SEAN: The Specialist

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Don Anus:hehehehe that's only a sample my dear friends, now I wanted all residence of los angeles to depart from this land and let my armies and our families live with our own paradise. Pinatay ng Don ang kanyang coverage at ang lahat ng kanyang tauhan ay nagsigawan hehehehhe I wanted to congratulate you all especially the hackers team, you done extra ordinary today, we can control the world now.but only one guy can avoid our plans. We cannot kill Sean in this kind of situation because we do not know if he has a capability to activate all his missiles when he dies. But now let us all celebrate, eat,drink and fuck till you all drops, only do not try to taste the reserves for me hehehehhee

Nagkagulo ang buong mundo sa pangyayari, lalong lalo na ang mga taga los angeles dahil natatakot sila kung anong mangyayari sa kanila,lahat ng residente ay naghahanda para sa paglikas kahit dis oras ng gabi habang yung iba malapit sa boarder ay lumikas na agad agad dahil sa takot

Samantala sa Security command center, nagpulong pulong ang lahat ng kinatawan para sa susunod na action na kanilang gagawin

United Nation representative: ladies and gentlemen, we need to act immediately, we located the whereabout of that crazy Don Anus, barrage that place is our best option

African Union: I agree, we need to act immediately before it's too late

Arab Nation: if that is the only option we have, then let's do it

US-Russian Joint Forces: that's an easy call because it is not part of your territory

NATO: but that is the lease we can do, no other option, if we kill their Boss, then maybe the rest will just surrender

Facific islander –ASEAN rep: or maybe they will let loose and act on their own. That will be more dangerous.

Indian-chinese representative: if we do that, then what will happen? How can we assure the safety of the world

4th general: guys, if you want to kill our Brother Sean, please don't use his own weapons. Our assault teams are ready for action, we gather 5 teams and with 9 members each, we can deploy them immediately

2rd General: our team working hard to resolve all technical issues, I know your country doing the same. He presented His demands already so later they will check for the answers. We will take that opportunity to take control of all missile defense system in every country

1st General: I need you reconfirmations comrades, in our count, we have 150 satellites controlled missile defense all over the world and 369 tower controlled missile defense totaling to 519 missile defenses. Give us your counts nd we will validate

5th general: our plan is to blow all those controllers, if that happen the computer programs defense system will not function without the controllers

Us-Russian Joint Forces rep: but all those tower missile controllers are armed, they are equipped with the most advance SAMS and arrays laser nets as its main total defense system that even a fly cannot come in close.

5nd general: Our brother Sean developed a laser reflextofraction that counters laser light rays both visible and invisible lights that he calls RF108 anti-laser weapons along with the SNR108 nano robot bombs

United Nations Rep: we never heard that products in the market

NATO Rep: Yes, How come you guys hiding these technologies to us

2th General: the technology is reserved for our company for testing and it is not out in the market because it will negate all your efforts and your investments will be inpractical and just like trowing your billion dollars projects into the trash bins. Since this is for further testing, then we will wager for it


Nagka sundo ang lahat ng kinatawan ng defense representatives sa pagamit ng RF108 para pabagsakin lahat ng missile tower controllers at pababagsakin lahat ng satellites missile controllers kaya pumunta sila sa High security control room office ng command center.

AI Beep108: welcome ladies and gentlemen, welcome my beloved generals.I am waiting for you all here since the distress call alarms, since you are all here means the situation is serious and dangerous that the world is at risk. I am Sean digital life assistant and my name is AI beep108; I received a distress signal from Sean and that's activated me. You are all here needed to re confirm the activation of shinigami108 satellites. shinigami108 satellites is an armed satellites capable to destroy treats to earth such as asteroids, it can blow million asteroids in a minute. Aside from that, it can hit any part of the earth in a split second.i'm sorry my dear generals, I will only exist if a distress call alarms meaning the world is not safe that's why you did not see me even once

Nagulat ang 5 general dahil Hindi nila alam ang existence ng AI beep108. namangha ang lahat sa nalaman tungkol sa kung ano meron ang security command center, ang existence ng digital life assistant.Ditto nila nalaman kung gaano kaingat at kung gaano prinoprotektahan ng binata ang buong mundo na walang nakaka alam.dahil ditto, napag disisyunan nila na ipaubaya ang kaligtasan ng mundo

"alright ladies and gentlemen, if you wish to unlock and agrees for the operation of shinigami108, please raise your right hand, I need a certain percentage to open, my boss sean is very careful and strict regarding securities" nagtaas lahat ng kamay ang lahat na kinatawan kasama ang limang generals. Biglang may lumabas na screen at ipinapakita ang video ng mundo at ang pagbubukas ng shinigami108

"shinigami108 low destruction missiles are opening, all arms are on standby. Medium,high and very high destruction destruction missiles are still close,execution wil be coming from Mr sean himself.

Sa isla ni Don Anus, nagbubunyi ang lahat dahil sa tagumpay na kanilang narating. Kung makukuha lang nila si sean na kumampi sa kanila ay napaka dali na nilang sakupin ang buong mundo. Kantahan,sayawan,party to the max ang lahat pero kakaibang party. Isang napaka laking orgy-gangbang ang nagaganap sa isla, sa mahigit 500 na bihag nilang babae, 60 lang ang di pwede galawin kaya yung mahigit 300 daan ay pinilahan ng kulang 4000 tauhan ng dun sa isla. Halos sa buong isla makikita ang nagkakantutan,yung mga members ng sindikato ay atat na atat na makapunta sa los angeles para makasali sa malawakang kantutan na ginagawa sa isla,swerte na lang sila kasi naka live telecast ang mga kaganapan sa isla para sa mga tao ng Don

Ang ingay ng buong isla, nababalot ng ingay at panaghoy ng sarap at ligaya dulot ng kantutan, puor ungol halinghing ang maririnig mo kahit saan parte ka ng isla magpunta, ahhh sarap na sarap ang mga nanonood na members ng sindikato nagkalat sa buong mundo. Kitang kita nila lahat ng kaganapan sa isla kaya napasabay din sila magpakasaya. Pinag kakantot nila ang mga kasamahang babae at ang mga babaeng bihag nila

Don Anus: hahahahaha enjoys my people ohhhhh ahhhhh fuck all the holes of our bitches. Tuwang tuwa ang matanda dahil sa nakikita habang limang babae ang nagsisilbi sak...

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i never know i can write a story till my fingers moves as my brain nuts dictates
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September 11, 2020 (2 months ago)

sessya na diko na binasa sinulat ko diko na na edit, pinost ko na agad ginawa ko lang ngayon umaga andyan na sundo ko, edit ko na lang pag uwi ko pag may napansin kayo magulo. later guys

i never know i can write a story till my fingers moves as my brain nuts dictates

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Sam Poblacion

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thank you mam S.A.M.M.Y sa pagdaan
otor sa susunod kwento mo naman ang babasahin ko
stay safe and Be bless

i never know i can write a story till my fingers moves as my brain nuts dictates

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