My name is Lana or so they call me but my real name is Ana Lee. It's from my grandmother's name, Ana. She was just Ana. The beautiful and kind Ana. Whom they always say I got my looks from. I looked like Ana when she was young. Tall, slim, dark wavy hair, brown eyes, pale as the moonlight with pink lips and a dimple on the left cheek. I hated how I looked when I was younger, I was taller than most girls in school and the boys couldn't catch up. I was a wallflower, no one dated me or even wrote me a secret note inserted in my books. I just couldn't see myself as pretty as mom would always say I was. I'm so insecure, it ate the hell out of me as a teenager.

Fast forward to 2020 and I'm now a 26 year-old woman with a career. I own a clothing shop and I could say, I earn decently. I have a car and a condo. I moved out of my parents house when I was 20. I just had to. I couldn't stand being talked over about finding a husband that would love me and "take care" of me. A husband. Fuck it. I don't want a husband. I'm 26. Who marries at 26? For fucksakes. I'll never marry.

But I do have a boyfriend. Which pleases my mother coz at least her "goal" might not be in vain. I have a boyfriend and his name is Jessie. Jessie is a lawyer. We could say, he's practical and good looking. Practical, responsible and organized. I am the opposite. You have to see my condo to understand why. I'm not very domesticated. I don't cook. I dont clean. I pay people to do that and there's always grab food. How he still loves me despite all of that is crazy.

"you're beautiful" he runs his hands on my thighs as I pulled away from his cock, good orgasms leave me limp and half alive. I fell to the bed and curled like a fetus on his side.

"you wanna eat?" He smiled at me. Knowing that he has done something great for me. Made me cum twice.

I smiled. "Yes."

"I'll cook" he slipped out of the blanket and went to the bathroom to freshen up and headed downstairs to cook.

See, how I needed him. I smiled at myself and fell asleep.

I woke up to to realize that it's dark and the bedroom door was shut. I looked at the clock and it's now 8pm. Shit.

I rushed downstairs to find a note over a covered stack of plates with cold pasta and baked salmon.


You were sleeping like a baby, I had to go. Eat and take plenty of rest.


Sigh. I ate and went to shower to wash his scent off me. Making love to Jessie is how making love is supposed to be. Passionate, gentle, reassuring, I cum, he cums. We've been doing it for 3.5 years and it's always great. I have no complaints. He's my first boyfriend out of College. I was 23 when I lost my virginity. A little late for most girls in school. Everyone has been deflowered by the time they hit 18. For godsakes, I was too insecure for a boy to like me, much more to have sex.

Jessie and I met when his mother went to my clothing shop and he picked her up. She was a kind and classy woman. Always in her heels with manicured red nails.

"you should meet my son"

"I... "

Hardly a word came out of my mouth when he entered the door. He's tall. Boyish Preppy looks. Almost as pale as me. I could tell he never liked outdoors. He was wearing a nice pair of brown jeans and a plaid blue shirt. Fashionably cute. We were introduced and so often that he came to my shop to collect his mom, we would chat along, until he asked me out and he was nice. So when He said he liked me, I liked him back. We dated for a month and then one drank night, we did it in his car. That was my first time having sex and it was in a car. It was horrible, I ached everywhere and A car isn't the most convenient place to bleed. He was surprised I was a virgin. Of course.

"I didn't know..."

"please don't be sorry, it'll make me feel bad"

"No.. I'm not sorry, I just wished we did it properly... not in the car"

I giggled.

"yeah. We should've chosen the Ritz Hotel for this moment"

We smiled and did it twice again in the car that night.

Todd, my dog was looking at me with his face tilted to the side.

"you wanna walk?"

He got up, wagged his tail and I got his leash.

It's September and the air was crisp. I was wearing my customized glittered mask from my clothing shop and walked with Todd around BGC.

Todd is usually a happy dog and I'm not sure why he was suddenly frantic and was barking at a man by the fountain.

"excuse my dog... I'm so sorry"

Todd was jumping on his leash, omg. What is wrong with him.

"oh no, no problem"

He was wearing a mask and a beanie, his hoodie had a jacket that produced the tiniest kitten I've ever seen...

"omg... adorable"

Now Todd is overly excited and sniffing through this man's jeans. So embarrassing.

"Todd, no! Sit! Sit!"

"Hey..." the guy tried to quench Todd's eagerness by patting his head.

Todd excitedly licked his hand.

"He likes you... embarrassing"

haha. He chuckled.

"I'm Ronnie" he held out his hand.

Nope. No handshakes.

I waved." I'm Lana. "

"nice dog..."

"he is usually behaved. Didn't know a tiny cat would scare him"

"He got excited"


Ronnie. Ronnie. Not my type. Probably 35 or 40 years old, I'm 26, but why do I feel a lot older than I actually am??

"you come here often?"
"Yes, I live near here"

"I see, I work around here..."
"oh nice"
"Is that your cat?"

"Nah... I just picked him up."

"you just pick random cats?"

"stray cats"

I looked puzzled I suppose, at least my eyes. He couldn't see my lips pursing.

"haha. I adopt stray cats and then give them away to anyone who wants to take care of them"

"noble cause."

Todd sniffing busily on his pocket.

"sshh Todd, no"
"he's so curious haha"
"I know, embarrassing"

"hey would you like to get coffee or a donut?"


"I suppose coffee.. judging from your waistline, you don't eat donuts"

"haha. You're wrong. Get me a donut then"

silly. I find him very enchanting. He talks nice and his voice is soothing.

"Ok wait for me here and I'll get the donuts"


So, Todd and I sat on the grass while "Ronnie" my new friend went to get the donuts. What am I doing?

20 minutes later.

"glad you're still here. It took awhile". His eyes beaming at me.

"I like people watching".

"Here are the donuts"

He looked perplexed at my mask...

How do I look, myinner insecurity, hitting me hard. I can't remove my mask.

"Can we just take our donuts home?"


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Nice story!!

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great writing!!!

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