Libretated And Proud 2

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Date: October 30, 2019 (7 months ago)

"You girl, is an idiot.."

Si Lee. We are at her condo unit, gifted by her parents. Kasalukuyan itong palakad-lakas sa maluwang na living room while I am sitting on the couch.

"Ugh.. I know, right? Stop rubbing it in, would you?"

Ikinuwento ko dito ang nangyari kagabi when she excited asked me about it just now. Of course, I did tell her everything in detail: How this dude (I have forgotten his name), cupped and massaged my breasts while we were dancing; how he brought me out to his car and made out some more; and how he took my virginity in the same vehicle. It was all good until I mentioned the dude did not use any contraception! I don't remember him taking out and wearing condom! That was so idiotic of me, I know. Living premiscously is one thing, but everyone knows to not take the risk of getting knocked up or worse, get STD and even HIV. I feel so disgusted.

"Get yourself tested. Gosh. How are you ever gonna taste as many men as possible if you get infected?"

Histerical na sabi pa nito. Honestly, I think she is overreacting. But all good. She cares about me. I decided to visit a specialist right away.

Our family sees only certain doctors for certain cases. I decided to see one of them — Dr. Ruiz — a specialist in sexually transmitted diseases.

You may wonder why our family has Dr. Ruiz as some family doctor. You see, I am not the "black sheep" of my family. At least not the only one. Both of my parents are sexually active, with each other and some other else or else(s). Alam ko ang mga ito. And I know my dad beds some of our helpers, even my then yaya. I knew about it when I was just 10 nung nahuli ko sila ni Yaya inside the quarter's room. I know they saw me standing there but said nothing. Dad did not talk to me about it.

And then my Mom, I caught her too, with her driver cum bodyguard. Bata pa din ako noon. Both incidents alam kong nakita nila akong nanonood sa kanila. They never talked to me about it. I just figured things out my own.

If there is something I do not tell Lee, this is it. Ayaw ko din naman na masira ang tingin ng kaibigan sa pamilya ko. Skeleton in the closet. A family that looks normal outside is reeking of malice inside. Both of my parents are open to talking about sex with me. As soon as I became a teenager, they started talking to me about sex and how not to get laid without protection— something I seemed to have thrown out the window just recently.

I was very careless, I know.

Dr. Ruiz is a middle aged doctor. Masiyahin ito at kalma makipag usap. Nang sabihin ko dito ang concern ko, medyo napataas ang kilay nito.

"So careless of you hija. But then, why am I surprised you came just now?"

I raised an eyebrow. Kung di ko lang ito matagal nang kilala, I would give him a piece of my mind.

"I did it just recently."

I answered straightforwardly na ikinagulat nito. I am not sure kung san sya nagulat: sa pagsagot ko or sa pagkadivirginizs ko just recently.

Anyhow, he tested me, and results came out before I even left. I was cleared. But he insisted to make me take some medication to be sure. He also injected me with some contraception and gave me pills. Para daw sure. Sigh.

I left the clinic with a light heart. I should remember to be careful.

I was at school daydreaming about that blissful evening in the car when Lee came. She really looks dashing wearing our school uniform. We are in our last year of high school by the way, in an exclusive high school for girls in the city.

"So how is it? Ok na ba?"

"Yep. All cleared. Doctor gave me a shot. I can go enjoy sex without getting knocked off..."

Malanding sagot ko. We both giggled.

"So I wonder who will be your next.."

Masyadong pa-involved ang kaibigan sa sex life ko. Haha.

"I have a question, too."


"Are you exclusively fucking Brandon?"

Nagulat ito sa tanong ko pero saglit lang. Nag isip pa ito nang kaunti bago sumagot.

"Well, you know. We both are young and want to experience things. We are dating yes, but not fucking exclusively. Gets mo?"

Oh. Enough of being transparent. It seems sex and dating life is more complicated than I thought..

"So who else fucks you?"

"Haha! Ahmm. I have my fuck buddies. Do not ask. Unless you want to share!"

"Duh. I can lure guys my own. You'll see."

I flipped my hair and winked at her.

School party. We were allowed to invite outside people. Inaaallow ng school iyon once in a while. For socialization purposes maybe.

That night was a masquerade ball. I wore a tight mossy green fitting top gown with ball skirt. The gown exposed my back and my cleavage as its cut was way to my belly button. Nothing was directed about outfit so I guessed it was okay. And hey, I had all the "K" to wear revealing gowns as I have all it takes to wear one. ;)

And ano pa ba? Of course Lee brought with her Brandon. This school we attend to is full of socialites. We in the upper side, are flirt beyond guilt. Tipong mukhang disente sa labas, pero malandi to the core sa loob. But classy. Di nagtagal, the floor was crowded with dancing couples.

I felt sorry to myself for not having anyone with me. Actually, muntik ko nang tawagan si popped-my-cherry guy. Di ko na talaga matandaan pangalan nya, but his touch and the feel of his manhood inside me still linger. Gosh. I miss that feeling.

We were allowed light alcoholic drinks, but for some reason, I felt different. Dang, spiked ata yung punch, but who cares? Mas enjoy naman talaga kung magkakalasingan. And then, magkakatikiman? Haha! This event happens very seldom, so why not?This school tries its best to tame us, but we just can't be tamed.

Geez. I was feeling feverish. I was so aware of my body that could feel each and every sensation in my skin. What did they mix in the punch?

The dancefloor became steamy. In the middle, I could see Lee and Brandon. Their hands were again all over each other. Lee was the samewearing a revealing gown that exposes her cleavage and right that moment, Brandon was shamelessly fondling Lee's breasts from the low cut of her gown. It was watching a live porn!

Imbes na ilayo ang tingin, I looked at them intently. For some reason, nalilibugan ako habang pinapanood ang dalawa na halos ay magkantutan na sa gitna ng ballroom. Most are doing the same. Geez.

"You like what you are seeing?"

May bumulong sa akin.

I looked behind. A tall guy was behind me. Nakamaskara ito kaya di ko makita ano hitsura nito, but if it's his physique, he looked okay. From where he was standing, he also could see what was happening. We both stared at some couples being nasty.

And me, I was already lustful.

"I do... a lot. You?"

"'More than a lot. Extremely.."

Nang matapos nya sabihin ang mga katagang iyon, I grabbed him from his nape and gave him a kiss. He did not look surprised. Instead, he responded in the same
fashion. Our tongues did the talking. It was as if we were eating each other's mouth.

If it was the spike, I did not know, pero I took one of his hands and placed it on my chest, leading him to what I wanted him to do.

Nagets naman nito agad iyon. Gamit ang isang daliri, hinagod niyon ang pagitan ng aking didbib pababa sa aking pusod.

"Hmmmm... that feels good.."

Malanding sabi ko dito nang maghiwalay ang aming mga labi.

"You, woman, is so hot.."

Nakangiting sabi nito. I could see his perfect set of teeth. They're beautiful.

"Am I? Do you want to experience how I burn?"

That night won't go by without me getting laid, sabi ko sa sarili ko. I could not wait for a second guy to taste.I was sure this guy wanted me. And I wanted him the same.

He stared at me like he was weighing my words. Akala siguro I was pranking him.

I took his hand, tiptoed and whispered..

"Let's go somewhere and fuck.."

And then I walked in front of him with a smile of victory in my face. He followed me.

Dressing room. As soon as we got inside, we started groping each other. Walang sinayang na oras ang lalake. His kisses were soft and aggressive at the same time. He planted kisses all over my masked face. Nang halikan nito ang aking tenga and gamitin ang dila sa palibot noon..

"Damn that feels heavenly.."

I moaned like a cat purring with each movement of his tongue in my earlobes.


"I can't believe I am with someone as luscious as you are.."

Bumaba pa sa leeg ko ang mga halik ng lalake.

"You smell great.."

And bumaba pa nang bumaba until it's moutn reached the tip of my breasts still covered with satin fabric.

Isinandal ako ng lalake sa dingding ng dressing room. Hindi nito tinitigilan ang pagsupsop sa aking mga melon na ngayon ay may tirik na tirik nang nipples. It was if my nipples were ready to soar with how tall they were erected. That, with still my clothes on. Damn, how much more if..

I felt the cool air brushed my now bare upper body. The guy had pulled my top gown down to my waist. My proud boobs were glaring at him.

"Pinkish, hard nips. Ohhhh.."

And he started sucking them. I will say it over and over. I love it when guys suck my nipples this way - when they suck like a ravenous infant, when they mash them and suck them and bite them a little bit. And that was what this guy was doing.

I felt glorious. I felt flushed. Ohhh to savor each and every sensation was mind blowing...

Nang lumuhod ang lalake sa harap ko at isabit sa balikat nya ang kaliwa kong hita, I knew what he was up to. I held his head and waited for him to move. Hinawi nito ang aking skirt and went straight between my thighs. Gosh. Basang basa na ako that time. My pussy was swamped and waiting for what was going to happen.

"Slurp slurp"

This guy did not bother to come in slow. Diresto agad ito sa aking hiwa ang licked it like eating mussle. He hardened his tongue and like a tornado, dove inside my cunt hole as deep as his tongue could go. I felt hallucinating with intense pleasure. My hips moved involuntarily..

"Yes..yes.. tongue fuck me... fuck my slutty cunt.."

I started talking dirty. Until I felt the unexplainable joy of sex, I'd never thought I'd be like this, and I love it.

He did as told. Shit. Kinakantot nya ako gamit ang dila nya. Right there in the dressing room where anyone could just come in and see this man defiling my slut kitty. Nakatingala ako with mouth open, feeling his organ exploring my deep hole..

Matagal nyang kinain ang puke ko. Libog na libog ako nang mga oras na iyon I could not think clearly. Mas Ibinukaka ko pa ang aking mga hita. The rage of sensation started to build up until I could not hold it.

My juice came gushing like tap turned on.

"Oh shiiiiiit! Cumming! Cumming!!! Fuuuuck!"

It was so intense that my body convulsed.

Before I could have a grasp of what was happening, the guy unzipped his pants and pull his briefs down in front of me.

I was leaning on the wall like it was my lifeline. Grabe nanghihina ang mga tuhod ko sa dami ng katas na lumabas sa akin. It was as if I peed and my energy was drained.

Nang muli nitong hawakan pataas ng hita ko, I knew he was about to thrust his manhood in me. I looked down and saw his cock erected nice and straight. Gosh. Gosh I could not wait to feel that prick inside my leaking pussy. Yan ang pangalawang burat na papasok at kakantot sa malibog kong puke.

He reached for his pocket and readily took a condom. Great. Sabi ko sa sarili ko. He wore it like a pro at itinutok sa bukana ng aking naglalawang kepyas.

He barged in swift, probably expecting a sleek entrance. But his tool was bigger than my first and so ramdam ko pa din ang sakit noon. Di katulad ng sakit nang una akong makantot sa loob ng kotse not long ago, it was still uncomfortable, but the kind of uncomfort na may halong sarap.

"Nice..a semi-virgin.."

Nakangiti nitong sabi bago sinimulan ang mabagal na pagkanyod. His manhood is long and plump. He was occupying my cunt hole extensively and the feeling was relaxing and lusting. It was the best feeling.

"You bet..This pussy is nice and tight and it is all your tonight. Fuck me till I explode.."

That was all he needed to hear.

"Yes. Kakantutin kita hanggang marinig nila ang sigaw mo sa labas, you slut.."

He moved fast like leopard chasing its prey. Geez. He was so good. Habang patuloy sa paglabas-masok ang titi nito sa aking puke, his hands fumbled my melons. Ohhh. That was awesome, too. Kung di lang ito mataas at mahihirapan sa posisyon, I'd ask him to suck them. That time, I was okay with him smashing them and pinching my nipples. It gives me such excitement and ang sarap talaga..

Sa di maipaliwanag na dahilan, I got excited with the...

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October 30, 2019 (7 months ago)

I think this is one of your best works, if not the best tho. Well written and maganda content. Congrats author. More stories to come :)

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October 30, 2019 (7 months ago)

Thanks ;)

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October 31, 2019 (6 months ago)

Ughhhhhh.. im cumming im cumminggg. Shittttt. Sarappp... jackpot n nmn si maskman.. eehe nice one idol.. love eattt..

What you see is what u get

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November 1, 2019 (6 months ago)

Haha! Thank you din

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November 2, 2019 (6 months ago)

This your best story for me! It was so lit and sosyal! 💗


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