Christmas Came Early

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Date: March 5, 2021 (1 month ago)

It's been months since I last had sex. My last was the 22year old dude from my previous story.

Christmas Came Early is a story of my December 2020 Escapade.

On the last quarter of 2020, I got so busy with work that I haven't gotten the time to enjoy my sex life. I decided to revisit Tinder to spark some fun.

T'was Mid October when I met a very interesting guy. On first look he was sexually attractive with that grin on his face. He was 35 years old, charming and outgoing (based on his Tinder photos). I swiped right and I was surprised to know that we matched. I immediately left him a message (ganon ako when a guy really catches my attention).

Me: Hey there! You're name sounds interesting, how do you pronounce it?

I left him a message around 7 in the evening. Wasn't really expecting a reply since that normally happens to me on Tinder.

9pm the next day, I got a response from him.

Him: Hello, you pronounce it the way it is. Nice to e-meet you btw.

When I got his response I laughed a little. He has a point - bakit ko pahihirapan ang sarili ko in pronouncing it when it's already spelled out. I hit reply and the rest was history.

2months went by and it was already December. Christmas was a bit different last year as we all know and it's because of the pandemic. I already anticipated a boring Christmas since some of my family members were able to come home.

Me: What are your plans for the holidays?

Him: I'll be spending it at home with the family.

Me: Oh right, your Mom wants you at home for the holidays.

Him: Yup! Perks of being an only son. haha Plus, I get to decide for the menu.

Me: Nice! How about your sister? She'll be joining you naman?

Him: Yeah, we will all spend it sa bahay. Mom won't let it slide.

Me: I see. When are you leaving?

Him: On the 22nd. Bakit, sasama ka?

Me: haha if sasama ba ako, will you introduce me to your Mom?

Him: haha too soon to say, but why not?

Me: haha okayyy. Kidding aside, anong trip mo ngayon?

Him: I'm just driving around the city. Di pa kasi ako inaantok and I'm trying to see if na set-up na ang decorations sa kabilang Municipality.

Me: Oh I see. I heard na baka walang set-up this year.

Him: Really? That sucks! I look forward to seeing it pa naman.

Me: Maybe sabay sya sa kapitolyo? Who knows. I will ask around para I can give you an update tapos isama mo ako!

Him: Sure! That would be nice! Let me know when.

Me: Yes, definitely!

Him: Do you want to join me now?

Me: Join you saan?

Him: I'll pick you up sa inyo and maybe we can grab some ice cream.

Me: Ice cream? At this hour?

Him: haha bakit? pati ba naman ice cream may curfew?

Me: haha wala naman pero it's almost 10pm and may curfew.

Him: haha all week I've been travelling at this hour pero I was never called to the side to inform me na may curfew. I can't really feel it.

Me: Talaga? haha

Him: What now? Where should I pick you up?

Me: Oh sorry, I can't go out anymore. I'm already in my pajamas. haha

Him: So what? I'm also wearing pambahay, dapat ba formal? haha

Me: No, I didn't mean it like that. Naka night dress na ako, nakakahiya ng lumabas.

Him: Atleast you have your clothes on. Cge na.

Me: haha good point but hindi na nga muna.

Him: hmmmmm? Unless if you're wearing something like this (he sent me a photo) then I suggest you stay in bed.

Me: haha nothing like that, mine is just the regular ones. For special occasions yan ehh haha

Him: May special occasions pa talaga? haha so di ka talaga pwede?

Me: Yeah, sorry. Medyo cozy na din ako sa bed ko.

Him: Oh I see, I guess you're more comfortable in bed than beside me.

Me: hala sya! Di naman sa ganon, curfew na din kasi.

Him: haha I was just kidding! Isa pa, kung kanina ka pa lumabas, naka-uwi ka na sana. haha but maybe next time.

Me: Sorry, babawi ako next time.

I was guilty for not joining him. It was his first invitation. I don't know but I was excited - ang sarap ng tulog ko.

Behind the gentleman approach something was unclear to me. So I decided to ignite our conversation.

Him: What can you about the newly opened resto in SM?

Me: It's okay, We ate there last week and so far masarap naman. Di ka pa nakakakain doon?

Him: Not yet, I'm still waiting for my friends feedback.

Me: Oh okay pero you've tried that other place for samgyup?

Him: Yeah, we've been there. But will also try the one in SM, will ask my colleagues to join me.

Me: You should try it para you can compare.

Somewhere in my head I was expecting an invitation for dinner. haha assuming si Tita ehh. Ouch!

Me: So, aside from samgyup what else is your favorite food?

Him: Oh samgyup is not my favorite food, I just like the method of cooking. But to answer your question, I like this food in one of the restos in Makati. It's so good.

Me: Okay, that's like something na I'm not familiar haha how about dessert?

Him: I'll go for blueberry cheesecake.

Me: Really? One of my favorites, lalo na yung sa Bo's Coffee!

Him: Yeah! I like that too! Wala naman din akong ibang nabibilhan ng cheesecake.

Me: Hmmmm? Do you need me to suggest a few places for you? Do you have any desert in particular?

Him: haha are you a food guide? cge nga, where's the best chocolate cake in town?

Me: Sabi nila, it's from this resto ***.

Him: Oh right! I like their cookie monster!

Me: See? I told you so!

Him: haha yes! Ikaw? What's your favorite dessert?

Me: Anything that involves chocolate.

Him: hmmmm? good choice. Chocolate cake is best paired with black coffee. Perfect meryenda!

Me: Or in some cases it's best to be spread.

Him: I'm not a fan of chocolate spreads.

Me: Me either, more on peanut butter ako.

Him: Right! But you can spread chocolate elsewhere.

Me: haha elsewhere you mean on you?

Him: haha really?

See? I told you there was something! It just needs a little push. Ilang araw din na ganyan ang conversation namin, until one night.

Me: So you're driving right now?

Him: Yeah!

Me: Umuwi kana kaya, curfew na!

Him: haha wala ngang curfew! Ikaw? What are you doing?

Me: I'm watching my favorite netflix series - Forensic Files.

Him: Oh interesting? Bakit ganyan? Gusto mong pumasok sa NBI?

Me: haha nope! FBI pwede, not NBI.

Him: Grabe maka-nope. Bakit anong meron sa FBI?

Me: haha pakiramdam ko astig ang mga babae doon eh, especially when they read you your rights.

Him: Hmmmm? So kung ako, ipapadakip mo?

Me: Ofcourse!

Him: Where will you bring me?

Me: Oh I'll tell them to place in Alcatraz. haha kaso Isolated nayon ngayon.

Him: Hmmmm? In an isolated island. haha gusto mo ata akong ma-solo.

Me: haha may ganon eh noh?

Him: haha yes! Let me guess, you'll be feeding me chocolates.

Me: Oh no, I won't! I'll be spreading that on you.

Him: Then what will you do?

Me: I'll slowly lick you, until your good.

Him: Damn it! This foreplay is taking too long! Let's get this over with.

Me: haha did I turn you on? I didn't mean it.

Him: haha oh yes you did! You did more than just turning me on!

Well, that escalated quickly! I guess, I'm not good with making life choices. haha

December 20, 2020

This was me messaging him on a Sunday Morning.

Me: What's up?!

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March 5, 2021 (1 month ago)

hey let's talk at TG 😉

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March 5, 2021 (1 month ago)

Nice holiday...

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March 5, 2021 (1 month ago)

This was hot. Nice buildup.

Can you share the place that you went to where you were not able to spread the chocolate?

Pls pm it to me. Thanks.

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