Eee Cee Que Blues - Sa Classroom May Batas. Bawal Lumabas. Oh, Bawal Lumabas

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Date: May 13, 2020 (18 days ago)

Eee Cee Que Blues - Sa Classroom May Batas. Bawal Lumabas. Oh, Bawal Lumabas
By Pesteng Ahem


These are stories about life during the extended community quarantine. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of my imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


My name is Gamaliel Cordoba. I am Commissioner of the National Telecommunications Commission. This is the story of my experience during the ECQ.

After having emptied my balls down Erich Gonzales' throat, she and I exited my home office and made our way arm-in-arm to my upstairs bedroom where I had asked Kim Chiu and Arci Munoz to wait. I was wearing a towel around my waist, but Erich was comfortable striding proudly in her nakedness. Her face had the freshly fucked look and remnants of my cum were visible on her upper chest and perky tits.

As we climbed the stairs, Erich moved her arm to hug my waist. I put my arm around her upper body and cradled her breast from underneath.

I turned and looked at her. "Kumain ka na ba kayo, Erich?"

"Opo, Sir. May pagkain po sa van. Tapos busog pa po ako sa dami ng protein na nilunok ko kanina lang." She stuck out her tongue and smiled. "Kayo, Sir? May energy pa ba kayo?" She reached over the towel to caress my cock.

"May Cialis sa kuwarto, hija." My cock began to harden.

"Ah, okay, Sir. Kakailanganin ho ninyo yun para masabayan ninyo ang libido ni Kim." I turned to her with a quizzical look. Erich could sense my confusion. "Oho! Grabe ang kulo ni Kim. Mas masahol pa kaysa kay Arci. Pa goody-goody ang image niya sa publiko, pero sex freak yun. Mahigpit lang ang hawak ng manager niyang bakla kaya mahinahon ang image ni Kim, pero sa mga ganitong mga pribadong pakikipagtipan, nakakawala siya ng husto. Konti lang po ang may alam na ang espesyalidad niya ang threesome." I felt my cock twitch at the thought. "Sir, baka gusto ninyo kaming sabay na kantunin."

"Matagal pa ang umaga, Erich." We were standing in front of the heavy mahogany door to the bedroom I share with my wife. I turned the handle and Erich entered before me.

The master bedroom is quite large. My wife was mainly responsible for the decoration. A large, king-sized bed between two side tables took up one end and a sofa and seats were positioned at the opposite end, next to the door. My wife's dressing table was next to the walk-in closet. The door to the en suite was to the side. The room lights were dim except for the overhead LED lights illuminating the bed.

The room temperature was set to a comfortable 25 degrees. The floor in front of the bed was littered with clothes, panties and heels discarded haphazardly. I could see both Kim and Arci lying in the middle of the bed over the covers. Kim was lying on the bed face up FaceTiming with her boyfriend, Xian Lim. She had cleverly retained her top, while her skirt and thongs were on the floor. In contrast, Arci was stark naked on her knees with her ass in the air. Her hair was tied in a ponytail, she was holding open both of Kim's thighs and her tongue was deep in Kim's pussy.

Erich put her finger to her mouth to indicate that I should be quiet. "Hindi alam ng boyfriend niya na naandito si Kim." I nodded. We moved closer to the bed.

We could listen in on the conversation Kim was having with Xian. We could also hear Arci's soft sucking and licking.

"Babe, I miss you."

"Miss rin kita, Kim."

"I'm so horny, babe. Lick mo ako, babe." Arci was doing all the licking. "Babe, ang wet na ng pussy ko."

"Sorry, babe. Pag nalift na ang ECQ, susunduin kita."

Erich and I moved to the foot of the bed. Arci's upturned ass was only a foot away. Her knees were together, but I could see her bare pussy. Arci's meaty outer pussy lips were swollen from arousal. I noticed pussy juice inching its way down her left inner thigh.

I whispered something to Erich. She understood and left the room.

"Fuuckkk, babe! I need you now... Fingerin mo ang pussy ko, babe." I saw Arci lick two of her fingers and insert them deep into Kim's cunt. "Baaabbbeee! Ang sarap ng daliri mo. Lick mo ang clit ko!" Using two fingers of one hand in an inverted V, Kim exposed her clit to Arci's tongue. Arci took the engorged nubbin and roughly licked at it, causing Kim to whimper in satisfaction.

I could hear Xian on the the speaker. "Babe, sorry talaga. Hindi ako makapag sex chat sa iyo ngayon. Kasama ko sina mommy at daddy. Babawi na lang ako sa susunod. Promise."

"Baaaabbee, ang horny koooo naaa. Mag isa lang ako dito ngayon. Hindi mo ba ako namimiss?" Arci's slow fucking of Kim's cunt with her fingers was causing Kim's juices to leak on the bed covers. I made a mental note to ask the maids to launder the bed linen tomorrow.

Erich arrived a few minutes later with the materials I asked her to retrieve from the other room. She laid them on the floor and slowly hopped on the bed beside Kim. Erich touched Arci's shoulder and Kim's thigh, letting them know that she had returned. On feeling Erich's touch, Arci took Kim's clit between her lips and squeezed. Kim's foot kicked out in recognition of Erich's presence, but her face remained focused on the phone.

Erich, careful not to move into the phone camera's frame, slowly snaked her hands under Kim's top and played with her tits. Kim felt the pleasurable sensation of Erich's fingers pinching her distended nipples. "Fuuccckkk, Baaabbee! Ayokong mag cum ng wala ka."

"Sorry talaga, Kim." I felt sorry for the poor sap. His girlfriend was being pleasured by two of the most beautiful public figures and he was trapped in his family home.

"O, sige na nga, babe. Diyan ka nalang sa mommy mo. Tutal, hindi mo naman ako love!"

"Babe, naman!!"

"Don't talk to me, Xian." She clicked the off button and terminated the call, then tossed the phone to the floor. An evil smile played on her lips. "Fuuuucckkk, girls. Ang hooott noon. Ang sarap talaga ng dila mo, Arci." She looked down at Arci, who gave her a wink, but otherwise continued fucking Kim with her fingers and licking her clit.

Erich moved her hands upward and helped Kim out of her top. Kim rose, supporting her upper body with her elbows. She looked at me and said, "Hello, Commissioner. Ready ka na ba sa amin? Hindi pa po kami nakakapagpasalamat sa inyo sa tulong na ibinigay ninyo sa network." I smiled.

Erich tossed Kim's top on the floor next to her phone. Then she took the nearer of Kim's 34B tits and sucked on a pink nipple. Kim dropped her head backward. "Fuuucckkk. Ang sarap talaga kapag dalawang babae ang nag-fu-fuck sa iyo." Kim's hips started to move upward to force her clit into Arci's mouth. She lifted her head and looked at my face. "Sir, parang overdressed po kayo." I smiled and dropped my towel. Kim's gaze slowly dropped from my face to my chest, to my beer belly and onto my half-erect cock. I took my cock in my hand and stroked it a few times. "Sir, mukhang masarap po ang hawak ninyo," Kim said. I remained standing at the foot of the bed.

Erich released Kim's nipple and gave the Chinita Princess a deep French Kiss. They broke the kiss after sucking each other's tongue and exchanging saliva.

"Kim, may request si Commissioner," Erich said.

"Basta si Sir, hindi ako makakatanggi."

Erich hopped off the bed and picked up the items she retrieved earlier. "Gusto ni Commissioner mag role-play. Ito yung uniprome pangeskwela ng anak niya." Kim's eyes lit up. "Tamang tama yan, Sir! Kailangan ko nang makantot ng titi." Arci took her cue and slowly removed her fingers and mouth from Kim's pussy. Erich quickly grabbed Arci's wrist and held the hand between them. Then, both Arci and Erich licked Kim's juices off of Arci's fingers.

Erich led Arci to the right side of the bed and started to kiss her deeply. Meanwhile, Kim grabbed the uniform and put on the skirt and top. Wasting no time, she quickly got into the role. "Sir, bakit po ninyo ako pinatawag?"

I sat on the foot of the bed, my back to Arci and Erich. Both remained engrossed in their lovemaking, leaving me to focus on Kim. "Miss Chiu, alam mo naman na may batas sa classroom ko. Bawal kang lumabas nang wala kang permiso sa akin."

"Yes, Sir." Kim was now standing in front of me. Her hands were clasped behind her and her chest was thrust out. Her face was downcast and her feet were twisting on the floor.

"Alam mo naman yung mga patakaran at regulasyon ng classroom ko, hindi ba Miss Chiu?"

"Opo, Sir."

"So, bakit nahuli ka ng guard sa labas ng classroom?"

"May kinuka lang po ako sa labas, Sir."

"May dalawang warning ka na dati, Miss Chiu. Kailangan may parusa ka na ngayon."

"Siiir! Huwag po. Nakalimutan ko po talaga yung libro ko sa labas. Sumaglit lang po ako para kunin iyon."

"Wala akong pakialam sa paliwanag mo. Lumabag ka sa batas ng classroom ko." Kim started to tear up. "Kulang ka sa disiplina, Miss Chiu." I indicated that she should sit next to me. She hesitated and slowly made my way beside me.

"Ano po yung magiging parusa ko, Sir?"

"Papaluin kita, Miss Chiu."

"Ano po, Sir! Wala pa pong pumapala sa akin, maski yung mga magulang ko." I grabbed her by the upper arm and laid her on my lap. My stiff cock was pressed against her belly.

"Kung ganoon, Miss Chiu, palalawakin ko ang iyong kaalaman." I raised her skirt and exposed her bare ass. She wriggled in mock defiance. I moved my hand to caress her smooth ass cheek. Her wriggling stopped.


The sound of the spank was sharp and loud. I could hear the girls behind me perk up and listen. Kim herself was surprised by the strength of my blow and, after a few tenths of a second, the pain that followed. "Aaaaahhhh! Sir!" She twisted her ass to the side. My hand gently rubbed the pain away.


I delivered two blows in rapid succession, one on each cheek. "Aaaahhhh! Siiiirr! Masakit!" Erich hopped off the bed and dropped to the floor to cradle Kim's head and rub her cheek. "Shhhh, baby. Shhhh..." I felt Arci rub her hands on my back.

"Ayusin mo ang sarili mo, Miss Chiu. Sandali na lang ito." Kim straightened her hips and squared her ass. I rubbed my hand over her cheeks. I could see that they were red and the flesh was becoming hot from the mild inflammation.

"One more, Miss Chiu."


Kim moaned in pain, I felt her thrust her hips onto my lap and clench her thighs together. Erich continued to console her. Arci sat beside me. She reached across to join my hand as it rubbed Kim's ass.

"Last two, Miss Chiu." I brought my hand up and brought it down with some force.


Kim let out a wail. "Aaaahhhh! Siiiirr!" Erich dropped her face to Kim's and said, "Shhh, babe. Last na iyon. Shhhh. Don't cry. Ikaw kasi. Dapat sinundin mo yung batas ng classroom ni Sir."

"Sorry ako, Sir... Hindi ko po uulitin..."

I rubbed the pain out of Kim's ass. Arci dropped to her knees behind Kim's and started to spread open Kim's legs. This allowed me to slip my fingers over Kim's pussy. The bitch was dripping wet!

I rubbed around the outside of her pussy. Then, I slipped my thick middle finger deep inside her cunt. Kim gasped and came. "Fuuucckkkkk, Sirrrrr! I'm cummminnnnggg!!!" Arci quickly started to rub Kim's clit as my finger probed for her G-spot. With my other hand, I grabbed a handful of Kim's hair and pushed her face onto Erich's. Erich responded by giving Kim a deep French kiss.

Kim moaned into Erich's mouth as her orgasm washed over her. My finger kept fucking Kim's pussy. Arci reached under Kim, grabbed my stiff cock and slowly pumped on it. Then, she brought her mouth to mine. I probed Arci's mouth with my tongue. Arci was a fierce and urgent kisser. Her tongue intertwined with mine and she gladly accepted the saliva I was feeding her. When our kiss ended, we were both flushed with arousal.

Kim was coming down from her orgasm. I turned to her and said, "Hindi pa tapos ang parusa mo, Miss Chiu." The three of us helped her up. I noticed that her mascara and lipstick were smeared, the first from her tears and the second from Erich's torrid kisses.

As soon as Kim was standing, I grabbed the front collar of the top and ripped it open, causing the buttons of my daughter's school uniform to fly across the room. Kim's tits wobbled from the sudden action. Her breasts stood firm on her chest with little sag. Her areolae were puffy and only slightly darker than her skin. Her nipples were small and inverted.

"Lumuhod ka, Miss Chiu." Kim sank to her knees. I grabbed her by the hair and brought her face to my cock. "Himurin mo ang titi ko, Miss Chiu." Erich grabbed Kim's hands behind her back. Kim smiled and lowered her head. Arci grabbed the base of my cock and pointed the head to Kim's lips. Kim ran her closed lips against the head of my cock. Arci rubbed my cock against Kim's cheeks, nose and chin. Kim chased my cock with her open mouth as Arci attempted to keep it away from her. Then, she stuck out her tongue. Arci now slapped my cock head lightly against Kim's tongue. Kim flattened her tongue and ran it against the underside of my cock. Then, she opened her mouth and took the first three inches into her warm gob.

Arci's hand left the base of my cock and caressed my balls. I started to move Kim's mouth up and down my cock using the handful of hair I still grasped tightly in my fist. Erich still had Kim's hands secured behind her back, but Erich's other hand started to rub Kim's pussy and asshole.

My cock was now as hard as a bar of steel. Half of it was disappearing inside Kim's mouth. She was not as good a cocksucker as Erich, though, and her gag reflex kicked in only after four inches. Arci continued to play with my balls.

The girls worked together well, each knowing their roles. They were professionals and experienced in entertaining guests.

I pulled on Kim's hair, causing her to slowly release my cock. Then I stood up. I helped Kim from her knees and pushed her face down in the middle of the bed. Arci and Erich were on either side of her. My cock was engorged, throbbing and glistening with Kim's saliva. Kim knew what was expected of her and the other two girls helped her. Kim raised her ass to the air, leaving her face buried in the bed. Arci brought her hand up to lift the green checkered skirt she was wearing, Exposing Kim's pussy. Erich brought her mouth to my cock and deep-throated me. When She released my cock, it was coated liberally with drool and stringy saliva from deep in her gullet.

I moved my cock closer to Kim's pussy. I had my hand on my hips. Erich held the base of my cock and aimed the tip against the pussy lips being help open my Arci. Kim held her breath in anticipation. I paused to allow Kim to feel the tip. Erich rubbed my cock head against Kim's clit. Kim twerked her hips against my cock, trying to capture it in her pussy.

Erich rubbed my cock up and down, causing the head to slip into Kim's pussy but move out just as quickly. Erich also rubbed my cock against Kim's asshole. Kim was getting impatient. I could see that her pussy was red with arousal as Arci reached under her and played with her clit. I looked at Erich and she moved the head to Kim's pussy. Grabbed the bedsheets in both of her fists and braced for the invasion.

I could feel my cock head spread Kim's inner pussy lips with ease. Kim moaned in response. Then, without warning, I pushed forward to give her my entire length. "Aaahhhh!!"

I could feel Kim's pussy walls open as my cock bottomed out against her cervix. Kim wasn't as tight as I thought. Nevertheless, the sudden entry of my entire 8 inches caused her some discomfort, despite Erich's liberal saliva coating my cock. My cock was balls deep in her pussy. Her ass rested on my lower abdomen. I could feel her pussy walls slowly contract as she squeezed my cock. "Fuucckkk, Sir! Ang laki po ng titi ninyo."

Erich moved to the head of the bed. She spread her legs and grabbed Kim by the hair, lifting her face. Then, she scooted downward and shoved Kim's mouth onto her pussy. Erich released Kim's hair and began playing with her tits as Kim ate her out.

Arci moved her head and rested it sideways on Kim's upturned ass. She was facing my bellybutton. I Caressed Arci's cheek as I plunged my cock roughly in and out of Kim's pussy. Every thrust cause Kim to lick Erich's cunt more forcefully. Arci egged me on. "Use Kim's pussy, Sir. She's such a slut. See how her pussy is so wet. She deserves your big cock." Arci reached under Kim and played with her clit, sometimes running her finger on the underside of my cock to feel it enter and exit Kim's pussy, sometimes reaching way back to play with my balls.

Erich's head started to toss from side to side. She released on breast and grabbed Kim by the back of the head, forcing her down against her bare, shaved pussy. Kim held her mouth steady as Erich rubbed her pussy against Kim's tongue. Then, Erich came with a scream. "EEeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh!!" Erich drenched Kim's face with some pee as she orgasmed. Kim continued to play with Erich's clit. Erich twisted the nipple of her breast to mix pain with her cresting pleasure. I continued to plunge my cock rhythmically in and out of Kim's pussy. Erich eventually relaxed and curled into a fetal position. Kim returned to her original position with her face buried in the bed. She focused on the strong, steady fucking I was giving her.

Arci, whose face was still atop Kim's upturned ass, opened her mouth and licked her lips with her tongue. I got the message. I pulled out my cock, slick with Kim's pussy juices, and plunged it into Arci's waiting mouth. I could feel Arci extend her neck and attempt to swallow my entire cock. Her tongue scraped Kim's pussy juices off of my cock. Arci took a respectable six inches before gagging. I pumped in and out of her mouth, allowing her saliva to replace Kim's pussy juices. Then, I pulled out of Arci's mouth and quickly entered Kim's pussy.

I alternated between Kim's pussy and Arci's mouth a few times. Araci's drool and Kim's pussy juices were coating the top of Kim's ass. After a while, it started to pool and dribble down her ass cheeks and her asshole. As I was fucking Kim's pussy, Arci lifted her head and slid her finger across Kim's ass, collecting their combined fluids. Then, she spread the liquid around Kim's asshole. Kim's asshole began to wink at us. When Arci saw that reaction, she used both her hands to spread Kim's ass cheeks, lowered her mouth and used her tongue to gather the fluid and stuff it into Kim's asshole.

Kim's hips started to move erratically as I continued to fuck Kim's pussy and Arci reamed her ass. After a few minutes of this, Arci looked me in the eyes and gave me a wink. She pushed me backward and grabbed my cock as it plopped out of Kim's pussy. Then, she placed the head against Kim's asshole. Kim froze in place as she felt my cockhead come in contact. She grunted in response.

Arci pulled on my cock and I pushed into Kim's asshole. Goddamn, it was tight! Kim screamed into the bed as Arci and I forced my cockhead into Kim's ass. Arci would apply spit as it made slow progress. I could see Kim's asshole slowly gape open to accept my cock. Then, with a sudden plop, I got past the muscular ring and felt the tightness of her ass squeeze my cock head. Fuck, that's tight!

Arci released my cock as I plunged more of it into Kim's pussy. Kim was now mostly whimpering in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Arci continued to observe as I stuffed Kim full of my entire cock. When I had buried it all, I held steady to allow Kim to get used to my size. Kim took a few deep breaths and twitched her ass. I slowly withdrew my cock from her tight ass and plunged it in again.

"Putang ina mo, Arci. Ang laki ni Siirr!"

"Take it easy, babe. I'll make it better." Arci lay on her back and squeezed under Kim. Then, she lifted and licked Kim's clit from below. I could feel Kim tense. I continued my fucking. I could feel my orgasm approach.

Arci plunged two fingers into Kim's sopping cunt and pressed forward, stimulating Kim's G-spot. I could feel Arci's fingers through the thin membrane separating Kim's bowels from her vaginal canal.

"Siiiirrr!! Ang sarap ng titi ninyo!"

"Saan mo tatanggapin ang tamod ko, Miss Chiu?"

"Malapit na ako, Sir! Iputok ninyo sa loob, Sir!"

I slapped Kim's ass hard. Kim screamed. "Aaahhhhh! Siirrrr! Mag cu cccuummmmm ako ng malaki!!" Arci continued fingering Kim's pussy and sucking on her clit.

"Fuuucckkckkkk! Putang ina mo, Arci! Ang sarap talaga ng dila mo!"

I grunted as I plunged my cock in and out of Kim's ass, her asshole tightly clasping my cock. "Malapit na ako, Miss Chiu. Uulitin mo ba ang paglabag mo sa batas ng classroom ko?"

"Siiirrr!! Hindi na po, Siiirr!"

"Saan ko ipuputok, Miss Chiu?"

"Sa loob, Siiirr! Sa loob ninyo iputok!"

"Alam ba ng boyfriend mo na andito ka ngayong gabi at nagpapakantot ng puwet, Miss Chiu?"

"Siiirrrr!! Annngggg saarraaapp!"

I slapped her on the ass again. "Sagot, Miss Chiu!"

"Siiirrr! Hindiii poooo allaammm niiii Xiiiaaaannnn naaaa nagpapakantooot akoooo saa puwettt." My balls tightened. I wouldn't last but a few more thrusts.

"Tatanggapin mo ba ang tamod ko, Miss Chiu?"

"Opppoooo! Malapit na po akong labasan, Siirr!"

"Malapit na ako, Miss Chiu."


"Ito na, Miss Chiu..."


"Tatamuran na kita, Miss Chiu...."


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