"Cuz are you gonna stay out long pa? I'm sleepy na and I have your key"

"I'm on my way back na" I replied to my cousin who called me and interuppted my hot make-out session with my uncle.

We parted ways after another quick peck and I had a wonderful sleep after once again pleasuring myself. Unfortunately, nothing lascivious happened with my uncle the day after.

On our last night in La Union, a family friend invited us to have dinner at their house. We went and had dinner. The owner invited us to try out their newly renovated karaoke room and like the true blooded Filipinos that we were, we agreed.

So let me tell you about their karaoke room. It was cozy and not that big but the decor and equipment made up for the lack of space. There was a huge L-shaped couch that was extremely comfortable - not too soft that you'd immediately sink when you sit on it and not too hard. The sound system was surround sound and their karaoke machine had the latest songs. The owner also told us to help ourself with the bar inside the room.But the thing I loved most about it was that it was super cold and extremely dark.

Every one checked out the room but only the younger people (meaning my cousins and I) stayed and made use of their karaoke room. I sat on the far corner and we had a blast singing our lungs out. Some time later, a few of the adults went in and decided to join us. Lucky for me, Uncle Richy was a part of that group. With the added people, we were cramped already but it was perfect for me. With a bit of liquid courage, I grabbed Uncle Richy's hand and maneuvered him to sit beside me. At this point, everyone already had enough alcohol in their system and no one seemed to mind that I was sitting beside my uncle. Besides, no one would have guessed that the very person I called Uncle had his toungue shoved down my throat just recently while he all but touched every part of my body.

Free flowing booze plus karaoke meant a lot of moving bodies and less attention to the people around us. I was literally squished beside Uncle Richy and I loved it. No one could see our touches and hand placements with the dim lighting thankfully. Uncle Richy kept teasing me the entire time though. With my dress, his hand easily accessed my thighs and he kept rubbing it until he was alreayd so close to my wet pussy. I was crazy horny already that I just wished that he would fuck me hard then and there. I knew I had to do something. I stood up and went to the bathroom. Once I got there, I took off my soaking thong and I could instantly smell my own arousal. I was that horny and wet. I went back to the room and before I sat down, I subtly gave my wet thong to my uncle and what happened next still makes me instantly wet until this day.

I sat down and hiked up my dress a bit higher. His hand went back to its place on my thigh except that t...

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always horny lol
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August 15, 2020 (1 month ago)

Sarap talaga! Sneaky sex between the Uncle and his niece. Wala man lang pag-aalinlangan sa part ni Uncle. Nakikipagsabayan sa trip ng pamangkin kaya mas may thrill.


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August 16, 2020 (1 month ago)

Can't wait for the next story

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