Author's Note. This is a work of fiction. Try ko lang po gumawa ng celebrity fantasy story na male celebrity naman. But my inspiration for the female character is Sarah Lahbati. Try ko lang din po English. Open for constructive criticism. :)

Derek Ramsay & Sarah Lahbati
by: freyacutie

Today marks my 1 year here in the Philippines. My parents got divorced and my mother decided to take me home with her to her hometown. My father is Moroccan while my mother is a Filipina.

I was born and raised in Spain (my father works there), but I know a lot of Tagalog words since my mother made sure I speak the language well. It will be a shame if I can't, she said. Some of the words also are based or at least similar to the Spanish language. Hence, I can converse well in Tagalog. Many Filipinos I've talked to often get the shock of their life when I speak Tagalog. "Porener na nagtatagalog." That's what they usually say.

My mother's hometown is Coron, Palawan. It is one of the islands of Palawan that is also a popular tourist destination. Foreigners are a common sight in the area. That suited me well and helped me adjust to the place, fewer people are staring.

Nanay (Yes, she trained me to call her that. To be more Pinoy daw.) acquired a small resort using the money she got from the finalization of her divorce with my Dad. It was a 3-star resort. The previous owner was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer. So the family decided to sell the resort and other properties, and migrated to the US to seek better treatment and advanced facilities.

The resort retained its staff. They were all friendly and are kind enough to teach me about the norms, culture, and other things they know about the resort. I am helping my mother manage the resort. I volunteered to work as a front desk clerk. I also do errands for Nanay, if need be.

Today was supposedly my rest day but the assigned front desk staff had an emergency so I took her shift for a few hours. Nanay called a while ago saying there's a VIP client and I need to personally entertain them as a sign of the owner's courtesy.

A shuttle van stopped in front of the visitor's receiving area.

"O, Ma'am Sarah ikaw pala. Akala ko si Mira ang nakaduty ngayon?" bungad ni Mang Karding. He's the official driver for the resort. We hire on-call drivers if needed for tours. Now that it's not peak season, there are only a few guests. In fact, only half of the rooms are occupied. Tourists usually prefer 5-star resorts during non-peak season.

"Opo. May sakit baby nya. I took over for her. Pero andyan na rin po si Jessa kasi mag-a-aasist pa ako ng guest natin." I answered.

I looked past Mang Karding and saw the guest walking towards the front desk. He's wearing a black fitted t-shirt, showing muscles in the right places. Dark jeans, loafer shoes, and a yellow-lens Ray-ban. Chiseled jaws, moreno skin, and oozing sex appeal. I can't take my eyes off of him. He looked familiar though.

"Ma'am Sarah, si Derek Ramsay yan, yong artista. Nagkaaberya yong katabi nating hotel. E hatinggabi na wala pa yong driver nila kaya itinawag nung may-ari kay Mama mo at pinasundo sa akin", Mang Karding whispered as the guest approached closer now.

Nanay called to advise me to give our best suite. But she never mentioned it's going to be a celebrity. She also asked me to personally attend to the needs of this guest.

"Ay sir, kunin ko na po gamit nyo."

I saw Mang Karding rushed to the shuttle van again to get the guest's luggage.

"Welcome to White Pearl Resort sir. I'll lead you to your room. Mang Karding will have your things delivered to your room. This way, please follow me." I said and already walked towards the concrete pathway leading to the very secluded part of the resort. It was designed to be that way to give more privacy to the guests.

There are trees and high plants surrounding the villa, and a mini fence around it. There's also a doorbell on the gate to inform the guest before going inside the area. The villa has its own jacuzzi, infinity pool, and private access to the beach. We also have limited CCTV here. Just the one near the entrance before taking a turn to enter the gate to the villa.
There's also specifically assigned staff to accommodate for special guests and are tasked not to do any other thing but to cater to the guest. Tonight, I am that specifically assigned staff for him.

"Sir, do you want to eat something? Or do you want tea? I'll have that delivered here." I said while we reached the gate. I was walking ahead of him, leading him to the gate of the villa. My hand was about to push the gate.

"Can I have you instead?" He whispered to my ear. I feel his body touched my back. His member protruding and doing slight humps on my butt. His right arm snaked on my waist to keep me in place. His left hand roughly molded my breast.

I felt my body burning. I don't know if I'm just so horny because it's been more than one year since I've had sex. But I'm also very attracted to him. Lust at first sight, maybe.

I felt his right hand went down to touch the thin fabric of my pencil-cut mini-skirt, just on top of my pussy. He rubbed his hand up and down that part. My butt is already grinding on his member behind me.

"You are the assigned staff to me, right?" He said while kissing my neck up to my ears.

"Yes. Ahh" I breathily replied. I'm already gasping for air. My temperature's up. I am tingling down there.

"You will cater to my needs tonight and that is not food." He said and stopped what he was doing. Just in time for Mang Karding to show up.

I tried to normalize my breathing and did a quick look at my clothes. One of the buttons of my blouse was already undone. Enough to peek at my 36C boobs. I fixed that and opened the gate to the villa. All three of us entered and walked to the front door.

"Ma'am Sarah tawag na lang daw po kayo sa front desk if may need pa. Nandun na po si Jessa. Walang tao sa staff house dyan po sa kabila, dyan na lang daw po kayo matulog sabi ni Ma'am Clarisa (si Nanay)."

"Sige po Manong, salamat. You can go home na po. You need to get back at 6 AM tomorrow. One of our guests has a 9 AM flight. Don't worry, I already filed your OT for tonight. Thank you so much for the service." I said to Mang Karding as soon as he dropped the luggage on the front door of the villa.

"Thank you Ma'am Sarah. Good night po."

"Sir salamat po sa picture at autograph. Enjoy po at welcome sa White Pearl. See you tomorrow sir." Mang Karding said while waving at us as he walk back to the pathway. All with his thick accent.

"Salamat din po manong. You saved me from that hell hotel." Derek said chuckling.

I picked up the luggage and used the key card to open the front door of the villa.

As soon as we entered the villa, Derek grabbed me by the waist and slammed my body against his.

He kissed me thoroughly. I kissed him back as intense as he did.

He pushed me against the door and continued kissing. In one strong gesture, he pulled my blouse and all the buttons flew out. My boobs bounced in front of him. I was only wearing a black bra underneath. He grabbed my right boob harshly.

I was moaning and grinding against him. I can feel my pussy's already wet.

He took off my brassiere and immediately grabbed my boobs with both hands.

"Fuck. Ang laki nito a". He said and sucked on my now swollen left nipple, and then on the right. It felt so good.

"Ahhh fuck." I moaned hard when his finger already found my clit. I didn't even notice he has already lifted my skirt up to my waist and pulled my panties down.

"Akala ko malas ako ngayong gabi, mas maswerte pala. You know how to speak Tagalog right?" He asked as he planted kisses on my neck. His hands masterfully doing things with my clit. I can feel the wetness on my pussy.

"Yes. I can speak Tagalog, fluently."

He smiled seductively and kissed me thoroughly, sucking on my lips, and playing with my tongue.

"As part of your service tonight, you should speak Tagalog as much as possible. Understand?" He said in between kisses.

"O- Opo sir."

"All right. Now let's get to that jacuzzi. I'm going to fuck you there first." He said erotically.

We stopped for a bit and I guided him to where the jacuzzi is. I checked the settings and had the jacuzzi working.

He stripped off all his clothes. What a marvelous sight. He has a huge member, maybe 7 to 8inc...

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