Travel to Ortigas was uneventful. Pag may sticker pala ng bangko such as BDO yung vehicle, they don't flag on checkpoints. The driver was quiet throughout the trip, sabi lang niya "Pinasundo po kayo ni mam Vernice, sir."

After a 15-minute drive, I got into the condo. Guard was expecting me and assisted me after taking my temp. From the rather posh lobby to elevator, I couldn't wait for Vernice to welcome me.

The elevator opened and she was there to welcome me, telling the guard "Thank you Manong Guard for escorting him."

She was in a light pink sundress, hair clipped to the right side of her face, smiling charmingly.

As soon as the guard closed the elevator, we had a quick hug.

"Wala ka namang COVID, no, kuya?"

"Shut up!"

We sat on what looked like a breakfast nook in the condo, where she asked for my drink.

"Anything cold will do, thanks."

She gave me a bottle of mineral water, which was perfect since I jogged in the morning and felt that I needed to drink more water.

"So kumusta na?" – she beamed while asking.

"I'm good. A bit bored at home quite honestly."

"Is that why you're here?"

"I'm here because of you."


She was still about 3-4 feet away while talking to me, getting an item from her fridge. I couldn't help but notice the pink skin on her legs and arms as the sun rays from her condo's window showered her with natural light.

"So you're alone here most of the time?"

"Yep, yung ate ko kase once or twice a week lang umuuwi. And I visit our Greenhills store mga 2 to 3 times a week lang din naman."

"Good to know that keeps you kind of busy."

She sits down next to me, crossing her wonderful legs.

"Yeah pero bad trip kase wala si Benedict so ako lahat gumagawa ng decisions."

"Is that the real reason you miss him?"

"That and something else hehehe."

Then a bit of silence, which she breaks.

"Speaking of Benedict, I need to call him to tell him you're here na."

That was a surprise. What was I thinking, that she'll keep it a secret?

I swallowed hard and said, "Sure!"

She puts him on speaker phone habang naka-video sa Messenger.

"Hey Lance!"

"Hi sir Benedict!"

"Sir ka diyan!"

"Sad to hear about your lolo in Bacolod, I hope he recovers soon."

"He's better now than last week, thanks."

"Babe, Lance will be here till dinner time ha."

"Ok babe, no problem."

"You sure, bro?"

"Yeah, of course. Just handle my lady with care. She's the love of my life, alam mo naman."

That made me feel a sense of guilt. Shit, how could I be fucking the love of his life.

"Wow, she's one damn lucky girl, bro."

"I'm luckier."

Vernice interrupted us, "Hoy tama na bolahan niyong dalawa!"

My turn to break what could become an awkward silence. "Nga pala, I brought a bottle for you, JCB Vodka, hope you'll like it!"

"Wow pare, sosyal. Pang Absolut lang ako! Thank you!"

Glad he was pleased with the bottle.

"Promise I won't touch it until you're home, babe," Vernice tells him.

Benedict gives us the thumbs up emoticon.

"Good to see you man, even though on Messenger lang," Benedict said.

"Same here."

"Hey Babe, ask ko lang nga pala, it just crossed my mind, is it the right time of the month for you?"

"Yes I'm safe since yesterday babe."

"Shit shit shit, you're one lucky bastard Lancelot!"

"Guess I am."

That frankly made me hard.


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