V: I love this. Kaka-L ka sobra.

L: I'm so hard…

V: I'm playing now. I can still remember your scent on my skin.

L: And your taste in my mouth. Didn't wanna brush my teeth to keep your smell.

V: Really? You liked it that much?

L: Yeah. I'd fuck you now if Benedict will ask me!

V: Shit Lance, I am playin with my clit so hard now

L: What else is happening?

V: I am dripping…

L: And I'm now in our bedroom, totally naked.

V: I'll mount your cock again?

L: Yes, if you can stop me from bending you over and fucking you right away next time we meet…

V: Tang-ina Lance…

L: I will push my cock slowly sa loob mo…

V: Loob ng?

L: Sa loob ng puke mo, Vernice. Puke mong masikip…

V: Shet…

L: Nung kinantot ka ni Benedict after we fucked, how was it?

V: It was good. Tumutulo tamod mo pero pinasok niya pa rin ako.

L: Did you cum?

V: Honestly hindi na. Lahat ata ng cum ko naubos sayo.

L: Will you tell your boyfriend later that you'd like to fuck me again?

V: Shit ka Lance. You're making me sin…

L: We're all sinners. I have no problem telling your bf I wanna fuck you again

V: Dare!

L: Want me to text him now?

V: Sige nga!

L: (Types: Dude, chatting with your hot gf now. Wish I can fuck her again….)

V: Ano na?

L: Done. Sent.

V: Di nga?

L: Yep.

V: Screenshot mo nga!

L: (Sends screenshot.)

V: Wow…

L: Spread your legs, Vernice.

V: Yesss…

L: Wider…

V: Yeah bukang-buka na.

L: Send me pic, wanna see how far apart your legs are now…

V: (Pic sent)

V: Like it?

L: Love it…

V: I need to cum...

L: Play with your cunt, use your longest finger to rub….

V: Yes…

L: Rotate your finger just a bit outside your hole muna...

V: And…

L: Play with your hole and clit. Don't put it in yet

V: Torture 'to Lance!

L: Don't finger yourself yet…

V: Shet… I need to be fucked!

L: Now slowly, insert just an inch of your finger…

V: Argghhhh….

L: Slowly…

V: Yessssss….

L: Basa na ba?

V: Sobra. I am leaking like a faucet…

L: Pasok mo na buong finger sa loob ng puke mo. Please…

V: Aw fuck… yes! (Moans louder and continuously…)

L: My cock is swollen hard.

V: That fucking delicious cock, tang-ina yan…

L: Pakantot ka uli sakin?

V: Of course!

L: Now?

V: Shet ka why aren't you here?

L: Focus Vernice. Finger yourself faster…

V: Yesss…

L: I said faster.

V: Yeah I need this cum shet…

L: And deeper…

V: Oh Lance, shit… I'm cumming

V: (Screams on the phone…)

L: Yes, cum now Vernice….

V: Ahhh, shit…

L: You ok?

V: Yeah. That was gooooood…

L: I'd fuck you now if I were there.

V: Me too. Did you cum too?

L: No.

V: Why not?

L: I wanna focus on your pleasure.

V: Aw that's sweet!

L: Sure.

V: Palabas ka?

L: Can wait…

V: For Irish you mean?

L: Yes. Or you if I can fuck you tonight.

V: Naughty ka…

L: You too.

V: I need you to fuck me again soon. For real...

L: Same here!

V: This is bad.

L: So bad that it's good?

V: Yun na nga e!

L: Well, choices. You good now?

V: Yes I'm good. Thank you...

L: Any time.


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January 19, 2020 (1 month ago)

Nice idol, ask ko lang po if wala pa update yung kay irish and ed?thank you sa mga malulupit na story idol.

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January 19, 2020 (1 month ago)

Thanks! Updates on other stories soon.

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January 19, 2020 (1 month ago)

kaka excite sana matuloy kayo ni vernice na kayong 2 lang sir, yung palihim hehe mas nakakalibog yung ganung scene, sana sir sundan mo na yung last night ni maam irish at ed madami kaming sabik sa ending nun, thanks sa update sir \m/

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January 19, 2020 (1 month ago)

Then tatawag si Vernice sa bf nya para marinig yung happening

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January 19, 2020 (1 month ago)

sir pede kaya Makita yung pic ni vernice?

english is a language, not a measure of intelligence or character.

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