Nerd's Revenge End

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Date: August 29, 2019 (8 months ago)

"(sobbing) huhu."

"Oh what happened to you babe?"

"Nothing babe."

"Surely, something is off. What happened? You can tell me."

"The usual stuff babe, it is just that Kaye won't stop picking up on me."

"That bitch, she really doesn't know when to stop. I have something to show you babe. How about this weekend?"

"What is it babe? You could show it to me now."

"No babe, on saturday maybe. It's something that i have against Cleo and Kaye."

She agreed to see it on Saturday. Our life goes on as usual. It's almost the end of school year and vacation is near.

Until Saturday came.....

"Hi babe, how are you doing?"

"I'm doing good now that I see you babe."

"They really give us a traumatic feel."

"Here babe some foods i brought for us."

"Wait, I'll prepare it you may go to the room now."

I prepared the food she brought. I was in the sink when she suddenly grab me in the back and started caressing my body.

"Babe, where is Aunt?"

"Mom's at work babe. We're alone her right now."

"Let's save the food for later babe. I have a much better food down here."

That's when she grab my hand and guided it inside her shorts and panty. I can feel her pubes and the slit of her moisten pussy.

Eventually, i have her seated in the table. Harshly undressing her while we kiss passionately.

Exposing her nakedness i smack on her moistened pussy lips.

"This thing of beauty I couldn't help but eat this delicious food. Slurp!" as i licked her pussy.

"Oh fuck. You really learn fast babe. You're such a great pussy eater now."

"Slurp. Ahmhmmmm, ohhhhhm"

"Oh fuck. Eat my pussy more babe. Damn it. Don't you dare stop. Make me feel great."

I continued to lick her pussy and started gliding two of my fingers inside her pussy. I started to finger her pussy while i try to lick her clit which make her moan even more.

"Ohhhhhh fuck babe. You son of a bitch. Don't stop. Make me cum. Ohhhh"

"Cum for me babe. How do you like being fuck by two of my fingers?"

"It feels great babe. Damn it make me cum. Here lick that clit damn it." while harshly guiding my head in her clit.

I licked the hell out of her clit while i roughly finger fuck her pussy. Til she can't hold to urge to cum.

"Ohh fucking great babe. Here i cum damn it. Ahhhhhhhh."

My fingers are cum filled and i seductively let her lick her cum.

With authority i positioned her doggy style while she holds the table leaning forward and i positioned my cock in her pussy and started to ram the hell out of her.

"Ohhhhhh fuck. I really feel full with your cock. Damn it. It feels so great getting fuck by a big cock."

"Fuck babe you're so wet yet it's so hot inside. Damn it. Can you be my bitch babe?"

"Yeah babe. I am your bitch. Fuck me hard babe."

"Oh babe. I love you! Arghhhh Ohhhh"

"I love you babe! Now shut the fuck up and fuck me hard with that big cock."

I started ramming her pussy harder and by the time i finally had a sense of rhythm. I banged her as hard as i could. The whole kitchen was filled with our moans and groans due to the hard banging that we do.

"Argh! Fucking great babe."

"Ohhhh! Harder babe. Go deeper. Damn it."

"Argh! Ahhhh! Ohhhhh!"

"Here i cum babe! Don't fucking stop. Fuck me hard and deep."

"Argh! Ohhhhhhh. I'm cumming too babe."

"Here goes babe. Ahhhhhhhhh cum with me inside. Ohhhhhhhhh"

"Catch this big load babe. Argh! Ohhhhhh fuck."

There was a moment of silence between us as we tried to catch our breaths after tge intense fuck that we had. Then i started to dress her up.

"Thanks babe. You really are such a nice guy. I love you."

"You only deserve what's best babe. I love you too."

"Why don't we go upstairs babe."

"Oh yeah babe. Let me just finish prepare our food. And then maybe i could eat this great food here." as i caress her thighs down to her pussy.

"You can have it anytime you want babe. Now, come on. Let me see the thing that you've got."

"Oh right. Let's go upstairs."

I suddenly grabbed her and sweetheart carried her into my room. I lay her down my bed and kissed her passionately.

"Oh babe, I'm sorry i just couldn't resist that much."

"It's alright babe. Come here."

She overturned our position and right she's on top of me. Touching my bulging cock in the pants.

"Oh damn this big cock. This one makes me crave for more."

"Oh babe you surely know how to pleasure men don't you? Look at how hard my cock is."

"Shit babe, i love this cock it's hard and thick."

She started stroking it and eventually she sucked it.

"Argh! Ulk! Ohhhhm"

"Oh fuck babe your mouth is so warm. Suck me more babe."

"Oh yeah babe. Enjoying it huh? Enjoying my mouth babe?"

"Yeah babe i do enjoy it so much. Oh fuck deeper babe please. Go deep."

"Ulk! Argh! Ohhhhh"

She is giving me a deep throat at that time and i was really feeling great that i started pumping in her mouth making her groan to a point that she is almost out of breath.

"Oh fuck babe as tight as your pussy. Oh damn it."

"Argh! Ulk. Ohhhhm."

"Shit babe that one was great."

"You like it huh. But I'm almost out of breath fucker."

"I'm sorry babe your mouth really felt like a pussy. I couldn't help myself."

"Here, fuck my mouth more til you cum babe. Let me taste that fucking cum. Come on horny boy."

"Oh fuck babe you sure are one great bitch. Yeah that's it babe. Argh! "

I started fucking her mouth and this time i find my rhythm to take care also of her breaths. To fuck her better, i let her kneel in bed and started holding her head to build the rhythm.

"Argh! Fuck this is great babe. I'm about to cum."

"Ulk, ulk. Argh!"

"Oh my babe, here i cum. Drink this fucking hell of a load babe. Argh. Yeahhhhhhhh"

"Hmmm it tastes good babe. You really came so much."

"With such a great babe. Why couldn't I, right?"

I tried to play with her pussy but she stopped me.

"Save that for later babe. I want to see what you wanted to show me."

"Okay babe."

I showed to her the video that i recorded of Kaye and Cleo fucking at Kaye's house.

"How did you get a hold of this?"

"It was when i used to go to her house before i met you. She used me to get over her studies and lesson just like leading me on to nothing."

"So as a manner of taking revenge, you planted recording device? You're such a monster babe."

"Well, i don't have any plans of using it against them the moment i met you but if they will continue to harm you. I will."

"Don't do it babe, it might cause you big troubles."

"Okay babe but as long as they do not cause us big troubles."

"Okay, but for now babe. Please take care of this pussy."

We fucked to our hearts content the rest of the day. I was really tired that time, we had like 3 rounds.

Our life goes on and we were happy despite the few instances of bullying by Cleo and Kaye but this suddenly changed.

"(crying) huhuhu."

It was one afternoon that Wilma was in my room crying.

"I just couldn't understand why they did this to you?"

"I don't even know myself babe. I'm starting to lose face to you. I'm really sorry this happened."

"It's okay babe nothing has change between us. Now, they have gone too far. How do you plan on having our revenge against them?"

"I don't really know babe. I just wanted a peaceful life. (sobs)"

Now that they have gone too far.

"Hi Aunt, is Kaye around?"

"Oh, I'm sorry she's not here."

"It's okay, i was really planning to talk to you."

"About what?"

"It's about Kaye and her boyfriend Cleo. He has not been of any good for her."

"Really, that bastard."

"Yeah, they've been bullying her and they were also having sex while you are gone. And this time it has gone too far. Kaye has created a bridge for Cleo to get his hands on one of her classmate. They joined forces to get to fuck her."

"How can you say so? Do you have any proof so i could take actions."

"The girl is my girlfriend, she confessed everything to me. How she was threatened so they could use her body."

I also showed her the video of the two having sex in Kaye's room.

"Aunt, i hope that my identity would remain anonymous. I also did this since for a time in my life i used to like your daughter so i don't want her life to be miserable."

"Okay, thank you about this and I'm really sorry about what happened to you and your girlf...

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August 29, 2019 (8 months ago)


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August 29, 2019 (8 months ago)


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August 30, 2019 (8 months ago)

Its good to read that has its own end rather than so many parts or sequel but at the end is hanging...nice...good job author...

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