I wasn't expecting N-Cov to happen, more especially the lockdown...

Luckily it happened after I hired Analyn, she was supposed to handle my stuff at my apartment while I was at work since I live alone. As an ex-pat, my family lives elsewhere.

I was supposed to send her home but it felt safer to have her with me, with everything happening so fast.

Days passed and the lockdown wasn't getting any better. Her family isn't that rich, to begin with. So she would be more well taken care of she was in my stead.

From time to time, I would catch a glimpse of her. She would wear such skimpy clothes, sometimes it just riles me up in the loins seeing such a young pretty girl with curves in all the right places. She has this pretty smile, white soft skin unusual for a help. But when she bends over during her housekeeping, you would see a glimpse of her budding breasts and butt cheeks of both you would just fondle and grab for the ride. Normally I don't notice her that much as I am always pre-occupied by work and dead tired when I get home. But being closer and seeing her more frequent, told me maybe this quarantine could be fun :).

One steamy night after coming out from a hot shower. As the lights were dim I saw a light coming her quarters and heard moans as the fan ran through the background. I took a peek and saw her touching her glistening sweating body as she touches her self in front of the fan. She is wearing this loose shirt of hers, but none down there. As the wind blows you see the side of her boobs. This goes on for another five minutes, I then had the urge to lean closer and see her juices flowing. Making the best wet sticky sound you'd hear and just want to have a piece of. Seeing her eyes closed deep in pleasurable ecstasy, I go nearer and place my hand over her wet slit.Sliding it in and out, as she moans unflinchingly.

I pulled my fingers out, a wet string of her juices follows my fingers as they reach lips. Nothing tasted much sweeter than her pussy honey. She leans back and winks, as she says so how does my pussy taste like? As sweet as you, she then grabs my hand closer again to her slit, as her other hand grabs the back of my neck for a kiss.

Panting after our session of sweet finger fuckery, she then asks me if she can join me for the night. Who am I am to say no to such a beauty. She strolls to the corridors of my apartment butt naked, gleeful smiling.

As she stands before the bed, I pushed her down laying her in bed. Readying to pounce face first in her pussy, as she grabs my hair moaning licking and fingering her wet tight slit. My dick hard and flaccid ready to thrust my hard fat meat in her tender juicy pussy. As I put my dick closer she wedges her thigh, Sir I'm still a virgin. I just play around but I haven't had any dick in me yet with her local F...

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March 19, 2020 (10 days ago)

Sana may makasama din ako dito sa baracks.......

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March 21, 2020 (9 days ago)

Haha sana we all wish, but maybe baka one day may matagpuan na encounter tulad nito.

Fuck It.

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