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Date: December 4, 2020 (1 month ago)

Note: A mix tale of truth and fiction. Names were changed for the protection of humans.

My name is Charles, 31 years old, married to 7 month pregnant wife. My sex life came to temporary halt when my wife got pregnant. What am I to do? Lalake ako, mayroon din pangangailangan. That lead me to explore the deepest and darkest realm of online fornication in social media.

Gumawa ako ng alter account and started adding people to my list until I find what suits my taste.

I started with posting nude pictures of me. The started joining group chats just to find my way around but not being too obvious of being freshmeat.

One them is Jade (not real handle) 21 years old, medical staff. We were chatting one night until everything went to steamy. I went to the kitchen and vc'd her.

She was naked and her left hand was already between her legs. Than she raised her hand to the camera and showed her twirling vibrator.

Jade: help me cum.

So I teased her with my bulging shorts. Hinimas himas ko ang bukol ng ari ko.

Jade: shit, looks big...

Then I slowly slipped my thumb over the garter and pushing it down until she got a peek of my white underwear.

Jade: ohhhh yes, show me daddy...

I can hear the burring sound of her vibrator.

I let my shorts dropped on the floor and have her watch as I squeeze my long shaft on camera.

Jade: ohhh yes daddy, I want that cock.

I pulled my underwear down giving her a preview of my cockhead.

Jade: fuck! Fuck me with it daddy.

Ako: show me your pussy baby.

Nang itinutok na nya ang cam nya sa puki nya kasabay na inilabas ko rin ng tuluyan ang ari ko.

Jade: ooohh fuck. Malaki daddy.

Ako: yes baby, seven inches for your wet pussy.

Jade: ooohhh fuck ooohhh fuck.

Jade started fucking herself with the vibrator and I started stroking my cock in sync with her.

Ako: ooohh yes baby I love your soft pussy around my cock.

Jade: daddddyyyy fuck me hard fuck me hard I want your cock inside me daddy.

In a few minutes I started seeing her squirtong stream after stream. Nilabasan din ako sa sobrang sexy ng ungol niya.

I decided I want to proceed to the next level. One on my list was Hazel, 20 years old college student. Tinanong ko siya about settling a date/booking with her. We found a common day and I sent her 2,000 Php via Gcash before our transaction.

We rendezvous at StarBucks and proceeded to SoGo somewhere in the south. Hazel was wearing her school uniform then and changed her clothes in my car while I drove. When we arrived to our room she asked me to send her the remaining balance. So I sent her another 2K and proceeded.

Hazel, got this voluptuous body, D cup breasts, wide ass and clean shaved pussy. She undid my clothes and underwear and she even put the condom on my already hard cock.

She looked deep into my eyes and slowly placed my cock inside her mouth.

Hazel: ullllppp malaki

What a feeling it is. Kahit may condom, shit mas okay to kaysa sariling sikap. She slowly pulls her mouth while sucking my cock while our eyes never parted.

Hazel: you want this huh? Mmmmm.... ommmmm... ummmmm... mmmmmm

Ako: yes baby, suck daddy's cock.

Her slow suck was incredible. Teasing every veins and nerves in my body.

Ako: Oooohhhhhhh yes baby.... oooohhhh nice baby... suck iiiiit ahhhhhhh...

She started sucking me faster and faster and faster. She even pushes my butt to her face. Almost deepthroating her. Damn, I was face fucking this girl for reals.

Ako: Ooohhhh shiiiiit... ahhhhhhhh... shhiiiiiittttt... slow down ahhhhhhhh...

She stopped while my cock was embeded into her mouth.

Ako: Higa ka.

I motioned. She placed herself right in the middle of the bed, legs apart, with one hand on her pussy.

Hazel: come daddy, i want your cock in my young pussy.

Ako: yes baby, daddy will give you your allowance.

I slipped between her legs. Hinawakan ko ang makinis niyang puke. Ang kinis kinis ni walang stubbles. When my fingers reached her hole... Shit, basa na siya. Hindi na ako nagpatumpik tumpik pa. I aimed my cock into her pussy and slowly push into her.

Hazel: Aaaahhhhh shhhittt dadddyyyyy, ooohhh shhhiiiiitttttt....

Tumigil ako as I watch her face turned from tense to relax. Then I started grinding my hips.

Hazel: ohhhhh ooohhhh oohhhhhh aahhhhhh ahhhhh fuck youre sooo bigggg


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