Quarantine Diaries 2020: Writing In Tandem

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Date: May 13, 2020 (20 days ago)

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29 March 2020, 8:46 pm
To: Rickyticky2***@gmail.com
From: jaden****.p** gmail.com
Re: Hi, from out of the blue

Hey there, Ricky! It's been a while. I know this is something out of the blue, but I am hoping that you and your family are safe in the midst of all this quarantined "chaos." I was just cleaning my files and saw the stories that we wrote together. I miss our banter. Well, if you're not busy, or if you need someone to talk you out of your cabin fever, feel free to PM me on FB. That is, if you still remember your other FB password. Take care, stay at home and stay safe!


Exhaling a breath I didn't realize that I held, I tapped on the paper plane icon.

Probably, like a real paper plane thrown outside the window, my e-mail will land somewhere unsure. And probably stay there. Unread.

23 March 2020

It's been more than a week since the enhanced community quarantine was imposed in Metro Manila. It was three days after the start of the lockdown that my boss in the publishing house where I work established our work-from-home (WFH) set-up.

"Jade, I will have Rory deliver your iMac to your apartment. Pati yung wireless router na gagamitin mo, same with the others which I pre-paid na for two months,. Wag ubusin ang 200gb sa Netflix!" Rina said over our Zoom video conference with the production staff. "I have the tech team set-up the wifis of all your computer units para lahat kayo ay plug and work na lang. Sorry for the delay, everyone, pero mabilis nagka-ubusan ng mga prepaid wireless agad. Besides, the tech guys had to update our servers para sa pag-sync ng mga files ninyo lahat."

Here's the deal: I do my best to keep my home separate from work. So this WFH (which I call WhattheFuckHay!) is something my body and mind is resisting against. In the last five years that I've been working in this publishing house as a graphic artist, I have never ever missed a deadline, even though I do not bring my work home. Because, seriously, my home is where I unwind and get the fuck away from work. I loved that set-up. Besides, I have other stuff I work on at home and during my spare time. I love the 9-5 set-up. So when this quarantine was imposed, it is just a travesty for me.

Okay, I exaggerated on that last part. Not really a travesty. But an annoyance, nonetheless.

"So, everyone, reminders ha: Rory will deliver your equipment tomorrow with detailed how-tos on our online timekeeping. Okay? Jade?" Rina started the roll call of staff with me for assurances, startling my thoughts. "Jade, you still there?"

"Yep! I'm here. Sorry, naka-mute. Got it!" I said, thanking that I have my cellphone's camera off to save on mobile data.

24 March 2020

Rory, our middle-aged all-around guy, came to my small Quezon City apartment today. In addition to my workstation iMac, its accessories and a printer, he also brought with him a two large flat boxes.

"What the hell are those?" I asked him.

"A small desk that will fit your iMac and a swivel chair," Rory answered. "That's included in the package for every WFH staff. Rina's instructions." Then he started for the door.

"Wait, aren't you going to set-it up?" I asked him.

"No," he replied with a grin. I like Rory's smile. He reminds me of my Dad. "Rina's other instruction is, 'Figure it out!' And that's for all of you. I have a lot to deliver before curfew and I still have to deliver to Alex in Cavite." With a wave, Rory left me standing in my living room with the stuff.

I looked at the boxes, and my iMac. I sighed.

Assembling the table and chair, and setting up the computer was pretty easy. Two hours tops. But as I sat there on my new swivel chair, I could not bear to turn on my computer. "Oh well," I shrugged, and walked to the bathroom to load the drier. Finish laundry first (which I started yesterday morning), then clean the house (which I should've done a week before), then make dinner (hmmm… which canned item next?).

Here's something about me: I am female, 28 years old and live in Quezon City. I am 5 feet and four and a half inches tall (yes! That half inch matters to me!). I am "more than adequately curvy," which means that I have more flesh in places that THE ideal girl shouldn't have. I'm not chubby, I'm not fat, but I'm not that slim either. I am trying to lose a little more weight though, with intermittent fasting since my ex dumped me three years ago. Unfortunately, my intermittent fasting is also intermittent, hence my weight plataeu. My face is also forgettable -- commonly described by my friends to prospective blind dates as "may itsura."

I'm a graphic designer. I lay-out content pages and covers of novels in the publishing house. I am also a writer. But ironically, even though I work in publishing, I never got the courage to submit any of my manuscripts.

Brrrrrrt…. Brrrrrt…. Brrrrrt…

My phone vibrated on the kitchen table. Rina's face showed up on the screen.

"Hi, everything good?" Rina asked.

"Yep. Am excited to work na!" I said as I held the phone to my ear with a shoulder and started putting hangers on my damp clothes.

"Oh, no rush! Monday pa tayo mag-start ng time-in and out ninyo. Get all your homes and personal affairs in order. Use the remainder of this week to set a routine for you. And that includes taking a bath and brushing your teeth!" I chuckled at Rina's reminders. My last bath was two days ago. I did brush my teeth this morning. But in the last few days, I was just lazing around.

Pfft! Whatever. It's not like I'm going anywhere. Hah!


29 March 2020

It's Sunday afternoon. I have just returned from the grocery to buy essentials enough for a week. Hopefully, the relief packs from the local government will be distributed soon. I am not looking forward to brave the long grocery queues soon.

Yesterday, I rearranged my designated work area, moving the desk closer to the window. The view is not much (it's the freaking street below), but the daylight will help my circadian rhythm, said the article that I read. Also because I want it closer to my book shelf and TV. This morning, I took out my file box from my closet. I want to sort some papers, declutter a bit so I have a nice working, workable, workstation. Luckily, the grocery has a stationery and plastic ware department so I bought a desk caddie, and a few office supplies.

The whole afternoon was devoted on sorting the life I hadninside the box. These are personal documents like school transcripts, certificates, old employment records, etc. Some papers need to be filed, some need to be burned (my god! Did I really put that in my resume?!?).

I opened one folder with a bunch of bond papers.

"And his hand lightly caressed the side of her hips, moving ever so slowly lower.

She stirred, sighing in her sleep.

He smiled as he watched her face in the lightening dusk skies. Feeling bold, his fingers grazed the bushes that covers her mound.

He heard her moan softly in her sleep. He felt his cock twitch as it starts to stiffen. He gently pushed her legs slightly apart, his finger immediately found her clit and moist pussy.

"Hmmmm…." Her voice breaking the stillness of dawn.

He slowly spread her legs, and knelt between them. His mouth made a trail of warm kisses from her navel down to her mound. He licked a finger and slowly pushed it inside her folds, as his tongue licked circles on her clit.

She gasped."

I sat there in the middle of the living room, reading though that folder.

My collection of erotica. Most of them I wrote. My manuscripts that I don't have the courage to submit to any publishing company. However, I published most of them on a Pinoy erotica portal a few weeks after I broke up with my ex.

But this one… this one I did not write. This one is by Ricky, in response to one of my stories.

Since I started posting my stories on that site, Ricky was often commenting his appreciation or messaging me his critique. I take his criticisms constructively. I would also read what he wrote and I am one of his avid fans in that site. You could say that his words made me swoon. He is a gentleman, or so I'd like to think.

We've never chatted in real time. But our communication moved from the site's messaging portal to e-mail so we can send each other drafts for initial review and for editing. We hardly ever talked about IRL selves. And NO, we never had online sex. Just a more-than-a-few exchanges of sexy words in the form of er...

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And we are wetting.... Este, waiting :)


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