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As I was catching my breath, I managed to tell her, "Sorry cuz, I came inside you."

"I would have killed you if you pulled out."

"Oh, so it's all good."

"Last day of my period three days ago, so I should be safe."

We kissed. And hugged.

I thought I was dreaming when I heard a knock on the door. I opened my eyes, umaga na pala. And I was still in Yvette's bed. She was not beside me. I saw the light in her bathroom and heard the shower running, malamang naliligo na siya.

I heard a bunch of keys then the door knob of Yvette's room turned around. Sabay bukas. Tangna, naka hubad ako under the blanket. Shoot.

It was my Tita…

Yvette's stood up in a hurry to grab the door knob. "Mom, nagbibihis ako, huwag ka munang pumasok!"

"Oh no problem iha. Good you're awake, kala ko kase tulog ka pa."

Then I heard her steps as she walked away from the door. That was close!

As soon as it felt safe, I sneaked out of Yvette's room. We kissed hard before I left. Her hands were on my cock again and I was mashing her breasts and butt. Pero magkakabistuhan pag hindi ako bumalik sa room ko so I had to go.

The next two days were quite uneventful. I went around to shop some more. My cousins had their own commitments, so I was pretty much alone with their driver, picking the places I wanted to see.

On the way back to their place, I stopped by 7-11 to grab six bottles of beer. Gusto ko lang mag-relax mag-isa. It's been a pretty wild ride since this vacation started.

As soon as I settled, I opened a bottle of beer while looking at old photo albums na nakapatong sa mga cabinet in the room I am using. Iba talaga mayamang pamilya. Puro pictures from abroad.

From the overall silence I suspected wala pa mga pinsan ko. It's already past midnight so I assumed may mga gimmick sila, Friday night anyway.

I felt hungry. Lumabas ako para humanap ng food. I saw from the little light in kitchen a can of pork and beans. Pwede na to, talu-talo na pag gustom! As I was about to head back to my room, I saw someone walking.

"O Lance, gising ka pa pala?"

"Yes Tita, I just felt really hungry. Sorry po sa istorbo."

"No, no, no – talagang late ako makatulog, I've been insomniac since forever."

Problem is – I am shirtless and just wearing my boxer shorts. Awkward. I tried to cover my front with my hand and the can of pork and beans.

"Gusto mo bang mag-warm ako ng bread so I can make sandwich for you?"

"Thanks po, Tita. I'm fine with pork and beans."

"Are you sure?"

"Opo! Just something to go with my beers in the room."

"Oh you're drinking beer pala. Wait lang, I have a can of peanuts…"

She walks away. That's when I noticed she's wearing a silk bath robe. As she turned around, I noticed her breasts hugging the thin silky fabric. Wow. She's a mom of two yet on the slim side pa rin but her breasts are so big. Pag tinigasan ako, yari kasi naka boxer lang ako. I needed to calm down.

In less than a minute before ko na-process lahat ng libog, she was back with the can of peanuts.

"Here Lance, sayo na to, goes well with beer."

"Thanks po, Tita!"

"You're welcome!"

Then I was frozen for a bit, kase nga because of what I am wearing. She was looking at me.

"O, kala ko ba you need to finish your beers? What are you still standing there for?"

"Tita, diahe po. I am just wearing my…"

"Susme Lance, I have seen it all!"


Yet as she said that, she looked down on my front. Made everything more awkward yet at the same time made me feel a bit of heat. Then I said something really kind of stupid.

"What about you Tita, do you want some beers?" What the fuck was I thinking. I could just have run back into the room!

"Well, are you sure? You don't mind someone as old as me drinking beer with you?"

"Oh I don't mind at all, Tita." There's this quiet voice in my head saying this is wrong! Tangina ka Lance!

"Sige, tutal naman yung dalawa baka 3 or 4 am pa uuwi, if at all they will go home." She was referring to my cousins.

With that she held my arms as we walked back into my room.

With the lights on in the room, she could see my half-naked body more clearly.

I opened a bottle of beer for her. Sat on the bed, while she sat on the lounge chair inside the room.

"So tell me, how is life in the States for someone young like you?"

"It's really not that different Tita from what you see on TV. Magulo sa mga schools, life is fast paced and at night, most stores are closed by 9, sometimes 8pm."

"I'm sure you have a girlfriend back there no?"

"I had a girlfriend Tita, but it was such a hassle because she lived like 30 miles from our place."

Tita's legs were crossed while we were talking. As we were both drinking beer, I would notice the bounce on her breasts whenever she lifts the bottle. They are definitely more than a handful. The way they bounced, mukhang firm pa rin despite being a mom.

I'm sure napansin ni Tita that I would stare at her breasts. Minsan inaalis ko ang tingin ko. Minsan sa legs naman niya na medyo payat at makinis. She has a relatively slim frame considering boobsie siya. Top heavy kung baga. Shit ang libog ka talaga nung mga panahon nato!

As we were having this small chat, she stood up to get some peanuts from the can she gave me. Since the can was on the edge of the table, nahulog. Sumabog ang laman.

"Oh shit!"

"Ako na po, Tita, let me take care of the mess."

"Sorry Lance, sayang tuloy yung peanuts."

"I don't mind po, la pa namang five minutes."

I forgot that I was bent, and all fours on the floor while picking up the peanuts. My Tita was right behind me. Gusto ko lang matapos agad at maibalik sa lata yung natapon, sayang nga kase.

When I was almost done sa pagpulot kung kumalat na peanuts, I felt something from behind. I through I just bumped on the railings of the bed. My Tita's hand was on my butt. I turned around and confirmed that yes, she was touching my butt. I was wearing spandex boxer shorts, light gray. Medyo pinisil niya ang pisngi ng puwet ko.

Wow. Shit. What the fuck. Eto na naman ako at ang mga weirdo kong kamag-anak. Kase naman e. - "What about you Tita, do you want some beer?" Kasalanan mo 'to, Lance!

I decided to kneel on the floor, which kind of moved my body away from her, nakatalikod pa rin sa kanya. But I did not move, para hindi niya isiping I was avoiding her or something. Hawak ko yung lata ng peanuts, pretending that I was still looking around kung may mapupulot pa na ilalagay sa lata. In reality, I did not know what to do, even though nag-init na ang katawan ko.

With my back against her, I felt her hand on my head, caressing my hair. Yung isa kamay niya humihimas pa rin sa puwet ko.

"Such a young, hard body…" – she said almost whispering.

I closed my eyes. Feeling her hand run through my hair.

Then she commanded me, "Lance - sit on the bed iho. If it's ok with you. Don't be feel pressured ha?"

That meant kailangan ko ng humarap sa kanya and I was beginning to get hard. I stood up to sit on the edge of the bed. That's when I saw almost pleading hunger in her eyes. I am not new to this, but I was still not assuming anything. Besides, ano ba naman - another Tita na naman... baka naman dapat tumigil na rin ako sa ka-weirduhan nato...

She pulled her chair closer to the bed. Magkatapat halos mukha naman, maybe just a foot apart. She ran her hand on my arms and chest. Slowly. Gingerly.

Then she caressed my legs with both hands. Up and down, slowly. She would stop para pumisil once in a while. Then the inevitable, when her hand stopped closed to my balls.

"May I?"


"We can stop Lance if you don't like it..."

I looked at her. Lust seething through her eyes. I took a deep...

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