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Date: July 3, 2020 (6 months ago)

I've been missing in action (MIA) sa social media for about 3 months since pinadala ako ng trabaho ko sa training camp which majority ng oras ko ay nasa bundok kami. After completing the course, i went to a house party and saw one of my buddies and as we were hanging out, tawa siya ng tawa. Nun pala nasa group video call siya talking to random people. I got intrigued and asked him what the hell was that about and he added me sa group chat. I told him that i dont want to compromise my identity so ill create a psuedo account and he can add that instead. There, i saw different men/women from different parts of the world and they were talking about politics or health care program i think, and kulitan/landian. Then theres this chic that caught my eye, very simple yet she seemed very elegant and educated. Kinda made me wonder why was she in that group chat. So i said "Hi" and she replied back, i asked her if its cool na sa private na lang kami mag usap since i dont like my business being out in the open and theres a lot going on sa groupchat. Days passed and weve been talking daily. Anything that you can possibly imagine, weve talked about it. She"s very smart and witty. She always made me laugh and laugh we did. We'd talk about adult stuff, sent teasers and you can tell there's chemistry. Then one day while were talking, we both felt in heat and decided to try something new. "videosexting" if thats even a word. As she started to tease, taking her clothes off slowly, moving her hips left to right, biting her lower lip. She took her shorts off first, stuck her tongue out then winked and rubbed her body as her hands grasped her boobs. Mix n match laced undies are soo sexy.. she turned around bend over, then looked back and grabbed her butt. She then unhooked her bra freeing her cute 32Bs, and layed down sa bed nya; while still wearing her purple panties, she spread her legs, rubbed her vag, closed her eyes as she released a light but very deep moan. "Aaahh... Fuuuck, im wet" she placed her undies to the side, slid her middle finger in and released another moan.. this its loud. "Fuuck fucck fucck.. feels soo good," let me see your cock please.. as i was enjoying the show, i flipped the camera and showed her what im working with, slowly stroking it. "Sabayan ko yung rhythm ng pag jajakol mo. Fuuuck; i might need to put 2 fingers in. I want your dick in my mouth." Shes drunk in lust and its sooo hot, i wanted to be on that side of the phone just so i can eat her pussy. Shes dripping wet as her cream are filling her fingers, her nipples are pretty hard. Her moans got louder and louder, fuck this videosexting is pretty hot, It felt really weird at first but i guess shes enjoying her view and so was i. Then she told me "this virtual thing is pretty awesome, but i need a real dick inside me, can you come over?" She provided me her address, and went straight to her house, i called her and said im right outside her door. As the door opened, i was in awe.. seeing her boobies with that seductive eyes giving me a come fuck me now look! I entered the house kissing her torridly.. she jumped towards me and carried her as were kissing, i can feel her wetness oozing out her undies. I lay her sa couch nya and started kissing/licking her legs. As my other hand caress the other. I stuck my tongue out and licked and light bite her legs as i star...

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July 3, 2020 (6 months ago)

Regular or Reservist?

Captcha GREENY

sex is ludus. lust is mania!

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