End Of Innocence

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Date: April 26, 2020 (1 month ago)

Disclaimer: This is my first time writing a story here after so many years. Pasensya na if di maayos. Open to feedback.

She heard the word before. "Sex", along with the giggles and whispers of her friends in school. She ignored it. They were nothing more than dirty stories. Nothing that interests her. Alyssa was her name and Alie they called her. A diamond in the rough, she wore her uniform like a proper college student studying in a prep school her parents can barely afford, but whenever she walks the halls of her university, most boys and even some girls can help but stare at her entire body. Alie, was as clueless about lustful desires back then despite her friends telling her how attractive she was. It was in books, assignments and research where she found her solitude.

That was of course her solitude, until one afternoon someone, unknown to her, who closely watched her with so much lust that just a whiff of her cologne aroused so much lust. Like a lion hidden in a tall grass, this person would watch every detail of Alie's face, from her round brown eyes, her thin eyebrows, thin pink lips and her white teeth to her medium sized breasts that were enough to fit a cupped hand to her smooth round thighs just begging to be licked whenever they are exposed in gym class. So much beauty, so much appeal, so many ideas to pleasure her. This person knew that Alie, was too innocent and too prudent to be simply swept away by any talk of sex. Alie avoided such dirty stories, as this person noticed. She walked away or change the subject so such tactics of seduction will never work.

If Alie was to discover the dark pleasures of sex, she would have to discover it on her own accord. So a plan was hatched that will let her lustful desires be discovered.

It all started with a book. It was not really an extraordinary book except for the fact that it was filled with stories of romance and all kinds of lovemaking. It was wrapped in a red cover and dropped into Alie's bag to be buried along with her other books.

On that day, when Alie got home, she felt a little tired from school. She dropped her bag on her bed and plopped down beside it. As she turned to her bag, she noticed something that was not there when she left her house this morning. A litte red book and as she opened the cover and on it read: "May you discover yourself in the pages of this book."

She smiled a bit. Maybe it was one of her friends, her bestfriend Jessica, perhaps?

Curiousity got the best of her.

She read the first story. It was about a young girl, discovering that touching herself gave so much joy and how she has won her independence through masturbation. It was detailed and explicit.

18 year old Alie, felt her breath quicken and for the first time in her young life, she felt her heart quicken, not out of fear but out of excitement.
As she read it, she lied down on her bed, unaware that her imagination was already taking her to a world where she previously avoided and ignored.

As she turned to the second story about two women lovers, where they frequently fucked each other out of boredom. She started to imagine the feeling of a hot breath kissing her neck, slowly and ever so gently, down to her chest as what she was reading described. Unbeknownst to her, she has already started trailing her fingers down her own neck and then unbuttoning her school blouse, she trailed her fingers down on top of her bra.

With every sensation, tiny jolts of electricity filled her. She was imagining more than reading. Alie's own hand now was in her bra, cupping her breast and gently squeezing them. Then she moved a thumb to her small pink nipple and a strong shock of pleasure filled her. Her back arched, she gasped for air and gave out a soft moan. She removed her uniform almost unconciously. All she had not was her white panties. She dropped the book now, her other hand slowly going down her belly. Alie never felt this kind of pleasure in her life!

Her hand has slowly lifted her panties and felt the soft hair growing ontop of her pussy. She hesitated, but her desire to feel more pleasure overcame her reason. Slowly, with her middle finger, without inserting, she ran it up her tight, wet, pussy. Her body automatically curved with the sudden flood of pleasure and she let another unbstoppable moan. She narrowed down on her clit, she rubbed it ever so gently at first but now it was more like successive flicks. Her pussy dripped with all the sensations her fingers were giving her....

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April 26, 2020 (1 month ago)

great start! keep it cumming!

carpe diem! make that moment count!

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April 26, 2020 (1 month ago)

di k nkktuwa sir.. alam m ba masama sa mga lalake ang tntwag n blue balls.. dhil s gnwa mong pambibitin ngayon mdami masesexually frustrated ahhahaha..

Keep it up sir.. thats a nice start.. looking forward on the next chapters till the end..

just always do the right thing in a right way,

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April 27, 2020 (1 month ago)

Ika nga "Let your fingers..."☝do its magic 😆

Married yet related to many who try to

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