and kinky naman!" Sabi n'ya giggling

"Sooo, babygirl what made you do it with me?" Tanong ko

"Eh? you seduced me bitch (giggling) !" She said making taunting face.

"Ah, ganun? May pa bitch-bitch ka pang nalalaman, so (giggling) I'm a bitch huh, haaa!" Sabi ko habang kinukurot ko singit at kinikiliti s'ya.

"(giggling) Y-you're m-my, a-ate supaahottie2 b-bitch!" Maharot at nakikiliti n'yang sinabi

Nagpatuloy kami sa paginom at pag sweed, sobrang ingay na namin, nakikipagsabayan sa tunog ng malakas na ulan, and just like with Chazi and Eindi we would be taking our drink from each other's mouths, and got our shirts wet and staining with pink beer..

It seemed na overcome na ni Nix ang pagkatakot sa kulog at kidlat, as hindi s'ya natitinag whenever it flashes, cracking and rumbling.

"(Cackling) Ay ate hottie, may isha pa nako, celebrity girl crushhh!" Lasheng n'yang sinabi

"O, sino?"

"S-ssi, uhmm siii...(tapping her forehead) uhmmm... yun si Anya-Taylor J-Joy, I like her in uhmm the Witch, but I like her better with darker hair, and laki boobs hahaha!" She said, hay naku lasheng na nga ang pukikay.

"But I think your boobs are sexier sweetie, who knows baka saggy na yung kay Anya mo hahaha!" Sabi ko.

May naalala ako bigla sa phone ko, some pics I forgot to delete, I might as well show it to Nix before I do.

Her eyes widened at parang nahimasmasan at nawala pagka high when I showed her pictures on my phone.

"Aieee why do you have sexy pictures of Anyaaa!" Sigaw n'ya seeing pictures of a naked white girl.

"Ahahaha girl that is not Anya, but kamukha no?" I said.

"So who's this ate? Mmmh I like her boobs, this really isn't Anya? What the fuck?!" Tumatawa n'yang sinabi.

"Well, Belgian girl to na magiging madre sana, novitiate palang eh nakilala si ate (Chaz) mo hahaha" Sabi ko.

"Ang weird nga, tingnan mo to, when she was wearing the habit, kamukha n'ya si Scarlett Johansson" Sabi ko habang pinakikita ang isang picture ni Belgian girl.

"Yah, ahahah oo nga no? " Sabi n'yang namamangha. "So if ever Scarlett ever played as a nun, this is how she would look like!"

"Yeah, I think so too" Sabi ko.

"So, where is she now?" Tanong ni pukikay while sliding pictures.

"She's in Denmark, naging web designer and as per your ate (Chaz) does modelling as well.

"Sooo she was a novitiate nun when she and ate (Chaz) met, so how did that happen?" tanong n'ya.

"Hay naku girl, si ate (Chaz) nalang mag explain ahahah" Sagot ko.

"(whistling) weet weeeow, so who are these yummy bitches?" Tanong n'ya as she saw other artsy semi-nudes of C@zz, Klo, Alix, D&, Jesi...

"Ahh, our girlfriends in Manila, well not exactly Manila, mga ka-age mo" I said.

"U-huh, hmm this pretty tisay looks like someone"

"Who? ah, Malina Weissman?" Sabi ko

"Who? Never heard of her, maybe the face" Tanong n'ya

"The actress model na I think is her kamukha, by the way that's (C@zz). Your ate (Chaz) thinks she looks like Emily Browning as Violet Baudelaire, but I think she looks more like Malina.

"Eto sino naman kamukha?" I said, pointing at a girl.

"Whoah, Hailee Steinfeld! Ahahah!" Ang reaction n'ya

"Oh, this one is definitely looks like anne curtis!" Sabi ni Nix as she looks at racy semi-nudes of Ace, Li, Saeko, Jade, Cai, and Fibi.

"Oh hahaha that's ate Ace, yah kamukha nga ni anne curtis but ate (Chaz) disagrees" Sabi ko.

"Mm-well, ate Ace has a better-looking figure and uhm much kaayo boobs hahaha!"

"Ito, babe (pointing at Saeko) do you listen to Jpop? Do you not recognize her?" Tanong ko
"Saeko is a member of (girl Jpop idol group)."

"Huh, mmh you know I'm more on Kpop and I'm not familiar with members of (Jpop group) but she's very kawaii, in a sexy kind of way, like a living anime." Sabi n'ya

I then began deleting the photos, na may panghihinayang, titignan muna bago i-delete.

"Hey, why are you deleting those?" Tanong ni Nix.

"Well I should've done this earlier, besides they've got tons of pix sa house ni ate (Chaz) mo, they have like an entire wall for digiframes of these.

"Oy, super super crush mo pa ba si ate?" Sabi ko, habang patuloy na nag di-delete "Dami mong nakitang mga artistahing kikays."

"Dili lang crush" Sabi n'ya at kumandong s'ya sa'kin, straddling me.

"Super love mo 'ko?" Sabi ko, binaba ko phone ko at yumakap sa kanya

"Dili lang super love" Sabi n'ya and coiled her arms around my neck.

"Me ate, meron ba ako na kamukha na celebrity (giggling)?" Tanong n'ya as we go sucking lips.

"Uhmm, wala ako maiisip, ang dating mo parang young Ellen Adarna na Erich Gonzales, you have oriental beauty with a hint of European, kakaiba beauty mo inday, mas maganda ka pa sa kanila hahaha!" sagot ko.

"Yeah?" Excited n'yang sinabi.

(Kamukha nga ni Nix si angelababy, waaahahahahha - Eindi, C@zz, Alx, D&, Jesi...)
(Tseehhh, ayaw ko nga, she's not my look-alike my I am TIFA LOCKHART bluhhh! - Nix)

"Ako nga eh, sabi nila kamukha ko yung Japanese porn star, tseeh!" Sabi ko.

"Who ate? Which pornstar, maria ozawa, uhmm si...."

"Ay tseeh, potah hindi yun, pweh! Baduy ha, kadiri pa nang fifi, yakkk!" Sabi ko.

"Then who?" Tanong n'ya

"Well, they said I look like Rio aka Tina Yuzuki" At nag google search si pukikay.

"Uh yeah ate, hahaha, tinuod you do look like her (giggling) I remember seeing some of her earlier vidz and well, maganda naman, matahum kaayo si Rio ah?" She said.

"Well, sige, but maganda pa boobs ko sa kanya, tseeeh!" I said haughtily, salat-yugyog ng boobs.

"Naman! My ate (Lex) is fucking super hottie-hottie, super matahum kaayo, puyding pornstar, ahahaha!"

"Potah, bruhang lukaret ka a, pang pornstar beauty ko ha, and how come do you know Tina Yuzuki or Rio? Hmmmh...?!" Sabi ko habang pinching tagiliran n'ya napapakadyot s'ya sa kiliti.

Maya maya idinikit ko mga noo namin.
"Super love mo si ate?"
"Dili lang super love ngaaa!" Sagot n'ya

"I'm sooo fucking super horny for you (giggling)!" Sabi n'ya at dahan dahang pinaglapat mga labi namin and we kissed torridly, mas maapoy, naglalagablab.

"M'make love to me ateeeh..." Paungol n'yang sinasabi na may pananabik as we were necking each other. "Let's make love right here"

"Yes, mmmhh I want to, babe mmmhh" Paungol kong sinabi.

"Ate hubad tayo, let's get naked!" Sabi n'ya na may tonong pananabik.

Una niyang hinubad panties n'ya at inihagis 'to, she then straddled me again.

"I'm all yours my sweet ate, body-and-soul" Sabi n'ya at dahan dahang hinubad ang shirt n'ya, nakakapang init lalo ang sinabi nang pinsan ko. Tapos hinubad ang kanyang bra at inihagis yun, at tumambad na naman sakin ang hubo't hubad na katawan of my very lovely pinsan.

"You're so beautiful baby girl" Nananabik na pabulong kong sinabi, as my hands slowly went slowly sliding up from her thighs to her lovely bosoms.

May ilaw na mula sa mga poste, and vehicle lights cutting through the foliage, pero hindi nababahala si Nix, para bang gusto n'yang ipakita sa mga tao ang napakaganda at sariwa n'yang katawan, her luscious young virgin body.

Hindi nakakasawa ang mga boobs at katawan ng pinsan ko, just like Chaz and Eindi's,
ever nakakalibog, ever nakakapanabik.

"Undress me babe" Sabi ko nang may pananabik, at hinubad n'ya shirt ko at inihagis, at sunod naman ang panties ko na kanyang inihagis din.

"You're so beautiful ate..." She murmured lovingly, fondling my bosoms. Dahan dahan n'yang pinaglapat ang mga labi namin, at hayok na hayok kami naghalikan, diin na diin ang pagkiskis ng katawan n'ya sakin, her nubile hips sexily went rocking and swaying.

We went on kissing torridly, while our hands went exploring each other's body, caressing, fondling, squeezing, kneading. It was like more than 10 minutes of torrid kissing and then we went necking each other. Magaling na mag necking si Nix, napapaungol ako sa sarap, gayang gaya kung paano ko magnecking sa kanya.

"Ohhh ateehh, ungghh ateee love me, my body is all yours! Unghh love meeee...!" Paulit ulit n'yang sinasabi as I was necking her, dahan dahang bumaba ang bibig ko at dinidila dilaan ang mga kili kili n'ya habang nilamas lamas ko suso n'ya, and then ginawa ko yung hindi ko pa nagagawa sa kanya, ang susuhin siya nang super-wagas.

Napakapit sa balikat ko si Nix as I hungrily went suckling and licking her lovely bosoms, ang sarap sa labi, sa dila nang kanyang naninigas at makunat-kunat at pinkish na mga nipples nalulunod sa laway at pawis.

"Atee that feels so good, uuuhh shttt ate ang saraaapp!" Paulit ulit n'yang sinabi, habang patuloy ako sa pagsuso nang matindi na sinasabayan nang paglamas. Patuloy ako sa pag supsop ng mga bilogang at murang boobs ni Nix, habang dahan dahang dumulas pababa kamay ko sa puki n'ya. Nag liliyad liyad ang katawan n'ya, sarap na sarap sa mga ginagawa kong kalaswaan sa mura n'yang katawan.

"Does your pussy hurt baby?" Tanong ko habang hinihimas himas ito.

"Just a little bit, it still feels as if swollen" sabi n'ya, pinaupo ko s'yang nakabuka sa isang mababang wicker chair na may cushion.

I parted her pink pussy lips with my thumbs, and went lapping and sucking, from anus to pubis, ginawa ko lahat ang mga natutunan ko kay Chazi na ginawa ko din kay Eindi. Napapakadyot s'ya, napapa liyad, napakapit sa armrests, her body went writhing nd shivering, as her tender young flesh gets introduced to seethingly intense, toe-curling sensations and pleasures.

Her thighs went squeezing, so I coiled my arms around them. I went on loving every inch of her womanhood with my mouth, also thinking of my babies Chaz and Eindi. Umaagos sobra ang kanyang warm and sweet-smelling love nectar from her throbbing virgin love hole.

(Ang sarap talaga ng puki ng virgin na maganda ahahah)
Napakasarap ng lasa ng puki ng pinsan ko, ang lambot at papintig pintig, as tasty as my babies, sing sarap ng mga fifi nina Chazee and Eindi.

"Uhhh atee, ateeee!" Paulit ulit n'yang sinasabi, lumiliyad, umuungol, humihikbi nang matindi, todo bigay, habang sinisipsip ko nang matindi ang naninigas n'yang clit. Napapaipit ang kanyang mga hita, her body went convulsing, toes curling, hips sexily rocking and swaying.

I went really deep and hard fucking her sweet virgin pussy with my tongue, pilit kong ipinapasok ang dila ko as deep as I can, habang nilalamas ang puwet at mga suso n'ya. Pinaikot ikot ko dila ko inside her tight, contracting, very hot and wet lovehole, tasting her insides, and got her writhing, nagkakanda liyad ang maganda kong pinsan sa sarap.

Patuloy ang pagkulog at pagkidlat at lalong lumakas ang ulan, habang patuloy kong kinakakain ang puki n'ya and fucking it hard and deep with my tongue.

"Ffffuckk aaaateehh, ssshhhittt sooo gooodd uungghnogdd, ssshitt ang saraap, ateeeh ateeeh...!" She kept saying out loud, head turning, body writhing, shivering, convulsing, as beads of sweat went rolling.

Napakapit s'ya sa ulo ko, caressing and tinutulak mukha ko lalo sa pagkababae n'ya.
Lumakas ang pagungol at paghikbi, umaagos ang mga luha, tumutulo laway, lumiliyad. Alam kong malapit na s'yang mag cum, and I want her to cum very hard, I want her to cum hard on my face.

"Uhh, ateeuhh uhhnggg ateeeh, aaaa-teeeehhh!" Napakalakas na sigaw n'ya, nakakabighani, nakakatindig balahibo, lumiliyad ang katawan, writhing in sexual agony as her hot lovejuice went gushing forth on my face from her pulsing flower, nakakabaliw, nakakahayok sobra, I went sucking and tongue fucking her even harder.

Dumausdos s'ya papunta sa'kin at nag-flip ang wicker chair, sinalo ko likod n'ya, biglang naalala ko din when Eindi fell when she lost balance habang nagsasayaw nang maharot. Remember that night at the jurassic patio?

She fell onto my lap, straddling me.
"A-ateeeehh!" Humihikbi at lumuluha n'yang sinabi at yumakap sa'kin

"Oh, my sweet babygirl" Sinabi ko naman nang pabulong, petting her. She locked lips with me at naghalikan kaming hayok na hayok, malalakas ang pagungol, habang ikinikiskis ang katawan n'ya sa'kin, nanginginig, convulsing habang patuloy ang agos nang maiinit n'yang nectar, dripping down my pussy.

Patuloy ang aming matinding paghahalikan habang pinipiga ko puwet n'ya, sa tindi nang pagdidiin nang katawan n'ya sa'kin bumagsak ako sa cusion at pillows. Patuloy pa din ang pagkiskis n'ya nang katawan n'ya, habang naghahalikan din ang mga fifi namin, my vaj tasting the lovejuice flowing from hers.

Humihina ang pag kikisay at pag nginig ng katawan n'ya sa ibabaw ko. She let's go of my mouth and I went necking her.

"Oohhh, ateehhh, I love you , gawd I love you sooo much...!" Paulit ulit n'yang sinasabi nang pabulong.

"I know babygirl, I know..." Pabulong ko din sinabi as I continue hungrily necking her. I then went suckling her boobs, naninigas pa din ang nipples ni nix, lalo akong nahayok sa pag suso kanya, napapaungol s'ya.

"Aiee, hihihi!" Napatili si Nix when I turned and umibabaw sa kanya, and I went like when we were in bed, pero this time pareho kaming mga hubo't hubad, raw flesh against raw flesh. Kumakadyot kadyot ang hips ko, mabagal but pabigla at madiin, fucking her pussy hard, at naglalampungan ang mga boobs namin.

"Ateeeh (giggling)???!!" Natatawa n'yang sinabing pabulong, habang patuloy ako sa paglalandi sa katawan n'ya. Unti unit s'yang naa-arouse uli, her hands, toes and thighs began caressing me habang patuloy ang pagkadyot ko nang mabagal pero madiin.

Maya maya pa at lalong nag init na naman si Nix, ibinukaka nang todo mga hita n'ya at bumibilis at mas madiin ang pag kadyot ko sa puki n'ya. Dumulas sa puwet ko mga kamay niya at pinipisil pisil to.

"uhmmmh yawa ka talaga a-ate uhmm you're uhhh sooo fucking yawa...!" Patukso n'yang sinabi habang pinanggigigilan ang puwet ko.

"Yawa ako ha, hmmh?!" Sinabi ko nang may pangigigil, at nilakasan ang pagkadyot sa puki n'ya.

"Oo, yawa ka talaga uhnggg! you're my uhhh fucking sexy yawa!"

Ngumisi ako, at umupong paluhod, binuhat s'ya, clawing her bum, and then I fucked her even harder, mas nilakasan ko ang pagkadyot, nagpipigaan ang mga basang fifi namin, sapo ko ang puwet n'ya at pinanggigigilan ito.

Nagkakanda liyad at umuungol nang malakas ang bruha sa sarap, at napakapit s'ya sa hips ko, nakakalibog s'yang pagmasdan as I continue fucking her hard with my arms coiled around her thighs.

Basang basa mga puki namin, as in sopping and dripping wet, nakakabaliw, nakakahayok lalo ang squishing sounds. She went clawing at my hips at nakikiliti ako. I gently put her hips down, at hinila n'ya 'ko papunta sa kanya, sinalubong ako nang naka bukas n'yang bibig.

Naghalikan kami nang matindi, with her hands clawing and pushing my ass. She then went necking me, licking and sucking my ears.

"Ohhh (Nixxx), tang ina (Nixxx), that's so good babygirl, uhhhshiiittt ang saraapp...!" Paulit ulit kong sinabi, umuungol nang malakas sa sarap, habang sinususo n'ya ako. Gayang gaya n'ya how I suckle her boobs, hayok na hayok, nakakaliyad, nakakapangisay.

My stiff nipples felt sore nang tigilan n'ya ang pagsupsop. I went licking her supple kili kili, every inch of them and also suckling her boobs in between, and then my hungry mouth slowly went down, kissing, sucking, and licking to her pusod.

"mmmh a-teeeh ?? (giggling) ?!" Napapakadyot at napapaliyad s'ya, nakikiliting nasasarapan sa ginagawa kong pag dila sa belly button n'ya.

Umupo ako nang paluhod, at binuhat her lower body. I began eating and lapping her pussy again na nakasampay hita n'ya sa balikat ko, squeezing and kneading her bum.

"Uhmmmh aaa-teeee that's so nice, ssooo fucking goodd uhhhh oohh gawddd...putang ina ang saaaraaapp aaa-teeehh...!" Paungol n'yang sinasabi, napapapikit, lumiliyad, head turning, habang mas hayok kong kinakain at nilalaplap ang pussy n'ya.

Napaliyad s'ya, gripping on the cushion and a pillow, napaiipit ng mga thighs n'ya ulo ko nang bigla kong pinasok dila ko in her tight, pulsing lovehole.

She then went clawing at my thighs, at medyo madiin na ang pagipit nang mga thighs n'ya sa ulo ko. I coiled my arms around them at kept them na nakabukaka.

"I unggh l-love you a-teee , uhhhshiiitt uhhh, fuuuckk! ang saraaapp gddddang sarap saraaap..." Paulit ulit n'yang sinasabi nang malakas, as her entire body went writhing in sexual agony.

Diin na diin ng bibig ko sa fifi n'ya, and when I fuck her with my tongue, I really go deep and hard. Her sweet warm juice poured profusely, dripping down her thighs.

Dahan dahan s'yang binaba sa cushion, at muling umibabaw sa kanyang mainit at naliligo sa pawis na katawan n'ya.

"Oh, ssshit ate, fuck mee, fuck meee...!" Paulit ulit n'yang sinasabi, sarap na sarap sa pagkantot ko, sa mainit na katawan ko, of my burning, sweaty body as I am of hers.

"I love you sooo much babygirl mmmh" Paungol ko sinabi, sarap na sarap sa pagkantot sa murang katawan ng pinsan ko.

"Mmmhh atee, I love you aaa-teee I'm all yours, body unngh and soul... ohhh aaa-teeee, fuck me harder...!" Ang humihikbing sinabi ni Nix, tumutulo ang mga luha, naglalaway. She then wrapped her arms and legs around me. The squishing sounds made by our hot and wet pussies is so fucking nakakabaliw!

Humina ang ulan at paghangin, parehong nanginginig at nagkikisay mga nagliliyab at naliligo sa pawis na mga katawan namin, and I'm fucking her really hard and fast.

"Are you c-cumming b-babe..." I said panting, at tumango s'yang umuungol, tumitirik ang mga mata.

"Sabay tayo, I w-want to cum with you babygirl...!" Sabi ko

"G-gusto ko din ateee, uhhhh, gddshiittt, uhhhng I want to cum hard with you, uhhh ateee sabay tayo...g-gusto ko sabay tayoooo...! " Ang umuungol at humihikbi n'yang sinabi.

Palakas nang palakas ang mga pagungol, at lalo namang humina ang ulan.

"I-I love you babygirl" I said, as our bodies went even more shivering and having uncontrollable spasms as we're both seconds away from another explosive orgasm, she locked her legs around me, pushing my ass.

"I- l love you too aaa- ummpphh...!" Di natuloy ang pagsabi n'ya kasi I locked lips with her nang lalabasan na kami, para hindi mapasigaw nang malakas, hayok na hayok ang paghahalikan, humigpit ang pagkakapit ng arms and legs n'ya sakin, at halos magkasabay kaming labasan, nauna lang s'ya nang kaunti.

Our lovejuice went gushing forth from our pulsing pussies, I kept fucking her hard, madiin at mabilis ang pagkadyot, as our hot sweet nectar flow profusely mula sa aming pumipintig na mga puki.

We let go of each other's mouths, at bumagal na din ang pagkadyot ko as I go planting soft kisses all over her face and neck, patuloy na nagtitikiman ng nectar ang mga pumipintig pintig naming mga puki.

We lay there, panting with me still on top of her, and then nakita ko s'ya na nakatulala, nakatingin sa itaas at medyo nakangiti.

I rub my nose with hers and gave her a smooch,

"Hi there, sexy!" Sabi kong nakangiti, caressing her behind the ears.

"Uhh? Hi (giggling) !" Sabi n'ya as her toes went caressing my legs.

"Love mo si ate?"

"Sobra, (smooching), Super, Mega, Ultra, mmmhhwuah...!" Ang sagot n'ya. Maya maya pa tumayo kami and went huddling and cuddling, with the blanket wrapping us.

"Hey sweetie, anong iniisip mo?" I said blowing out smoke.

"Huh, uhmm nothing, I just can't believe I've cummed four times already!"

"Heh! you're welcome!" I said chuckling. She then gave me a long smooch sa cheek.

"Thank you, ate" She said

"(chuckling) For what?" Sabi ko.

"Dahil love mo ko super, mega sobra!" She said giggling, acting like a silly little girl.

"Bihis na tayo babe?" Sabi ko.

"Not yet ate, I love being naked outdoors, it's so fucking kinky and exciting! (giggling) I sooo love being naked with you ate, and I really love making love with you, mmmhh...!" Sabi n'ya, niyayapos ako nang napakahigpit.


"Fucking hell tinuodgyud yeah!" sabi n'ya and then we went smooching.

Bigla akong nag crave for icecream,
"Sweetie would you get the coffee crumble from my fridge, or kahit yung vanilla?" Sabi ko habang nagsisindi uli ng slim yosi.

"Sure ate, weird ako din I suddenly have a frikkin' craving for icecream" At tumayo s'ya at binalot sa sarili ang kumot, pero nung nasa edge na s'ya ng deck, lumingon s'ya sa'kin, went smiling devilishly and dropped the kumot, at walang kyemeng at parang model lumakad nang hubo't hubad at barefoot papunta sa pintuan ng kwarto.

Minutes later, nagulat ako nang lumitaw s'ya from the other side, sa harapan s'ya lumabas at hindi mula sa kwarto namin.

"Hey there sexy!" Sigaw n'ya na nakangiti, at walang kyemeng naglalakad nang hubo't hubad. Medyo pa tiptoe s'ya naglalakad kasi basa ang path, at ang gandang kumembot habang naglalakad, like a gorgeous naked runway model, holding a bowl of icecream and a spoon on the the other.

Umaambon lang that time, and the area where she is walking on wala masyado cover ang fence, so naiiilawan s'ya ng mga poste at nang mga dumadaang sasakyan, though hindi man kami malapit sa kalye, but still very daring and risky lalo na nung moment na 'yun bukod sa mga trikes at ibang sasakyan, may mga maiingay na mga kalalakihang dumadaan sa road, either papunta or pabalik kung saan siguro may pisting punyetang karaoke.

"Hoy bruha ka ang tapang mo ha?" Tumatawa kong sinabi habang inaabot ang bowl with the spoon sticking on top of the icecream.

"Why ate?" Sabi n'ya habang umuupo para punasan nang tissue ang mga paa n'ya.

"Lukareeet! Anong why? Nakabuyangyang beauty mo habang naglalakad ka, eh kung may makakita sa'yong hitad ka?

"Well uhm, I actually kalimot I'm naked ahihihi" Pa cute s'yang tumawa doing a peace sign.

Tumayo s'ya and went craning her neck

"Nagkikita ba nila ako nikanina?" She said standing on her toes and craning her neck to the outside.

"Why? (chuckling) hoping ka ba?" Sabi ko. Tumingin s'ya at pilyang ngumisi, giggling na kagat labi.

"Hey, puks, what the fuck?!" Sabi ko nang sumampa s'ya sa isang stool, at lumaktaw pa sa isa pa na nasa less dense area at began dancing nang maharot, at napanganga ako at naalala ko yung ginawa kong maharot na pagsasayaw sa garden shop and sa jurassic patio, and the time when Chaz and I went frolicking at a beach nang hubo't hubad, on a rainy night, during the episode we call, After Dark.

Well in (all) fairness, di naman parang bar girl ang pagsayaw ni Nix but rather tasteful, artsy really but still very erotic and sexy just like how Eindi went last time, and you know what's funny? Nix was also dancing to After Dark, no shitting you.

Patuloy sa pag indak ang maganda kong pinsan, able to keep her bearings on a wooden stool, feeling herself, raising her arms, gumigiling, yumuyugyog ang boobs, and I sat there watching her nakangiti at namamangha. Even with lights cutting through the foliage that were barely screening her, to the passers-by, oblivious to the sultry dancing of a super gorgeous naked teenage girl.

Napilya ako and went changing the tunes, jumping from one tune to another (Once in a Lifetime (Gregorian feat. Sisters of Oz, Shake the Disease (Hooverphonic), Into The Groove (Madonna) but still Nix was able to move well to any song, kahit pabago bago.

"Aieee, shiiit (giggling)!" She then went screaming timidly, covering herself and crouching down.

"Hey, what's wrong girl(chuckling)!" Tanong ko na pabulong, na may pagaalala habang hinihinaan ang volume.

"Ate look o, meron na mama nagwiwiwi, nakikita ko ang peenuz ahihihi!" Pilya at pigil na pagtawa n'yang sinabi.

"Saan? Did he see you?" Sabi ko na nagaalala kahit natatawa, at tumayo ako to see where she's pointing at. At nakita ko ang isang katukha tukhang matanda na parang lasing na jumijingebolz sa may talahiban, may kalayuan siya sa amin pero kita pa din ang pututoy.

"Nakita ka ba n'ya?" I said. "Kasi parang matigas din yung boto n'ya?"

"I don't know ate, but when I turned I saw the mama nag baba ng shorts and nakita ko nga ang maitim na otinz (giggling)!"

"Well di naman nakatingin dito (giggling)" I said habang pinapanuod ang nakakatawang pag ihi ng mama, paputol putol na parang sirang sprinkler, pigil na pigil pag tawa namin, and I keep shushing Nix kasi napapalakas ang paggiggle n'ya.

"Ay, tang ina sheeet, ay!" Ang medyo napalakas kong nasabi nang nakita naming parang nilalaro laro nang kumag ang otin n'ya.

"Litseng manyak na kambing na'to, dito pa nilaro laro ang tutoy, tamaan ka nawa nang kidlat hahaha!"

"Ate he may be sirang ulo, buang?" Sabi ni Nix nang pabulong.

"Or maybe lasing at bangag lang, anyhoo are you sure he didn't see you? But then again hindi naman nakatingin dito while he's choking his chicken.

"Well, there's one way to find out (giggling)!" Sabi n'ya at ngumising kagat labi at dahan dahang tumayo, and began swaying provocatively as she slowly uncover herself.

"Hoy! kikay ka (giggling) tang ina baka makita ka talaga!" I said, reaching to her.

Sige pa din si pukikay sa pagindak, inulit ang napakasexy n'yang pagsasayaw kanina, hinahaplos ang sarili, niyuyugyog mga boobs n'ya. Si 'mang kanor' naman enjoy na enjoy sa pag laro ng titi n'ya at nahulog sa paanan n'ya shorts n'ya, pag may dumaan na tanod lagot s'ya hahaha.

"Aieee!" Ang sigaw nang bruha nang biglang kumidlat at kumulog nang napakalakas, and had her crouching down again. Tumigil din ang matandang manyak sa paglaro nang pututoy n'ya at isinuot ang shorts n'ya at umalis sa lugar.

"Ateee, (giggling)" Ang sabi n'yang medyo nanginginig.

"Hoy, lika na nga rito pukikay ka, baka lumapit pa yung manyak dito!" Sabi ko reaching out to her, at sumimangot s'ya nakalimutan ang pagkatakot sa kulog.

"Ay soorrry pooo, lika na dito babygirrrl!" Pabulong na pakutya kong sinabi.

Humawak s'ya sa mga kamay ko habang lumalaktaw and she fell onto me.

"Aieee (giggling)!" We both exclaimed as we fell on the cushion.

"Tang ina ang kikay kikay mo talagaaa, mmhhh!" I said pinching both her cheeks.

"Like mo my dancing ate? sobra sexy and daring ba?" Sabi ni pukikay

"Tseehhh! Pero in all fairness ang sexy, sexy mong bruha ka!"

"Really?!" She said, her eyes gleaming with delight.

"Oo, tinuoood mmhhh!" Sabi ko twisting her nipples lightly, and she flinched and went giggling.

"Oy, manga-on na ta!The icecream's melting, by the way I thought you're just going to bring out a pint?"

"Uhmm well, It may not be enough for both of us, I saw you also have vanilla, and I also remembered there's chocolate icecream in the kitchen fridge, and so I thought I just go dumping them all together." Sabi n'ya

"Huh, ok well, sooo what do we got heayah?" I said, looking at a bowl of delicious mess.

"I also added some cookie bits like oreos, if you don't mind, and drizzled kaunti chocolate syrup on them?" Sabi n'ya

"And you're tagal, and why didn't you come out the same door you went in? Instead dun ka pa sa harapan lumabas and ibinilad, ipinahahada ang katawan mo hahaha" I said habang nagsusubuan kami nang icecream.

"Well, they're tigas pa kanina and I made wiwi first, and besides even if I would just get a pint, I still have to make a fucking detour to the fucking kitchen for a fucking spoon duh?!"

"Aaand did you really forget you're nekkid?" I said spooning icecream to her mouth.

"Uhhmm, actually ate, I felt a little naughty, and decided to go daring, and fuuckk gdayymm, it felt so fucking good! It was a bit scary but so fucking exciting!"

"Mhmm, huh, I think euphoria is the word you're looking for babygirl" Sabi kong nakataas ang kilay.

"Yeah I've never had euphoria like this! Like I've never felt so alive and so damn fucking sexy, mhmmm!" She said and kagat labing hinahaplos ang mga boobs n'ya, at napatawa ako at naalala na naman si Eindi.

"So girl bakit, uhmmh how is it you danced so well?"

"Duh, I did Ballet-Jazz di'ba? and I'm part of my school's dance troupe"

"Ah, yeah, oo nga pala, shit parehong pareho mo talaga si (Eindi)!" Sabi ko.

"Uhmm uh, ate puydi tayo sweed isa pa? I'm really dying to try the chocolate" She said na pakimi.

"Ay susme naadik na nga ang bilat, I don't know, baka mamaya tumakbo ka na sa labas at ma gang rape ka!" I said and she went pouting, giving me puppy dog eyes.

"Oh, alright sige na!" Sabi ko.

"Ay Yaaay!" She said lightly clapping "Puydi ako mag light?"

"Fucking crush mo talaga si Eindi 'no bruha ka? Shit you're so alike! Sige go adik!" I said chuckling.

Kinuha n'ya ang isang mahabang stick ng faiyachokoreto at sinindihan to, humitit at umubo nang konti and then took another puff.

"Ohh man, daymmhh that's so gooood...!" She said swooning, slowly blowing out smoke "Shit ang sarap ate! It's kinda spicy like dark sweet chocolate flames!"

"Yeah fave ko din to, but babe take it easy I don't know what will be its effect on you" sabi ko before taking a puff.

Sinabay namin ang pag sweed sa pagkain nang icecream.

Maya maya she coiled her arms around me and pinaghahalikan ako all over my face and neck.

"I love you ate, thank you for the best night ever! My best party yet hahaha!" Sabi n'ya

"Well, super love kita eh, I want to share with you everything" I said.

"Sooo, ate is it the same doing it with a boy? I mean having sex with a boyfriend or" Tanong n'ya.

"Well sweetie girl, uhm...

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