From Japan With Love (2nd Part)

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Date: October 14, 2019 (8 months ago)

Salamat mga idol sap ag aantay, eto na po ang karugtong.

CM: really po? U like me bein so igat for you? Im only like this sayo. I can be the real me when ikaw kausap ko. Thank you sir mike. Can I suck your otin na please? Ako naman papaligaya sayo.

Me: hmmm.. how bad u wanna suck my cock baby?

CM: so bad sir, please pa suck ng yummy cock mo po pls.. I wanna taste you sir mike please? Baby please?

Me: ( damn that begging, nakaka libog tlga) hmm.. lie down in the bed baby, isusubo ko ang treat ko sayo.

CM: hihi.. yes sir mike, naka higa na po ako. Can I see ur cock one more time please?

Me: (took another pic of different angel, yung kita ang balls and another one side view and sent it to her) hmmm there miss em.. masarap ba? Mas masarap sa bf mo?

CM: tangina baby. Kadako sa head jud (laki talaga ng ulo) at ang tigas.. hmmm.. babe put in my mouth po please..

Me: open ur mouth for me baby.

CM: here po.. ahhh.. (sent pic of here mouth open with a tounge out)

Me: hmm.. ur so naughty em.. here.. pasok ko na ulo ng cock ko. When the head is in, I puled it back out..

CM: ahh fuck u babe.. don't tease me.. mas nag wewet ako po.. please fuck mon a mouth ko po.. please?

ME: shet ka baby.. im putting it back in now.. dahan2.. feel the head of my cock in our tounge, and in your mouth.. sarap ba baby?

CM: ullllkk.. ullkk.. sarap po.. deeper po? Pa try moa ko deep throat. Di pa po ako naka try nyan sa bf ko sir mike.

Me: hmm.. ull choke on my cock babe, ok lang?

CM: yes po.. deep babe.. please deeper sir..

ME: here im putting it deeper.. ahhhh fuck.. init ng mouth mo baby.. sarap… tangina ka.. im goind all in now.. ahhhh aall inn now baby.. ahhh

CM: ulllkkkk… fuck! Ahhh.. ullkkkk….

Me: di ko muna move.. ahhhh sarap umabot sa throat mo tlga.. tangina.. now im pulling it back out slow all the way out..

CM: ahhh fuckk.. coz im so horny nw, hinabol ko na ang cock mo.. so I moved my head up para di mo mahugot. My hand is also in my nipples and the other is in my chubby bilat.. playing with it while ur fucking my mouth..

ME: ahhh fuckk.. ka igat jd namo uy.. here.. fuck na kita.. ahhh… in and out goes my dick.. slow movement pero madiin kada pasok. Then almost out pag palabas.. fucking ur mouth now.. sarap mo baby.. sarap mo..

CM. ULlllkkkkkkk… ullllkkkkk… ahhhhmmm… ahhhh.. sir mike fast.. fuck my mouth fast..

ME: ahhh shit.. im moving my hips fast now.. ramming ur mouth and ur throat.. sobrang libog nako kaya medjo napa harsh na ako but im looking at your face if u reisit it but no, ur enjoying it soo much..

CM: opo.. sarap po.. faster mike.. fast please.. fuck my mouth more.. ahhh..

ME: ahh I might cum baby.. I might cum in your mouth pag ganito..

CM: no please.. I want you to cum on my bilat sir.. fuck my bilat na sir.. tangina.. sobrang wet na po ako.. srap neto..

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