Jogging Encounter

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Date: May 10, 2021 (1 month ago)

Micah: Ma mind if i go for a jog tomorrow morning?

her mother nods nonchalantly..

Micah: cool.. maybe around 3 or 4 am will be alright.. and i'll probably be back after an hour..

Her mother silently nods.

After the dinner micah cleans the tables and the dishes like she always did..

After that she go to the bathroom to take a bath before going to bed.

While taking a bath she notices her body is starting to change drastically..

Despite being at the age of 18,her physical appearance can be considered as a matured one..

She notices her boobs are getting quite big for her age..
With atleast B cup average.

Her hips are also getting wider and her ass is so perfectly shaped.

Also with the fair white skin.
And a face that you'll probably be mistaken to a foreign.

She's the perfect girl that you could've ever asked for.
She's almost perfect. that's why almost everyone on their village admires her.

While she's taking a relaxing halfbath in tub.
She opens her phone to watch.

And also like the many other teenagers
Micah was also curious about sex,
But she just keep it to herself.

She's also curious how the girls feel when they we're having sex just like in the books that she usually read.
How does it feel when they suck a dick although in her mind it sounds a bit nasty. But she's still curious about it.
And also what does a cum tastes like.

She was always curious abouth the feeling of hot thrubbing cum flowing in her mouth.
And what does it tastes like.

While she was imagining the feeling of being ravage.
She did not notice that her pussy is dripping a lots of juices.

After a couple of minutes.
Micah come out of the bathroom and change clothes in her room.
And simply lay down in her bed.

Micah: i really should sleep early this time. I'm going for a jog later. I need to wake up early.

After doing all her norms before bed.

She sets her alarm at exactly 3:00 am in the morning.

Micah: 3 am it is. I really hope it's not that too early for a morning jog. Well i hope i wake up and don't go back to bed after i hear the alarm.

She murmors to herself while setting the alarm in her phone..

Micah: alright time to sleep..


6 hours later:
3:00 am..

*ring* *ring*
After a couple more minutes.
Micah manage to wake up and did'nt hop back to bed.

Micah: alright it's 3:05 am. Maybe i'll go grab some quick shower before going for a jog.

She jumps out of bed and head towards the bathroom to take a quick bath.

After 10 mins.
She manages to get out of the bathroom and head to her room to look for something to wear.

She decided to go with just gray sports bra and a black leggings..

While she was on her way out she decided to leave her phone inside her room because it'll just get in the way when she jog.

Micah: ugh might aswell leave my phone. It'll be bothersome to hold a phone while i'm jogging.

She soflt whispers to herself.

It's 3:20 when she got out of her house.
And she's a bit far before she notices that i was quiet chilly outside and she forgots to bring a jacket.

Micah: oh perfect! How on earth did i forgot to bring a jacket with me. Geez

She mumbles on herself while slowly walking.

She heads on the baywalk because it's much more comfortable to jog in there and theres no on will be there in this kind of hour.

She manage to walk safely on her way to the baywalk.

Micah: well i did not know that it'll only take 5 mins to walk here. And just as i thought it's perfect, theres no other person in here except my excellency.

She started to do herself some stretching.
While stretching.

After a couple of minutes doing some stretching.
Sweats are starting to accumulate in her whole body.

The longer she sweats.
The hotter her whole body looks like.

And after doing the whole strectching.
She started to jog slowly. Making her more sweaty.

After realizing that the fatigue is starting to accumulate in her whole body.
And making her leg sore a little..

She find herself a place to cooldown..
Making her looks so hot with those sweats dripping down in here bodies.

Sweats that starting to flood he...

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May 10, 2021 (1 month ago)

oh no! lagot ka sa dlawang yan

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May 12, 2021 (1 month ago)

more please.. 😍😋

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