Tuesdays are hectic days at my clothing shop. Women are known to be impatient with everything, especially when they have to pay. I give them drinks to quench their inner beasts, behind their model looks and manicured nails, they have evil step sister tendencies. Rich women. Spoiled women. Bad women...

I sighed. I tried not to think about the "attack" that has happened to me 3 weeks ago. He called me a rich whore. A bad bitch. all those words, they aren't true. I worked hard so I wouldn't think about it. Yes, He fucked me hard, the cranking furniture. I wiped a sweat off my forehead. Stop thinking about it!!! He won't come back. He would never dare. Forget it.

Wine flows like water in my shop, it's an investment. Clients pay a lot more when they're flattered and drunk.I myself would tip a glass sometimes, to get through the pressure. It helps.

Anyway, about my boyfriend of 3.5 years, Jessie hasn't seen me for 3 weeks. He's been busy working as a corporate lawyer in Makati. We used to see each other every two weeks but sometimes, we're apart and spend hours on viber to communicate.

We have a secret viber chat, where we send explicit messages and pictures to each other. Of course, X video calls is a part of that. Every relationship needs that, fuck the hypocrites. Saying they wouldn't get naked for their boyfriends online. Yeah right. Liars.

One night, it was warm and I wore a pink silk tank top and silk panties to chat with him. I made sure to turn him on. I wore the reddest lipstick I have and dangling Pearl earrings. Of course Jessie was ready, stroking his cock while I sat on my chair listening to whatever he wanted me to do.

"Open your legs babe"
"yes like that babe, touch your breasts"
"put your hands inside your panties"

I follow everything he says. I'm not shy with Jessie, he can see all of me whenever he wants. I trust him. We make passionate love, not violent, not selfish, not abusive.

So I began touching myself. Stroking my breasts through the silk top. Perspiring and hot. I licked my fingers and played with my clits. I was moist... very moist.

"show me your pussy"

I slipped my panties to the side and showed him. Camel toe in the flesh. Smooth. Shaved. Pink.

"play baby"

2 fingers in. I began to wiggle my hips to meet the thrust of my fingers inside of me. I licked my own juices and spit on my fingers to wet me some more. Up and down, up and down, stroking my clit, exploring my own depths. My fingers bent, finding the knob that sends tingle all over my body down to my toes. It burns. Oh how it burns.

"open wider..."

I took the camera closer to my pussy, so he could see better and Hear me better when I moan by my own pleasure.

These pussy lips were making noises, so wet he could hear it. My fingers glided in rhythmic motions, feeling my folds plump up. I closed my eyes, imagining being fucked from behind, on the sofa. Violently. Thrusting deeper and deeper, closer and closer to the end of no return.

Fuck you whore. I'm going to fuck you anyway I want...

"mmm... no..." my eyes shut. "No... please don't"

My thoughts spun out of control as I fingered myself so fast, I came hard, so hard, I couldn't breathe for a moment. Gasping for air, I accidentally closed our viber conversation not knowing if Jessie had cum or not. I just lost it...

why was I thinking of that stupid attack on me? Why did I cum on those rough, unloving, senseless fucking?? I hated myself after the sensations were over. I felt dirty and showered for 45 minutes.

The day was finally over and I'm happy to have sent the last client out to her waiting car. I went back in to my shop and tidied up the clothes rack, the mannequin display, the wine bottles and fluffed the waiting chairs. As I turn to get my bag. I heard the door open and clicked closed.

A shadow came above me. The room was dim and only the street lamps illuminated my office. I was about to go ...

"don't turn around"

That voice. It sent shivers down my spine. Not here. Not now. No. I closed my eyes.

I would love to fuck your face sometime!

The memory of his voice saying those words rang into my ears.

"No. Please don't" I whispered, fingers gripped my bag so tight.

He came closer and closer, sniffed my hair. Ran his fingers on my shoulder, groaned over my ear.

"Don't do this Ronnie..." My lips quivering.

He made a little laugh.

"that's not even my name..."

Bewildered. What's his name? He lied. Of course.

He held my shoulders and gently pushed me down to my knees.

"don't look" as he walked in front of me.

I was shaking...

He Unzipped his pants and his huge cock sprung into life.

"Open your mouth..."

He grabbed my chin. I could see the outline of his face, the light have lit his facial features like he was Michelangelo's David. Don't look. He whispered.

He brushed his dick on my lips and pinched both sides of my cheeks hard that my lips parted.

His cock filled my warm mouth and he began to rock back and f...

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December 10, 2020 (1 month ago)

Wala po bang tagalog jan para mas maunawaan😁😁😁 thank you nice stories

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December 10, 2020 (1 month ago)

Marami n tagalog, try english naman. Sorry ikaw po mag adjust haha

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December 10, 2020 (1 month ago)

Marami n tagalog. English naman. Ikaw na po mag adjust πŸ˜„

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December 10, 2020 (1 month ago)

Plenty of tagalog here. English naman haha πŸ˜† kaw na kuya Salbahe mag adjust_19

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true story po ba talaga to?

Mom - Son, MILFS

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December 10, 2020 (1 month ago)

Finally something new

Such a slut sub i love it

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Puta ansarap!

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10/10. Hope for more faster updates hehe! Keep it up!

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December 15, 2020 (1 month ago)

Ganda ahh... Simple and understandable ang construction of words... With intensified and detailed scenario...keep it up author....πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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