After a few minutes, Brendan was back on the breakfast table.

"She's awake bro."


"I think I startled her."

"Hayaan mo siya, sabi niya naman maaga siya magigising e."

I forgot that Brendan might not understand Tagalog completely.

"Did you just say she planned to be up early?"

"That's right."

"I can still pick up the words, but I have a really hard time speaking it."

Irish had her hair pony-tailed and approached the breakfast table after kissing me. She was as beautiful as the morning sunshine.

After eating, we all just relaxed by the beach. By mid-morning, we decided to rent a boat to try our luck on fishing. Medyo maalon kaya bumalik din kami agad after two hours. Then it was time for lunch.

Manang prepared grilled fish and sinigang na baboy. We had a hearty meal.

Irish had her headphones and took a nap sa isang malaking duyan under a tree. Si Brendan was seated near her. I was gathering wood para mag bonfire kami pero malayo sa beach ang lugar na pinili ko.

Brendan stood up to help me.

"Think I can give you a hand?"


Through this small afternoon chat, I learned Brendan had some bad relationships in the past. She had a girlfriend whose family migrated to Spain, kaya nagkahiwalay sila. His most recent gf naman got hooked into drugs. Kaya for the past year almost, he's been completely single.

Dinner was another good meal from the hands of Manang. We then sat by the bonfire. We did not bring hard drinks, just beer. Irish is a vodka drinker so she had her own bottle of course. Brendan surprised us, however. He gave Irish a bottle of vodka, which he said he purchased from his trip in Estonia last year.

We popped the bottle open and Irish loved it. She said it's sweeter than the usually bland vodka taste, and comes with a hint of citrus.

"Be careful, stepsis. It can hit you hard, it's stronger than usual even if it tastes really good."

"I can handle vodka, no worries."

My gf was beside me, seated across Brendan. She excused herself briefly to go to the bathroom. Kami naman ni Brendan, nag-uusap about the next day, kase gusto naming pumunta sana sa public market sa bumili ng seafood.

My gf was back, freshened up obviously, quite red and flushed from the vodka. She was in the usual big shirt na pantulog niya. She sat beside me again, and I placed my arms around her. I felt the side of her breast, nagtanggal na siya ng bra. I got curious if she's wearing panties.

Brendan showed us pictures on his phone, yung trip niya sa Estonia. First time niya sa Europe kaya excited siya. Then there was an awkward photo of him – he's in the hotel gym and wearing what appears to be a very tight pair of exercise shorts and shirt. Irish noticed it and teased him.

"Wow, this is a soft porn shot!"

"No it's not!" Brenda defended himself.

Irish is referring to Brendan's pic where he's all sweat up, tight short and tight light gray gym shorts that showed what looked like an unrealistically large bulge.

"Leaves nothing to the imagination, definitely soft porn."


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