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Date: February 6, 2020 (5 months ago)

All Characters are eighteen 18 years of age or older.


Sunday Night

"Honey?" my wife, Blaire, called out to me. "You coming to bed or staying downstairs?"

"I'll be up in a few minutes, hon. Gotta do the Oreo thing with Ash."

The last season of Game Of Thrones was in full swing, and the Oreo cookie company decided to issue a special batch of Oreos stamped with various factions, and they were served in a very cool package. Of course, we had to buy several packages. So after each episode, Ashley and I shared a glass of milk and ate GOT Oreos while we dissected the latest episode.

Blaire, of course, fell asleep halfway through the major battle with the White Walkers and didn't eat Oreos, and didn't participate in our post-show analysis. One of our boys, Travis, was at a friend's house and Tommy was upstairs fully entrenched in aFortnitesession.

Ashley, being her usual little goofy self, waited until I was ready to dunk my cookie into the milk to make her move, knocking the cookie out of my hand. It fell on the counter and split in half.

"Do you have any idea of how much that will cost you? That's ten right there."

She just stuck her tongue out at me and giggled.

I was referring to yesterday morning when Ash and I broke all the barriers, rules, norms, social mores, and acceptable forms of behavior. "Ten" meant ten spanks on her behind. Yes, we had begun a sexual, spanking relationship. Father-Daughter. Daddy-Baby Girl. Whatever you want to call it. Neither of us seemed to have any remorse or misgivings (well, okay I had some, but it didn't seem to be stopping me). At the same time, we both knew it was exceedingly important not to get caught.

"So then... I'm up to how much?"

"Let's see. You didn't make your bed. Then... I had to remind you to feed the dog. You bet me ten on that "I can make this shot" but you didn't. Then it was double or nothing and you missed that, also. That's fifty, by my count."

I finally got my cookie dunked and ate it rather smugly, if one can actually eat a cookie in a smug-like fashion.

Ashley dunked her cookie, held it for the requisite ten seconds to get full absorption, then placed just the tip of it on her tongue. Milk dripped from her fingers and landed on her black T-shirt. It shone white for a moment, then her shirt turned dark on her breast.

She whispered to me, "I got milk on my boobies, Daddy."

"That's another ten, sweetheart."

I was about to offer her a way out of those last ten when I heard a squeak on the stairs. I immediately launched into GOT talk.

"But sending the Dothraki headlong against the entire army was idiotic! I mean they got wiped out in mere seconds... oh hey honey! What's up?"

"Forgot my water," Blaire answered as she entered the kitchen. I helped her get her ice water.

"Can you clean this up, Ash?"

She gave me the finger, surreptitiously, then sucked on it for me.

"Goodnight, oh loving parents of mine!"

She and Blaire hugged, then I hugged her and pinched her ass hard.

"Night, night, sweetie."

Ash made a circle with her thumb and forefinger, then stuck her other forefinger through the circle, imitating a cock and pussy fucking. I glared at her, then winked, and went upstairs with my wife.

We settled in the bed; she scanned her Instagram for cute dogs while I tried to read some of my work emails. Almost immediately, though, Ashley started texting me. And she got straight to the point.

Daddy, I keep thinking about your cock in my mouth

I turned my phone slightly so the wife couldn't see my screen, and texted her back.

That's another ten for talking dirty to your father

She sent back a smiley face and wrote:I want to Suck your cock suck your cock suck your cock

I about choked on my own spit.

The wife looked over and asked, "Who are you texting?"

"George from work. He can't seem to be able to read sometimes. I already sent him the proposals for the Initech project. I guess that's why he's in charge, he doesn't have to actually do any work."

She leaned over and kissed me.

"Good night dear, have fun with George."

Blaire wasn't being mean, this happened a lot. My job required lots of odd-hours phone calls and texts. I got back to texting Ashley.

Had to kiss mom goodnight now where were we oh yeah you were sucking my cock

She went quiet for a few moments, then hit me with a surprise.

You should fuck Mom.

Wow, talk about out of the blue. That was a strange request from my new lover.

Okay, sure

Immediately she texted back.

Ash:I mean now. Right now. I want to hear that headboard hit the wall

Me:Seriously? It's been like three months

Ash:I'm dead serious.

Me:I'd rather fuck you, punkins

Ash:Dad. do it OR ELSE

I pondered my predicament. I was actually horny, I hadn't thought of much else except sex for the last thirty-six hours or however long since Ashley and I...

Fucked. You fucked your daughter, shithead. She's right, you better fuck your wife or you might go so far down that rabbit-hole you won't be able to get out.

I hate when I talk to myself, and when I make sense, too. I typed back to Ashley.

Me:Okay, but there better not be any jealousy shit from you later.

She just texted back a bunch of smilies, some with the tongue sticking out.

Well now... How do I go about seducing my wife? We have been in a weird place lately. She's got her back turned to me, and I can even see her bra strap under her shirt in the low light. Who wears a bra to bed? My wife, that's who. I guess I'll go with the old tried and true method.

I moved up behind her, spooning her, and leaned over to kiss her exposed neck.

"Cut it out," she whispered. "We've got work in the morning."

I kissed higher up her neck, towards her ear, and whispered into it.

"What if I die in my sleep? Are those the last words you want to have said to me?"

Her shoulders jumped slightly, then she reached over and slapped my thigh with her hand. I knew that little shoulder jump was a stifled giggle. I was in.

I slid my hand up under her shirt as I kissed along her jawline. My hand found and cupped her bra-covered breast, the tips of my fingers finding some flesh.

"What's the bra for?" I asked.

"It's for you to take off seductively, dummy."

Gulp. Well my mother did tell me more than a few times that I was legally dense. Not stupid, just dense.

My hand circled around to her back and I leaned away a little, giving myself room.

"So you're saying that if I undo this hook... (sprong)... and this one... (sprong)..."

My hand went back around front and easily slid under her bra, cupping her bare breast, feeling her nipple rise under my learned touch.

"That's all it takes to get you going again?"

"Well, that. And you also better start telling me how beautiful I am, how sexy I am, how lucky you are-"

I rolled her over onto her back and kissed her deeply, lovingly, the way we used to kiss. I laid it on heavily, the seducing, the talking, everything. It was... nice. Wonderful, even. I didn't realize how much I'd missed her.

Eventually, the headboard bumped a few times against the wall. Then it bumped repeatedly, and Blaire even called out my name a few times as we orgasmed together. We kissed softly and held each other. I spied the phone on my nightstand buzzing once, but I knew better than to look at it right at this moment.

"George can wait, can't he, Jeremy?"

Yes, I guess Ashley will have to wait.

- - - -

I awoke a few hours later to go to the bathroom, and I checked my phone; just one message from Ashley.

Stud! And that's 25 points taken off the hit list for me because I'm so awesome. Talk soon.

Tuesday, 9:14 am

"Mr. Steele? Yes, we've got your daughter, Ashley, here at the nurse's station. She says she feels like throwing up."

I was already in the car, impatiently waiting for the call. When I got to the school, she was out front, leaning against the nurse.

"Drive carefully, Mr. Steele. She looks like she's going to blow any second."

When the doors shut and we were out of sight, we both burst out laughing.

"How the fuck did you get your face to be green?"

"Alyssa is in the Drama Club. We did a little make-up between classes. It looks pretty convincing, right? Not too much?"

I didn't respond. She said Alyssa helped her, and I got very nervous with what she had said to her as to why Ash needed to fake a sick day.

"Dad? Daddy?"

"Did you...tellAlyssa?"

"Daddy I... she's like, totally my best friend! I lost my virginity, I had to tell her."

A car honked at me. Apparently, the light had turned green a while ago and I hadn't noticed. I started off slowly, he passed me and gave me a longer honk and the finger, too. I pulled into the parking lot of a mini-mall; I couldn't drive right now.

"Ash, people can't know this. It, it could wreck us both."

"It's just Alyssa, we are the absolute best friends ever!"

"Honey, I know. But friendship isn't eternal. She could get mad at you tomorrow for something and spill the beans! Even if you deny it, just the mere suggestion of this could ruin our lives, forever."

"Daddy, I'm so sorry. But we've known each other since forever. I know things about her that would make your head spin. Neither of us would never, ever tell our secrets. Daddy, we are... me and Alyssa... we are lovers, too."

I sighed heavily. I didn't know they were that close of friends.

"Yeah, and when you fall in love with someone else and leave her stranded, she will tell everyone your secrets to get back at you."

"No Daddy. She won't... you see... we aren't like you. We are 'poly'."

Polly. Who or what the fuck is Polly?

"What the fuck does that mean." I roared.

"Polyamorous. It means we can love more than one person at a time, and it's...

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This sequel of the story is really nice but there's a significant part missing from the first part. Can it be included?

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