Last week of March, I was not able to leave our condo that much anymore but I was still able to drive in our ancestral home in QC, near Katipunan. Mas malaki ang grounds dito, so even in a lockdown, I can walk around, have breakfast in the garden without feeling confined.

Si Irish hindi maka-uwi from Hong Kong. Cathay Pacific canceled all flights before her meetings finished. It was not clear how long she will have to stay, buti na lang she has family members who were taking good care of her.

For the most part, naubos ko na lahat ng palabas sa Netflix. I would keep myself busy on PS4, a few PC games. I would sleep anytime I want, wake up anytime I want. May mga emails pa rin regarding work, and I would still respond to all of them. But really, it's like the world came to a stand still.

Then a text from Vernice.

"Are you also locked down, handsome?"

"Hey! Is this message really for me?"

"Of course, Kuya Lance!"

"Bad girl. Nasan ka?"

"Ortigas, my sister's condo. Ikaw?"

"Katipunan, bahay ng parents ko. But they're not here, abroad na sila for long."

"I see. How are you coping?"

"Ok naman, I brought Manang here with me, walang tao naman sa condo namin."

"San si Irish?"

"Stuck in HK. Di pa makakauwi. Her airline said she can try and check with them in 10 days."

"So you're alone?"

"If that means without my gf, yes."

"Ako din. Si Benedict needs to be with his sick lolo in Bacolod. Halos two weeks na siya doon."

"Ba't di ka sumama?"

"I need to look after our stores e."

"Open pa rin ba stores niyo?"

"For deliveries yes."

"Hey can I call you, this is tiring."

So I rang her up. It didn't take her longer than five minutes to talk about sex.

She didn't miss a beat and asked: "Do you miss my sex?"

"Anong klaseng tanong yan? Fishing?"

"I'm curious."

"Look Vernice, you're a different kind of sex. A different kind of fuck. And yes I miss ravaging you."


"I'd fuck you now if you're here."


"Shit what?"

She was pushing the envelope. "How am I a different fuck?"



"Never had it so tight. Like I can feel I am fucking your flesh and bones."

"Let's stop this."

"Finish what you started, girl!"

"It's a sin."

"Oo nga. Sige let's talk about the latest movie you saw on Netflix na lang."

"Sige, nice topic. Kaso I just got so wet between the legs."

"Bye Vernice."

"Hey, bad ka…"

"This can't go on… Irish does not know."

"And Benedict doesn't know as well."

"Lalo na. He allowed me to fuck you. I will only fuck you if he knows."

"Anong rule yan, ha?"

"Common sense di ba?"

"According to who?"

"Look, I wanted to be fair to him. Considering he already shared you with me."

"Lance, this is still me. Katawan ko to, akin to. I don't need his permission, for example, to have my boobs tattooed."

"Yeah but for you to fuck another guy?"

"You're not just another guy."

"I mean I am not Benedict."

"Baka ikaw yung naiilang kay Irish."

"That too."

"Did you tell her how tight my cunt is?"

"Of course not."

"Bakit hindi?"

"I don't want her to get jealous, obviously."

"You mean magseselos siya sa puke ko? Ganon ba siya kababaw?"


"Then why didn't tell her?"

"She never asked."

"That's BS."

"BS na kung BS. It's a detail she does not need to know."

"Benedict knows you fucked me better that night."

"How so?"

"He asked me."

"I see."

"I wanna fuck you again, Lance."

"That's pretty forward."

"Oh sorry, Mr. Conservative, threesome partner. I must have offended you."

"No need to be sarcastic."

"My bf knows btw. That I'll fuck you again if I want."

"And he's cool about it?"

"Not really."

"Selos siya?"

"Hindi naman. He said he's wishing he's around. But he needs to be in Bacolod."

"For me, I wish he's not around."


"I want to feel we're kind of making love, not just fucking."


"Yeah no shit."

"I guess that gives you a reason to be in Ortigas?"

"I guess so too. But how?"

"May mga checkpoints ba diyan?"

"Meron, between QC and Pasig along C5."

"I have an idea. My sister works in the bank. Yung driver niya can pick you up."

"You kidding me? What will you tell your sister?"

"Kuya, my sister doesn't sleep here, one week na halos. She's an officer in BDO and they're booked in a hotel para they can just walk to their office at the Podium."

"Stop the kuya please."

"Oh won't that be so hot, Lance, when you hear me scream "Fuck me harder, Kuya!"

"Nakakalibog ka sobra."

"Give me a sec, let me call my sister."


After a few minutes, my phone rang again.

"How soon can you get ready?"

"Get ready to leave you mean?"

"Yeah, her BDO driver will pick you up."

"Shower and all in 15-20 mins I guess."

"Sige please bring overnight clothes, my sister will be home na tomorrow night kase."

"Got it."

"See you later Lance!"

"See you Vern…"

"Oops, by the way…"


"I will also take a shower. And shave."

Needless to say, I was hard all throughout the ride from Katipunan to Ortigas.

Travel to Ortigas was uneventful. Pag may sticker pala ng bangko such as BDO yung vehicle, they don't flag on checkpoints. The driver was quiet throughout the trip, sabi lang niya "Pinasundo po kayo ni mam Vernice, sir."

- - -

After a 15-minute drive, I got into the condo. Guard was expecting me and assisted me after taking my temp. From the rather posh lobby to elevator, I couldn't wait for Vernice to welcome me.

The elevator opened and she was there to welcome me, telling the guard "Thank you Manong Guard for escorting him."

She was in a light pink sundress, hair clipped to the right side of her face, smiling charmingly.

As soon as the guard closed the elevator, we had a quick hug.

"Wala ka namang COVID, no, kuya?"

"Shut up!"

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Taena mapapalaban nanaman 😁 nice story. Its been some time din since you last posted here.

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Good stuff.

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Looks like a very promising hook up is in the offing... BTW what happened to the last Irish-Ed coupling that was never finished?

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Its been a long time otor. Waited for an update from you.

Tuloy lang po. ;-)

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Panuod po. Ortigas Area lang din hahahaha

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