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Date: December 12, 2020 (1 month ago)

My father and I enjoyed each other's company the night before and even the whole of today...


I was in the shower. Still with body pains from all the wrongful deeds.. He came inside, put his arms around my small body and went straight to caressing my swollen breasts..

I do not know pero I could not stop him. I felt my blood heated just the touch of my dad.

He was rough and sweet at the same
time. His thumb and pointynfinger pinched my then erected nips..


Mariin na marahan ang ginawa niyang pagpisil sa aking mga utong. And they seemed to like it. My body willingly leaned on to my father's and I let him him do what he was doing.. ang sarap kasi..

Dad kissed my nape. Madiin. Nakakakiliti. He was still mashing my boobies. Gosh. My body have had all the pleasure it wanted from last night pero it still was yearning for more..

Bumaba ang isang kamay ni Daddy. Pababa sa aking puson. He caressed that part, too. Then moved futher down.. Di nag alinlangan ang aking ama na tunguhin ang madulas nang bukana..


Napasinghap ako nang biglang ipasok ni Dad ang panggitna nyang daliri sa aking maga pang puke. Labas pasok ang ginawa nito roon. I could hear my wetness' sound joining the splashing water's..He moved his thigh and led my leg up, my right foot against the wall.

Dad is taller than me. And a lot stronger. He is now abusing my pussy and my teats.. Mabilis ang ginawa nitong pagkantot sa puke ko gamit ang daliri. Ganun din ang mariin nitong paglamas sa aking mga suso na maya maya ay sasabayan pa ng paglapirot sa aking mga utong. Ang dila nito ngaun ay malayang naglalakbaya sa aking batok at balikat. Paminsan minsan ay ramdam ko ang pagkagat nito sa mga bahaging iyon ng aking katawan..

"Daaaad! Oh my... aggghhhhh"

The feeling was so intense. I could feel all my senses heightened. Yung sakit at sarap ng gigil na pangdadaliri nya sa puke ko, yung mahigpit na paglamas nya sa mga suso sabay lapirot sa mga utong ko, at yung pagkagat kagat nya sa batok at balikat ko.. Ohhhh.. they hurt and felt so damn goood..!

I felt like convulsing. Parang lalabas lahat ng fluid sa katawan ko through my pussy and my nips. I even felt like salivating sa sobrang tindi ng ginagawa sa akin ni Daddy. I was like crazy. I leaned on him some more, let him do whatever more he would want to do..

My sanity was collapsing.. I never thought I could feel this, even more so with my own father. Right at that time, I felt like he could make me do anything. He could turn me into his exclusive whore and I would willingly surrender..

"ahhhhhhh! Dad!!! Daaaad!"

I was already screaming. Wala na akong pakialam kung may makarinig sa amin. Our house is huge and we have service staff around, but dang! I needed to scream or I would explode!

"Yes baby? You like Dad's finger inside your cunt?"

Nagsimula akong idirty talk ng aking ama.

"You like your Dad's fat finger fucking you? Tell me baby.."

Ohh.. that sounded so sexy. I resisted no more.

"Unghh.. Dad.. I love your finger inside my pussy. Please do not take it off. Fill my hole with it Daddy!.."

Malanding sagot ko. And he did.. the intensity continued and I knew I was close to the end. Mahigpit ang hawak ko sa matitigas na braso ni Daddy. I was shaking.

"Give it, baby.. cum with Dad finger fucking you.."

Malat na sabi ng ama.

It did not take a while. I felt my body tremble. I could see light. I felt like flying.

"Ohhhhhhhhh... Daaaaaaaaaadddd!"

And there I squirted! Over and over while in ectasy. Parang wala na ako sa sarili ko.

My dad grabbed my face and searched for my mouth. We kissed. Torridly. Halos ubusin nya ang laway ko. And I let him. His tongue was like a vacuum groping my tongue. I felt like being fucked by this solid hard organ.

Heaven! I was being fucked in my pussy and my mouth!

Di pa humuhupa ang intensity lumipat paharap si Dad at saka lumunod sa harap ko at isinandal ako sa wall. He licked the fluid that drenched my thighs and while still fucking me with his finger, moved his mouth up and reached the source of my wetness.

"Baby you smell so good.."

Before I could react, his lustful mouth moved fast up, and devoured my soaked flower..


My strength was leaving me. Why does sex have to feel this marvelous?

I was cumming nonstop with my own father eating me.

The next thing I know, he stood up and made me turn back. I could feel the cold wall teasing my well-threaded nipples.. It felt amazing.


Pareho kaming napaungol nang dahan-dahang nakapasok ang matabang sandata ng ama sa aking puke. My pussy was so full and happy.

His magnanimous stick slid back and forth. Just relaxed as I was cumming incessantly from his abusive fucking...

His movement was splendid. Baon na baon ang tarugo ni Dad sa puke ko sa posisyon namin na iyon..

"Dad you are making me cum so much..."

Paungol na daing ko.

"That's good, baby.. This is just the start. I will make you cum ninety nine more ways possible.."

At sige sa paghinete si Dad sa akin. Ramdam na ramdam ko ang malaki at matigas nitong alaga na bumubundol sa aking bahay bata.

Dad moved from slow to fast, then faster. Ang sarap. Ang dulas ng bawat pag ulos nya. Halos mapangudngod na ako sa tiled wall kung saan ako nakapasandal.

"Dana, baby... Daddy is cumming! I am going to cum inside my baby's pussy!"

Ramdam ko ang lalong pagtaba at pagtigas ng armas na iyon ng ama. I knew he would once more release his juice inside me.

"Ohhhh... Yes Dad. Fill me with your cum. Any time!"

Libog na libog ako. I could not care less whatever Dad wanted at that moment. I was too deep into this lustful deed. I dared not step out of it.

"Eto na... Dad's cumming baby... aahhhhhgggghhh!"

He squirted his fluid. I could feel a lot of them deep inside my pussy. They were filling my womb. And there I felt myself explode, too.

"Ahhhhhh.... Daaaaaaad!"

Once more, my own father let his juice inside...

It did not bother me.

We hugged while still savouring the intensity

That night as well, we slept together. We were like honeymooners. Para kaming mga kuneho na walang ginawa kundi...

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