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Date: August 22, 2020 (28 days ago)

I live in a semi-exclusive subdivision. Our subdivision is divided into different phases. Phase 1 to 15. Phase 1 was near one of the 2 entrances of our subdivision (yung isang entrance nasa phase 7. Most of the establishments (internet cafe, water refilling stations, bakery, small eatery, etc.) are located sa phase 1. Our house is in phase 14 at near sa phase 7. Yung entrance ng phase 7 ang entry and exit point ko. Madalang sa phase 1 ako dumadaan. Pero sa phase 7, there are some small family owned shops too. One of the business there was a saloon. The owner also has another saloon in phase 1 area. Pero, I prefer going to the salon sa phase 7 since malapit, hindi matao, so medyu tahimik. There's a barbershop sa phase 1 area but I prefer going to a salon to get a haircut since mas malapit sa amin at I feel more comfortable sa salon at nakavibes ku na rin yung mga staff dun. If I need pedicure or foot spa, they offer it too.

One weekend, around Sunday yata yun since my wife and daughters attended some Christening and they went all sa mall that afternoon. Kaya I was alone in the house. Dahil bored I decided to take a walk. After I walked around the neighborhood for about an hour, napadaan ako dun sa salon. I noticed that it was open. I was not really planning to get a haircut but dahil I already finished my walk and I have no plans later (sabi ng daughter ko magdadala sila ng food so all I have to do was wait). Naisip ko, to kill time, I entered the Salon. It was open so I helped myself in. I called but no was answering, pero nung I was about to leave I heard someone coming from the back. I asked him if I could get a haircut. He recognized me so agreed to at least trim my hair and moustache. He cut may hair before (maybe twice) but I knew he was new sa salon. He said that they were really closed that afternon. The salon had to provide some make-up and hairdressing service in a debut that will be held that night. Pasunod na daw siya sa venue, nung papasok na ako. I said I could comeback some other day pero since trim lang naman, OK lang daw.

Well, the usual things, I sat on a comfortable seat, tapus yung towel sa neck, then yung cape to protect me from fallen hair. This person is young, but I learned that he's doing part-time school, attending evening class to get a business degree. He looks smart too, tall at his age, pero slender sya at medyo naka stoop ng kaunti yung back nya. Parang typical na teanager. In my mind, sayang kung straight lang siya pwedi sana ligawan niya ang daughter ko. Kase, he has a pretty or handsome face and yet kinda' shy type yung face niya. For a guy, thin yung lips niya at matangos ang ilong. Pero itong staff na ito sa salon, mukha siyang disente. Yung unang haircuts ko sa kanya, tahimik lang siya, kaunti magsalita at kung biruin mo tipid ang tawa at ngiti. May pagkamahihin siya. Pero that time na kami lang dalawa, he made some conversation naman. Maybe siguro just to fill the silence dahil kami lang. Pag kasi nandyan ang ibang staff, may nagkwekwentuhan, nagsasalita, at kinakausap yung ibang costumers. Saka may music na naka play. Pero that time na kami lang ay tahimik and salon. Pati sa labas tahimik. So we chatted while he was cutting my hair.

Dahil he was sitting sa wheeled-stool, he moved around me to cut my hair. But when he was about to brush off the fallen hair from my face, the brush was on the other side, so instead of rolling his stool around to the other side, he used his fingers to remove some hair sa face ko. I felt his soft fingers brushed my face and as if an automatic move in his part, he also blew on my face softly to get rid of some of hair. His breath smells so good, minty. From there, I started to pay more attention on him. He was wearing a fragrance similar to what my younger daughter uses. I love that smell and this person cutting my hair is wearing the same scent. He just kept on using his fingers and without even thinking, the moment he was removing some more hair on my face, I turn my neck a little as if my mouth was trying to reach his fingers. It was subtle and I think he did not even notice it. When he was trimming my moustache, he was on his rolling stool in front of me. His thighs were spread to give room between us, kase we were facing each other. I could not look straight into his eyes and I noticed he could not either. But when he was trimming my moustache, I had to stay still so not to cause him to jerk his hand and cut more than usual. We made eye contact for few seconds at pagkatapos, his eyes went straight again to the scissors. The cape that was supposed to protect me from fallen hair was not long enough so he had to brush off some hair from my thigh. Since I was wearing shorts (from the walk), he used his hands to remove some hair from my shorts. Pa innosente pa din naman, para wala lang. Besides, parang anak ko na din ito. Kaya wala lang din sa kanya yun siguro. Pero, dahil he was wearing a v-neck shirt at medyu maluwang, nung yumuko siya ng kaunti sa harap ko para brush off din yung hair na nasa legs ko, I saw his right nipple. Sa tansa ko ay hard yung nipple nya at yun na yung exact moment that I felt I was having an erection. In my mind, I knew it was highly unusual feelings but I was not disgusted about what I felt. I could not control it, he's a guy, wala syang boobs obviously, but when I saw his nipples, na-aroused ako.

Time na to give me the shampoo. So lipat ako dun sa may upuan na may sink at faucet sa head portion. Alam nyo yun diba? yung neck natin dun sa groove magrest tapus yung noo nakatutok sa faucet. Tapus dun wash yung hair. Pero, nung naka reclined na ako to have my hair washed, yung cape hindi na about sa baba. Guaranteed na nakita niya ang erection ko habang he was shampooing and rinsing my hair. He was standing behind my head and he had the whole of me in front of his sight. He started to massage my scalp and it felt soo good. His fingers were gentle and I became hornier. Although, my eyes were close (ang making some light moan, yung "hmmm") I sensed that he was again trying to remove some hair off my face. Maybe meron one or two small strands of hair na nakadikit sa face ko. But this time, when I turned my head to meet his fingers, it was not subtle. The side of my mouth touched his finger. But I stopped since I was not sure how he would react. Pero, I felt his thumb gently flicked my lip...

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August 22, 2020 (28 days ago)

I-match mo sa daughter mo para maging manugang mo.

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August 22, 2020 (27 days ago)

Very good story, very brave too since marami dito ayaw ng ganito. Great work:)

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