Sorry sa uber late na update haha mejjo naging busy lang. Anyway, eto na kasunod :)

I immediately went to the villa I shared with my cousin when we got to the resort that we were staying at. I needed relief so bad from teasing my uncle the entire trip. Luckily, she left the key to our villa sa may reception and I was able to release my pent-up lust. It didn't take long for me to cum to be honest, and all I imagined was how my uncle looked at me hungrily like he wanted to eat me to get me reaching the edge. Satiated and satisfied, I freshened up a little bit, changed into my bikini, and went out to explore the resort. It was a good thing that I was freshly lazered because my bikini hid nothing to the imagination. Out of all the swimwear I bought and brought for the trip, I opted to wear the newest one I got.

I found the rest of my family scattered around the resort but the person I wanted to see the most was chilling by the clubhouse pool. He was miraculously alone and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to flirt some more. I did stop by the bathroom first before I approached him to make sure I looked immaculate and I made sure to adjust my bikini so that the girls would surely capture his attention. And capture his attention it did. Without anyone who knew us around, he openly ogled and lusted after me as I walked towards him.

"Hi Uncle, why are you out here alone?" I asked him when I got to where he was staying.

"Nagpapahinga si Auntie Virgie mo at tulog pa rin si Marco. Ikaw, ba't ka andito?"

"I went out to explore the resort. Sina daddy, mommy and kuya kasi ayun nag golf. Nakita kita kaya I went here."

"Ayaw mo ba dun sa may beach? Andun yung iba mong cousins andun"

"Nah, mas gusto ko dito. You're here eh" I said while upping up my flirting game.

"Bakit ako?"

"I like to hangout with you, ayaw mo ba? I can leave if you want to be alone naman"

"Hindi naman. Wag ka umalis, dito ka lang samahan mo ako" sabi niya while holding on to my wrist cause I was about to leave na.

"Okay, sabi mo eh" I said while sitting back down beside him.

I ordered a drink and I waited for him to ask me about the stunt I pulled in the car. But he didn't. So I thought I should up my game some more.

"I want to go to the pool but I haven't put on sunblock yet. Can you do me?" I asked him casually while grabbing my lotion from my bag.

"Sure, lay down on your stomach" he said. And I did what he asked. He did my back first. I loved the way his hands felt on my skin, all rugged and rough. I got wet imagining what those hands would feel on the rest of my body.

"Tapos na"

"Can you do the lower part too? I don't want to have an uneven tan" I asked coyly and he willingly obliged my request. He started putting lotion on my feet. He went up from my left feet to my ankle to my calves and then to my thighs until he reached the middle part of my thighs and I noticed he was hesitant to go further up.

"It's okay to go further up," I said and he did.

I did notice that he didn't linger too long on my left ass cheek which bothered me. He switched to my right leg and that was when I noticed that it was different from when he did my left leg. His strokes were more slow and soft as if his hands were gliding on my sk...

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