Liberated And Proud

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Date: October 27, 2019 (6 months ago)

"You guys get a room.."

I rolled my eyes after upon seeing my best friend and her boyfriend making out in my room. Nasa bahay kami para gumawa ng isang group project para sa isang subject namin sa school.


Ito lang ang sagot ni Lee sa akin then continued what she and her boyfriend Brandon, was doing. They were kissing each other torridly while their hands were groping each other. I could see Lee's sideboobs as her guy reached for her breast.

I shook my head.

Lee is my best friend from kindergarten. We practically grew up together. Yung alam namin pati mga childhood bloopers namin: Who bullied who?; Who made who cry?; Who was put to timeout; Whose parents were called because one sprayed disinfectant to classmates' eyes. Even kung may scar or birthmark ba ang bawa't isa. We hide nothing from each other.

Our parents are friends as well. They met when Lee and I were both in Kindergarten. Nakita nila na close kami so ayun, they became close na din. Lee's family owns several law firms in the city. Abogado kasi both parents nya. Ako naman, my parents are both into business. We have garments and printing businesses. Lee has an older brother, Troy, who is super cute and I have a crush on since maybe primary school, while I am an only child. Our families have had countless of playdates, sleep overs, lunch outs, dinners, even travels together. Needless to say, Lee and I are very close.

I decided to leave the room when I saw Brandon's hands started fondling Lee's voluptous breasts. Wala talagang hiya ang dalawang 'to. I told myself. Kulang nalang magsex sila sa harap ko. I left my room instead.

Not that I thought they do not. I am sure in even just two months of dating, they have done it. Lee is very liberated. She has lost her virginity long before Brandon. How do I know? Of course, we are best friends! She tells me even details of her making out with guys!

"You really should do it, Dana… it feels so good.."

As usual, sa bahay kami nakatambay. Pag wala kasi kaming pasok or pag di masyadong busy sa school work ay either sa bahay namin or sa bahay nila kami naglalagi. She likes to talk about her you know, escapades.

"Brandon is just so different. Yung hawak palang nya, basa na ako. Hihihihi! You would know when it is you. So come on, do it naaaaa!"

Not that I did not want to. Sa kakakwento kasi nito ng escapades nya, parang nawalan na ako ng thrill. Haha. I just know that I will when I want to.

Ako nga pala si Dana, 18 years old. I just celebrated my debut this month, so I am fresh 18 pa. I am slim, taller than average with my 5'5 height, morena, snobby-faced kaya madalas maintimidate ang boys sakin. I have this way of looking at them like they do not matter. Ewan ko ba. I got my dad's intimidating vibe, but my mom's alluring and to-die-for body. Boys and girls alike do give second look everywhere I go.

Lee is the same appealing. She is about the same height pero mas matangkad ako nang kaunti. She has this entising aura kaya mas friendly tingnan. She is fair skinned, slim as well, with curves in the right places. Kaya siguro madaming boys ang umaaligid dito. Plus, madali itong maattract. And when she is attracted, it does not take very long for her to give "it" to them. Sex for her is just an act, a pleasuring deed. It is something she enjoys so much.

"So what, old maid. We have a deal, remember?"

Oh yeah. I remember. We made this silly deal na after ko mag eighteen, I will finally get my cherry popped.

"So, who do you think you should give your "innocence" to?"

Haha! Innoncence, my ass. I may be a virgin but even Lee knows I have had flings. Di lang ako umaabot sa third base pa. Ako yung may bitchesang impression but actually have not totally sexed anyone. Hanggang petting palang ako and fondle above the waist, and nothing more.

"Uhm I am thinking, what about your brother, Troy?"

Malaki ang ngisi ko nang tanungin ito. She knows na crush ko ang nakatatandang kapatid nito.

"Ugh.. that stink. You see, you should try doing it with someone you have no feelings for. That way, you can enjoy it with anyone next time. Saka na si Troy.."

Humahampas pa sa hangin ang kaibigan habang nagsasalita. She is this animated.

I leaned against the sofa. Troy is truly a cutie. Kung ito ang manliligaw sakin, I will go straight to home base maybe. Haha.

"We are invited to Ariel's party. Bukas na 'yon. We both should attend. There, you will pick someone to pop you rotten cherry.."

Nang aasar na buyo nito.


Nakangiting sabi ko. I guess I am ready.

That night, I made sure I looked stunning. I wore a black leather pencil cut skirt that is slightly above the knee but with slit just enough to show my lean leg. Tinernohan ko iyon ng white tube that shows a bit of my tummy. Of course I did not wear a bra but wore silicone patch for my nipples. I cannot be too giving, eh? I wore a leather jacket that I hang just above my

shoulders. I styled my long hair messy bun and I wore light makeup.I don't overdo makeup. I accentuated my lips with red orange lipstick.

I wore heels as well. I carried with me a small purse for retouch makeup and essentials .

That night, I want to look like a classy but sexy lady whose virginity will be taken by perhaps a stranger. Gusto ko pa din maalala ang gabing iyon, not romantically, but at least sentimally.

Ariel is a friend as well. She is a socialite. Her family throws parties for all occasions they could think of.

Masigla ang aura sa bahay nina Ariel when we came. There were people drinking, dancing, and chatting around the house. I know some of them. This is a typical party for young elites that typically ends up steamy.

Nakita agad ni Lee ang nobyo so she left me but said "once you pop, you can't stop" with a wink. Parang commercial. Corny. I am left at the counter with a cocktail drink in my hand. My slutty best friend went already for her own hot night. I shook my head.

"Hey, do I know you?"

A cute guy came a little while after Lee left. Lame, sa loob-loob ko. Ilan beses na 'tong linya ng lalake sa akin. I knew he wanted to hook up with me. And why not? Tonight is the night after all. Di naman masama ang hitsura nito. I assume early twenties, tall, mukhang nagwoworkout, chinito, and with a smile that could swoon any ordinary girl.

"'Nah. Want to join me? It is lonely in here..." Nakataas ang isang kilay and with a sly smile na sagot ko.

Mabilis itong umupo sa tabi ko. Hmm. He smelled of Hugo Boss. Masculine but not too masculine. Just sexy. Napants and t-shirt lang ito but he looked kind of hot this way.

We continued talking while consuming alcoholic drinks. He recently graduated college, Ariel's family friend, employed with the same company — his parents', and single. Hmmm.. not bad.

"So ikaw, tell me about yourself.."

He wanted to keep the conversation and he looked genuinely interested, so I went on.

Bago pa namin namalayan, it was already getting late, and we were getting drunk. When he asked me to dance, I did not resist. We stood up not too far from the counter. Our bodies close. Hinawakan nya ako sa baywang and held me close to him, almost suffocating, but I loved it. I put my hand on his shoulders. We danced in slow motion. I could feel the heat of our bodies increasing with every glide...

Nang ibaba nito ang mukha to kiss me, I closed my eyes. Hmmm. His lips were soft. His breath was warm and smelled minty and sweet. I responded. We started slow. Naramdaman ko ang kamay nitong gumapang at humimas sa aking likod then my waist, then my stomach. He was getting aggressive. He held me even closer to him and I smiled as I felt his hardness down my stomach.

He let me feel his rock hard dick. This dude wanted to fuck me!

I responded to his every touch. Iginalaw ko din ang aking mga kamay and felt his broad hard shoulders and arms. Hmmm.

Before we knew it, we were making out in the middle of that room with people around us doing their own shameful businesses. I could see from my peripheral view we were not the only ones getting into it.

When his tongue determinedly slid in my mouth and rummaged my mouth, I could not help let out a moan..


I slightly opened my mouth, paving way for more. Alam ko ang pakiramdam na iyon. I enjoy kissing and I wanted to know how good he was at it. He was doing pretty well. Our tongues started to dance inside our mouth. We were French kissing.

Nang gumapang pa mula sa sikmura pataas ang kamay nito and cupped my waiting breast, I moaned some more in pleasure. This dude knew how to delight a woman. He started to massage each of them now with his two hands while gently poking each tip with his thumbs while out tounges still entwined. It felt so good that I arched my back.

I was still wearing that tube top, but it felt like I was naked. I could feel his warm skin burning mine with lust.

Gamit ang aking mga kamay, I started exploring his body as well. I put my hand inside his shirt and felt his hard abs. Yummy. We were both caressing each other, not minding our surrounding.

"Damn I want to fuck you right here, Dana.."

Ang sexy ng pagkakasabi nito sa mga katagang iyon. His voice was hoarse. Alam mong nagpipigil ng libog.

"Take me where you can…"

I slutly responded.

Magkahawak kamay kaming lumabas ng malaking bahay patungo sa parking lot kung saan nakapark ang sasakyan nito, a new BMW. Not bad, I drive one myself.

As soon as he closed the door of his car, we grabbed each other and hungrily gave in to each other. He pulled my top. Pumuslit ang malulusog kong mga suso.

"Oh gosh, you are terrific.."

He blurted while looking at my boobs. He did not waste any time. Mabilis nitong sinugod ang mga iyon ang suck on them. Gosh he was sucking each of them like a baby. Napapaliyad ako tuwing didiinan nito ang pagsipsip sa aking mga utong. Pinaikot ikot nito ang mga dila sa paligid ng aking nipples. Damn it felt so good.

"Hmmm man, you are great. Do not suck them so much or they will love you…"

I reminded him

" I do not mind. I can suck them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.."

He seemed serious. Walang tigil na sinuso nito ang aking mga melon. Nang ibaba pa nito ang mga kamay sa aking baywang pababa and rested his hand in between my thighs, I said to myself, "This is it.." I was going to get myself divirginized tonight. I was excited and scared at the same time but I knew I was ready.

It did not take very long for him to reach my wetness between my thighs Gamit ang isang daliri nito, he played with the upper part of my slit. Gosh. I could feel something building up inside me. I spread my legs. That was the first time I let anyone touch that part of my body.

His experienced hand continuously caressed the top of my pussy while with panties on. He pulled my panties down until all that's left in my wardrobe was the short skirt I was wearing.

He pressed a button in the car and the seat reclined, enabled him to move closer to me and my drenching pussy. Catching my breath, I watched him with anticipation.

Nang unti-unting lumapit ang ulo nito at halikan ako muli sa labi, I responded with great intensity. We were literally consuming each other's drool as our tongues move in our mouths.

Muli pang bumaba ang mga labing iyon sa leeg, sa mga tenga, pababa muli sa aking mga suso. He stayed there for a while, seemed to really enjoy it, and then he went on lower, to my flat tummy. He licked and kissed his way down until he's there facing my lustful cunt.

Shit. This is it. Third base.


I let out a long moan when he swooped and used his tongue to lick the long soaking wet line there.

"Your pussy smells so fresh and luring.. I can get used to this as well.."

And began eating my virgin cunt while I was watching.

Pakiramdam ko ay nasa ibang dimension ako that time. I enjoy making out but this was a different level of pleasure. I was inside a car of a dude I just met and there I was, ready to give him something he probably was not expecting.

He ate me like I was some delectable dish. His tongue rummaged in and out my cunt hole. I was going crazy with pleasure that I was grabbing his hair while pushing or pulling him.

Shit. I felt like he was actually fucking me already.

Naramdaman ko ang matinding sensasyon trying to come out of me. Before I could warn the dude, my juice already came rushing out of my drenching pussy.

Ang sarap ng pakiramdam. I was moaning with genuine pleasure while he licked my juice.

The next thing I knew, he was over me with his shirt and pants off. Gosh he looked marvelous. If this was the kind of guy who'd fuck me, I'd say yes any time, anywhere. No hesitaton. No inhibition.

Automatic kong ibinukaka ang mga hita ang waited for him. His hard rock erected manhood was before me.

"Are you ready for this?"

He smiled cunningly.

"You are kidding.."

Malibog kong sagot dito. I could already imagine this hard thing inside me, moving in and out and giving me ecstasy..

We kissed some more and felt each other's skin more more. Nang itutok nito ang kargada sa bukana ng aking puke, I was ready.

He pushed his way in. Uggh. That was painful. I could not help bit my lip in agony. A part of my pussy was torn I knew. The dude looked at me with questionning eyes.

"Go on..defile me..My virgin cunt is yours tonight.."

I said with determination in my eyes. I reached for him and gave him a wet kiss. Tonight, I'd be a woman.

He pushed some more. I closed my eyes, brows wrinkled. Gosh. Popping cherry was not as easy as Lee and other friends described it to me. I could literally feel his manhood destroying my vagina. He was so huge!

Another blow and I let out a squeaky sound. It was done. I am no longer a virgin. I gave myself to a stranger, inside his car, in the passenger seat. His dick was fully inside me and I could feel it moving.

Nagsimula itong kumanyod pataas-pababa. Ohhh..It still was uncomfortable, but less painful. I could feel the leather seat wet with my blood. He moved in and out. In and out while kissing my neck and leaving trails of soft kisses. He once again toyed with my nipples and sucked them. Gosh I love it when men suck my nipples.

Habang tumatagal, nawawala ang sakit. Hanggang sa ang maramdaman ko nalang ay sarap. This time I made a way to respond. I moved my hips and met his movements. Our bodies were connected. We were both sweaty inside that disgraceful car.

"Damn you girl, a tomcat virgin.."

Nakangisi nitong sabi habang sige sa pagkantot sa akin. He was so good.

"And you are so freaking good at this.. Don't you like virgins?"

"I love corrupting young virgin girls, Dana.. I must admit I did not take yo...

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October 27, 2019 (6 months ago)

I have a lot of story on my mind,and I found some idea how to start writing them from you,sslamat but since marami ang reader ay mga pinoy,i feel writing them in more tagalog get the readers excited,I'm not saying taglish is bad,pero yun ang opinion ko as a Male reader.

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October 27, 2019 (6 months ago)

As a reader myself, I enjoy both. I have three other stories written in mostly Tagalog. To be honest, hirap na ako sa vocabs. I have to have an English-Tagalog dictionary minsan. Kaya I thought of writing in Taglish cuz this is how my mind speaks. 😬✌️

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October 27, 2019 (6 months ago)

Short and simple. Very nice.. Ilove it. Sakto lang un pasok ng english sentences.. Mdalang ako magcomment s mfa stories and those i have comment are really good..

just always do the right thing in a right way,

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October 28, 2019 (6 months ago)

Yep. Sabi nga, write as you'd speak.

"The character's attitude is more important than plot." - Stephen J. Cannell

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October 28, 2019 (6 months ago)

That's good author, I just wanna ask is this story yours or just a made up? Because if it's yours it's so hot and awesome!

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October 28, 2019 (6 months ago)

Fiction ;)

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October 28, 2019 (6 months ago)

Very well written. Clean and precise. I love it

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October 28, 2019 (6 months ago)

Xie xie ni

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October 29, 2019 (6 months ago)

Wewww.. subrang hot sa feelings... pinag pawisan ung dalawang ulo ko.. ughhhh.. napaka tsalapppphhh.. 😍😍😍

What you see is what u get

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October 29, 2019 (6 months ago)

feel ko dapat ikwento mo kung bakit super close ng parents nyo hehe baka nag-papalitan sila ng partner.

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