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Date: November 28, 2020 (1 month ago)

Hello to those who've read my 1st story or somewhat confession. Thank you for the kind words and appreciation. Let's keep it cummin, if you know what I mean.

This is another hook-up experience -My 2nd.

Just to give you a background about me, I'm a working professional but like all the other people in this world - I have my kinks, things that really turn me on. Isa na dito ang mga lalaking older sa akin. That's why I chose this guy.

So this was a month or two after I met my first hook-up, unfortunately we never crossed paths again. He did not message me after that night so it was clear to me that we were just really hook-ups. #ghostingmode

March of 2018 when I started chatting this guy from another dating site. He was a professional - tire dealer, older than me by 20 years if I'm not mistaken. Single according to his profile and then again, he was assigned in my hometown area.

I was a bit frustrated with my 1st hook-up because I thought masusundan pa sya but since wala na, I diverted to dating. Open na ako for a relationship that time when I met this bachelor.

He was the first to leave a message on my dating profile.

"Hi Miss. How are you?"

Me: "Hello, I'm good. How have you been doing?"

Him: "I'm also good. So do you live in this city or just here for work/school?"

Me: "Ohh I live here. Born and Raised. And what made you think na I'm still studying?"

Him: "Yung photo mo kasi, you look so cute and innocent."

Me: "Haha okayyy, baby face lang talaga ako. Don't worry, I get that a lot but to tell you I'm working already."

Him: "Nice! Where? Mind telling me, baka client ko kayo."

Me: "Mmm? I don't think so, kasi if client mo ang boss ko I should've met you."

Him: " Oh right! I see, so what brings you here on this site?"

Me: "Well, to be honest I'm not sure. Could be a date or a potential relationship - either way is fine."

Him: "Ohh I see. I'm here to make friends since I frequently travel and wala akong masyadong kakilala dito."

Me: "Ohh alright, I can be your friend."

Him: "Nice! Ang bait mo naman."

Me: "haha Mabait talaga?"

Him: "Oo naman, di mo pa nga ako kilala friends na tayo agad."

Me: "Diba yan din naman talaga ang purpose ng dating sites, to start with being friends?"

Him: "Tama din naman. Anyway, since I'm not completely familiar sa city nyo may recommended places kaba where food is good?"

Me: "Yeah, meron naman din."

Him: "Great! Maybe you can show me around or we can have dinner tonight?"

Me: "Dinner agad?"

Him: "Yeah! What's wrong? May magagalit ba? May bf ka ba?"

Me: "Mmmm, wala naman pero parang early pa masyado for a dinner date."

Him: "I understand, no problem. Babyahe kasi ako bukas. 2 days pa ang balik ko."

Me: "Hmmm, maybe by then we can have dinner?"

Him: "Sure! Sunduin kita in two days time!"

So by then, that's when we set our meeting. Day in and day out we frequently messaged each other. He was really looking forward to meeting me, I was a bit nervous since he's really older than me and medyo halata ang age gap if people will see us together. But I was still decisive on meeting him.

The day arrived - our date night. He messaged me sometime in the afternoon that he was already traveling back to my hometown and baka he'll arrive too early before I'm out for work. I just told him to drive safe and that I'm excited to meet him.

Past 6 when he messaged me nasa parking area na sya ng office building ko. I told him to wait until 7pm or maybe he wanted to go someplace else muna but he said he'll be fine since pagod sya sa pagdadrive, a couple of minutes will help him relax.

When I finally left the office, I was too shy to enter his pick-up but he just told me to get in.

"It's nice to finally meet you. You look really the same with your photos. I assume no filter yon?"

Me: "Haha yeahhh!" an awkward response from me. I really think kaedad nya ang Tatay ko. But he was so smiling, so he still looks younger.

Him: "Let's head to the Pharmacy muna, I need my meds."

Me: "Sure, no worries."

He started driving and started talking to me. I responded to his questions nicely since he's a nice guy. He was very similar din with his picture, however, he was shorter than I expected and di sya kagwapohan pero he was light skinned, neat looking kinda guy and a plus, is that mabango at malinis sya.

When we arrived at the pharmacy he asked if I needed something sabi ko wala naman. So he left and went in.

A few moments passed, then I saw him walking towards the car with his purchases.

"Here, for you."

He gave me a bottle of Mogu-Mogu and a piece of chocolate just in case daw na gusto ko.

Me: "Thank you! Para saan ang meds mo?"

Him: "Oh I'm asthmatic and medyo maalikabok ang kalsada kanina kaya just to beat my asthma I need to take this."

Me: "Ohh I see. Baka pagod ka na sa byahe? we can just meet some other time."

Him: "I'm good, besides nandito na din tayo. So, where will we eat?"

Me: "Fastfood? Or Resto?"

Him: "Kahit ano. Ano ba ang mas malapit?"

Me: "May fastfood doon sa next traffic light."

Him: "Okay lang ba sayo yon?"

Me: "Yeah, no worries!"

Guess what?!
Nag Drive Thru na naman kami! lol History is repeating itself!

We lined up for our orders and waited for our turn, kinakabahan ako kasi this time, baka makilaka ako ng crew sa drive thru. Baka isipin nilang sugar baby ako because I went out with several guys, in a car, going to the drive thru.

But since my date was very professional and calm the crew did not bother looking at me.

He gave me fries and sundae with burger. Then I just started eating in the car. Nag-uusap kami habang nagmamaneho sya, just strolling the city with no destination.

I fed him fries and he ate it then we continued talking. It was quite a long ride when we ended up in an alley sa likod ng isang Badminton Court. Very few cars passing by since off the highway sya and malapit sa residential area. He parked there and told me

"I normally stay here pag wala akong mapuntahan."

Me: "Really? Anong meron dito?"

The place across from our parking area is a rice field.

Him: "H...

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We can be friends but don't go filling my phone with dick pics or rude messages.
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November 28, 2020 (1 month ago)

Im wet too... Just by reading your stories

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November 29, 2020 (1 month ago)

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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November 28, 2020 (1 month ago)

ang ganda ng experience mo. sana magkuwento ka pa

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November 29, 2020 (1 month ago)

Ohh thank you!

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November 28, 2020 (1 month ago)

Again, good story! keep it cumming!

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November 29, 2020 (1 month ago)

Thanks 😉

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November 29, 2020 (1 month ago)

di talaga natin kaya pagtiisan ung maliit na titi. haha.

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December 1, 2020 (1 month ago)

kapos palad ah

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December 1, 2020 (1 month ago)

gaano po ba kaliit ang titi ni manong?

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December 2, 2020 (1 month ago)

hahaha, di talaga matiis ang maliit kahit mabango pa. Grabe siya, napatawa talaga ako doon.

Keep writing po, galing ng mga story mo.

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December 16, 2020 (1 month ago)

Nice author...  nakaka L... sana makapunta din ako sa place mo at maka pag drive thru...;)

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