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Date: November 9, 2020 (6 months ago)

Author's Note:First time writer, wrote my first tagalog draft but it wasn't saved, so i will write a preview of whats to come na lang po.
i will still write the very first of it all sa susunod na post,
For now dive agad into something kinky hehe
Sana po magustuhan ninyo!

Today, after a long time of patiently waiting and planning, at last , the right chance has come.
I was excited and a little nervous when i heard the sound of my alarm, reminding me of what to come. I was even afraid i woke up late. So i texted Sir and confirmed what time is he going to fetch me. Immediately, i prepared and waited for him.
The ride to his place was never been boring.
talking to Sir has never been boring, period.
He always have interesting topic and ideas, and i always admired his way of thinking..
Topics from kinky to manners, arts, and even politics was discussed, and it was nice hearing his opinions and point of view..
I always admire people who have a good sense to talk to..

Traffic was not so bad and we arrived maybe an hour after to his place.
I am so excited, my steps never faltered, i was determined and i was like, ''come on! come on! let's see the toys!! hahaha"

Now here comes the juicy details .hahaaaha

Sir asked me if i want to have a shower first while he prepared the toys. Haha we are unprepared because last time our supposed to be session didn't happen so he had to put back all the toys. Sir likes things to be prepared and in order but today was like a little unexpected. But oh i love unexpected things haha.

The toys was out and all was prepared.
After choosing a black blindfold mask, Sir helped me sit up on a high chair. Cuffed both my hands on each side of the back of the chair. Slowly reaching down my legs, i felt his hands slowly putting some restraints on my ankles, tied it up on the chair and bound it together with my cuffed wrists..
My body twitched when he put a vibrator on my pussy, leaving me there for seconds
I was vulnerable, i badly want to cum but i can't reach that peak. i was moaning, twitching, and rubbing my pussy over the vibrator, desperate for any little touch..

I can feel him looming over me, waiting...watching..
long skilled fingers touched my chin, and he whispered, "are you ready?" i can only nod and say "Yes " between gagged mouth..
Teasing me, he touched my shoulders ever so lightly and smacked my ass a moment after, leaving me gasping and wanting nothing more but for him to do it again, and again, and again..
I was just one step away from Cumming, i can feel the pressure building up. Suddenly, Sir removed the vibrator and all i can hear was my whimper of protests, But what happened next dragged me down to an orgasm.
He teased my clit and suddenly inserted a finger deep inside me. All faded and silence is all that empowered my mind.
It was like i reached the top and suddenly i fall. Opened my eyes, and realized i was loudly moaning...

I thought the fun had already begun, little did i know it was only a teaser of what was to come...

Helpless and Vulnerable, all i have to guide me is my Trust to Sir.
Shake'y legs, trembling hands, body enveloped by a fire of lust and excitement, Sir gently guided me through another corner of his place. I didn't know it was his mini-office, or that i was facing the floor to ceiling glass windows..
holding my Cuffed wrists, he attached it to a hook with the help of some sort of chain.

Hands tied up above the ceiling, i was again left standing in there with a vibrating but plug in my ass. photos was taken while i was waiting for what's next to come..

He was standing at the back of me, hot breath fanning my neck, desperate to be touched, His ever presence excites me.
And i was again rewarded by the touch of his fingers.
With skills and knowledge, he expertly twisted my nipples, making it hard and peak for his doings. Warm touch trailed down on my shoulders, to my back, before gracing my pussy, yet another taste of touch that undo me.
Like a button was switched, my legs rise up automatically. Tempo switching from slow, deep and fast, all i can do is arch my ass up, chasing the ghosts of heat caused by his touch, And i was again moaning, writhing, arching, legs trembling,
head thrown back in wild abandon..
After tAfter the sensation of Cumming faded,
Sir asked me if i want a break and i answered yes in a breathless whisper..

Two glass of water and juice after, we then proceed to continue the fun.
This time i was positioned lying faced down, hands tied and attached to yet another decent sized chain, that holds me down. My legs was tied by big belts that prevents it from stretching.
A vibrator was inserted in both my pussy and ass, and the flogging started..
One, two, three, i lost count.
It was so good all i can do is scream between gagged mouth..

The vibrator buzzed in my pussy, teasing my clit, making me wet all over again while sir tied something at the end of the toy that is inserted in my ass. Holding it and making it move everytime he pulled.
Something hot grazed my lips and it was then and there i realized it was his big white cock, teasing me, urging me to open my mouth and receive him fully. His cock was so big i can't help but gag. Coating it with thick drool, it was then i heard him uttered slut and that i drool on his cock!! holy fudge!! it was so arousing!! looking up on him with light tears in my eyes and drool on my mouth, i saw he's happy of what we're doing too..
knowing i pleased him too is what made me cum.

After that scene, Sir made sure to do some Aftercare, wiping my sweaty face, putting my hair away from my face and gav

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Bored Philomath,
Yep ! im a female i just happen to love both specie haha
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November 9, 2020 (6 months ago)

Fisting? How was it. Is it good? Parang ang sakit isipin

Not A Pervert. Just Imaginative ;)

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November 9, 2020 (6 months ago)

fisting was okay lol very intense! If marunong ang gagawa then it will be pleasurable po
Actually this was an entry on my kinky journal i kept haha, d pumasok ang unang posted story ko dito,

Your thoughts kill you, Don't they?

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November 9, 2020 (6 months ago)

How about being fucked in the ass? Was it pleasurable or need pa i stimulate ang clitoris to feel the pleasure.

Not A Pervert. Just Imaginative ;)

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November 9, 2020 (6 months ago)

I think itdepends , for me i dont need clit stimulation for anal, its on my list of fantasies so i was ready for it somehow.
kapag first time lang i think need ng relaxation, romansa and yea clit stimulation.

Your thoughts kill you, Don't they?

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