Nerd's Revenge II

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Date: August 26, 2019 (2 months ago)

A day in my not so interesting life.....

I was walking towards our room to attend my regular class. Break time came and i just bought some food from the cafeteria and plan to sit on a bench in the school park.

"Excuse me miss, may i share a seat?"

"Oh yeah, no worries."

"Thank you."

"I noticed that you are alone."

"Oh it is nothing. Kind of used to it."

The more we converse, the more i get hook to her beauty. If Kaye is a typical mestiza. This girl is so cute and a depiction of a true blooded Filipina.

"If you don't mind, how can you say so?"

"You're a bit persistent in there and i barely know you."

"You're right but you see, i am just like you. Someone who seems to be always alone."

"Okay, it is just that one of my classmate does not stop picking on me."

"Oh i see, so you are bullied just like me."

"Sort of, and almost like it happens on a daily basis."

"Whoa, and who might it be?"

"It's Kaye, you know the popular girl in school."

"Oh yeah, how could i now know the girl who played tricks on me. Thanks to her boyfriend who happens to be my classmate and bully."

"Well, this school is a small world after all."

Bell rings.......

"See you around then. Uhhhhm?"

"Harry, and you?"

"It's Wilma, see you around."

"Oh before that would you mind if i ask for your phone number?"

"I don't really mind. Here goes."

"Thanks. See you around."

Such a beautiful innocent girl and just like me being bullied by those who craves for superiority. We are like on the same shoes.

Later that evening......

"Hi it's me Harry. Thanks for earlier."

"It's you, how are you doing?"

"Not much, just reading my notes for tomorrow. How about you?"

"Same goes here. Like a nerdy cat."

"Oh yeah, got not much to do."

"Yeah right, not into social life."

Our communication goes on towards us knowing each other better. Oftentimes, we will sit at one of the bench in school park and talk about our lives. The more i get to know her the more i got hooked into her world. Eventually, i have forgotten whatever evil plan i had towards Kaye and Cleo.

"Wilma, can i invite you at my house?"

"Sure, i was actually waiting for it."

"Oh really?"

"Well, i have not been invited to a friend's house before. What about your parents?"

"I'll ask for permission anyways so how about this saturday?"


"So we'll meet up at the convenience store around the next corner for our food then."

"Yeah, see you around."

"Oh, okay."

Saturday came and i got my parent's permission.

"Ma, this is Wilma my new friend at school she is my junior."

"Nice to meet you. Well, Harry just can't stop talking about you. Anyways, feel comfortable just got some errands to do."

"Thanks tita."

So we got up to my room chilling and preparing the foods that we bought.

"So, about what your mom said. Is it true that you keep on talking about me to them?"

"Sort of. I see nothing wrong since you are my friend."

"Well, yeah. It's just that it's kinda embarrassing since there is not much to talk about me."

"Don't worry. There is nothing to be embarrassed. So why not we play some board games."

"Kind of a good idea."

So we played that day and we just had a lit of fun away from the miserable things. We have gotten a lot closer as days go by.

I turned down every invitation by Kaye knowing that she just toyed on me. Using me in their plot with her boyfriend Cleo.

The secrecy of my friendship with Wilma didn't last for long as Kaye discovered it.

One day.....

"Hi Wilma, you seem to have a problem?"

She hastily walked away from me. I was left confused of what have i done wrong. So i texted her.

"Wilma, have i done something wrong?"

"I'm sorry Harry, i may not be able to talk to you anymore."

"What seems to be the problem? Is it me?"

"No, you've been so good to me that i've started to like you."

"Then, we shouldn't have any problem. I do like you too."

"Maybe we should talk but not here in school."

"This weekend? At my house."

"Fine but at the moment i could only talk to you through phone. I'm really sorry."

"No, you shouldn't. I know you have your reason."

I can't wait until it's weekend, i just couldn't stop thinking of what seems to be the problem but still, I'm delighted to know that she likes me too.

It's thursday and yet weekend seems too far. My happiness and excitement did not exempt me of the miserable feeling given by the act of bullying of Cleo. Though it masks the embarrassment i still couldn't help but feel blue about it.

Until weekend came......

"Hi Wilma, it's nice to have you around."

"Thanks tita. Is Harry here?"

"Yeah, he is upstairs. Go help yourself and i will be doing some errands."

"Thanks tita. Take care."

"Oh hi Wilma, sorry my room is kind of messed up."

"No worries, so what are you doing?"

"Well, I'm finishing my project but it could wait. Apparently, i am just polishing some parts of it."

"Oh okay."

"So maybe, i could fetch some food for us first."

"Oh right, thanks."

I prepared snacks for both of us while she was making herself comfortable in my room.

"So, why avoid me all of a sudden?"

"Well, it's kind of hard for my part. I am so sorry. The fact is i do like you but i can't help it."

"Care to tell me why?"

"Words may have come out and it reached Kaye. Now, she is threatening me to keep away from you."

"(sigh) well, that bitch. But why seems so afraid that you could not stand against it?"

"Well, he holds one of my secret back when we were friends."

"If you may?"

"Okay, promise me first that you will not tell it to anybody."

"I promise."

"Well, do you know how bitchy Kaye can be?"

"Sort of, yes. Why?"

"Now, you know we have been friends before?"

"You've said so."

"I, too, am a bitch before."

"Wait, i can't comprehend. Will you elaborate a little."

"I am not your so innocent type of girl. In simple term, i have been a playgirl before. I passed around a few guys to toy around before."

"Oh, okay."

"Some of them, we end up getting laid. Some of them, i teased to my heart's content."

These facts are new to me. Anyways, we have just known each other lately so there is a lot more to learn about her.

"Now, i have gradually changed for better and not so bratty phase of life but it seems that she wouldn't let me go easily."

"Then, she started using these facts against you? It's like if you don't give in to what she wants she will tell your mom?"

"Yeah, sort of."

"Maybe it is about time we stand up against them."

"But how they have dominance against us. I know you are a victim of Cleo."

"Okay. Now, i do like you a lot. I could say i love you. We don't have to live in their world how about we disconnect with them."

"I do love you too Harry, we'll see if this works."

"Don't worry, we just have to stand against it and support each other."

"Yeah right. You know what i am so lucky to have known you. Let me be a bitch for today and reward you with what you deserve."

"But, you barely know me yet."

"It is more than enough. Fyi, i do one night stands to guys i don't know. I know you are a virgin too so let me be your first."

"Oh okay but i don't know how it's done."

"I will take charge then."

So there goes Wilma smacking her lips towards mine.

"Just go with the flow."

So i also kissed her. The smack eventually torrid and we had each others tongue squaring out like there is a battle between them. It was hot and intense.

"Ohhhhh, ahhhhhhm."

"You're not bad at kissing yourself"

"But you are my first kiss."

We continued and Wilma started guiding my hands towards her breast. Knowing what she wanted i started caressing her breast and undressing her going with her blouse down to her bra exposing her firm soft breast.

"Ohhhhh yeah play with it. Caress it more."

"Such soft breast."

She suddenly grab my cock and lowered my shorts and brief exposing my erect manhood.

"Oh you have a big thing down here huh. You're not just kind you also are gifted woth such a big cock huh."

He then started to stroke my cock and eventually went down there to suck it.

"Oh fuck it feels so good. What are you doing Wilma?"

"Let me make you feel good by sucking this cock. Ohhhhh ulkkkkkk it barely fits in my mouth i feel so full."

"Ohhhhh fuck this is great. Don't stop please. I'm almost there."

"Cum baby cum. Ohhhhhh let me taste that fucking cum."

"Ohhhh fuckkk can't hold it babe. Im cummminnng. Ahhhh catch this big load."

So there i cum and then i knock myself on the bed after such a great blowjob. She undressed and get on top of my face. Apparently, i knew what she want me to do. So with no hesitation i started eating her pussy.

"slurp! This pussy taste good."

"Oh come on eat me. Stick that tongue."

So i tried my best to eat her and give her pleasure.

"Slurp! Ohhhhhm Ahhhhh."

"Ohh fuck. Yeahhhh that is it. Ahhhhh such aa good pussy eater. You really learn fast."

"Slurp! Ahhhhh with such a great teacher how could i not learn fast."

"Ohhhh fuck come on. Shit."

I continued eating her pussy out as i reached her breast and played with her nipples. She felt it and she started moaning loudly.

"Fuck! Don't you dare stop. Ohhhhh you eat me so good babe. Make me feel good damn it."

"Slurp!! Ohhhhh slick!"

"Fuck babe! I'm cumming. Yeah i am fuck. Here goes. Ahhhhhhhhhhh damn that was great babe."

I thought everything was over but i guess not. She positioned herself in my cock and slide it down through her pussy.

"Oh fuck you are really big babe. I feel so full down there. I'm really lucky to have known you."

"Shit babe you're so tight i could come any minute. It's my first."

"Control it babe you will eventually be able to control it. Le...

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