Ed was as usual doing a good job between my girlfriend's legs. Halos tumigil na si Irish sa pagchupa sakin, as she was dealing with the pleasure of Ed's mouth on her cunt. Though I can't see Ed's face under her body, lumuhod na si Irish and iniikot na ang baywang niya sa habang naririnig ko ang slurping sound ng bibig ni Ed sa puke niya.

Hawak pa rin ni Irish ang matigas kong burat, but I could see her face in pleasure. Ed meanwhile was slowly jerking off his massive cock.

I held my girlfriend's face, and kissed her lips. We kissed very passionately. I can feel her breathing harder, habang kinakain ni Ed ang puke niya. At one point, umungol siya sa bibig ko, sabay kagat sa labi niya.

I felt her body was shaking a bit. She kissed me harder. Malamang nilalabasan ng gf ko.

It felt wonderful that I was kissing my girlfriend while a man is eating her cunt. Ramdam ko pleasure niya with how she was changing the way she was kissing me. She had already let go of my cock, we were just kissing. Ed did not stop munching on her juicy tight cunt, of course. Yan ang pampahina niya kay Irish, and it never fails.

Then she whispered, "I wanna be in bed."

"Ed, ihiga na natin siya."

Ed stopped. He stood up with a very wet face and a pulsating hard on.

Irish had the glazed look on her face.

I asked her, "You enjoying this, hon?"

"Yes, hayup talaga siya bumrotsa hon."

Ed heard her and smiled.

I decided to do something different.

I placed my back on the head board of our bed, by the wall. Sumandal ako with my legs spread on top of our bed while my back was on the wall.

"Hon, sandal ka sakin."

Irish positioned herself, tumalikod siya sakin, sumandal. Nakaharap na siya kay Ed.

Ed must have read my mind. Dumapa siya sa harap ni Irish and resumed eating her cunt.

I held my girlfriend in my arms, rubbing her breasts softly. Ed was eating her again.

Tapos nakita ko pinasok ni Ed ang middle finger niya. Irish pulled her head back sa sarap, pinatong niya ulo niya sa balikat ko. I kissed the side of her face and left ear. Her eyes were shut.

Ed was very mellow. Licking her cunt slowly, fingering her slowly. Almost in rhythm with my girlfriend's moans and groans.

After a minute or so, Irish moaned harder and more frequently again. Then her legs tensed up, proof of another orgasm. I felt her body shook, habang nakasandal sakin, with my hands fondling her breasts and my arms around her.

Ed got up from the bed. I saw my gf's cunt, all red and dripping like faucet. He looked at me and spoke.

"Sir, pwede na po ba?"

I turned to Irish who was still recovering from her strong orgasm. "Spread your legs hon if you're ready."

And just like that, my girlfriend moved her legs apart, while her upper torso was still right next to me and her back pressed on my chet.

Then a sense of shock. Ed pressed something on his cock ring. "Lock ko lang po sir para sure na hindi matanggal."

As he locked it, his cock protruded and expanded some more. Magang-maga lalo. Parang puputok ang mga ugat. Umalsa pa lalo ang haba. I felt a bit worried how my girlfriend's tight cunt can take all of it.

"Hon, wanna take a look before he fucks you?"

And she did. "Shit!"

Ed positioned his cock by her entrance just the same. Where his cockhead and my girl's tight entrance met is vivid to my eyes. It is a mismatch, too big and too small.

Ed pushed. Irish shirked. "Ah, ah, ang sakit…"

He stopped. "You ok hon?"

"Don't push Ed, masakit."

Ed paused, but kept moving his cockhead around all of her cunt, spreading her juice.

"Relax hon. We don't need to rush, we got all night."

Irish was trying to calm herself by breathing more slowly. After what felt like half a minute...

"Try ko po uli mam?"

Irish nodded.

Ed pushed again. Irish bit her lips but didn't make a sound.

Ed's cockhead was inside her.

"Aww shit…"

"Kaya mo hon?"

"No hon, ang sakit, like I am being torn apart…"

"Ed, don't push it pare."

Ed withdrew completely, caressing my girlfriend's legs and cunt.

I reached to our bedside table, felt for the tube of lube that I sometimes use on Irish when we fuck shortly after her monthly period.

"Put some on her and on you, Ed."

Ed squeezed the tube and the KY Jelly spat out a generous amount. He rubbed them on his massive cock. He squeezed again and rubbed them on the cunt of Irish.

Irish was a bit more relaxed this time.

"Hon, higa kang mabuti." She did. I placed her head on my right thigh, still rubbing her shoulder and breasts. I also held her right hand with my right. That gave Ed more access to her body.

Puwesto si Ed, with his cock glistening in KY.

Pinasok niya uli ang ulo. This time it got in easily. Irish moaned.

Ed looked at me, like asking permission.

"Ask her, katawan niya yan."


Irish nodded.

Ed plunged his entire massive cock inside, all the way, all of it.

Sumigaw si Irish. Her hand gripped my hand so tight. I saw Ed's cock ring still outside her cunt pero lahat halos, nakabaon na sa puke ni Irish. Ed started fucking her. My girlfriend's body started bouncing on me and the bed.

Irish did not stop moaning. And breathing hard.

Ed lifted her right leg, placed it on top of his shoulder. Kitang-kita ko pagkakabuka ng puke niya at ang paglabas-masok of his massive cock sa puke ni Irish. Yung halos kalbong puke ni Irish na sobrang liit lang ng butas, banat na banat sa pagkakabuka para makayakap sa matabang katawan ng burat ni Ed na puro ugat na nangingintab.

Kinantot siya ni Ed ng alalay lang, hindi mabilis, hindi rin mabagal. Ninanamnam niya ang sikip ng puke ni Irish.

This guy knows how to bring my girl to orgasm. In a few pumps pa lang, umuungol na si Irish, ungol, ungol, ungol, tapos ahhh. Her mouth opened so wide and her breath was so deep, I thought she would pass out. She was shaking while...

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