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Date: December 27, 2020 (28 days ago)

Naulit nang naulit hanggang sa naging normal na sa amin ni Dad ang aming ginagawa. May mga gabi na sa kwarto nya ako natutulog. Meron din namang mga gabi na sa kwarto ko sya tumutuloy.

Para kaming mag asawa sa loob ng malaking bahay na iyon. Pag gabi ay pawang mga ungol at halinghing ang maririnig. Halos lahat na atang parte ng kabahayan ay nabinyagan naming dalawa. Walang gabi na hindi ako makakantot ni Dad.

The situation liberated me even more. I had been getting sex thoroughly that my body developed some more.

"Wew... babe. You are looking hotter every day..."

Puri ni Lee sa akin nang makita ako. It was weekend and we decided to hang out in her house. I was wearing white cropped top shirt and shorts.

"Your hips became even wider and your gluts rounder."

Nilapitan ako nito saka siniil ng halik. It was passionate. I closed my eyes and met her kisses. Our tongue intertwined for a while while our hands were touching each other.

Napasinghap ako nang mabilis nitong masapo ang aking mga suso.

"Your boobs have become bigger, too. And your waist and tummy slimmer.."

Pati na ang set up naming dalawa ng kaibigan ay naging normal na din. Tuwing mapag iisa kami, tulad ngayon, ineenjoy namin ang isa't isa. We have decided to get into a sexual activities without commitment. We were just exploring together and having fun with each other. We could see other people. The more we explore, the better the experience.

"Well, I've been getting a lot of rigging these days. You know how Dad is.. He is... always intense.. I feel like I work out each time we sex.."

Casual kong sagot dito. Sa totoo lang, di ko na kailangan maggym because of how much Dad sexes me. Bukod pa kay Lee and some other random guys I meet.

"Ahhh.. Tell me about it. He is one hot Dad.."

Nakangiti sabay kindat nito sa akin. It did not take long before all our clothes were on the floor.

"Ahhhh.. baaabe..."

This time it was I who was at the top and pleasuring Lee. I already knew her weak spots.

Now my tongue is slowly caressing her ear... I like it when she purrs when I whisper sweet words for her.

"You are gorgeous babe. I like to make you happy.."

Our mouths once again locked. Being on top made me feel strong that I was ravaging her. While our mouths were busy, I uSed two hands to massage her tits. She had developed, too. We both looked sexier and hotter with our bodies curved just right to make anyone drool..

I went down some more and made my way to her healthy bossoms. Favorite ko ang part na iyon. Gamit ang aking mga labi ay inipit ko ang malagomang mga utong ng maganda at malibog na girl friend. Diniinan ko pa nang bahagya.

Her back arched like she wanted me to do more of it, which I did. Inipit, sinuso, dinilaan, sinupsop ko ang kanyang mga nipples. Parang namamaga ang mga iyon sa bawa't supsop ko pero sarap na sarap naman sya.

"Hmm baby I adore these..."

Patuloy ang ginawa kong paglamas sa kanyang mga suso. Ang ganda talaga ng mga iyon. Lee's beautiful face looked like she was enjoying. I liked how she gaped at every suck I did...

Ngayon ay nasa pagitan na nga kanyang mga hita ang aking mukha. I could already smell her sweet wetness. Di nakakasawa ang feminine smell na iyon and it actually made me want to pleasure her even more...

Her pussy was shaved clean. Maputi ang kanyang mga singit. Spotless.

I went straight to where she was very wet and dove straight there using my now experienced tongue...


Lee moaned.

Just a few months ago, I would never imagine doing this with my best friend. But now, it excites me to see her reactions to all my moves.

I carefully inserted two fingers inside her beautiful hole while licking her clit.

It was soft and damp inside. My now crafty fingers know which direction to take. Carefully, I moved in and out... touching that very corner of Lee's vagina.. still my tongue fucking her clit.

"Damn you are so good, babe. Ahhh.. i love you ahhhh..."

Libog na libog na si Lee. Her sexy bod squirming at each of my movement.

Gustong gusto ko iyon. I am very much attracted sa katawan ng best friend ko.

Pinagpatuloy ko ang pagdaliri sa kanya. Basa na din ang aking bibig sa masaganang katas na lumalabas sa kanyang bukana. Tinutuyo ko ng dila ang bawa't katas. Pinapatigas ko ang dila at saka babarurutin ang kanyang tinggil na lalo nyang ikinakabaliw.

"Fuck me babe... fuck meee...!"

She is gushing. Ayaw na tumigil ng katas. Ohh.. her juice was like an aphrodisiac to me.

Kinain ko ang puke nya na parang tahong. Daliri. Higop. Dila. Naging marahas ang pagdaliri ko na lalo nyang ikinabaliw. Pabaling baling na ang kanyang mukha at mahigpit ang hawag sa aking buhok..

"ohhh... cumming, babe.. cumming, fuck me with those sinful fingers..lick me babe.. cumming, cummiiiiiing!!!"

Halos di ko na maintindihan ang sinasabi nya. Nagdedeliryo na ito sa sarap.

Di nagtagal ay nangingig ang katawan nito kasabay ng pagbulwak ng maraming pang katas. She reached out to me and we kissed. Passionately. Habang patuloy ang pagligwak ng katas nito.

We kissed and cuddled until Lee gained her strength. Then it was her turn to do the same and pleasure me..

It was already dark when I woke up to the sound of a door closing. Both Lee and I were naked on her bed.

I did not mind who it was. Could be anyone from her service staff. I just shrugged my shoulders.

I decided to shower and borrowed Lee's white sando tops and white brief shorts. I did not bother wear undies.

Dad was calling.

Dahil alam ko naman ang pasikot sikot sa bahay, lumabas ako pababa sa kanilang garden para dun sagutin ang tawag.

"Hi baby.."

Bungad sa akin ng ama.

"Hey Dad. I am at Lee's."

"Oh.. I know."

Napataas ang kilay ko. Did Lee tell him?

"Dylan (Lee's Dad) told me. We did meet up this afternoon."

That makes sense. He saw me come when he was about to leave.

"Oh. I see. What's up Dad?"

It was long ago when I last saw this garden. Now the plants were lush.

"I am home and something here is looking for you."

I knew what he was talking about. I found myself in the dim corner of the garden. I leaned against the wall.

"Uhuh... that naughty naughty thing?"

Di ko alam pero ang dali kong tablan pag si Dad ang nagt-tease sa akin. I do not usually fall for these tactics. I prefer action. Haha.

"Yes.. He's gotten bigger just by hearing your voice.."

"Uhm.. will it get even bigger when I moan? Uhmmmmm..."

That's not the first time Dad and I are doing this. There was even a time he called me sa school just to have sex on phone with me. I remember the teacher saying Dad's on phone telling I should call. When I did, he started talking dirty to me that I ended up in the bathroom fingering myself to explosion. He'd also send me dirty messages in viber. Dad liked keeping things spicy.

"Oh yes, baby... It is missing your young tight pussy.. it wants to go inside badly.."


Ang aking mga kamay ay kusang naglakbay sa aking mga suso. Manipis lang ang suot kong pang itaas kaya pakiramdam ko ay parang nakahubad na din ako.

"But before it goes inside, I will need to undress you first.. "

"Uhmm.. Dad I am at Lee's..."

Halos ay pahalinghing na sagot ko dito. My skin was so warm I knew I have already fallen to the pit of lust that very moment. I started caressing the tips of my nipples with one hand.

"The more exciting it is babe. Turn on your camera. I want to see your gorgeous bod baby.."

Para akong puppet na sunud sunoran sa sinabi ng ama. I knew I wanted it too. I looked left and right and when I was sure one was around, I took off my top and my shorts.. I was all naked in that dim part of the house.

I cAlled Dad in viber..

"Oh la la.."

Nakangiti ito nang makita ang aking kahubdan. Tanging ilaw mula sa kalapit na garden post at cellphone ang nagbibigay liwanag para makita nito ang aking katawan..

"I will never get tired of that sight.. My thing here wants to savage your young body, baby.."

"uhuh... My body desires that.."

Sagot ko naman dito.

Ipinakita ni Dad sa akin ang kanyang burat. Galit na galit ito. Kitang kita ko pa ang ugat ugat sa paligid nito.

Napakagat labi ako....

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Damn hot!

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Ughhhhh.. fuckkkk... sarapppppp.. mauuwi sa 4some tohh im sure...

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