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Date: October 28, 2020 (6 months ago)

I'd give up forever to touch you. Coz I know that you'd feel me somehow.
Iris - Goo Goo Dolls


What if you are given a chance to go back to a certain time in your past and have the opportunity to change a particular event?


This is a story about a man who was given that
rare chance.

But not the way he expected...



A man walks along a busy street. Head turning
left and right as if he's lost.

But he wasn't. He's
been here. He knows the place too well.
What he doesn't know is the time and date.

He walked towards a stall that sells newspapers. He picked one and scanned for the date.

Monday. February 7th 2015.

He couldn't believe it.
He picked another paper, read the date.
Then picked another.
And another...
And another...

They all have the same date!

He asked the stall owner for the exact date and he got the same answer as what's in the papers.

He pulled out his wallet and gave the man a bill then grabbed a copy of that day's paper.

Tears began to roll down his eyes.
He looked up and whispered a "thank you"...


A couple of hours ago...

February 13th 2016.

A man knelt under a tree in a cemetery.

Buried under its shade was his beloved.

"I love you so much, Maggie... It's been almost a year since you left me. But I'm still living with the memories you left behind... I miss you so much! I'd do anything to be with you again... I'd give everything up just to see your smile once more... I'm so..."

"It seems you came here empty-handed, young man." A voice from behind interrupted him.

He turned and saw an old woman.
In her hand she holds three flowers.
A red, a yellow, and a purple flower.

"Would you like to buy one of my flowers, Sir?" Asked the woman.

The man looked at her. And then to the flowers...

He doesn't know what kind they were.

But it's true that he didn't bring anything for Maggie that day.

So he pulled out a bill and handed it to the woman.

"Now, what color would it be?" Asked the woman.

"Anything. Just give me one." Answered the man.

"Oh no, you need to pick one. Coz these are special flowers."


"Yes. You see, the red can make you fall in love instantly with someone else." The old woman explained.

"The yellow can make you forget about anything or anyone. Like they were never a part of your life." She continued.

"And the purple..."

The woman paused.

"What does the purple do?" Asked the man. He's a bit amused.

"Hmm... The purple can take you back to a certain time in the past. A time you so much long to be..." Answered the old woman.

The man just smiled.
It's a very weird and funny way to talk someone into buying her flowers.

"But there's a slight problem though..." Continued the woman.

"What problem?"

"Well... It's a bit complicated to explain. But you see, this purple flower can..."

"It's alright! I get it. Don't explain. I will just buy all of them." This time it was him who interrupted the woman.

"Oh, no! You can only get one. Which color shall it be?" Said the woman.

The man just want to get it over with and be alone again. So he just picked the purple one.

"Purple it is, then..." Said the woman.

He doesn't know why he chose purple.
He just felt there's something special to it. It looked familiar to him.
He just can't recall why.

Not that he believe in what the woman said about it.
But maybe.. somehow, he also wished it were true.

He sighed.

How he'd be give even his own life just to feel her alive once more.

He looked at the flower. Then placed it over the marble headstone.
Where dates of his beloved's birth and death were engraved.


A year ago...

February 14th, 2015.

After 3 rings, Maggie answered Seth's call.

"Hey, Babe!" Greeted Maggie.

"Hey babe! Don't forget, 7 pm sharp! Don't be late again." Said Seth.

"Yes, Babe. I'll be out by 6 and be there before 7."


"Where are you now?" She asked.

"Off to pick up something..." He answered.

"And what is that something?"

"It's a secret!" He smiled.

She pouted her lips.
"Hmm, okay. See you later!"


7:05 PM.

Inside a restaurant...

Seth had been waiting there for almost half an hour now.

He's fidgeting with the small,black, velvet-covered box that he's holding.

Opening and closing it.
The sparkling diamond inside flickering in his eyes each time.

He looked at his watch. It's 5 minutes past 7.
He checked his phone. No messages. Not even missed calls.

He browsed thru his contacts. Tapped Maggie's name, and placed his thumb over the call button...
But he stopped.

"She's just late." He whispered to himself.

He locked his phone and put it back on the table.

He waited for another 10 minutes.
Until he couldn't take it anymore!

He dialled her number...
It rang..
1 ring...
2 rings...
3 rings...
She usually answers after the 3rd...
4, 5, 6, 7...
No answer!
Until his call dropped.

He dialled again.
1 ring...
Then he heard a beep.

"Where are you, Babe?" He asked right away.

"Thank God somebody called!" An unfamiliar voice answered him from the other line.

He instantly felt chills.
It's a female voice but it's not Maggie.
He also sensed panic in her.

"Hello? Who's this? Where's Maggie?" He asked. His voice a bit louder.
His heartbeat racing..

"Hello, Sir! Whoever you are, if you know the owner of this phone, you need to get here fast!" Said the female voice.

He can tell that she's now crying.

He immediately stood up. Knocking down the chair he was sitting on. It fell down with a loud thud that made other people in that dining hall look at his direction.

"Where? Why? What happened to Maggie?" He's now screaming.

After hearing the answer from the other line, he hurriedly ran towards the exit.
Leaving the bouquet of flowers and the small black box on the table.


Later that night...

After talking to some hospital staff, he was led to a lady.
Her clothes are covered in blood.
In her hand a phone. He immediately recognized purple charm hanging on it.
It's her favorite flower.

"Hey..." He called to the lady.
It was just a whisper but she heard it and immediately turned to him.

"That's Maggie's phone. Where is she?" He asked.
Still in an almost whispered voice.

The lady sobbed. Then she started to cry.

"What happened?" He asked in a louder voice.

"I'm sorry... I'm so sorry!"

It was all that the lady could mutter.

Then a man went out of a door. He's also covered in blood. He doesn't seem to be a staff.
When the lady saw him, she immediately ran towards the man and wrapped her arms around him.
Then she cried some more.

The man hugged her back. Trying to calm her.

"Where's Maggie? Why isn't anyone answering
me?" Seth now started to shout.

The staff that led him there told him to follow inside the room.

It must have been the longest 5 meters he had ever walked.
He already have a hint about what he'll find in there but he's still clinging to that single thread of hope that he's wrong.

When he walked inside, he immediately turned his head to the far side of the room.
He couldn't stand to see what's waiting for him.
But it's already too late. His eyes caught a glimpse of it.
And his brain is now telling him what's in there.
It was a split-second of image but his mind was able to picture it so vividly.

His tears began to well.
His vision turned blurry.

When he blinked his eyes, he felt the warm tears flow down his cheeks.
And they never ceased.

He started to sob.
He can feel a lump in his throat.

He gathered all the strength he have just to slowly turn his head towards the center of that room.

There he saw a bed.
And on it, something was covered in a white blanket.
Someone to be exact.
Someone covered from head to toe with a white blanket stained with blood.

His body trembled.
His shoulders moved up and down involuntarily.
His chest tightened and his knees weakened.

He let out a cry.
But no sound came out of his mouth.
And he passed out.


When he gained consciousness, he found himself lying on a bed in that same hospital.

Beside him is his mother and brother.
He called for them but no sound came out.
His throat felt so dry.

His brother was the first to notice him. He immediately poured him a glass of water which he drank right away.

Then he turned to his mother and asked where Maggie is.
His voice almost just a whisper.

His mother held his hand and asked him to stay calm.

Then they told him that he'd been unconscious for more than a day.

They already talked to the couple who was there when the incident happened.


It was about 6:30 PM of February 14th, 2015.
The night of the incident.

The couple was walking along the park when a man jumped out of nowhere and pulled out a knife.
He asked for their valuables.

As the couple was giving their things to the man, someone out of nowhere just kicked the guy and sprayed something in his eyes.

The robber screamed in pain as he tried to rub his eves.

Then the stranger grabbed their things and handed it to them then told them to run.

The stranger ran with them but was grabbed by the robber.

Then the couple heard a scream from behind.

When they looked back, the robber was furiously stabbing the stranger.

They screamed for help.
This alarmed the robber.
He then ran away and disappeared.

After the robber was gone, the couple hurried back to the stranger.
Only then did they find out that their savior was a woman.

She was wearing jeans, a jacket and a cap that time.


Seth was just staring at the ceiling as he listened to what happened.
Tears endlessly falling from his eyes.

That's just how Maggie is. She likes fighting fo...

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October 28, 2020 (6 months ago)

kopya lang ba to o original? naubusan n ata ako dugo a nalabas s ilong ko e dami...

basta masarap go !!!

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October 28, 2020 (6 months ago)

😭 why do I find tragic ending so beautiful.
Tearjerker  feels ang lakas.

Cogito Ergo Sum..."I think therefore I am.'.

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October 28, 2020 (6 months ago)

Its a beautiful story, tragic yet beautiful, hoping to read more stories like this one

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October 29, 2020 (6 months ago)

Thank you Sir for a very beautiful story..

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October 29, 2020 (6 months ago)

and i now find myself crying after reading this.. 😭😭😭 sush a beautiful story..

Reply  ·  Like (0)  ·  Report
October 29, 2020 (6 months ago)

just listened to the song iris and damn i cried again.. nafeel ko ung kanta while thinking of this story.. 😭😭😭

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October 29, 2020 (6 months ago)

Beautiful love story

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