Once Upon A Time . . . Cum To Me Baby

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Date: December 11, 2020 (1 month ago)

This is a continuation of Me and My Ex's adventures.

Before anything else, I'd like to give a shoutout to a good friend whom I met here -- Justice13! I'll meet you one day my friend!.

So as I mentioned in the 1st part of this story, our relationship lasted for only a year and a month.

After our first time, he told me to be patient with him 'coz he's sexually active and a maniac and I was surprised. Hindi halata, so I also told him not to worry 'coz I know how to behave accordingly.

I'm a complete opposite from how his friends knew me -- shy and timid. But my guy knows I can be slutty if I want to, I can tease him in anyway I want both public and private.

I guess the 1year 1month is to long to narrate our sex affairs so I'll just choose the best ones.

My ex picks me up at work every single day. He never misses it except if may emergency sa work nya.

Every week may sexcapade kami, trying out the different motels and inns in the city.

My Mom is fond of him 'coz he stays for a few hours before heading home. So if we decide to go on an adventure for that night, I just tell my Mom we'll eat (each other) out.

We were just strolling around the city looking for a restaurant, like what we always do. But that night if felt different, I felt like I needed dessert before dinner. So I started teasing him, running my fingers on him and whispering words to his ear.


Him: "Yes babe?"

Me: "ahhhmmm, I'm hungry"

Him: "Yeah, I know kaya tayo naghahanap ng restaurant."

Me: "mmmmm kasi gutom na talaga ako."

Him: "haha yes babe, so saan tayo kakain?"

Me: "Diba may room service doon sa motel."

Him: "haha What? You want to have dinner there?"

Me: "Yes! Pero gusto ko mauna ang dessert hahaha."

Him: "hahaha fuck! Dessert talaga?"

Me: "Mas gusto mo talagang sinasabi ko na ikaw!"

Him: "haha Yun naman pala eh, madali akong kausap sweetie."

He drove to one of our favorite motel. Sa dami ng motel and inn sa city, 3 lang ang favorite ko because of the cleanliness and the service.

So we checked-in and settled. We started making out and parang uhaw talaga ako. I really don't know but my boy drives me horny as fuck.

He started rubbing my pussy kahit may damit pa ako. Teasing me with his middle finger.

"Stop doing that!"

Him: "hahaha What? What did I do?"

Me: "That! Placing your finger in me then you suddenly stop."

Him: "hahaha Why are you mad?"

Me: "Nang-iinis ka eh! Stop it please."

Him: "Beg for me to stop."

Me: "Babe, please? Stop being a tease."

Him: "Now I'm the tease? Sino ba ang gustong dito kumain? haha"

I just sealed his mouth with a kiss, a torrid french kiss just the way he wants it. Maingay kasi ehh.

He was kissing me all over -- lips, neck, chest and ohhhh my breast. He kept going down until he reached my pussy.


Him: "Hmmm? Yeah?"

Me: "ahh ahh I love you!"

Him: "I love you too sweetie!"

He continued to eat me. Habang nakatihaya ako ramdam kong lahat ng pwedeng taman, tinatamaan nya. Napapa-ungol ako sa sarap ng kain nya.

My guy is an ultimate eater, he satisfies me kahit sa pussy eating pa lang and that's my favorite part!

Gustong gusto nya yung nanginginig ako sa sarap. Y...

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December 11, 2020 (1 month ago)

Mmmm... Lucky guy

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December 12, 2020 (1 month ago)

Nice one again mam hoping you will share some more of your sexcapades.

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