One Long Crazy Night

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Date: September 2, 2019 (4 months ago)

I have known maxx since we were in high school, yung kuya ko kasi was dating her cousin. Our connection was on and off, shes too busy with her life and i was minding my own.

Shes about 5'5 bikini bod, not too big of a breast nor butt. Shes a younger version of gelli de belen which is crazy because some people especially the lolas and titas say that i kinda look like Mr. Rivera.

One day, i saw her online and i hit her up just wanted to catch up and let her know that ill be in manila in 6 months. As the kamustahan went on, topics changed and became sexual down the line. I told her i wrote a story here on FSS about a decade ago and she said she wanted to read it so i told her she can but she have to keep my pseudoname to herself since she knew me since HS and our families are very close. After reading my story i recieved compliments from her and then it began. The usual sexual jokes and pasarings.

Fast forward to 6 months..

Maxx: Hey, di ka man lang nagsabi na nasa manila ka na? Whats good homie.
Me: Sorry, busy taking the fam out but im always free at night til early morning.
Maxx: Oh wow, walang tulugan?
Me: Fuck Sleep! Di baleng walang tulog kesa walang gising.
Maxx: Oh dude, dont fuck sleep. FUCK ME!

I dont know if she was joking or what not but i was in shock. So i replied calmly, "I will. Just let me know where and when." And she replied "loko ka talaga."

Days passed and i was thinking damn.. just a teaser text.
One weekend, after a long day of driving from all this tourist spots i met with another friend, Kaye. Shes about 5'2 slim, gorgeous, stunning beach bod. Around 10 at night, we met and we hanged out in my car, people watching/chatting and all of a sudden i got a torrid kiss from her. We ended up doing it on my car, buti na lang malaki ung dala kong car at that time.

Kaye: Dude, your scent is so seducing, i couldnt hold it anymore. Mmmm
Me: binola mo pa ako, ive been driving all day, i drove all the way from subic and back. Just to see you tho(giving the compliment back).
Kaye: whip that cock out i want to suck it.
Me: lipat tayo sa likod.

Kaye: Urgk urgk mmmm.. fuck.. i love sucking your cock, fits right in my mouth and way better in my pussy. Kaso im a girl tonight(period).

Me: thats cool, can i cum in your mouth then?

She nodded and minutes later i nutted in her mouth and she swallowed it all.

Me: Fuck im cumming.. ahhh.. how did it taste?

Kaye: Slimy, but yummy. Parang i took a shot lang. Hey i have to go, i have work pa, morning shift ako, sana wala ako masyadong patients mamaya.

Me: thanks for the night, i have to swing by sa party ng isang tropa, baka mag tampo. I loved spending my night with you.

Kaye: huuuu, mamaya sa party may babae ka na naman.

I just smiled, and left.

Midnight, I arrived at the party and i greeted everyone and they did the same. Minutes later i got a text from Christine, a classy chic who came from a very prominent family. Shes prolly a solid 8-9/10.
Christine: Hey! you in PI?(pinas)
Me: yeah. Ikaw? Nasa Manila ka?
Tine: yeah, here sa condo.
Me: and where exactly is that?
Tine: Shaw. Are you still familiar sa area? Me and my in-laws are drinking lang. If you want to swing by.
Me: kakarating ko lang sa party ng friend ko. Give me 30-45 if youre still up, ill swing by. I havent seen you in a while.
Tine: Sure babe, heres the address.

An hour later..

Me: Im here na. Parked on the side street.
Tine: On my way na.
Me: Great to see you tine. And i made a hug gesture.
Tine: (made the same gesture) but kissed me on the lips.

I was kinda shocked, but fuck it. 2nd girl for the night, i said on my mind.

I can taste the alcohol on her lips.

Tine: mmmm mmmm.. Damn na miss kita. Last time i saw you was 2012 i think.

Me: i know, how are you? Hows the bf? While still kissing her.
Tine: (smiled) hes away sa ship, gago ka talaga. Pinaalala mo pa.

She mounted on top of me and grabbed my neck. And im like.. oh shit its really happening.

I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and she kinda moved up so i can do it fairly quick. Shes wearing a very short shorts and its a little loose so i moved it to the side and i felt her wetness as i was doing it. She was dripping. Maybe because shes drunk, excited and horny. I slid in her and it was awesome.

Tine: ohhh shiiiit. Its been a while.
Me: oh fuck youre tight. (Im not sure if its the pressure from the undies and shorts or shes just really tight.)
Tine: she whispered "make it quick, tumakas lang ako sa taas. I just said may bibilin lang ako". Im cumming, im cumming..

Hearing that really made me so horny and i said, "im almost there..)

Tine: sa labas pleaaase, di ako safe.

And i pulled out and nutted all over my shirt. Buti na lang i always bring a spare sa kotse

We stepped off the car and went sa store sa baba ng condo niya to buy whatever and we parted ways.

And im like.. whoah what a fucking night. As i started the car, another text came in around 0300.

Maxx: Hey, if youre in town and still up, me and my friends are on our way sa Guillys tomas. Nasaraduhan kasi kami sa isang bar na iniinuman namin.
Me: Ok. Im in Shaw lang.
Maxx: oh what are you doing there? Anyway. Malapit lang yan. See you in a bit ok?

At guillys around almost 4.

Me: whats good homie.
Maxx: OMG, its really you. You havent aged! Fuck ang bango mo. Haha
Me: di naman lasing ka lang.

We Danced sa club and im being observant sa kasama niya and people around me. I sat down sa stool and she sat on my lap facing me.

Maxx: im tired na, wanna go somewhere else? Somewhere a little less crazy or a lot crazier should i say.
Me: i smiled, and just nodded.

Fuck is this really fucking happening? Ive been up for more than 24 hours, drove for 10 and about to have sex with 3 different girls in a span of 6 hours.

We left the place and as i was driving around tomas looking for a place, she said "please yung drive in babe".

Me: of course, i wont let people see you like that. (We both got reputation to uphold, lalo na she work close sa area and she holds a very high position sa company)
Maxx: thank you, i appreciate that.

We got into the room and we started caressing and kissing. Fucked the entire morning, ate her pussy and drank her juice. While i pinched her nipples. Kahit sobrang antok na ako at pagod, i cant show that. She sucked my dick like shes very hungry for it. Sobrang sarap, sobrang wild. I told her i wanna take her from behind...

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September 2, 2019 (4 months ago)

malufet! what a crazy fucking 24hours for u, dude! what lucky homie u r!

carpe diem! make that moment count!

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September 3, 2019 (4 months ago)

Hokagi.... gifted...

What you see is what u get

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September 5, 2019 (4 months ago)

Okay next😝😝

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September 19, 2019 (4 months ago)

Nice! More please!

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