Vickventures XIX - Company Outing 2.0

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Date: August 13, 2019 (9 months ago)

Company Outing 2.0

***Tulad ng sabi ng isang reader (hi, sshhfiles!), ito na po ang finale ng Vickventures series. Sana ay nagustuhan niyo ang buong series. Huwag po kayong magalala, may conclusion page po tayo pagkatapos ng Company Outing arc.***


My swimsuit was already down my lower abdomen, I could feel the chill of the airconditioning in sir V's office yet I was sweating so much.

I looked at him, at his lust filled eyes, as he slowly pulled my swimsuit down to reveal my treasured jewel.

I was terrified and excited. I touched his hand, not to stop him but to make him feel my shaking hands.

V: Von..?

I just nodded and he took it all off, revealing my wet slit.

I covered my eyes from embarassment. My boss, who just freshly fucked my officemate, is now staring at my bare pussy.

I could hear my heartbeat. I could hear him breathe. I could hear Anne coo on the sofa. My senses were hightened.

He took my hands off my face and stretched my arms above my head. I shivered from the sudden chill of excitement as his body came in contact with mine.

I could feel his long hard dick rest on my crotch as his face slowly came near mine. His hot breath eventually reaching my neck as he slowly climbed up my lithe body.

Finally his lips touched mine and I lose all inhibitions and start rabidly kissing him.

I may not be experienced with sex but I have had experience with kissing so I exhausted all the techniques I know.

Tongue. Teeth. Saliva. Lips. Lick. Bite. Slurp. I did it all. V was all enthusiastic of my sudden aggresiveness and was really receprocating all my efforts.

I have not been kissed with so much passion, so much lust, and I was loving every minute of it.

I felt one of his hands touch my sides and slowly climbed up to cup my breast to play with it. He started squeezing and mashing my boob while still eating my tongue out.

I thought it was the end of it but then he started to pinch my nipples which caused unexplained electric charges to surge throughout my body.

Me: Hnnmm...

V: Mmmnnmm.. Feels good?

Me: Ye-yes.. Unh... Hmmpff...

He started kissing my face, from my lips, he traveled up to my nose.

Me: Uhmm.. Mmm..

Then up to my forehead and to my right ear where he started to lick and suck my earlobes. My juices started to flow from this extraordinary new sensation I'm feeling.

Me: Vuh.. Vii....

V: *whispering* I will take you tonight, Von. I will ravage your pussy until you can walk no more. Your virginity will be mine. I might even impregnate you.

I shuddered at the thought of being taken while my pussy ached at the notion of being ravaged, and my insides quivered at the possibility of being impregnated.

It was all new. All these sensations, these feelings. This lust and this thirst. None of my previous boyfriends have made me this hungry for a man. I couldn't comprehend it at all but I sure do know one thing, I liked these feelings and I'm giving in tonight.

This man, the man we all look up in the office, who gives great advices and always makes sure we are alright, is the man who will take my precious virginity. And I'm fine with it. I don't know why but I'm ready to give it to him. I felt safe and protected.

My train of thoughts were broken as he moved his hand and placed them on my thighs and started to rub them up and down, closer and closer to my now dripping pussy. I couldn't help but moan, as what I'll be mostly doing for the rest of the night.

Me: Oooh... Uhmmm...

V: *whispers* You're so smooth, Von.. So fresh.. I will still let you back out if you want to.

Me: Unh.. Sir... Take me, please...

My brain was going into overdrive from him licking my ear while pinching my nipples and groping my legs. My eyes started to roll back as I was reaching new heights.

*What is happening to youuu Vonnnn???*

A voice inside my head asked. Before I could answer, I saw white.

Me: OOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

I came. Hard. My second orgasm tonight. I thought my first one was intense but I would be proven wrong over and over all night long.

My body stiffened in an arc while my hands grabbed onto anything I could grab while my pussy waved and shook and dripped my honey.

I didn't know what was happening around nor did I care. I was riding this huge wave. My body shook.

I came to my senses with him wrapping his arms around me and soothing my hair. It felt so good, so safe.

He was giving me this little ticklish kisses while stroking my hair. Letting me calmly ride down my orgasm.

Me: V... So.. Good...

After hearing me talk, he started assaulting my senses again.

He kissed my lips and I responded hungrily. I wanted it. I wanted to feel him.

His hand moved from my hair down to my breast. He started massaging it and occasionally played and pinched my erect nipples.

I felt him shift his weight and moved his other hand down there. Slowly glided his hand from my long legs up to my thighs to my dripping pussy.

He touched it gently, as if it was burning hot. He then moved his fingers. Traced my crotch. Teasing as it went around my crotch.

My waist unconsciously moved as it tried to get his hand on my wet pussy. I was so preoccupied I didn't notice him breaking our kiss and going down on my breast.

I only noticed it when he bit one of my sensitive nipples.


My body arched. It was so painful yet so electrifying! My whole body felt it's jolt. My pussy was not only dripping at this point, it was watering.

My next orgasm was rapidly building up. His antics were getting to me, physically, emotionally, and sexually. He knew what he was doing and he enjoyed doing it.

He started sucking my right breast while still pinching my left nipple hard. I was writhing in blissful lust, trying to both get him off and bite me harder. I was slowly losing my mind.

I was on the verge of another when he stopped sucking my nipples and slowly trailed down my body, licking every part of my body he passes on the way down.

Me: noooo....

I was a little frustrated but then he started to lick my belly button while he played with my nipples using his two fingers like lenghtening a playdoh.

Me: Oooohh....

My left hand grabbed a fistful of his hair while my other hand grabbed the desk as my body uncontrollably writhed on the table.

He licked my hairless crotch, making sure he did not miss a spot. It was so erotic to look at and feel at the same time.

He mouthed these words:

V: Are you ready?

Before he dove into my pussy. He sucked my whole virgin pussy in his mouth and started assaulting it with his tongue.

My body arched once again, this was a very welcome surprise for me. I never have had my pussy eaten like this before. Not that I allowed my previous boyfriends to touch it, moreso eat it.

His tongue traced every letter of my full name on my pussy and it felt so good. My eyes were already rolled up and my mouth agape while breathing heavily.

Correction, I wasn't breathing heavily, I was heaving. Sneaking a moan in every gasp of air.

His warm, rough tongue moving along my slit while both his hands were occupied massaging my breasts and fingering my stiff nipples.

My body was on fire and so was my soul and passion. Even if my brother arrived, I would let him wait until my boss was done with my body.

He stiffened his tongue and moved in and poked my pussy so suddenly I jerked and OH I came. Boy did I come.

Me: OOOHHHHH!!! V!!!!!!

He did not mind my moans nor my violent tugs on his hair, he continued to eat me while I was already high in my orgasm.

It was both pleasant and unpleasant as he poked my pussy with his tongue non-stop. My body was moving away and towards his mouth.

My mind was blank and I was seeing flashes. My eyes rolled up so much, I probably saw my brain.

My whole body was convulsing from the pleasure when another wave hit me.

It was another orgasm! My body started going overdrive and shook hard while spraying my cum everywhere.

He stopped and went up to start kissing my neck with light kisses while holding me in his arms.

I didn't know how much time has passed since my initial orgasm and my follow up orgasm hit me.

That's when I felt it. The tip of his dick started to rub my entrance. I was too flustered to think but after we did it, he told me that I told him to do it.

My mind was still flashing when I felt it enter me for the first time. It was not painful as they say, or maybe I was so high up in my orgasm wave to feel actual pain.

He was thick and big and warm. I felt him slowly pump his penis in and out of my pussy and it felt so good. Better than when his rough tongue was fucking me.

My whole tunnel was being churned by his thick veiny dick. I could feel every muscle inside my vagina stretch to accomodate this very unexpected but welcome guest.

The office was full of my moans and his grunts. He was fucking me hard and I was loving it.

I stretched my arms and grabbed his handsome face and pulled him in for the kiss. He kissed me hard and full of lust while he thrusted his thick log in and out of me.

Both his hands were on my hips to prevent me from flying off due to his violent pumping.

He broke our kiss and whispered to my ear.

V: I'm almost there, Von. I will come inside you. If you're not safe today, you will get pregnant. I will knock you up.

Me: oooooohhh.....

Perhaps it's because I had almost no strength left, I moaned softly on his ear. The idea of me getting pregnant sent me over to the edge once again.

I could feel my vaginal muscles contract around his penis, trying to milk it for potent sperm and succeeded because he roared while he thrusted hard one last time.

I felt his warm white sauce as it painted my walls and watered my seeds. It felt so good to have a man fill you up with his baby gravy.

My body was again, shaking, from this intense new feeling.

I felt full. Full of his cum. Full of his dick. Full of my own orgasm.

I felt really good when he pulled his dick out. I could feel his cum drip from my insides to his mahogany table.

He kissed me softly and carried my tired body on top of him as he sat on the sofa. He cuddled me like a baby while stroking my hair and back.

I woke up by a gentle shaking on my shoulder. It was my boss, all dressed up telling me my brother has arrived.

I stretched a bit and found out my whole body especially my pussy was aching. He helped me up and held me until I regained my center and started to leave.

Did I dream this all up? I found out when I got home and changed. My panties were wet with his cum that dripped from my pussy.


Sobrang nakakapagod ang tagpo kagabi. Hindi ko inaasahang makakantot ko si Yvonne pagkatapos kong kantutin si Anne. Nailabas ko rin ang libog ko na nabuo maghapon.

Sinabihan ko si Yvonne na mag-morning after pills dahil talagang pinuno ko ang puke niya ng masagana kong tamod. Sinabihan ko rin na magsimula na siyang mag-birth control pills kung balak niyang maging sexually active.

Si Anne naman ay umalis na rin pagka-alis ni Yvonne. Nakangisi ito na parang may na-gancho.

Sa sobrang pagod ko ay nakatulog na ako sa sofa ng office.


Lynn: Sir? Bakit diyan ka na natulog?

Me: Hnngg.. Anong oras na?

Lynn: 9 o'clock.

Me: Shit.. Ugh.. Likod ko..

Lynn: Ano ba po nangyari? Bakit parang binagyo ang lamesa mo, ano ba ya-

Nakita niya ang nanuyong tamod sa lamesa na tumulo galing sa pekpek ni Yvonne kagabi.

Lynn: Oh my god. Hindi ka sumama para makipagkantutan! How dare you, sir!

Me: Lynn.. Ang aga aga eh.. Zzz..

Bumalik ako sa pagkakahiga sa sofa at natulog. Mga bandang ala-1 na ako ng magising ulit.

Rayelle: Sir! Sila Ma'am Violet andito po.

Me: Hmm.. Ughhhh...

Umunat ako dahil medyo masakit ang buo kong katawan.

Me: Violet?

Violet: Hi boss! Napadaan lang.. Naiwan ko kasi sa bahay yung ano ko.. Pwede duon nalang tayo mamaya?

Me: Ugh.. Teka. Sorry, sakit lang talaga ng katawan ko. Anong oras mamaya?

Violet: Paguwian na po. Tutal maaga naman tayo maguuwian ngayon.

Me: Sige, sige. Yvonne?

Lynn: Hindi po pumasok, masakit daw po katawan. Naulanan daw siya kagabi.

Anne: Grabe ang lakas ng KULOG at KIDLAT kagabi no? Parang LUMILINDOL pa..

Rayelle: Hay. Sana ako rin naulanan kagabi.

Lynn: Kung nagsabi lang naman kasi yung ISA diyan.

Violet: Erm.. Anong nangyayari sa mga bata mo, boss?

Me: Wag mo na pansinin. Text mo nalang ako mamaya pagpaalis na kayo.

Violet: Okay po, bossing. Si Jessie daw po pala sasama rin mamaya. Dumating daw yung order niya sa Shoppee at Carousel na mga bikini, gusto niya itanong kung bagay.

Me: Jessie? Hmm.. Okay. Yung mga assigned tasks?

Violet: Ok na kaming apat sa mga assigned tasks. OK na rin yung transpo and all. See you later!

Nagpaalam si Violet sabay halik sa pisngi ko. Hindi parin makapagprocess ang utak ko dahil wala pa akong kape at medyo basag pa rin ang utak ko.

Rayelle: Siiir... Coffee?

Sa wakas at mayron ding nagdala ng kape ko. Uck. Hindi marunong magtimpla ng kape si Rayelle. Nasan na ba si Yvonne huhu. Ay kasalanan ko pala kaya wala. Hehehe.

Dumaan ang araw na halos walang nangyari sa office dahil puro kwentuhan nalang ang mga tao at ako naman ay panay ang pahinga dahil kinukutuban akong mapapalaban mamaya.

Naguwian na rin at nagtext agad si Violet.


: D2 n kmi g8.

Me: OK. Teka.


: Sir! Sorry di po ako nakapasok.. My joints felt so creaky.. Must be because of excessive exercise last night.. Hehe..

Me: Pahinga ka na muna. Yung pills?

Yvonne: Yup! Took them this morning. I'll see you guys tomorrow! So excited!


: Sn k n sir?? Tagal m naman!

Me: Pababa na.

Pagkababa ko ay nanduon na nga silang tatlo. Si Violet at July na nakauniform ng kanilang department at si Jessie na nakaoveralls ulit.

Me: Sorry, last minute calls.

Violet: Kain muna tayo! Gutom na ako eh..

Jessie: Ako rin.. Tara, Mang Inasal tayo!

July: Hindi pwede Jes! Lalaki tiyan natin bukas niyan! Sa Salad Stop nalang!

Jessie: Oo nga pala! Haha! Sige let's go!

Me: Magmomotor ka pa Jes?

Jessie: Pwede ko naman po iwan ito dito or convoy ako sa inyo.

Me: Mas OK siguro na convoy or mauna ka na. Out of way pag bumalik ka pa dito.

July: Sama ako sayo Jessss! Gusto ko maexperience magmotor ka! Hihihi!

Kinindatan ako ni Violet nung sumakay kami sa sasakyan ko. Nako ano kaya binabalak nitong babaeng to.

Nauna ng bumyahe sila Jessie at July dahil mas nakakasingit siya. Napagkasunduan na sa ATC Corporate nalang kami magkita dahil nga mas mabilis makakarating ang nakamotor duon.

Habang nagmamaneho ako ay biglang naglikot ang kamay ni Violet, agad niya itong pinagalaw papunta sa titi kong unti unting naninigas.

Me: V..

Violet: Yes, V?

Me: Please?

Violet: Yes, sir.

Binuksan ni Violet ang zipper ko at umayos ng posisyon para machupa ako.

Violet: Shit.. Laki parin nito sir, ah..

Sinimulan niyang dilaan ang kabuuhan ng titi ko. Shit, namiss ko ang dila ni Violet. Hinigop rin niya ang precum na lumabas sa ulo ng titi ko.

Me: Ummppf. V..

Isinubo na niya ng dahan dahan ang titi ko. Kalahati palang ang nababaon ng tinigil niya.

Oh shit, heto na ang secret technique ni Violet. Sinimulan niyang pagalawin ang dila at isa isang inispell ang alphabet sa ulo ng titi ko gamit ang dila.

Napapaangat ang pwet ko sa bawat hagod ni Violet ng letra. Lalo na yung may mga curve na letters. B, C, G, J, O, P, Q, R, S at U. Paulit ulit lang niya itong ginagawa at paulit ulit rin ako napapaigtad.

Violet: Muchurup bmm?

Me: Yes.... Fuck... V...

Ibang klase magblowjob itong si Violet, mabilis na kumulo ang itlog ko at hindi ko na ito sinubukan pang pigilan dahil baka makarating na kami ng ATC Corporate at mabitin lang ako.

Tinapik ko si Violet sa balikat, senyales na lalabasan na ako. Kaya naman pinagbutuhan pa niya ang pagdila, ngayon ay sa butas na mismo ng titi ko siya nagtrace ng letters at hindi ko na napigilan at nagpasabog sa loob ng bibig niya.

Me: Urmmmppf.

Violet: Glug glug. Slurp! Sarap! Hihi! Namiss ko talaga to sir!

Me: Shit, walang kupas technique mo, V.

Pagkapark ko ng sasakyan ay hinalikan niya ako at nakipagespadahan ng dila. Nalasahan ko pa ang tamod ko pero di ko ito pinansin dahil namiss ko rin ang halik ni Violet.

Me: Tara na, baka hanapin na tayo nung dalawa.

Pumunta na kami ng Salad Stop at naghapunan. Nagkwentuhan sila tungkol sa mga beauty products na ginagamit nila, mga bikini, saan sale ang cute na damit at kung anu ano pang pambabaeng bagay.

Matapos ang isang oras na kwentuhan ay nagkayayaan na kami na pumunta sa apartment ni Violet para magsukat ng damit.

Hindi matagal ang maneho papunta sa apartment nila at mabilis kaming nakarating.

Maayos at modern ang design ng apartment ni Violet, halata ring bagong linis. Siguro dahil alam niyang dadalaw kami. (Sadya daw niyang iniwan ang bikini para mapilitan kaming duon magsukat dahil may mga manyak daw sa office)

Pinaupo nila ako sa sofa at nagsimula ng magbihis sa kwarto. Hindi nagtagal ay lumabas si Jessie suot ang schoolgirl swimsuit niya, shit nalibugan agad ako dahil umaapaw talaga ang laman niya sa rims ng swimsuit niya.

Rumampa siya sa harap ko, umaalog ang mga suso habang naglalakad, at pagdating sa harap ko ay tumalikod para ipakita ang likod niya. Kumembot ng konti para paalugin ang malusog na pwet na nahihirapang kapitan ng swimsuit.

Nakatitig lang ako sa suso at pwet ni Jessie kaya inilagay niya ang daliri sa pagitan ng mata ko at ng pwet niya na nakaturo pataas. Pagtingin ko sa mukha niya ay nakangiti itong may pagkapilya at kumindat.

Naglakad ulit siya pabalik naman ng kwarto, marahil ay para magpalit ng suot. Sunod na lumabas ay si July. Traditional na bikini ang suot niya na dark color kaya litaw ang maputi niyang balat.

Perky ang suso ni July kaya saktong sapo lang ng bra ang suso at nagulat ako dahil nagkahubog na ang pwet nito. May hugis na at hindi na flat tulad ng dati.

July: Nagssquat na po ako tulad ng sabi mo. Hihihi!

Hindi man ganoon kalaki ay maganda ang development ng hubog ng pwet niya. Ang nakakagigil sa kanya ay ang kanyang abs. Flat na flat ang tiyan ni July tapos ang kinis at maputi. Sarap dilaan.

Kumembot siya ng konti bago bumalik sa kwarto. Naexcite ako dahil si Violet na ang susunod na lalabas. Hindi ako binigo ni Violet.

Dalawang sunflower ang nasa lugar ng cups niya na nakatakip sa utong at manipis na string lamang ang mga tali na nagdudugtong dito. Pati sa ibaba ay sunflower lang rin ang nakatakip sa pekpek niyang sigurado kong namamasa na.

Rumampa siya sa harap ko at umaalog ang mga sunflowers na nasa dibdib niya. Tumigas agad ang titi ko sa nakikita. Kumindat siya bago tumalikod sa akin.

Isang sunflower ulit ang nakaharang sa gitnang bahagi ng pwet niya at manipis lang rin ang string na humahawak dito. Sakto ang laki ng sunflower para maharangan nag mismong pwet pero nakalabas pa rin ang malusog na mga pisngi niya.

Nang gigil ako at nagpigil na huwag paluin ang mga ito dahil tulad ng kay Jessie at pina-jiggle niya ang mga pisngi.

Naglakad siya pabalik ng kwarto habang sinasadyang paalugin ang pwet. Tigas na tigas na ako sa puntong ito pero kailangan mahinahon tayo, darating rin yan ng kusa.

Lumabas ulit si Jessie at nakasuot ng tube-type na bikini. Manipis na tube ang nakabalot sa malusog niyang suso na nagsimula sa kalahati ng suso at nagtatapos sa tiyan bago maabot ang abs.

Ang puti rin ng balat ni Jessie, malamang ay dulot ng pagsuot nito ng overalls at helment tuwing nasa trabaho kaya hindi naaarawan. Itim ang kulay ng tube-kini niya kaya litaw ang maputing balat.

Rumampa siya palapit sa akin at yumuko, ipinakita ang malusog niyang cleavage at inalog alog. Muntik akong ma-hypnotize sa pagalon ng malusog niyang suso.

Tumawa ito bago tumalikod para ipakita ang pwet na unti unting kinakain ang panty paloob. Dumudulas ang fabric ng panty sa makinis na balat at nagiging g-string na ito.

Nagtwerk siya ng kaunti para tuluyang malamon ng pwet niya ang panty ay tumulo ang laway ko.

Naglakad siya pabalik ng kwarto at nagtawanan sila sa loob. Si July ulit ang sumunod na lumabas.

One piece swimsuit ang suot pero may malaking O na butas sa gitna. Alam niyang gigil ako sa abs niya kaya ito ang specific na swimwear na kinuha niya. Backless ito pero natatakpan ang likod niya ng mahabang buhok.

Rumampa at tumayo sa likod ko. Itinapat ang makinis na abs sa harapan ko bago ito umikot at bumalik ng kwarto.

Si Violet na ulit ang lumabas. Sigurado akong hindi siya papayagang pumasok ng pool pag ito ang isinuot niya. Tela na kasing laki ng sampung pisong barya ang tumatakip sa utong niya (na 10 pesos talaga ang design) at paper bill na P1000 naman ang nakatakip sa ibaba.

Me: Saan ko ipapasok ang pera, July?

July: Sa pekpek ko po sir. HAHAHAHA


Lumapit siya at humalik, medyo di parin sanay humalik itong si July kahit ilang beses ko ng sinubukang turuan. Pero ok lang, may konting improvement tulad ng hubog ng pwet niya.

July: Hmmmmuah! Shucks.. Miss ko na sessions natin sir.. Pakandong nalang pwede? Tinatamad na ko magpalit..

Me: Halika nga dito.

Hinila ko siya palapit sakin at umupo siya ng pakandong.

Me: Lamig mo!

July: Eh kasi itong si Violet, todo aircon sa kwarto!

Me: Violet! Ikaw na ulit!

Walang sumagot. Wala ring lumabas ng kwarto.

July: Huh.. Ano naman kaya ginagawa nung mga yun?

Tumayo si July sa pagkakakandong at pumunta sa kwarto. Sinundan ko naman siya papunta duon.

Dahil sa ginagawa nilang changing room ang kwarto ay hindi ito nakalock. Pagbukas ni July ay puro ungol ang sumalubong samin.

Si July ang unang sumilip. Nagulat siya sa nakita, si Violet at Jessie ay naglalaplapan sa kama ng hubo't hubad.

July: !!!

Napatulala lang si July sa nakita. Nagulat rin siya ng ipasok ko ang kamay sa loob ng P1000 bill na tumatakip sa puke niya at sinimulang himurin ang namamasa niyang hiwa.

July: !!!! Hmmmm...

Inalis ko ang pantalon at boxers ko sabay tutok sa butas niya, ginamit ko ang kamay na nasa loob ng panty para ihawi ang tela bago ko isinagad ang buo kong titi kay July.

: !!!! MMMMPPFFF..

Pinigilan ni July ang ungol habang ako naman ay nagsimulang umulos. Grabe ang sikip ni July, matagal na walang dumalaw na titi sa loob niya kaya siguro nagsara ulit ang kweba.

Pigang piga ang titi ko sa loob niya at ramdam ko ang bawat sulok ng kweba niyang basa at sobrang nagiinit.

Patuloy sa paglalaplapan ang dalawa sa loob ng kwarto habang naglilikot ang mga kamay. Sinimulang Masahiin ni Violet ang malalaking suso ni Jessie na ikinadulot ng malakas na pagungol ni Jessie.


Si July naman ay nakapikit na at nakakapit sa biga ng pinto habang patuloy ang pagpasok labas ko sa lagusan niya. Hindi na niya napigilan ang mga ungol dahil sa sarap na dulot ng pagkakabanat ng kanyang masikip na puke.

July: Ah! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

Ako naman ay sarap na sarap dahil maliban sa masikip si July ay marunong itong mag muscle control gamit ang pekpek. Ang sarap ng pagkakapisa ko at sinasabayan ng pagmasahe ng pekpek niya sa titi ko.

Si Violet naman ay bumaba ang halik papunta sa suso ni Jessie habang ang kamay naman niya ay pababa sa puke ni Jessie. Si Jessie ay nakahiga lang at nakapikit, hinihintay ang ligayang idudulot ng partner.

Yumuko ako ng kaunti at sinapo ang suso ni July bago siya hilain pasandal sakin habang patuloy ang pagkantot ko sa kanya.

Dahil medyo matangkad naman ay naabot ko ang leeg niya at sinimulan kong halik halikan at dilaan na lalong nagpasira sa ulo ni July.

July: Ooohhhhh.... Viiii.....

Kinurot ko ng madiin ang mga utong ni July habang lalo kong linalakasan ang pagdiin ko ng titi sa loob niya, tinatamaan ko na ang g-spot niya dahil maingay na si July at tirik na tirik na ang mata.

Napansin naman ng dalawa sa kama ang gulong nangyayari sa pinto pero hinayaan lang nila kami dahil may sarili silang pagtatanghal na sisimulan.

Kinurot ni Violet ang dalawang utong ni Jessie kasabay ng pagsisid niya sa pekpek nito.

Jessie: !!! OOOHHHH!!!!

Napaigtad ang katawan ni Jessie at napakapit sa comforter dahil sa biglaang pagatake ni Violet sa kanyang mga maseselang bahagi.

Pinagbuti ni Violet ang pagsisid sa tahong ni Jessie, pinagalaw ang magaling niyang dila sa hiwa at tinggel na lalong nagpalikot sa dalagang nakahiga.

Si July naman ay malapit ng labasan, lalong sumisikip ang lagusan at lalong namamasa rin.

July: Haah! Haah! Yess! Ahhh! Lapit na kooohh...

Pinagbuti ko pa ang paglabas pasok at paglaro sa utong niya na sinabayan ko ng pagkagat at pagdila sa tenga niyang maliit.

Mga ilang ulos pa ay nanigas na ang katawan ni July. Yinakap ko siya ng mahigpit habang nagsimula na siyang labasan.

July: OOooooohhhhhh!!!!! Fuuuuuuuckkkkkk!!!

Nanginginig ang nanigas niyang katawan na yakap ko habang pilit pinipiga ng pekpek niya ang titi ko. Sarap na sarap ang sa sensasyon na dulot ng pagpiga ng masikip niyang lagusan sa aking alaga.

Kung narinig man kami nung dalawa at hindi nila kami pinansin dahil busy na busy si Violet sa pagkain at si Jessie sa pageenjoy sa dila ni Violet.

Isang malakas na *PLOP* ang nagresulta ng aking pagdukot ng burat sa masikip na puke ni July. Binuhat ko ang nanginginig pa niyang katawan at itinabi kay Jessie sa kama.

Pumunta ako sa likod ni Violet na busy sa pagkain sa pekpek ni Jessie at itinutok ang titi sa basang puke at ipinasok ang buong kahabaan sa loob niya.

Napaungol si Violet sa biglaang pagkantot at napaungol rin si Jessie sa biglaang panginginig ng dila ni Violet sa puke niya.

Sinimulan kong kantutin ng marahas si Violet habang patuloy lang siya sa pagkain sa puke ng kasama.

Dinagdagan naman ni Jessie ang unan sa likod niya para makita niya ang pagkantot ko kay Violet habang subo ng dalaga ang pekpek niya.

Hindi ito nakatakas sa paningin ni Violet kaya kinurot niya ng madiin ang mga utong ni Jessie hanggang sa napatingin ito sa mata niya.

Nagkatitigan sila habang umuuga ang buong katawan ni Violet dahil sa malakas na pagkantot ko na nagdudulot para maisagad ni Violet ang dila sa loob ni Jessie.

Lalong nalilibugan ni Jessie dahil titig na titig si Violet sa mata niya habang ito ay kinakantot at kinakain ang puke niya na naglalagas na ng napakaraming katas.

Bumangon naman si July at sinimulang susuin ang malalaking joga ni Jessie. Napasinghap at napatingin sa kisame si Jessi...

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August 14, 2019 (9 months ago)

Sir english?nd tuloy nakakalibog
Mas nakakalibog poh ksi kpag tagalog...pero maganda pdn nman story mo sana marami p dumating n story...nxt chapter n agd sir sana tagalog lahat

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August 14, 2019 (9 months ago)

Such a master! Amazing, author! =excited sa Finale

Confessed Sex-Addict, Clinically-Diagnosed Bipolar, Recovering Voyeur, Frotteur, Paraphillic, & Maniac. Into promiscuities of all sorts. . . . .

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