I was speachless and scared. What am I getting into ? Is this what Rob is trying to tell me, providing some spice on Bob and Jacquies life? How come Mike did not tell me anything. I tried to process what I saw.
I went back to bed, Mike was still sleeping and I couldn't. A lot of things are coming in to my mind. What happened last night? I was totally blackout and can not even remember some of it. The moscato did fog my brain.

I remember I was making out with the women. The next thing is that Mike and Rob brought me to the room to rest. What happened in between those time.? A lot of things are coming into my mind. "Did Rob fuck me last night? ", I asked my self.

As morning hit, I woke up Mike. We dressed up and I told him just text Rob and Stacy, thanking them for being a gracious host and for what ever happened last night.

As we're about to leave, passing by the masters bedroom, Rob came out of his room and offered us a cup coffee. I could see Jacquie on the bed sleeping naked. Mike and I saw it and Rob kind of noticed it too so he closed the door. I just turned around pretending that I did not see it. Mike thank Rob for everything.

On the way to pick up the kids, Mike asked me, " How are you feeling? " , and I said, " I'm ok! ". " Did you enjoy last night ? ", he followed up and I answered, " Yah! ". Our driving is a little slow since snow is starting to fall. "I think you ladies had too much drink last night!", Mike said. " Well it worked to your advantage! ", I answered.

I wanted to open up the topic about the two couples alternative life style but I'm afraid I might be openning a can worms. So I just simply asked, " Mike what is Jacquie doing in Rob's room sleeping ? ". Mike did not answer for a while. " Are they fucking each other's wife now? ", I asked again. "They've been practicing that for quite a while now as part of adding some spice on their marriage, I think! ", Mike said.

Half way through my mother in law's house I asked Mike, " When I passed out last night did any of them fuck me? ". " No! , why are you asking me that fucking question?", Mike demanded. My husband had this cuckold fantasy before and I know he is still in to it. There were times when I just want to do it just to get over it. Do it once and for all and give Mike his dream of a life time.

A month had passed since we had that so called "PARTY" at Robs place and winter is in full swing and hitting minus double digit. Mike's birthday is fast approaching and I haven"t given him his Christmas gift yet. One night before we went to sleep, I ask him what gifts does he want for his birthday and Christmas. Well he said it's up to me.

One day, Jacquie invited me for a cup of coffee during my lunch break. We talked about their marriage and how things are going between them. So far everything is ok. Then I mentioned to her about that incident in the basement where I saw Rob banging her from behind while Stacy is giving her husband a blowjob.

According to her that was not the first time. They've been doing it for a couple of weeks already. Jacquie thought that I already new about it since Mike knows about it. He did not inform me anything because I might react differently. Actually my concern is the party during the holiday. What happen since I had too much drink and passed out.

I asked Jaquie if she new what happen after I passed out and she said the only thing she can remember is that Mike and Rob brought me to one of the rooms in the second floor. " Sandie there was this time when I went up to the kitchen to get some water when I noticed there were some movement in the second floor of the house. I went up stairs because I knew you we're there. I saw Rob came out of the room where you are sleeping and he was naked. He just smiled at me and said that everything is just fine. I went inside the room to check on you. You were on the bed completely naked without any blanket covering you and your legs were spread wide open. You were really wasted ", Jacquie explained to me.

That issue was never settled. It is still hunging behind my head what really happened that night. Did Rob fucked me or not will remain a question that will linger in my mind for a long period of time.

It's been a month that went by and Mike's birthday is fast approaching. I asked him again what he wants. Winter is in full swing and he said that it's all up to me. Material things is not really in my hubbys blood aside from the fact that he already have it all. I want to give hime something that he will cherish for a long long time.

Sonia my massage therapitst called me one time about a schedule that I have to confirm. I confirmed my schedule and I asked her if I can meet up with her for a cup of coffee and she said yes.

On Mike's birthday, the family went out for dinner in one of the fancy restaurant in our city. It happened that Mike's birthday fell on the middle of the week. I told him that will have dinner on his birthday with the kids and will just have a date that coming weekend. I will just bring the kids to my sisters place so they can play with their cousins.

Saturday came and we had romantic dinner in one of the fancy restaurants in one of the hotel downtown. I told Mike that after dinner, I want to check in in the hotel so we can have a time for our selves. He agreed

After an hour of wine and some light meal, I told Mike that we better just check in the hotel since the kids are with their aunt and cousins. He agreed and we went to the front desk and luckily they have some vacant room. As we enter the room, Mike immediately went for a shower while I checked my phone for some messages. The room is quite big and has a good size for a small party. There was also a jacuzzi in the shower room.

As Mike took his clothes off and went first, I send a text message to a friend for some instruction and information. After few minutes a knock on the door and came Sonia, my friend and massage therapist. We gave each other a hug, " Are you sure about this sweetie? ", she asked and I said, " it's ok, I just want to give him a gift he will never forget " . We laughed and took our clothes off.

After having his shower, Mike used the jacuzzi. I knocked on the door. " Sweetie can we join you in your jacuzzi? " I asked with a grim smile. Mike was kind of dumb founded, " Huh? what do you mean we, honey? " , he asked. " Me and my gift to you! ", I said and I let Sonia inside. " What the fuck! " , Mike exclaimed. " Hi Mike, happy birthday and merry christmas! ", Sonia said as she dropped her towel.

I dropped my towel too and Mike was completely surprised in what is unfolding before his eyes. I decided to have a shower first while Sonia and Mike had a short conversation. " I didn't know we have massage session tonight! " , asked Mike. " You don't, I'm just here for the party, Sandie invited me to join you guys ! " , Sonia replied with a smile.

Sonia and I were having a shower together while Mike was in the jacuzzi. Both of us we're kind of giving each other a bath and teasing Mike. My hubby is aware of my bisexual tendencies but he wasn't aware that I was making out with Sonia everytime I have a massage session with her. Sonia was giving my tits a rub down while we are engage in a passionate french kiss. " Hey guys what are you doing? Can I join you? " , Mike asked jokingly.

Then I heard the phone rung and I immediately got out of the shower. Leaving Sonia and Mike in the shower room. It was the room service informing me about the wine that I ordered. I covered my self with a skimpy towel and wait for the room service. A knock on the door and I opened up to recieved the wine and some glasses. I could see the facial expression of the of the room service staff from the mirror. Probably he didn't imagine that his going to have an extra tips by seeing my ass when I bend over to grab some tips from my wallet. " I hope you enjoyed your extra tips " , jokingly teasing him as I handed over his tip. He just gaved me a smile.

I placed the the bottle...

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