My Naughty Stepfather

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Date: November 4, 2020 (6 months ago)

"Hiding an affair with your stepfather isn't easy, especially while you're on the phone with your mom."


Quickly knotting a towel around my torso, I hurriedly ran, annoyed that someone's calling before I got the chance to dry myself off.

The phone rang incessantly in the living room, making me hurry up even more.

Once in the living room, only clad in a bath towel that concealed very little, I'm thankful that I'm home alone. Gripping the hastily-tied knot in front of my chest, I regret the fact that I didn't wear a bathrobe instead, seeing as how the towel barely touched my thighs, and it was only halfway across the tops of my breasts.


"Hey, dear!" My mom's voice trilled on the other end.

"What's up, mom?"

"Dear, I need you to write down a couple of things for me. Internet's down and a client just called wanting to change the flowers for her daughter's wedding. I would then need you to email that list to Lisa."

My mom and her friend, Lisa, recently started their own flower shop. Due to insufficient funds, most of their equipment is yet to be in working order, hence, the crappy internet connection. This has probably been the third time that my mom has called with a request like this.

"I got a pen and paper here so, shoot."

I suddenly felt a pair of warm lips, pressed against my nape which sent tingles down my spine. I quickly turn my head around and find my stepfather, Jack.

Jack has been married to my mom for about a year now, and we've been secretly having sex for a few months. I was walking around the house in my tight cheerleading uniform, and I noticed how much he liked it based on the bulge in his pants. Come nighttime, I saw him saying my name as he was jerking off. It turned me on so much that I walked in and started sucking his cock. We both liked it so much that it ended up escalating to full on fucking.

I know that I should feel guilty for doing this to my mom, but Jack is nothing like the other boys I've been with. His cock just feels so good inside me. Or maybe the fact that he's my stepfather is what makes the sex so hot. It's just so wrong and scandalous!

Last week, while mom was in the shower, he went inside my room while I was just getting out of bed. He took my pajamas off, pulled my panties aside and started eating me out like a man starved. I came twice on his face before he left.

That was the last time he touched me. He has been busy with work lately, and every time that he is at home, my mom is usually there as well. I've had to relieve my aching pussy by myself for a week now and I just miss his large, calloused hands caressing my body.

And suddenly here I am, hair wet, wrapped in a towel that's too small for me, with my mom on the phone while he looks at me, his eyes raking over my body.

Wide-eyed, I shot him a desperate, 'behave yourself' look.

"It's mom," I mouth and point to the phone. A wicked and devilish smile found its way to his sensual lips, as he threw his car keys onto the glass coffee table.

He wrapped his arms around me from behind, and he started groping my full breasts over the towel. His thigh was wedged in between my legs as he began to ravish my neck with noiseless kisses.

"...the bride wants pink ribbons on the flowersโ€ฆ"

'Pink ribbons,' I thought dazedly. The feel of his hot, calloused palms cupping me is almost enough to send me over the edge. I don't know how I'd be able to concentrate with Jack's hands twisting and pulling on my nipples.

I bite back a gasp as he placed open mouthed kisses on my neck. One hand left my breast and I almost whined at the loss of contact. Thick, tanned fingers tug lightly at one side of the towel. I felt the cool air on my damp skin, making my nipples harder.

His thumb flicked my little bundle of nerves, and in a complete knee-jerk reaction, I thrust my breasts out and press my legs together. My ass grinds into the front of his jeans on its own accord, and that's when I heard Jack's sexy, low moan.

He pulled my body hard against his, causing his jean-clad erection to slip between my ass cheeks. He kissed the shell of my ear as one of his hands grope my breast, while the other was down south, flicking and then circling the outside of my very wet pussy.

"I'm almost done, sweetie, bear with me."

"It's okay, mom, t-take your t-time."

Then, with a wicked grin, Jack pulls apart my wet folds with his index and middle finger, while his thumb continues at a leisurely pace, rubbing my swollen clit.

"Sweetheart, you're so wet," he whispered softly. "My baby girl's pussy is dripping wet for daddy."

I cover the bottom half of the phone to muffle my moans. I love it when he calls me his baby girl.

"Sweetie, are you okay?" My mom's voice sounded worried.

"Yeah, mom, just c-continue with what you were saying." I try to keep my voice from sounding too breathless as Jack went back to my breasts, cupping them with both hands.

"Your tits are so much bigger than your mom's, baby girl," he whispered.

I gasp, just as Jack slid one long finger into the hot, wet and welcoming heat in between my thighs. I couldn't help but let out a silent moan as his fingers slowly slid in and out of me. I hold my breath, trying to stop myself from making any more noises to not alert my mom of the tryst I'm having with her husband. Tanned fingers wrap around my plump breast, pinching and twisting my nipple fervently.

"Sweetie, what happened? Is there someone else in the house?"

"N-no, mom, there's no one else here."

I feel Jack's fingers pump my pussy faster, the effect being more than I could take. I feel my stomach clench with unbearable pleasure, my mouth parting silently. I know I shouldn't, but I start to rub my body against his. The torturous sensation starts to build quickly within me as he continued to fingerfuck me, his thumb quickly rubbing my clit.

"Alright, dear, that's all. Did you get everything I...

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hiii. part two please?

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Fuck. I love it. Part 2 please

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part 2 please

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