Love You Pre, Pakiss Nga V

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Date: August 17, 2020 (1 month ago)

As much as gusto kong mas madami pang mangyari sa banyo at that moment, we controlled ourselves and actually did just wash ourselves. And I would have to admit, it was probably the pinaka malinis kung ligo ever in my adult life kase we pretty much washed each other. Being a chubby man, talagang hindi mo maaabot lahat ng parte ng katawan mo.

After naming lumabas ng banyo at magbihis, we decided to grab some lunch.

Our building was located, basically, right in front of the gate ng university namin. Subdivision kase yung mismong tapat ng University and almost every year e merong bagong building na tinatayo either as a commercial space or another appartment/boardinghouse para sa mga estudyante. Our appartment is at the 4th floor, meron 6 floors yung building namin. Sa first floor e merong mga food stalls, cafes, 7-11 and internet cafes. We decided to eat dun sa medyo sosyalin na cafe for our lunch.

Hindi kami normally kumakain sa cafe, pero for some reason, I felt na we needed to. Being one of the higher end place, wala masyadong customer, which probably the only reason why I wanted to eat there in the first place. Merong 2 floors yung cafe, we decided to get a table dun sa 2nd floor near sa gilid para may view kami. Open space yung mismong 2nd floor, and merong magandang view ng bundok.

We took a seat and the waiter gave us the menu. For a cafe, medyo madami-dami yung food nila sa menu. He ordered boneless bangus with ensaladang pako, I ordered some Pesto Pasta.

We were pretty quite after the waiter left.

I broke the silence.Ano, tangala, tuloy ba natin to...o ano?I asked him. I said it in a very humorous way, smiling as I said it.

He looked at me. Aba, ewan ko sayo. Ikaw tong mukhang may gusto e.Sagot nya sa'kin, also naka smile....

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August 18, 2020 (1 month ago)

Grabe, nakakadala talaga haha (Itong story at yung kay Sir)

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